THR Profiles Trek’s Big Return w/ Trailer Details + Comments from Orci & Kurtzman

The Hollywood Reporter has an extensive feature cover story in Friday’s edition, all about Paramount bringing back the Trek franchise with the big budget Star Trek movie coming in May. THR has analysis of the franchise and the marketing campaign (including new information on upcoming trailers), plus quotes from scribes Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and others. Details and excerpts below.


THR goes ‘Inside the re-introduction of an iconic franchise’
This is one of those articles that is really worth reading in full, so go to the Hollywood Reporter site and read it. But here are a few highlights and quotes


  • THR estimates budget at "at least $150 million (and tens of millions more in planned marketing)"
  • Theatrical trailer being shown with Watchmen will "highlight the emotional aspects of Kirk’s story"
  • There will be an additional ‘spot’ (trailer or possibly commercial campaign), which "will reach out to families who saw and liked such similar PG-13 fantasias as "Indiana Jones" and "Transformers." "
  • JJ Abrams and Paramount Vice Chairman Rob Moore are going to Japan and Korea this month to show 20-minute previews to "persuade the media, exhibition and promotional partners of [Trek’s] renewed viability" (like he did in Europe and the US in November)

Quotes from Orci and Kurtzman

Alex Kurtzman: Our intention was to make ‘Star Trek’ something that appeals to everyone who’s ever dismissed it in the past as being too sci-fi or too inaccessible.

Certainly the scope of this ‘Star Trek’ is unlike any that’s come before it. So if you want ‘Transformers’-scope action sequences in space? That’s what you will get when you see ‘Star Trek.’

Roberto Orci (on initially hesitating to take the job): That again goes back to the risk of it. Which is: If it didn’t work, it was going to be a very loud, visible failure.

More analysis of Trek’s return, including quotes from former Roddenberry assistant Richard Arnold and Trekkies director Roger Nygard, at THR.

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Don’t worry Bob.
It will work.

I don’t know. I think I’m Starting to like this this reboot Feel less and less.

I’m quite excited.

Very exciting. Japan? Wow. Glad to see the ne movie getting so much press.

This movie will be loved by people who dont know what Trek is, and it will be hated by those who really understand what trek is about.

Its the difference of having a real diamond and a plastic imitation diamond.

‘last fan’
change your handle, you do not have a monopoly on who is and is not a ‘real fan’


I am with thorsten. Faith in you guys.


And I, more and more.

why is it that nearly every article on this site has a missing word, typo or spelling mistake?

I hope this will somehow result into a new tv-series.

#5 – I think that it’s clear that existing fans like me (35+ years) may have some adjusting to do with this new film. But it’s not a bad thing to innovate, it’s not nbecessarily a bad thing to tinker and make a creative decision to more relevant to today’s audiences. We’ve had 700+ episodes and 10 feature films – perhaps it’s time for a fresh approach? I love Trek in just about all of its forms, but I’d become a little jaded by the sheer volume (and sameness) in the end.
And what’s Star Trek about if it’s not about tolerance of other people’s views and ethos and their right to see things their way?
Personally, I like what Orci, JJ et al seem to be saying about the film so far.
Besides, I don’t know how you can make such sweeping generalisations with such conviction about a film you haven’t even seen. Give it a chance! IDIC!

Im Excited!!!!

Similar to Transformers? God forbid. Action, yes!* Big, dumb action flick, no!

*with traditional Trek philosophy and thoughtfulness in the mix.

Interesting article…

I keep hearing all this stuff about a marketing juggernaut, but over here in the UK, I have to confess that I’ve seen very little of it. I have personally generated a bit of interest with my family, who are actually quite keen to see the film – Chris Pine being the primary reason for my girl cousins.

I hope to see more of it in the coming months.

Roll on May!

#2 & #8 – That’s by your own accord, not because anyone or an article is convincing you to. Though feel free to share with us your other random thoughts and emotions. Is the neighbor’s dog bothering you? Cant wait.

#5 – The classic sign of desperation.

Very good article.

I started watching and liking Star Trek as a kid. I was not a mature man obsessed by visions, philosophy, blueprints of the future, Roddenberry’s thinking and so on. I was just a fascinated kid. And a fan was born. History can repeat itself, but older people have to accept some change.

