Stream Full Star Trek Episodes Wirelessly With New iPhone Application

Ever been stuck somewhere and suddenly get the urge to watch an episode of Star trek? Well today CBS just made it possible for you to grab one literally out of the air (for free) with their new application for the iPhone and iTouch. See below for details and some quick thoughts on our first test run.


Get Trek anywhere
The application offers quick and easy access to video content with the option to create custom video feeds based on TV shows, channels and topics. The personalized feeds proactively recommend content based on user-selected keywords and past viewing history. The application offers an enhfanced search feature for instant, relevant search results accessible throughout the application. The application works via WiFi, 3G and Edge networks.

For Trek fans, Star Trek The Original Series is already one of the designated ‘shows’ available. Currently there are only four episodes from Season One available, but hopefully more should be added in the future.

the current selection of Star Trek on application

The application is fairly easy to use, but the episodes are currently listed by episode number instead of title. Each episode is chunked into smaller parts (the total number of which varies). The quality of the video is not as good as episodes downloaded from iTunes, but then again it is free.


Stream full episodes of Star Trek from any location with application

In addition to Trek you can also watch some full episodes from CSI, CSI: Miami, NCIS, MacGyver, and Beverly Hills 90210. Plus there are a number of CNET TV shows and CBS Radio shows available for streaming.

The application is available for free from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at


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Would be nice if we can get this in the UK.
First? :-)

what about TNG episodes?

Get trek anywhere? I don’t think so, you should change it to say USA only, we can get the app up here in Canada


Quick let me download this app before I head off to work.

Thats interesting


I think he means “you can’t get it up in Canada”, it’s so frustrating that CBS and other networks always do this, making it only available for United states residents, same for online tv shows and contests. Canadians like myself live 5 mins from the border and my wife even works over there… She’s a US citizen and she can’t get it.

why does not have its webclip icon any more? i want it on my home screen on my iphone. please add it again!

2 – Agreed. The other Star Trek series deserve some attention too. I know you watch a lot of TNG, VOY etc. episodes illicitly on YouTube and they do get pulled down from time to time so CBS must be aware of them.

Also make them not US-only. I’m no fan of geolocation software.


I’m watching TREK and some of the CSI’s too!

OH Sweet!!! My ipod touch Just Got That Much cooler!!

I’d Still tell people I’m Watching the “A-Team” or something else in public though.

Remastered? Or old school fx?

I don’t get much thrill from watching anything,much less TOS on a 4″ screen, but if I were stuck waiting in the doctor’s office I can see where it could be a great way to pass the time.

@12 – Or in an airport. I know I get irritated because I have to find an outlet for my laptop and there’s only three at the entire gate, and those are in use. So yeah, it’d be nice to be able to watch Trek on your iPhone.

#3 & #6 Agreed. It is a pity that apps like this are not available for all.

Hey Staff, a friendly reminder: it’s called an iPod touch, not an iTouch. There’s no such thing as an iTouch. Just a little pet peeve of mine…

Star Trek + Outside the U.S = Hotspot Shield =D

Where is the blackberry version?

I just down loaded this to my Iphone it is awsome.
It is very easy to use.
I was able to down load and start watching with in 60 seconds of the download. The best part about this app is that it is free!

What’s an iPhone?

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I am getting this!


Ha. Biggest laugh of this Friday for this tired teacher.

anyway around this for us Canadians?????

Remember, folks, distribution rights for shows are negotiated separately for each region – so the US gets one deal, Canada another, Germany another, etc. etc.

It’s possible that CBS is testing the response in the US before deploying the app in other countries.

19 – LMAO!!!!!

This maybe available to folks outside the U.S. try They have the 3 Seasons of the Original Series online. These are not the remastered versions; just the full length original episodes. These episodes are free and you don’t need an account to access the shows. I hope this helps some people outside the U.S.

only available in the US = a large suck!

Typical yanks .. think they’re the ONLY people in the world .. how about the UK huh .. and Canada!!!!

What is Star Trek?

Scott, I’ll feel for you when I can see content from BBC websites.

It’s nothing to do with “typical yanks” and everything to do with distribution rights.

Complain that it’s not available? Certainly. Make sweeping statements about a country based on it? No… there are MUCH worse things to complain about regarding Americans. :P