March 2009

ST09 Tidbits (T-37 days): Quinto and Pine Interviews + Trek Popcorn + Esurance Commercial + more

For the last day people have been talking and thinking about the sequel to the new Star Trek, but we still have to get through that one in May, so the Tidbits brings you European interviews with Kirk and Spock, plus we have some ST09 concession stand goodies, a new Esurance commercial, and a bit on that sequel as well (or how it is playing in the media).

TrekInk: Reviews of Mission’s End #1 & Last Generation #5 + iPhone Countdown Contest

In addition to the Tribbles comic (see review), IDW released two other books last week, with one series coming to an end with "Star Trek" The Last Generation" # 5, and a new series just starting off with "Mission’s End" #1.  See below for reviews of both. Plus we have a special contest giving away all four issues of "Star Trek Countdown for the iPhone/iTouch.

BREAKING: Paramount Moving Forward On Star Trek Sequel – Supreme Court On Board

First hinted at here at TrekMovie last June, Paramount have finally sealed the deal for the Trek’s ‘Supreme Court’ (Abrams, Burk, Kurtzman, Lindelof, & Orci) to move forward on a sequel to their new Star Trek, five weeks before it even opens up. Variety broke the news Monday night, see below for the first details on on what would be the twelfth film in the Star Trek franchise.

DVD Review – Shatner’s Groom Lake + ShatWatch: King of All Media Edition

Just this month William Shatner’s 2002 feature film Groom Lake on has been re-released on DVD this March. First shown in the early 2000s on the Sci-Fi Channel, the film is a science fiction tale written, produced, and directed by William Shatner (who also stars in the movie). See below for a review of the new DVD plus the latest ‘ShatWatch’ news on Bill.

New Images From Star Trek Movie From Rittenhouse Card Set + High Res US Poster

Paramount was nice enough to send over an advanced look set of Star Trek movie collector’s cards coming from Rittenhouse in May. The set includes a bunch of new images, not seen in any trailer or previous image release. Check out the new stuff below, along with official captions. Also Paramount just released a higher resolution version of the USA Poster. [SPOILERS BELOW]

ST09 Tidbits (T-38 days): Lindelof On TNG, Runtime & Sequels + Pine Buzz + NYC Party + more

We kick off another week in Star Trek with more movie Tidbits, starting off with new comments on TNG cameo rumors, Courage’s theme in ST09, sequels, and runtime from Star Trek producer Damon Lindelof. We also have pictures from the latest Star Trek Dance party, a look at the buzz around the new Kirk, and  more.  

See Star Trek ‘Kids Trailer’ Aired During Kid’s Choice Awards (w/ Analysis) + Pine Appearance

As reported on Friday, a new kid-friendly trailer for the Star Trek movie is running with Monsters vs. Aliens this weekend (2D version only). Yesterday this trailer ran during the Kid’s Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, which also included an appearance by Chris Pine. See below to watch the remixed trailer (with a couple of new things) and to also check out Pine’s appearance.

Orci & Kurtzman On Getting Personal & Getting Nimoy + New Official ST09 Synopsis Released

The Sunday LA Times has an extensive feature on the writers of the new Star Trek, going a bit into their own origin story and the writing team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman explain how their back-story parallels that of the movie and also talk about what it took to get Nimoy on board. In other St09 news, the official site has updated the synopsis for the new movie

Sci-Fi Saturday: Terminator, Green Hornet, Ghostbusters + BSG, Caprica, Lost + more

We got good news if you were spoiled by that leaked Terminator 4 ending? We also have updates on Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet and 3rd outings for the Ghostbusters and the Riddick franchises and more movie news and previews. For TV the SciFi SyFy channel is still dealing with name change fallout, plus we have updates on BSG, Caprica, Lost and more. Plus all the usual previews, including the new Doctor Who.