#11 I’m with Captain John. I too am 35+ and love every carnation of Trek, but in recent years, I felt it lost it’s way into bland same old stories. Don’t get me wrong ENTERPRISE had some pearls, and I especially loved the season 3, year long story arc.
Also the movies never lived up to the series’s, GENERATIONS being one of the biggest disapointment for me because it followed on so soon from the superb finale, ALL GOOD THINGS, with a movie that felt like these characters didn’t know each other anymore, or even react the same.

Anyway, my point is that, I wanted to see a shake up of a franchise that I love with a renewed vigor, and thats what were gonna get. Not all will like it, but lets face it, the franchise was dead in the water without it. So lets give it a chance.

I for one can’t wait!

I’ve been a fan since 1974, longer than some, shorter than others, but I feel I have the ability to comment on this reboot feel.

What I want is someway for Trek to survive and thrive so that my kids and grandkids will find it in their time. The only way to accomplish that is to reinvigorate Trek for the next generation. They’ve already done that a few times these past decades with TNG and the rest, this is merely the next iteration of that philosophy.

This new millenium needs a Trek to give kids a vision of a future based on logic, science, and humanity. A future not ruled by fear or iequity, but one of hope and justice. The future needs a strong vibrant and relevant Trek and I hope this new movie gives it to them.

After watching my beloved Star Trek (in all of it’s various incarnations) come grinding to a halt, and facing virtual extinction, I simply couldn’t be more pleased or happy to be able to sit here and watch Star Trek be re-invigorated right before our very eyes, and to have a ringside seat, as well!

Paramount and tptb seem to be throwing a LOT into this production this time around, and I, for one, am ready to have a huge party and celebrate!

Anything that brings new fans into the fold is good. I remember as a young child I didn’t like the original series until I saw the new redesigned Enterprise from the motion picture and from that day on I was hooked, so much I actually ended up working at the Experience for almost 9 years.

#19 and so we should cellebrate, because lets face it, Paramount has short changed Star Trek, for many decades.
It’s funny how only when it’s gone do they realise it’s real worth. Star Trek to Paramount is what Marvel is to 20th Century Fox and Sony, it’s what DC is to Warner Brothers, it’s rich culture with Sci-fi elegance and a fan base that matches no other!

Transformers was a mind-numbing film. They are gonna use THAT as a reference?

#14 I agree. Not much promo goin on in the UK. I know if I go see Watchmen, I doubt i’ll see the trek trailer with it.
It’s frustrating, but there is a good buzz about it in the general public nevertheless!


What’s really too bad is that in these interviews the Star Trek franchise gets always treated like a black sheep… something that wasn’t cool, that people couldn’t get into or whatever… but I guess that’s what you have to go through in order to sell this movie to a broader audience today.

You need to awake people’s interest for it somehow and that’s the way how you do it. You say it’s something that has never been there before in this way and it’ll blow your mind or you compare it to an already big time seller like Transformers. ;-)

I agree with you that Star Trek shouldn’t become an action flick, but I also doubt very much that it will be ‘just’ that. It’s just the story that’s being told right now to make the movie appealing to everyone and every taste that people have.

In the end it’s still up to you though if you want to go see the movie or not, nobody can control that. And should you decide this movie is not for you, because there’s too much action in it then so be it. I can certainly understand that, because I’ve my own doubts about it… but I’ve decided I’ll go watch it anyway and judge it afterwards. Right now I want to remain hopeful that I’ll find a nice little Trek story in it and I’m looking forward to see it.

Peace. :-)

OK Gang…

Say what you will about Transformers…but it made $319mm in domestic box office and a total of $708mm worldwide. And that’s before TV rights and DVD sales. The new Star Trek should be so lucky! Face it…if it isn’t, Star Trek is done. Paramount is rolling the dice on this one with a $150mm budget. If it flops…b’bye. At best, we’ll get the occasional movie that’s really a bloated TV episode done on a shoestring budget.

