MTV Shows Behind-The-Scenes Star Trek ‘Featurette’ [UPDATED: w/ Kelvin Bridge Shot?]

On tonight’s MTV Spoilers show there were previews and exclusive peeks from a number of Summer tent pole movies, including the new Star Trek film. However the Trek ‘featurette’ was comprised mostly of previously seen clips combined with new ‘behind the scenes’ footage  and new actor interview clips, focusing on director JJ Abrams, check it out below. [UPDATE: and maybe there is something really new]


MTV has posted their ‘exclusive featurette’ which has behind the scenes footage, similar to the video on the Esurance Star Trek promotional site. There is some new behind the scenes footage and some actor interview snippets, but for footage from the movie you can (at most) catch a glimpse of some more of the Kirk and Spock fight scene (viewable on a monitor during the interview clips). There is also a brief glimpse of what looks like a set that hasn’t been seen before (see screencaps below). Although hardcore fans were hoping for more, this was aimed at the MTV crowd to get them jazzed and the audience did seem excited about the movie.

And here is the ‘exclusive featurette.’

Extended version
This video clip includes all of the above, with other discussion of Star Trek on the show, including Wil Wheaton’s thoughts. [thanks to Kelvington for the clip]

UPDATE: Screencaps – Something really new? – Kelvin bridge shot?
The behind the scenes shots are new, but mostly similar to what we have seen before of  JJ working on the bridge set of the USS Enterprise. However there is a brief clip showing Abrams on a different set, which could be the bridge of the USS Kelvin.

JJ on USS Kelvin bridge set? (click to enlarge)

And there was this brief shot, from yet another set, possibly Scotty’s lab on Delta Vega

Scotty’s lab?

There is also a brief glimpse (on the monitors) of some of more footage from the Spock v Kirk fight scene.

Spock and Kirk duke it out (click to enlarge)

Here are more of the caps of the new behind the scenes footage on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. (click to enlarge).

And finally caps of some of the cast with the USS Enterprise bridge in background.


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First? Hope for new scenes, Liked the look behind scene and the thoughts. Come on new trailer.

Why aren’t they promoting Nimoy in these ads at all? I think mainstream moviegoers could well be attracted to the movie because of the fact that an icon of American culture– the original Spock, is part of it.

I understand this was for the MTV kids and teens but I did have my hopes up somewhat on seeing a new scene. I am pleased though we got to see another shot of the bridge in the John Cho interview.

The Watchmen clip put me to sleep

Can’t wait for May!


Nice to see for the wider non trek audiance, but really nothing new. But I am sure it served it’s purpose, bring more people into the theatre. Also, there are a lot of people who don’t know or care there is a new ST movie coming out, and hopefully things like this will do what it is intended to do, get the word out, and this is not your Daddy’s Star trek. Even My 72 year old mom who is not a sci fit fan, is going to see the movie.

More of the same really… but I have always liked what I’ve seen up till now so no problem. Bring it on!

#8 me either

look at quinto (~0:43) – this IS spock!!!

I like the shot of Quinto in full makeup smiling.

I tuned in hoping for some significant new footage after all the hype and was sorely disappointed to see nothing new.

Same here, the clip immediately shows the “Replay” and “Share” icons, nothing plays. Anyone else have the same issue?

Are you using Adobe Flash Player 10? Maybe that could help. :)

hehe irony is, the wait is NOT over. :P

Works fine here (netherlands)

oh btw, I use Opera as my webbrowser (if it matters, although I doubt it)

Star Trek “XI” is not made for the real fans it’s just a new cashcow nothing more

I grew up watching the Star Trek TOS & The Next Generation and those were made by the real creator Gene Roddenberry.

A few years back i borrowed DS9.VOY.ENT box sets from my friend and
i liked DS9 but i but it didn’t have any of that Star Trek theme on it.
Voyger was boring and Enterpise tried to be Star Trek but it wasn’t

well, i can watch it and i’m in germany…

The color scheme of USS Kelvin’s bridge, if that’s what is it is, looks very much like TOS-era Enterprise’s bridge.

Perhaps it’s really the bridge from the un-Nerofied Enterprise?

Clip worked fine for me.

