Wondercon 09: TrekMovie LiveBlogging Paramount Star Trek Panel

The Paramount Star Trek movie panel at WonderCon 2009 starts at 2:00 PM, and TrekMovie is on the scene. Below is the TrekMovie Twitter feed, which will be updated with reports from the event. It will include links to any relevent live pictures (however Paramount are not allowing pictures or video of the ‘sneak peak’ itself.)




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    More TrekMove at Wondercon later
    Look for a full report later tonight, with better images.

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    which 2pm does this start? I’m in the UK!

    I need pictures.

    umm whats happening in the wondercon

    Should be “Paramount is,” not “Paramount are.”

    Sounds like the “exclusive sneak peak footage” is just the new trailer.

    Hi Bob!
    wave back.

    I hope the “references” aren’t fanboy style references… but I really hate that whole “prequel sequel it follows the stuff before and leads into it” crap.

    Why is it so hard for them to just call it what it is – a reboot which is just barely tied in to the existing timeline’s before essentially wiping the slate clean of events so that they can ignore most of what would “come after” as they see fit should sequels be ordered by the higher ups?

    “Why is it so hard for them to just call it what it is – a reboot”

    Define for us all a “Reboot.”

    Reboot – A film which resets a storyline so as to tell new stories without the existing bloat of the series immediately prior.

    That’s what I consider a reboot.

    It can not be a reboot with Spock Prime in it.
    It is that simple.
    Who is the bad guy, Widmore or Linus?

    Not at all sure it’s fair to call it a reboot until we’ve seen the film. At this point, I’m accepting what they’ve told us about how it is going to tie together, and I think it’s fine. Only those who have actually seen it can definitively say whether or not it is a reboot. It may be, but in the end does it matter? Alternate timeline/reboot/whatever. I think it’s going to be a great film, and a much needed boost for Trek.

    Wikipedia has a good definition:

    “Reboot, in serial fiction, means a discarding of much or even all previous continuity in the series, to start anew. Effectively, all previously-known fictive history is declared by the writer(s) to be null and void, or at least irrelevant, and the series starts over.”

    The amount of buzz for Star Trek hasn’t been this big for almost a decade.
    I’m not calling it a reboot, but it is a combination of several different “start anew” concepts.

    Also, all this new merch and collectibles are because of STXI.

    I think the subtitle the used in Japan suits it.

    Star Trek:The Beginning

    How can this film be a reboot if Nero exists in the original timeline? That’s like making a dinner from scratch using leftovers from last night.

    IF the whole convoluted time-travel-alternate-reality-quantum-mechanics hoop jumping leaves you at the same place as a straight-up reboot, then it is a reboot.

    No, if it is a ReBoot, the bad guys have to be Megabyte and Hexadecimal. :-)

    I honestly don’t think the writing team would want a full erase/reboot. They’re just as invested in 40+ years of Trek as we are.


    I really miss Dot!

    Interesting, how a change of venue can influence JJ’s statement about whom they’re making the film for. Not entirely unexpected, though.

    Some hints about the new trailer would be nice. Still action only ?

    Well, I am looking forward to the movie. In the end I will just have to live will all those seperate multiverse timelines.

    20. Unbel1ever
    ” Interesting, how a change of venue can influence JJ’s statement about whom they’re making the film for. Not entirely unexpected, though.”

    I so agree with you. It’s amazing how some people get so up in arms about the statement geared towards a difference demographic halfway around the world. It’s just marketing 101 pure and simple.

    Thanks for twitting this! It was way cool!


    I think it’s pretty clear that Mr. Abrams tells his different audiences exactly what they want to hear.

    In this case, he’s had his chance to respond to the malcontents who have been whingeing endlessly about how the film is not for old Trek fans, etc.

    Now he’s said it is, so we will not know until the film it is, and until he can freely comment post-release as to his part in the film’s marketing.

    I am extremely comfortable that the film will be appealing to us, the hardcore “fanbase.”

    21: Montreal Paul:

    We’re on the same page!

    24. AJ

    Yes! We sure are. And I am glad you were able to understand what I was saying through that horrific grammar and spelling! My fingers type faster than my brain can work. lol

    It was pretty obvious from the beginning that J.J says one thing or another to win over whoever he’s talking to. It’s just plain marketing. You do what is necessary to get as many people as possible to see your movie so that you get the most money out of your product. My feeling is that in the end, the movie will appeal to everybody, both old stinker Trek fans and non-fans alike.

    Trailer description please!

    Love the “I am Cptain Kirk!” quote from Pine. At least he did watch some shows! And only he could truly say that besides Shatner now.

    I also think that those who have already decided they’re not going to like this movie will not like it no matter what. That’s just plain logic. :)

    Oh and I agree with Ryan H. Whenever you get a chance Anthony, a trailer description would be great! Glad to know you thought it was awesome.

