ST09 Tidbits (T-66 days): Wondercon Video & Images, Yelchin Embraces Chekov + New Theater Display

For this tidbits we have a multimedia follow-up to our coverage of the Star Trek panel with video (not of the trailer) and some great photographs (including backstage). Plus we have a new theater display, and some new comments from Anton Yelchin talking Chekov (and some new Chekov art!). Check it all out below.


New giant theater display
Posters and banners for the new Star Trek have been showing up at theaters for a couple months, but this one looks new and it is big. It also has the nice touch of integrating the cast photos into the text (of what is apparently the old logo). It is also displaying the ‘the future begins’ as a tagline.

At 6 feet tall, this sign is hard to miss (click to bigify at Flckr)

Wondercon Trek Panel Video
On Saturday TrekMovie reported on the Star Trek Wondercon panel (see: panel report/images + trailer description/review). Since then TrekMovie reader
Robert Bernardo uploaded a video of the Star Trek panel at least weekend’s Wondercon (artistically done in the Cloverfield ‘shaky cam’ style). We checked with Paramount, and they are cool with us showing panel video as long as it doesn’t show the trailer (which it doesn’t), so here it is.
If the link below doesn’t work, try THIS ONE. It is also uploaded in multiple parts on YouTube (click for part 1).

More Wondercon Trek Panel Images
We put some images up from the Star Trek panel on Saturday, but today our friend (and official Wondercon photographer) Al Ortega sent over his much better images. Firstly we have Al’s exclusive backstage photos of the Star Trek panel.

[Click on any image to enlarge]

Group shot (L-R) Roberto Orci, Bryan Burk, Zoe Saldana, JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, and Zachary Quinto

Kirk (Pine) and Spock (Quinto) goof off

Pine and Quinto get more serious + Zoe strikes a pose

And Al has also sent over some great close-ups of the Trek panel.

Actors: Saldana, Pine and Quinto

Producers: Burk, Abrams, Orci

Anton Yelchin Embraces Chekov
Anton Yelchin, who plays Chekov in Star Trek, was also at Wondercon, but not on the Trek panel — instead Yelchin was on the Terminator: Salvation panel. Yelchin has an interview with SciFi Wire focusing on his role as Kyle Reese in the Terminator movie, but he does talk a bit about Star Trek.

…with Chekov I just kind of fully embrace Chekov. I just think it’s a wonderful character, I think. … There’s no point to losing the potential that’s within Chekov just by making him a Russian kid. You know, Chekov is … a Cold War stereotype meets Davy Jones, you know? It’s that thing, and you have to take as much from it as you can and that sort of energy he has and perhaps the comic relief that he has. It was something I think he would fully embrace. I mean, both these performances, I think it’s very lucky to have them in order to use them.

Also Al sent this photo over of Yelchin at the panel.

Anton Yelchin at Terminator Salvation panel

Thorsten’s Art Gallery – Comrade Chekov
Resident artist Thorsten Wulff continues his ‘Star Trek cast as art’ series. This week keeping with the ‘Yelchin embracing Chekov’ message, we have the Chekov image, as envisioned as one of those Soviet propaganda posters. 

Chekov…hero of the revolution (click to enlarge)

Top text on poster says ‘Starfleet Academy’ in Cyrillic and it says ‘Chekov’ on his helmet…Thorsten always goes for the detail, well done.


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Great theater standee!


Proper spelling of Chekov’s surname in Russian would have a Cyrillic “x” instead of a “k.” “Че́хов” is the proper spelling (without the accent).

Yelchin has a good line going, 2 Summer box office movies. Wouldn’t say no to that.

OK….How do I get that standee into the lounge with my girlfriend noticing?

Any advice would be helpful.

Many thanks.

I meant WITHOUT my girlfriend noticing!!!!!

I am going to do everything in my power to get one of those displays for my house.


hide it behind a pot plant

{insert USSR anthem here}

Good lord those things are huge (a huge amount of awesome that is)!

According to another guy at TrekWeb who built these, they are 17 Feet wide. So 6′ H X 17′ W it seems.


My God, Jim!

#6 Why didn’t I think of that?

I’ll let you know how I get on.

That’s the old logo!


just bring it in and act as if it’s the most normal thing in the world…

What is with Pine and the funky shoes…

I’ve lost a few pounds, no?

They should keep the old logo, and Pine the lime green shoes! Still, I like his style.

Chris Pine needs a shoe stylist.

Looking sharp there Bob !



At least Chris Pine’s shoes are clean. Look at Quinto’s shoes LOL

@anthony and bob:

Hey guys,

do you know anything about the ‘big’ promotional campaign in Germany? I saw the pic of the theater display above and thougt about our small posters of Kirk and Spock in German cinemas. Will there be a bigger campaign? I mean trailers and bigger posters and displays and real life sized Enterprises? Here in Germany only the diehard fans know about the new movie because there are only a few posters and I didn’t even see a Trailer in the cinemas. That has to change if Paramount wants the movie to be successful here as well!

Greetings, Stephan

Pine’s got his Kirk jair ready to go for the next one, but God, he’s got about a fivehead on ’em.

Quinto looks like the kid I buy cd’s from at FYE.