Um…this is no different than the eSurance featurette…just little snippets of JJ and the cast talking about how cool it is, people running around with cameras and markers, and shots of the trailer, which we’ve seen a million times before. The only exception? They included shots from the Superbowl spot as well. Wil Wheaton was right! It’s everything we’ve seen before–I just didn’t think it would be the same fluff.

I think we can all take comfort in the fact that a new trailer will be coming our way next month, so I’m not too sore about it. :D

Quinto almost looks like a Nimoy carbon copy in that screen cap!

“Star Trek “XI” is not made for the real fans it’s just a new cashcow nothing more”

As Star Trek always was. Though, I am not sure what your point is.

“I grew up watching the Star Trek TOS & The Next Generation and those were made by the real creator Gene Roddenberry.”

Only the first couple of seasons of each had any involvement of Roddenberry.

“A few years back i borrowed DS9.VOY.ENT box sets from my friend and
i liked DS9 but i but it didn’t have any of that Star Trek theme on it.”

That depends on your definition of “Star Trek,” and there is arguable no definite particular definition. But then that is what DS9 so great ;)

hmm the kelvin brige looks similar to TOS bridge color scheme.

This is, like, so cool and awesome!

Realizing of course it doesn’t reflect on ANY of the movies featured, this was a really bad show. When the most important conversation you can muster is whether or not that’s Uhura and Kirk rolling around in the trailer, you’ve pretty much missed the point. Wow, I never thought I was too old a man, but that was my Dad’s voice just now…

Coolness! Um, twenty-nineth?

The Kelvin bridge looks more TOS than the Enterprise’s. From what I can see of it at least. Hurry up May!

#20- Way to paint with the broad brush. I’ve considered myself a “real fan” since I was a wee tot back in the 70s, and I’m quite looking forward to this movie.

#27 – Oh, a Sarcasm Detector. Now that’s useful!

20, enough with the ‘real fan’ stuff. Everyone here is a ‘real fan’ and as far as I can tell this film is for ‘real fans’ and ‘new fans’ who once they become fans will also be ‘real fans’

Meathead #4

I agree with you 100%.

I understand the fact tptb are wisely trying to open “Star Trek” up to a wider/younger/hipper demo, BUT Leonard Nimoy is “Star Trek”.

It’s almost like the marketing team is embarrassed of what has come before. The fact that Mr. Nimoy was not seen in the theatricial trailer, the Superbowl commercial or any movie posters has left me feeling like the marketing team is going out of their way to avoid the stigma that old school “Star Trek” has attached to it.

Wil is awesome lol

27. Stanky McFibberich

Yeah. I, like, new you your going to say that.

I wish they would let people in other countries see the clip :[

A little over-hyped by this site, but the MTV piece was a nice addition to what we’ve already got.

btw, that’s the second time that music has been used in a featurette, so something tells me that its definitely from the movie.

Kelvin looks much more utilitarian/military than JJ’s ENT

I assure you it would be a huge mistake to feature nimoy in the publicity aimed at a new audience. We are the only ones whobreslly care whether he’s on it of not. I would dilute thecidea that this is something new and confuse people. He’s in it because the writers care about trek legacy andcas a respectful nod to us. These people (marketing team) really know what they are doing.

41. Can’t wait.

I recommend Rosetta Stone. Its the fastest way to learn english.

I think not showing Nimoy is part of the strategy. It will be more of a surprise and fun when we see his scene on the big screen than if we see it in all the trailors beforehand (plus it’s important to the plot me thinks, and they may not want to give that away).

Design differences aside, I think the bridge is going to be impressively larger than even any of the movie bridges, which is nice. If the lighting were reduced on the bridge so that more of the screens and such were more visible, (like in these pictures) it would add to the beauty, rather than everything lit like a photo shoot. We’ll see.

#42 Apparently, “it’s” not the fastest way to learn “E”nglish.

#45, was that really necessary?

You know What Really Sucks and Kills It For pine As Kirk?

That, “Why are You Talking to me, Man?” line…It’s So lame.
Ha Ha Ha



45. Daoud

tahnks fr hte tip. i will trry to membeer thta nxte tim I wont to le’rn a languge. :-}

Ahhh, Saturday night, Everyone’s all drunk and sassy.

I actually understood what everyone had to say.

I recommend E.B. White’s “Elements of Style” for grammar, and a bit more tolerance from the crowd here. It makes reading the comments really boring, and scares away non-native speakers