BSG Preview: “Someone to Watch Over Me”

We are headed into the final stretch with the 7th episode of BSG Season 4.5, and let’s hope it is better than last week’s entry. Tonight’s "Someone to Watch Over Me" looks to be Kara-centric and should answer some questions. We have previews for that, plus the latest frakkin lins, f DVD art, and more, including the trailer that Richard Hatch was pushing before Ron Moore got his hands on BSG.


“Someone to Watch Over Me” [Season 4 Ep. 17]
US: Airing February 27th on SciFi at 10 PM (9 Central)
Canada: Airing February 27th on Space at 10 PM (7 Pacific)
UK: Airing March 3rd on Sky1 at 9 PM

Synopsis: Kara sees visions that may explain the nature of her true identity. Meanwhile, Boomer faces punishment for her actions in the tortuous struggle between the humans and Cylons.

Tonight’s episode has a lot of Kara

with some Chief and Boomer too

[more photos]

Preview (SciFi – USA)

Preview (Space – Canada)

Sneak Peek


Last Week’s Episode ("Deadlock") Roundup

The episode is not yet available for streaming, but here is the recap:

Also check out Ron Moore’s podcast for the episode, it is enlighteing.

Ratings analysis
The roller coaster continues. “Deadlock” drew a season low audience of just 1.53M viewers. That’s 12% below last week’s numbers and 28% below the season 4.5 premiere. The show had been on an upward trend the two weeks prior, averaging 1.75M viewers for week’s four (“Blood on the Scales”) and five (“No Exit”) after notching a then-season low 1.56M viewers for week three (“The Oath”). Overall, season 4.5 is averaging 1.74M viewers.”p>

Frakkin BSG links

Caprica DVD art and previews
Universal released the box art and some images for Caprica, the pilot movie for the BSG prequel series.

Caprica DVD cover art

Caprica preview image

[more Caprica photos]

Second Coming Trailer
Last week we reported that Glen Larson was in talks with Universal to bring the original 70s BSG to the big screen. Still no final word on that, but a few years back Richard Hatch pitched an idea called "Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming", and the trailer for that is now online, check it out.

Even more BSG
If that isn’t enough for you, keep track of all your Frakin needs at our favorite BSG site, Battlestar Sitrep.

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Frakkin awesome! Lovin it! First?

Oh I hope this episode is better than last weeks. Pleeaase.. Good show, but really cramming alot of stuff in at the last minute.

Mmm. Always heard of the second coming trailer. Never thought I’d see it.

Must admit… I do love the new BSG.. but I would have prefered to have seen “Second Comming” made…

Ok. This weeks Ep looks to be good and hopefully will answer the question. Is Star Buck a Cylon and if so how did she get here. Could it be that the Lords of Kobol have helped here somehow. Also will they relise that they have in fact not found Earth. I hopew we get some good stuff. i do hope that Glen Larsen gets to make the Original Battlestar galactica into a Big Blockbuster. I will be there for the Midnight Showing.

loved the trailer for Second Coming… I’d have watched that!

Oh yes. Trek Minus 10 weeks.

Anything would be better than that crap last week. I can’t believe the producers wasted time on that soap opera of an episode.

As much as I would love a new movie of the original series, I just do not think it would work after the reimagined series.

Hope they try though :)

I’m looking forward to a Glen Larson BSG movie. I would like to see some of the old cast return. It’s a shame they didn’t cast Dirk Benedict the original Starbuck to play the part of Kara’s father! It’s also a shame that Richard Hatch’s character, Tom Zarach wasn’t given a chance to redeem himself. I really hated the character, he was a total sleaze-bag! Love Richard Hatch though so, maybe the new Larson project will see him return to a more heroic role!

Loved last week’s episode “Deadlock.” If this one is better than that, great! :-)

Battlestar Galactica: Second Coming…that’s what I’ve been waiting for! Mr. Larsen please make this movie! Richard Hatch’s trailer updates the original perfectly.

I always liked the Second Coming Trailer. The Hatch book it was taken from was one of the better ones in the series.

