Wondercon 09: New Star Trek Trailer Premieres – Full Description & Review

The first ‘surprise guest’ at Paramount’s Star Trek panel at Wondercon was none other than director JJ Abrams. Shortly after hitting the stage Abrams revealed the ‘sneak peek’ was to be the first public viewing of the new trailer, showing with Watchmen opening next weekend. See below for full details.


Abrams had to convince Paramount to reveal trailer
Abrams opened up by thanking the huge capacity crowd for showing up, noting "if this place would have been empty that would have sucked." He also noted that he had just flown in from promoting the film in Tokyo, and warned he took an Ambien on the plane, noting "so if I say some stupid s–t, it is the drugs talking." 

Abrams then talked about how "excited" he was about Trek, and talked up the cast and writers and then stated that he "is usually secretive about stuff" (and understatement), but said that "this time the studio has been worse than me." Abrams said he had to convince Paramount to show the trailer at Wondercon, and implored the audience to please not record it and put it online. He even said that he had considered asking for audience members to point out any recorders and the pointers would get a free Bad Robot toy, but then they realized that friends would probably team up just to get the toys. Anyway on to the trailer itself.

JJ introducing Star Trek trailer

Trailer description
Note that the trailer was shown just once, so this may not be 100% exact, but is the best that can be remembered based on notes

The new trailer starts off with a new shot of the young Chris Pine Kirk on motorcycle headed for the Enterprise being constructed. We then see more of the scene in the Iowa bar, with Pike (Bruce Greenwood) saying to Kirk "I couldn’t believe it when the bar tender told me who you are" and Kirk replying back with the "why are you talking to me man" line (seen in the Super Bowl commercial). Cut to image of studio logos.

Greenwood’s voice comes back over scenes of the Kelvin in battle saying "your father was captain of a Starship for twelve minutes…he saved 800 lives…including yours…I dare you to do better…enlist in Starfleet." During the dialog we see Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk on Kelvin (for the first time), and the ‘including yours’ line was shown along with the shot of Jennifer Morrison (giving birth) scene in the theatrical trailer. With the ‘enlist in Starfleet’ line you see an image of Kirk in a very large room full of cadets. Then cut to a shot of Kirk and Spock (at Academy) with Spock saying "you will experience fear, fear of certain death," cut to more footage on the drilling platform. Then title card with "May 8th"

Then there is a shot of Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise saying "we have received a distress call" and then cut to a planet imploding (possibly Vulcan). Then we see a close-up of Eric Bana as Nero saying "I have been waiting for this day my whole life…" cut to shot of his ship "…this day of reckoning" followed by more effects shots of battle, including Enterprise. Then cut to bridge of Enterprise with Bones (Karl Urban) saying "we’ve got no captain and no first officer to replace him" to which Chris Pine replies in a serious tone "yeah we do" as he slowly sits in the captain’s chair. Another title card.

Then more effects shots and shots of Vulcan (including Winona Ryder as Amanda Grayson) and the Ben Cross (Sarek) voice over saying "you are capable of deciding your own destiny, the question is: which path will you choose." This was followed with another quick succession of shots both on the Enterprise and in space, then back to Nero saying "James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life." Then back to the bridge with someone saying "set off your torpedoes" and then Pike ordering "emergency evasive" and a shot of Nero yelling "fire everything." And then even more effects shots, including one from what is like a ‘torpedo cam’ spinning towards the Enterprise. There is also a shot during this final sequence of Quinto Spock hugging Uhura (Zoe Saldana). And then cut to credits.

The trailer goes by very quickly, but it is actually around 2 minutes long. The trailer went over huge with the crowd going wild. Personally it sent up chills, especially the moment Kirk takes the chair. In that moment conveyed Pine conveyed both brash confidence, as well as a sense of having the weight of the world on his shoulders. Also the moment Nero talks about the ‘great Captain Kirk’ from ‘another life’ is surely going to go over well with fans. This trailer was very Kirk focused and (combined with the opening Corvette scene from the first theatrical trailer), gives the movie a clear ‘origin story’ feel.

Other highlights are seeing Hemsworth on the Kelvin, the first shots inside Starfleet Academy and the jaw dropping effects shots of the Kelvin, Enterprise, Nero’s Narada, and Spock’s ship. As for the music, it isn’t clear if it is from the movie. Like the other trailers, it may not be. The music was very dramatic and operatic, and somewhat reminiscent of the main theme from The Dark Knight, which all lent itself to an intensity you don’t often see in trailers.

The trailer is clearly aimed at a general film audience with the message ‘there is a huge new movie called ‘Star Trek’ coming in May, but it should also work with casual and hard core Trek fans, with plenty of new shots and lots of little Trek moments.

Panel report coming soon
After airing the trailer, JJ introduced the rest of the panel of ‘surprise guests’. A full report with pictures coming up son.



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