They’re smart people. This is a calculated gamble. They picked a great creative team that have earned their stripes. Using Tranformers as an example again…they sure seem to know how to make wildly popular event movies. (And it was based on a bunch of toys/cartoons!) Imagine what they can do with a property that has the pedigree of Star Trek. They’re fans! They know Trek isn’t just big battle sequences. They know there’s a soul to it and thought provoking ideas. But they also know how to get the masses into the theaters. Let’s give it chance.

If this works…and Star Trek brings in Tranformer-like box office…the future of our beloved franchise/characters is assured.

Star Trek – EPISODE XI: The Phantom Menace !!!

Heres my Box office estimates for 2009 (opening weekend, Domestic, worldwide)…enjoy:

Watchmen – $70M opening (overall US = $250m….$400m worldwide)
(might be even bigger due to it being the 1st post Dark Knight superhero movie and a lot of comic fans are going to see it come what may…plus Heroes on tv may bring along less familiar movie goers..)

Wolverine – $70M ($250m…$450m ww)
(1st big summer movie so should open pretty big – but with the other big May films coming the following weekends will probably drop off to prevent really big overall BO…previous series best = X3 with $460m ww…should avoid any big slump caused by disappointment in that film due to it being a fresh start and its again its post DK and gritty/ has name recognition and might be great)

Star Trek – $60M ($200m…$350 ww)
(Think it will be big but not HUGE…$350m is around what the biggest of the previous Treks did when adjusted – The Motion Picture – but that was just after Star Wars, had the original actors and had 10 years of anticipation….with this its only a few years since trek flopped on the big screen and was cancelled on tv…plus this might have trouble in non US territories as Trek films have never done much there…then again there hasnt been a big space movie since Revenge of the Sith, everyone seems to be loving the trailers, its original trek done big with a few names…also could be really brilliant and maybe moviegoers will be looking for an Obama inspired change from morbid superheroes battling terrorists and be seduced by Treks optimistic outlook especially in this dark recession time and it’ll tap into the zeitgeist and do $600m ww)

Angels&Demons – $50M ($150m…$350 ww)
(wont be anywhere near as big as Da Vinci Codes $750m…the world went crazy for that book …this book didn’t have that appeal…plus just about everyone was disappointed by the bland movie which did a huge $540m overseas – so I think A&D will have the Prince Caspian effect)

T4 – $80M ($300m….$600m ww)
(yeah gonna take a punt on this being big – much bigger than T3s $430m ww…again like Wolverine should avoid any slump caused by T3 due to it being the future war at last and its got angry Batman in it …plus the trailers were decent and it might actually be pretty good and do a lot of repeat business)

Transformers 2 – $100M ($400m….$800m ww)
(no brainer – this will be huge…TF 1 did $700m ww)

Potter – $100m ($350m….$900-$1b ww)
(Biggest hit of the year – Potter always does around $800-$900m but this one might do the upper end of $900 as its coming close to the end now, the last one did nearly $1b and it seems to have been a longer gap than usual since the last one – due to it being put back)

GI JOE – $20M ($60m…$120m ww)
(the flop of the year? Probably being overly harsh with those figures, perhaps could double them, but consider – no real big names…Stephen Sommers…no one really knows GI Joe outside the US -yeah I know its Action Man here in UK but no one really knows or cares that the US version is GI people are getting mightily miffed with soldiers dying in the middle east so maybe that could backfire against a film glorifying war action..and dont forget audiences will have already had 2 helpings of soldiers and war action with T4 and TF 2…with the added bonus of being known SF with giant robots…so this might seem lame in comparrison )

2012 – $60m ($150m.…$450m ww)
(this is basically Day After Tomorrow 2 so there could be an element of seen it all before ….but then theres always a morbid fascination with end of the world scenarios – plus its one of the biggies for Nov – so id imagine something abit less than DAT $550m take.)

Avatar – $60 ($200….$450m ww)
(The return of the king…this is the toughest one to estimate…its Cameron…its Sci Fi…its the big one for Dec…but it could be more Abyss than T2 and he has been gone 12 years…then again it could be the new star wars)

@The Wherehouse R.I.P

The Premature Cry-Baby Club – Episode 10023 !!!

Great news!!! Thanks!

EAT IT RICK BERMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“So if you want ‘Transformers’-scope action sequences in space? That’s what you will get when you see ‘Star Trek.’ ”

As in: “That’s all you get, when you see Star Trek” ?