#10 – Dirk Benedict is too busy making quality television like Celebrity Big Brother to appear in the new BSG! ;) Really though, why on earth would they want him after all his whining about Starbuck being a woman?

Wow, thank god we got Ron Moore’s thoughful BSG instead of old men in Sphinx helmets and OTT dialog like ‘you care nothing for anyone but yourself and your thirst for power!’. Oi vey!

Wow, that trailer looks pretty bad. I’m glad the re-imagined BSG took the Star Wars ripoff stuff out of the original series. Looks like this trailer scooped up all the leftovers.

I used to practically count down the minutes all week for the next BSG episode. I really loved the show.

Now I’m counting down the minutes to the final episode, so I don’t have to be obligated to watch how this mish-mashed mess ends up.

I’ve always like Ron Moore’s work, but he really lost his way with BSG since the exodus from New Caprica. The show has become a charictature of itself.

“Lost”, of course, is building to its series’ conclusion with an aggressive pace. I thought BSG would do the same, but no such luck.

BSG ttrailer: I love the long-zoom slow-mo shot of the heroes walking toward us. Total cliche, yet gets me every time. Was ‘The Right Stuff’ the first time we saw that shot used?

When was that trailer shot? The updated Cylon fighters look a lot like Moore’s. But, there are a few dead actors in the trailer that would indicate it’s at least a decade old.
Kathryn Leigh Scott isn’t credited… nor is (unless I’m seeing him wrong) Burgess Meredith.

I don’t think it would have been better than the new BSG, but it would have blasted the hell outta Galactica 1980.

#18: It was shot in 1999, so you’re very close.

Oops, I meant #19. :o

Second coming? Yep I would have watched it, but I believe it would have lost my interest quickly enough, more than likely for the same reasons Star Wars has… “Speculating”

The Federations demise is coming…

I have tried to be a faithful fan of BSG….first in the 70’s and with the reimagined show now. (forgive me for excluding BSG1980 but….)

I would much rather see the Second Coming then the way the current series is going. As I say, I am a fan..but even I am lost with this show.

Mr. Hatch, please bring Second Coming to the big screen!

The trailer was awsome because Glen Larson had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was produced, written and directed by Richard Hatch. As much as I would love to see that story continue it shouldn’t be put into Larson’s hands. Give it to Richard Hatch. Please. Not larson. It will be Galactica 1980 all over again. That man can turn gold into a steaming turd.

Thanks for the preview–probably the best parts of the episode right there, if last week is any indication.

The new BSG started with a bang, but it’s ending with a long, drawn-out, soap-opera whimper. Even if they pull off a great finale, this last half-season has left such a sour taste in so many of our mouths…probably from throwing up a little every time they flip-flop characters for no reason.

16- I read that Richard Hatch paid for this trailer on his own dime. Not Big Studio quality, but not bad either for an independent pick-up trailer.

I have been fascinated by this show consistently and am not willing to discount the entire ending because last week’s episode was a little slow. A number of important things happened in this show- we as viewers see the Final Five are really no better than humans, and in the end will prove to need humanity to survive. If Boomer knows where the fleet is, so does Cavil. Starbuck is seeing a piano I don’t think anyone else does (we’ll see tonight). Cylons can’t reproduce without resurrection. The Galactica fleet will only survive by cooperating with the Cylons. Chief still loves Boomer, and is ready to leave his “chief” life behind and become the Galen he was on Earth 2000 years ago again (great character arc BTW). Lee is in a position to become leader of the civilian side AND the military side. Lots of interesting stuff going on, even if it came off a little soapy. The minutes between Tigh and Adama as two old warhorses though I thought were gold, as is the continual decline of Adama since the discovery of Earth. I can’t wait for the next few weeks!

As for reviving the old- Look, I love the old show. It filled that magic gap when I was a kid of having something on TV like Star Wars that didn’t have singing Wookies. Going back and watching them now fills me with geek joy, but I don’t know how well it will update, particularly in the wake of Ron Moore’s phenomenal reboot. We’ll see.