Um… that’s Kirk Hair.

By golly, Thorsten has got the knack. The command star integration looks particularly well done. In fact this rates with the real USSR posters sent me as a boy, listening to Radio Moscow, Radio Kiev, etc. Even the colours have that slightly faded letterpress press look to them.
C.S. Lewis

I like how the tagline for ‘Star Trek’ is “The Future Begins”, whereas the tagline for ‘Terminator Salvation’ is “The End Begins”.

Saddle up, folks. A lot of stuff is going to begin this summer. ;)

“13. boborci – March 2, 2009

I’ve lost a few pounds, no?”

If you didn’t, you probably will putting that standee together!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that! That is GREAT!

Looks like Zoe Saldana is bringing 70’s Fashion back : Bell Bottoms!

Actually the poster says “starfleyet atsademui”, roughly, in Cyrillic. The final vowel is a sort of softened i with the mouth in a u-shape.

Which is to say, it’s Starfleet Academy typed out in a Cyrillic font from a Roman keyboard. I don’t know if this will work, but a spelled out Starfleet Academy would be more like

Старфлить Академий

while an actual Russian translation would be something like

Звездфлотная Академия

Great panel! I was kind of hoping that sombody would ask Chris Pine about his father’s previous Trek roles.

Bob, do you happen to know if Robert Pine played any small part in urging Chris to accept the part based on Robert’s prior Trek experiences, or if Robert visited the set at all? I’m not sure if Robert Pine is a Trekkie/er, but I’d wondered.

Anyway, fantastic job to all involved. I can’t wait until May 8th!

And yes, “sombody” was a typo. Doh!

Quinto dresses like he went shopping on ecstasy.

Zoe Saldana – damn! Bonita Applebum, you gotta put me on!

Pardon the nitpick, but isn’t the countdown really T-67 days? As I write this, the countdown clock reads 66 days 1 hour 40 minutes or so. Which is the coundown to midnight (0 hrs) May 8 (properly recognizing that daylight savings time starts next week in the US). So 66 days from now would still be the 7th.

Yeah, someone should hit me for that…

– Harry

Well, thanks for uploading the video for all of us, who didn’t have the chance to go there.

The guys seem much more down to earth, than in previous interviews I’ve seen. That’s kinda nice.

Soon we will know, what the talk is all about.

“Proper spelling of Chekov’s surname in Russian would have a Cyrillic “x” instead of a “k.” “Че́хов” is the proper spelling (without the accent).”

…It varies from family to family. Those who tend to transliterate it as “Че́хов” tend to do so if they spell it in English as “Chekhov”. The spelling we’re used to is derived from “Че́kов”.

Source? Two Rossia Yazik professors, one of whom was named “Chekov” and explained the difference.

can I just say what the heck is Chris Pine wearing???

Who cares about the panel, let me see the fracking trailer. The suspense is starting to get annoying.



felt like only yesterday it was still a year away.

Lol I love the 6 foot Trek display, I want every theatre to have it. Even non Trek fans cant avoid that WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Chris Pine is brave wearing flannel..ewwwww

That was a great video, great interviews, great attitudes.

#35 :: That’s what I said!!!!! xD

So are they using slanted letters or not?

Павел Чехов – azbuka (Cyrillic)- Russia
Pavel Chekhov – US eng.
Pavel – Paul
Chekhov – Thechov rus.- Thekov eng,
Chekhov in Russian language (man from Czechia – Czech’s )
Russian writer
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Pavlovich – his father have name – Pavel (good joke Roddenberry)
I am

#15, Bob Orci: Why, yes you have! Congrats! Did you get you one of those “life” things too? I did, and I’m about 10 pounds lighter myself! }:-)

Peace. Live long and Prosper.
The Vulcanista }:- |

The theaters ought to have contests where people can enter to win those ST standees when they are done with tthem. But where would a typical fan put one? “But honey, it looks good in the den!” We can see the TV right through the letters!”

i know this is prolly all due to logistics / marketing…….

BUT if i wanted to promote this movie with the actors from it the first logical choice would be the trinity of kirk, spock, and mccoy…..if not that then kirk, spock, and scotty (especially with pegg)….

but uhura? yah i know T&A./new audience…but how much of the plot do you think she s focused/centered around compared to mccoy and scotty? everyone knows ‘he s dead jim’ / ‘i m a doctor, not a….’ or ‘beam me up scotty” / ‘i canno du it capin, i need more power’

#43 Probably due to who was available at the time for Wondercon as well

Peace. Live long and Prosper.
The Vulcanista }:- |

Wow leave the guy alone, the image looks great. spelling in english is hard enough for me and I have a doctorate.

Pine seems to be sporting the Trek sideburns….are they still shooting additional scenes?

#46, Harry

Maybe he just thinks they’re cool and they’re keepers?

Peace. Live long and Prosper.
The Vulcanista }:- |

Just watched the full 33 min video. Poor Zoe. She answered exactly 1 question, and sat there looking bored for the other 32 mins! LOL.

27 Rainbucket — Thank you, I was going to have to point out the use of the “ts” character, but you did that and even answered a question I was going to ask about the proper translation.

I’m glad to see the “Superbowl” font is still in use. I hope that prevails after all….