I am really excited about it… yes Star Trek needs a fresh push and after all those trailers I’ve met about two dozen people that are going to see this movie despite they never knew anything about Star Trek and that is a good sign… for myself, I will see to attend the Premiere Party here in Germany if it is not to far away… or having my own Premiere Party gathering everyone I know to participate (in Uniform of Course ;) ) and I believe this could be a loud Mark to renew the interest in Star Trek at all and help to hold the Vision of this Future in our Lives and Hearts, combined with some state of the Art Action Scenes ;)

@30 No, more like “The Action scenes in this Star Trek Movie are as hot as in Transformes”

A new fresh exciting StarTrek is definitely on the horizon…the momentum builds.

Another Kirk-centric trailer. I thought Nimoy said the movie had a lot of Spock’s story in it? Haven’t seen hardly any so far – not in the trailer or in the 20 minutes leaked a while back. What’s going on?

5. the last real star trek fan

So you are telling me that if i like this movie, that i am not a real Trek fan?!?!?! WTF?

You DON’T speak for me. You are you to say who is and who isn’t a fan? I am 42 and have been watching Trek as long as i can remember. I am a fan of ALL the series and movies.. I like what I see so far from this one.

Keep your opinions YOUR opinions and don’t put them on anyone else. A huge MAJORITY of people on this site LIKE what they see are are looling forward to this movie. A small minority like you hate it and will always hate it.

Closed minded people like you give us fans a bad name. Maybe you should change your ID name.

The same kind of hating is going on aming the hardcore Watchmen fans now… “if you like the movie you’re not a real fan” and the like.

To these people I say, retreat back to your basements and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy it all.

34. Liz – Nothing is going on, we have only seen 5 minutes total of footage from a 2 hour movie, the press only has seen 20 minutes. Kirk has always been the “mainstream” appeal (although Nimoy had a rabid following). They want to see the exciting footage, not the cerebral spock stuff that is in there, but not really necessarily “trailer” footage.


frederick, your scrapbook never stops to amaze me!
I had all the Gong issues related to the poster featured in the

I have all the faith in the world that this will be HUGE!!!


Liz, Spocks backstory will explained like Jims.
He grows up on Vulcan, but will have a lot of trouble adjusting.
And he will get in hot water for his decision to join Starfleet.
But that is not trailer material…


Chris, you are up early!

As long as The Enterprise’s computer doesn’t say “my bad” I think this movie will be just fine. Sure, some of us would have liked a more “Trekky” Trek, but that will happen when Trek returns to its true roots- television. The new movie is the “Super Bowl” of Trek- which isn’t a bad thing, but don’t go into it expecting “City on the Edge.”

My guess is that when JJ picked this up, someone must’ve said “Star Tre? Why in God’s name would anyone want that bucket o’ bolts?!”

Here’s the reason:

It’s a fine ship, with a great history. And it’s one of the most advanced ships in the fleet, once you get into the heart of it.

Let’s see what’s out there…


I’m already on my 5th cup of coffee. :)


me too, but it’s 3 PM already ;))

Considering the lengthy discussion (going back to the early days of this site), I thought I’d add another excerpt from this “Hollywood Reporter” article. It’s the last paragraph of the piece and it’s quoting Richard Arnold, a former assistant to Gene Roddenberry.


“Here’s what Gene said in an interview just before he died in August 1991,” he says. “Somebody had asked him, ‘What’s going to become of ‘Star Trek’ in the future?’ And he said that he hoped that some day some bright young thing would come along and do it again, bigger and better than he had ever done it. And he wished them well.”

“will reach out to families who saw and liked such similar PG-13 fantasias as “Indiana Jones” and “Transformers.””

……I hate the PG-13 rating. Doesn’t reaching out to families sort of contradict that rating in which parents are supposed to be strongly cautioned in letting their kids see the movie?

#38, thorston,

Thanks for visiting! You lucked out on the Gong magazine, I always wanted to see it based on that one image. Glad you are enjoyed the “phaser blasts from the past” that I try to make it!


hi from argentina…

cinemas are already showing terminator trailers… star trek? zero!… when are they going to start?

#5 So you have seen the movie already and know this is how it will be? Hmmmm….