I’m so sad that this series is ending soon :(

But I’m going to MegaCon in Orlando on Saturday to see Baltar and Number Six : ) !!!!!!!!

wow, its kind of interesting how much from this (admittedly cheesy) attempt to remake BSG has surfaced in the awesome new version:

-years after the cylon war, they re-emerge in an evolved state
-the new cylon ships look like the RDM versions

I guess that’s it but still, that seems like the main premise of the new BSG!

Which actually happens to be like the best sci-fi show of all time, even though Star Trek is in a league of its own.

you guys have absolutely no sense of taste that thing is pure & utter CHEESE, however if it had been made back in the day rather than
‘Galactica 80’ then yea it woulda been cool. But for todays standards they’d need to up the game considerably. Im very happy with the current incarnation. I only hope JJ will also do the same and not be shackled by all that was wrong with Trek these past 15+ years. The shackles being the trekkies..

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That Second Coming trailer was 100% cheese!

Cylons in shadows with glowing eyes lifted staright from First Contact’s Borg reveal, the obligitory slow-mo running away from explosions, Apollo slo-mo jumping sideways through the air with firing both blasters, Adama’s Jor-El holographic cameo, the viper pilot pumping his fist ‘Yes!’ after hitting a target… Oh god that was awful!


Ha ha, agreed. I would have expected Hatch to bring a little more depth and substance to his updated version, but it looks like it would have been as cheesy, juvenile, and empty-headed as the original– only with slightly better effects. LOL

Thank god we got something with a little more ambition and intelligence.

Defrakking . . .

Have to wait eight days to see eps on net now . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk . . . frakk!!!!!!!!!

Refrakking. }:-/>

Last week’s episode was okay and I enjoyed it, but it certainly was slow. This week needs a does or two of action or at least mythology.

I don’t understand all the complaining about Deadlock. I don’t know about you, but I don’t watch Battlestar because I want answers. I don’t read stories just to get to some answer about the plot. I read for the characters. I watch Battlestar for the characters. I want to know what happens to Saul at the end, what happens to Adama, all of them. It’s the same as reading a story. Look at Lost. All they’re doing is giving answers and each episode is worse than the last (except The Constant) because all I see are names being pushed around a chess board. I don’t see characters anymore on that show. It’s all plot plot plot.

All I need to know is that the final 5 are the last remaining human-model cylons from Earth, descendants of the 13th tribe that left Kobol. I don’t need anything else. Now I want to see how these characters with all their history react when Ellen returns to them. And Jane, the writer, did that. Beautifully.

If you re-watch that episode as I did today, you’ll see things and feel things you missed the first around.

If you want bland characters with plot driven stories, don’t watch Battlestar. Tune in to Lost.

Sorry, Bad Robot.

Amazing, utterly amazing.

The complete and utter lack of class of the RDM “fans” towards the fanbase of the Original Galactica.

I shouldn’t be at all surprised, it’s been this way since 2003.

If it was such “cheese” why is it

A: Remade/Re-Imagined in the first place.

B: If RDM is the Genius you all and He claim he is, why is it that he has yet to come up with ONE thing that isn’t built on foundations created by someone else. Just one? Carnival, Based on FREAKS, Deep Space Nine, well, ? GINO and Caprica, Well?!?!?!?!

C: Would you all be so happy if RDM “Had his way” with TOS Trek? Seriously, with FEMALE Spock (aka Klingon Spy) screwing around with a Drug Addicted, angst filled Kirk. Forget about the Silly Pointed Ears and Moe Hair Cut. How about a Female Dr. McCoy. How about Chekov and Sulu as Romulan spies? How about a Love Quadrangle between Kirk, Spock, Chekov, and Uhura. Hey, let’s get rid of the transporters, because that’s not realistic. Make it a weekly show about all the drama inside the Enterprise, rather than that silly 5 year mission thing. Phasers, come on. Replace those with colt 45s, and rocket based missles. Communicators? Now Cell Phones. And the costumes, come on, JC Penneys has much better clothes, right off the rack. And please, that silly insignia, we can replace that with something completely unrecognizable. As for the Klingons, they really are just a Colony from Earth, and it’s just Kirk’s drug addled delusions that makes them the enemy. And last, but not least, we’ll get rid of that Cheesy music, and replace it with Congo drums, and Gregorian chants.