    The trailer was STUNNING! Breathtaking music, I wish I knew if it was from Michael G’s score or from some other film. This trailer is much like the previous trailers in terms of content, but “more”. A little more of Pike’s speech to Kirk, this time talking about his father. A little more visuals of Starfleet Academy, and Spock speaking to what I guess must be new cadets aboard the Enterprise (“You will be afraid.”), more Nero (“FIRE EVERYTHING!!” ), more of the skydiving scene and the fight on the platform, McCoy saying something like “Well this is great! We’re on a starship and we have no Captain and no First Officer” and Kirk replies “Oh yes we do” and takes the seat, and more More MORE absolutely breathtaking shots of starships (including nice closeups of the 1701 and Nero’s) in battle. The crowd went really wild. That alone was worth my $40 3-day pass! I may write more about it later today on my blog at groknard.blogspot.com

    Thanks to Tony and Darren for the awesome panel yesterday, and thanks to JJ & Co for today. I do feel sorry for Bob Orci, though. No direct questions, and he’s probably broke now after handing out all that cash!

    #31 – was there a good amount of footage showing the Big E?

    No, not *tons* of new shots, and it’s still very rapid fire editing. I’d say 3 or 4 new shots, 3 very quick, 1 that was nice and lingering and is burned into my brain. An underside shot looking up and forward, 1701 clearly on the bottom of the saucer, coming face to face with Nero’s ship. Sort of like that shot in ST3 when the Enterprise is face-to-face with the Bord of Prey… but turned up to “11”! I can’t quite figure out what it was, but the special effects just look SO much bigger and more fluid and more detailed than anything we ever saw in previous Trek films. Sort of like that opening of “Revenge of the Sith” but, again, turned up to “11”.

    Thanks Robert, I can’t wait to see it!!!

    29. The Governator – February 28, 2009
    “I also think that those who have already decided they’re not going to like this movie will not like it no matter what. That’s just plain logic. :)”

    I agree with that. The people that already heate the movie without seeing it will still hate it after they have seen it. Nothing will change their minds even if the film is great (and it will be). Their mind is made up. Which is really sad that they won’t even give it a chance.

    31. Robert Saint John

    Wow! Can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the description, Robert!

    ^^ Actually they will probably see it, and if they like it, we won’t hear from them again.

    What’s this trailer going to be attached to? I’m guessing Watchmen?

    Either way, it sounds WICKED and thanks for the synopsis, Robert! That scene with Kirk taking the chair sent geek shivers up my spine and that’s just from a hearsay description! You’re a good man!

    “Nothing will change their minds even if the film is great (and it will be). Their mind is made up.”

    Sounds like they’re not the only ones who have made up their minds, sight unseen.

    I think JJ specifically mentioned that Paramount *was* holding out to attach it to Watchmen next week, so it will probably follow the usual formula (theatrical, online within a day or two). But I have to say that this is really a BIG SCREEN trailer!

    We also saw the first 15 or so minutes of Watchmen this morning. I had virtually no excitement about this movie until now. It was devastatingly good. Trek trailer or not, I *will* be there next weekend!

    39. steve623
    “Sounds like they’re not the only ones who have made up their minds, sight unseen.”

    Actually, I am going in with an open mind. If it’s great, then I’m happy. If it stink, then I will be disappointed. So… nope. I haven’t made up my mind.. just waiting to see it with a positive attitude & open mind. :)

    #31, #33

    Abrams continues to talk about STAR WARS and epic scope. Can you tell me if any of the trailer contained dozens and dozens of ships in battle, or were they the limited mono-to-mono ships battles we typically see in TREK–DS9 being the exception of course. To me, that is epic.

    The panel was awesome. Can’t wait for the movie. Also nice to see a full house for Star Trek. And OMG, Zoe is frakkin hot. And hey, I’m not even into ladies.

    I just remembered another AMAZING shot: it must have been the effects of Nero’s weapon (red star? red hole?)… a planet crumbling, caving in towards its own center and turning inside-out!

    I really don’t remember seeing whether it was numbers of ships or just one on one, sorry. Nothing “Dominion Wars”-ish jumped out at me. But again, the scale and detail and color and, erm, “non-static camera” movement” is what made this viewer feel as if he were in the middle of it. Frankly, it made the battles in previous movies feel small in comparison. Not trying to be inflammatory, just my impressions.

    Remember how crazy and new Star Wars seemed in 1977. And remember how GRAND and EPIC something as simple as the new 1701 leaving drydock felt in 1979? It’s like that. Both impressive, but… different.


    I don’t think “epic scope” has anything to do with quantities of ships in battle, but depth and breadth of the story, and the journeys of its main characters.

    However the quick scenes from the original trailer DO seem to show quite a busy space battle or two, so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


    Okay. Thanks.

    Saying “epic scope” has nothing to do with quantity is really going overboard. Visually, STAR WARS battles, DS9 battles, BABYLON 5 battles have more scope, have more detail and just look more engaging to me. Was simply asking a question as to the different kind of epic battles in the trailer. I never said ship-to-ship can’t be epic.

    Once again, the trailer features no Nimoy Spock. Seriously, what’s up with that???