TrekWear: Junk Food Tees w/ First Look At Star Trek Movie Shirts

There are many companies with a license for a variety of styles of Star Trek clothing, from movie costumes to backpacks. TrekMovie is beginning a set of articles profiling all the wearable items for fans who wish to dress the part. We are starting with Junk Food who has a line of classic and 2009 feature film t-shirts. TrekMovie brings you the exclusive first look at their 2009 movie line shirts.

Hipster Crowd Targeted with Star Trek Photobooths and Star Trek Dance Parties

This week Paramount added a couple new facets to their marketing mix, Star Trek Photobooths and Star Trek Dance Parties. You can get your photo taken and it shows up in special new mosaics on the official site for the new Star Trek movie. These booths are starting to show up at special Star Trek events and dance clubs, complete with Orion girls, and more Trek fun.

Science Friday: SynthBlood, SpaceTour, RosettaRoid, RedoubtErupt, ColbertModule + more

This week in Science Friday, learn about how scientists may have solved the vampire problem in the lab, take a tour of space (or not), recover the “Rosetta stone of asteroids”, witness the huge ash eruption from Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt, and debate the name for the newest ISS module. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: The Cajun Crawler.

Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy

Today, Leonard Nimoy is 78.  His thoughtfulness and dedication to his art is a big reason for the popularity of Spock.  He has entertained Star Trek fans for more than 40 years, creating a cultural icon with a character we are all delighted to see again on the big screen this year.  However, his career is more than Spock, starting nearly 60 years ago.  TrekMovie sends its best wishes to Leonard on his birthday with this collection of some of his performances during his many decades as an entertainer. 

More Details and Video Preview From Family Guy Star Trek: TNG Episode – Airing Sunday

This Sunday FOX airs the Family Guy episode “Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" featuring all the stars of The Next Generation playing themselves. Today FOX released a preview video for the episode, including comments from show creator (and huge Trekkie) Seth MacFarlane. There are also more details on the episode from FG producer David Goodman. Check it all out below.

Playmates Launches Star Trek Movie Toy Website w/ Full Wave 1 Details & TV Commercial

On April 19th the first wave of Playmates Star Trek movie related toys, figures, and playsets will hit stores. This morning Playmates is launching a site dedicated to their Star Trek line (including their TV commercial). TrekMovie was given an early preview. See below for details about the website, including some news and last minute clarifications about the diverse and exciting line from Playmates Toys.

Orci & Kurtzman Talk Ins and Outs of Star Trek + Not Doing Transformers 3? + Nimoy In Transformers 2?

There are many aspects of Star Trek that you might think are ‘required’ for a film to still be Star Trek, and in a new interview with SciFiWire, Star Trek co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman go into some detail about what made the cut and what didn’t, and why (including Shatner). See a summary below [minor spoilers]. Plus it looks like O & K are not doing Transformers 3.

Tidbits Extra: Countdown Dates Update + Soundtrack Update + TrekMovie on Mancow

We have an unprecedented second Tidbits in the same day. Firstly we have an update on dates for Countdown, it is actually not early. Plus we have some more info on the Star Trek soundtrack. Lastly, a couple of folks are going to be on the Mancow show this week (tomorrow and Friday).

First Details On Star Trek D.A.C. – Official Movie Tie-in Game

A couple of weeks ago TrekMovie first showed off a promo sheet we found for something called ‘Star Trek D.A.C.’, which was the first hint there would be some kind of game related to the new Star Trek movie. At the time Paramount was not talking, but now they are. Today during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, TrekMovie got the lowdown on what D.A.C. is all about.

Watch New Star Trek (2009) TV Commercial – in HD [UPDATED: w/ Screencaps & Analysis]

A new TV commercial for the Star Trek movie just started airing this week. The 30 second spot has a mix of things seen in previous trailers and the Super Bowl commercial, plus some new scenes. Paramount has just released the video, and is the first to put it online – watch it below or download it in HD. [UPDATE: w/ Sceen shots & Analysis]