Then we’ll top all that off with “fans” of all that, telling you that the Trek you loved was just Cheesy Crap, not worth the effort, because RDM is a Genius, and you must be some sort of dullard not to recognize that.

36: What on earth are you talkin about?!?!?!!? I AM A FAN OF THE ORIGINAL GALACTICA. I watched every episode as a kid, had the toys and comic books. However THIS IS NOT 1979. This is 2008..things move on & improve. As someone said Galactica was cheesy even in 1979 and if you think that trailer
for Hatch’s version would have been a success had it been made to the ‘specs’ of that trailer, then you are still stuck in the 70s my friend.
I was not happy about a lot of things they changed for the new version esp Starbuck being a female..but I must say the series has really developed the characters, the story line is for the most part very good and has really shown how you can take an original concept and made it current/fresh.

I only pray & HOPE that JJ has gone a similar route because Trek has been FAILING for many many years because fans like you insist on living in the past. I suggest if you people dont like change, lock your basement door, turn on your TV and replay TOS ad-infinitum and let the rest of humanity move forward. I thought thats what Trek was all about the future..not the PAST.

#35: “I don’t understand all the complaining about Deadlock. I don’t know about you, but I don’t watch Battlestar because I want answers. I don’t read stories just to get to some answer about the plot. I read for the characters. I watch Battlestar for the characters. I want to know what happens to Saul at the end, what happens to Adama, all of them. It’s the same as reading a story. ”

Exactly so. Absolutely agreed on all points.

#36: “The complete and utter lack of class of the RDM “fans” towards the fanbase of the Original Galactica.”

Because the original fanbase behaved with such “class” toward the people remaking the show, right?

That’s why it was considered perfectly acceptable on *most* BSG fan boards to feature images of Ron Moore and/or Bonnie Hammer with bleeding bullet holes or hatchets driven through their heads.

And don’t cop that “how would you have felt if they had done this to something you cared about” crap. Here’s some news: the kind of behavior engaged in by oldBSG fans on the Internet in 2003 was not only childish, it was despicable. Why does anyone imagine that they should be treated with other than deserved contempt?

And someone will say “oh, that wasn’t me, don’t lump me in there…” Okay, fine. Just stop shooting off your mouths as if this impatient “attitude” on the part of Moore’s fans just materialized sui generis – because either you don’t know or you’re willing to make excuses.

Last week’s episode was a weaker one, but I still adore this show and can’t wait till Tuesday (in the UK) to see it!

The potential Larson film can burn in Hell as far as I’m concerned. BSG was made because he was a working producer. BSG 2004 was made because Ron Moore had a great take on the source material. The Larson film will be made for one primary reason: money!

Larson hasn’t worked on anything in a decade and, aside from money, would only want to make this film because he’s annoyed at the Ron Moore show getting all the critical kudos and wants control back over al things BSG. it’s kind of a Gene Roddenberry-in-1987 scenario!

Glen A Larceny’s film would nothing more than 2011’s Battlefield Earth. Universal needs to purchase the movie rights from the ageing Larson so they can exploit the property to its full potential in later years.

Maybe Ron Moore could be persuaded to make a trilogy of films about the first Cylon War featuring a different cast of human colonial characters and the Final Five. It could stand alone and and still fit in with Caprica and BSG!

Re: 36

Armchair quarterbacks such as yourself, need to get a grip.

P.S. I don’t remember RDM ever proclaiming his own genius. And if you listen to his podcasts for each episode, you’ll learn something. That he’s humble, and the first to call out when an episode falls flat.

Ahhhhh…..yes! John Colicos, the original Baltar! His appearance alone would have been worth the price of admission! May God rest his soul.

And ya gotta love Richard Hatch for his caring and devotion to all the small details that made the original series so wonderful in the first place! He still rocks!

Never had seen the “Second Coming” trailer. It was pretty cool! I hate that it never came to fruition. But I love the new “Galactica” show, and was glad to see Richard Hatch was a part of it.

God bless!

38. Dennis Bailey: ‘the kind of behavior engaged in by oldBSG fans on the Internet in 2003 was not only childish, it was despicable. Why does anyone imagine that they should be treated with other than deserved contempt?’

Hear hear! They still run riot on the web defaming the new show. IMDb is forever having to remove trolling comments. In fact, it’s remarkable how many comments (even ones on this board) are cut and pasted from a template.

I’ve been critical at times of the direction TNG took the Star Trek concept in, but I don’t hate it! Indeed, I bought season one of DS9 the other day to give it a proper shot! Galactica, by the time Ron Moore took it on, had been off the radar for 14 years and, even by the end of the 1980s, seemed very dated (I was between 10 and 15 then!)

The worst thing fans of the old BSG have done is soured my taste for the original show. It’s been sat on my shelf for a year (it was a present) and I haven’t looked at it. Like the Browncoats with Firefly/Serenity who helped grind that nascent franchise into the geek ghetto they have managed to make me feel soiled watching their show.

So sad. So pointless! :(

I have great respect for Richard Hatch. He came on board the new BSG and really gave that character everything he had. I saw an interview with him on Sci Fi where he said that he played his new character in as Many episodes as he played Apollo in the original. Cool guy. Wish I could say the same for Dirk Benedict, who is still trashing the new show to this day.

I watched the old BSG as a kid, but it didn’t do anything for me. It was far too star wars oriented for my liking…never grabbed me. The new BSG had me from day 1, especially with the season 1 opener “33”…gripping.

35. BaltarStar Galactica – February 27, 2009
” I don’t understand all the complaining about Deadlock. I don’t know about you, but I don’t watch Battlestar because I want answers. I don’t read stories just to get to some answer about the plot. I read for the characters. I watch Battlestar for the characters.”

Same for me–the characters come first–which is why I hated Deadlock. Tyrol’s decision was COMPLETELY out of character (sorry, Mr. Douglas; you play Tyrol wonderfully, but your explanation of his decision doesn’t help because it wasn’t there for the audience). Ellen was back to being uninteresting.

The CHARACTERS were what made Deadlock so rotten. And yes, the plot matters; otherwise, you just have characters sitting around and talking. That’s not very interesting.

And as for your comment:
“If you re-watch that episode as I did today, you’ll see things and feel things you missed the first around.”

Sorry, but I get very tired of this kind of condescension. I have rewatched Deadlock, but no, there is nothing I missed. It’s a rotten, boring, out-of-character episode that upset a HUGE portion of the fan base.

Feel free to like the episode, but please stop telling those of us who disliked it that we are wrong. Stop telling us to rethink and rewatch, blahblahblah…

Just accept that some of us remember when BSG gave us “33” and “Exodus,” and we miss THAT quality–THOSE characters. Maybe we’ll get that back before it’s all over, but so far it looks like BSG is slowly sliding down the drain…

RE: 37 CystDrone

As for Richard’s Trailer, I absolutely agree. More so than you know. BSG-TSC would have been awesome. Richard created that with his own money, and all the Costumes, Props, and CG Special Effects were done for FREE by many of us committed to returning Battlestar Galactica. All the performers in it were there because they felt as strongly.

And, it was done well before RDM ever touched Galactica.

As for the similarity between the RDM Cylon Raider and the “evolved” Raider in BSG-TSC, Lee Springer (who also headed up the CG Development for RDM’s series) was one of the key people involved with Richard’s Trailer. Had it not been for Lee, RDM’s Galactica would have looked A LOT different. He fought hard to make certain that at the very least, the ships in the fleet did honor the original, even if nothing else did.

No One from the original Fanbase EVER said things had to remain IDENTICAL to the 70s, however, we DID want certain things, things that many Trek fans rightfully guard, such as “canon” be maintained.

The push was always for a Continuation series, with Up to Date EFX, CG Ships, Battle Sequences, etc. Bring the stories up to date, without the confines of the old restrictive Television Code, which Battlestar Galactica was made under. Still maintaining the Space Opera elements (Heros in White Hats, Villans in Black Hats, Rogues, Scoundrels, etc) but adding a level of grittyness and depth. Yes, the original fanbase still wants the Mythology elements, the Tut flight Helmets, the “Chariots of the Gods” hooks, the Ship of Lights. the Lords of Kobol, the societal Noblity, etc.

I’ve always loved the “critique” from the RDM followers who held fast to that “You’re stuck in the 70s” argument. We got hit with all the same arguments that have been coming fast and furious from the fans of the RDM series, only this time AGAINST the proposed Larson (and hopefully DeSanto) Movie version. Now with the added sweetener of “Well, with our new, awesome, wonderful, totally genius version, why would you even bother with that old, cheesy, 70s, crap”

Tom DeSanto was working on a Continuation version of Galactica, that would have taken care of most of the arguments. They were set to start shooting early 10/2001. Then a little incident on 9/11/2001 served to bring that to a halt.

Take a look.

Then, along comes RDM. The Fanbase gets told we don’t really understand Galactica, or Sci-Fi for that matter, and that what we had fought to see returned was just Cheesy Crap, and that what we were being served now wasn’t the “popcorn” we had before.

The rather over-the-top “re-imagined” Trek description I gave in my previous post best describes what we got.

Now, you may like what RDM did to Galactica, HOWEVER, as a fan of both Trek TOS and Battlestar Galactica TOS, I would have been just as up in arms about someone doing to Trek, what was done to Galactica.

I hope that makes sense

36- Well, I’m a fan of both shows, but I recognize the original hasn’t necessarily aged well. I don’t think you can compare Trek TOS to Galactica TOS. Trek invented fandom really, and though a core group of fans kept Galactica love alive over the years, it’s never been a part of American culture like Trek- until possibly the RDM version which has people who typically don’t watch SF hooked. As far as RDM’s lack of originality, can you please tell me what original idea Trek TOS or Galactica TOS had? Trek was a remake of “Forbidden Planet” with a healthy dose of Horatio Hornblower, and Galactica was the Book of Mormon in spaceships with some “Chariots of the Gods” sprinkled on top. There are no new ideas, just new presentations.

RE: 47 weerd1

??? Ah, How about the base Stories. The Characters, The Settings, The base story arcs, etc.

Glen Larson and Gene Roddenberry wrotwe these. They Created them.

True, while the over riding base elements were lifted, such as space travel, the Explorers traveling long distances on a ship, firing weapons, etc.

The bottom line, Lt Starbuck, Captains Apollo and Kirk, or Mr. Spock from the Planet Vulcan were not directly lifted from someone elses work.

RDMs successes seem to all be based upon Characters and Situations created by SOMEONE ELSE.

Someone else, I might add, who doesn’t much like what he has done with them.

“The Fanbase gets told we don’t really understand Galactica, or Sci-Fi for that matter, and that what we had fought to see returned was just Cheesy Crap, and that what we were being served now wasn’t the “popcorn” we had before.”

I don’t know about understanding “Galactica” but that fanbase sure didn’t understand much of anything else. Yeah, what they were lauding *was* cheesy crap – the sf world dodged several bullets when the Larson and Hatch and DeSanto versions went down the drain, thank God.

Now, maybe when Universal finds someone to run their new Galactica movie project – you know, a contemporary producer to do all the heavy lifting while Larson signs his checks and takes a title – they’ll do something interesting with it as well. It just won’t be oldBSG either, because few people in the business are that clueless.

Did some kind of statute of limitations expire to allow that Second Coming trailer onto the interwebtubes? Glad to finally see it. It looks like it could have been an exciting adventure show but I think Ron Moore’s idea proved to be more interesting, most of the time.