Trek Spring Collection Preview: First Look At RoomMates Murals and Wall Stickers

Today we pick back up with our Spring Collection Preview of Trek Collectibles, with some big news, and by big we mean literally huge. After 42 years, it isn’t very often that a product appears that is completely unique to Star Trek. Luckily, CBS Paramount has partnering with some interesting companies this year, one of which is RoomMates which has a line of amazing Star Trek wall decor items. TrekMovie has all the exclusive details.


RoomMates brings Trek decorations for all kinds of fans (and rooms)
RoomMates is the largest manufacturer of decorative peel-and-stick products in the world (a division of the venerable York Wall Coverings company) and their first wave of Star Trek products, based on the classic Original Series, represents a diversity of products meant for all kinds of fans and types of room. 

XL Wall Murals
Have you ever wanted to turn your hobby or entertainment room into the bridge of the USS Enterprise? Now is your chance! RoomMates is making available a choice of XL (very XL!) wall murals. Their first wall mural turns your room into the bridge of the USS Enterprise. The mural comes in two sizes: The full wall sized (9 feet by 15 feet) retailing for $249, and for rooms that have a ‘chair rail’ there is a 6 foot by 10 foot version (selling for $149).

RoomMates Full sized XL Wall Mural (click to enlarge)

Wall Stickers
If you don’t want to redo a whole room, RoomMates also has a "Peel and Stick Wall Set" of stickers. This set includes 4 10"x18" sheets containing 31 design elements from the original Star Trek, including characters, the Enterprise, emblems, tricorders, and popular quotes (such as "Live Long and Prosper"). These are perfect for painted walls, but can also be applied to furniture, automobiles, lockers, glass tiles, and computers because they remove without residue or paper backing sticking. They can be used again and again as needed. The set of four sheets retails for $12.99.

RoomMates Wall Stickers set of four sheets (click to enlarge)

Some RoomMates Wall Stickers applied to a room (click to enlarge)

Giant sized stickers
RoomMates are also releasing ‘giant’ 5 foot stickers of TOS era Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. These will be more stylized (and akin to TAS) than the wall mural and wall stickers. Each will include a couple of smaller stickers. The sets will retail for $21.99 each. For this set, the designs have not been finalized, but RoomMates provided us with their latest working version.

RoomMates Giant Spock Sticker set [not final] (click to enlarge)

The A-Peal of RoomMates
Star Trek fans are, as we all know, a diverse crowd. What is nice about a line like RoomMates is that it appeals to various kinds of fans, and have so many different uses from decoration to craftwork. RoomMates is offering products for fans of the various versions of Trek, and offer products that can be used to decorate entertainment rooms, hobby rooms, garages, offices, or even electronics like computers. RoomMates has licensees for big franchises such as Marvel, DC Comics, Transformers, and Disney, so it is also nice to see Star Trek joining good company.

Available soon + more to come + RoomMates looking for feedback
This first wave of RoomMates items should be available by the end of March. They are not available yet for pre-order, but you will be able to buy them at online at and EntertainmentEarth and other retailers within a few weeks.

RoomMates is also working on more murals and sticker sets. They are planning on doing at least a mural for the new Star Trek movie, which should be available in May. They also have a mural in the works featuring an image from Star Trek The Next Generation.

RoomMates is also considering additional TOS, Star Trek 2009 and Next Generation sets as well as items for other Trek series. They are looking for feedback on the above items as well as what else fans would be interested in seeing, so feel free to let them know what kind of Star Trek decor stickers you would like to see in the comments section below.

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Wonderful! I want that bridge scene!

What, no Scotty !!

I used to work in a company that made that kind of stuff… They also did decorative mirrors, machinery that I did use to get some one of a kind mirrors!

Who want paint? I want my bridge!

Love that Bridge!! Hard enough convincing the wife to let me buy the Allposters room-size view of The Who in concert….
Got some convincing to do…

I vote for a Scotty figure also!

well if they have only four panels, would you want them to get rid of the big enterprise over scotty? Adding an extra sheet may not be possible and would certainly increase the price.

Is it just me or is the Enterprise upside down in the second-to-last picture? The red ship outline? It just doesn’t look right….

Would love to see some murals from Deep Space 9: the promenade, bridge of the Defiant, etc. Or a rockin’ space battle scene: the Klingon attack on DS9 in “Way of the Warrior” or the huge fleet battle from “Sacrifice of Angels”.

When I get rich (ha)….and build my home studio….I would like to have the mural on one of the walls. Cool.

Hey, this looks great… but 250 bucks for a wallpaper? I think I’ll pass.

Pretty cool!

7, yeah…it looks like an upside-down Enterprise to me!

….a geek’s wet dream. Now, the trick is to get a non-Trek wife/girlfriend to even CONSIDER allowing that into a room in the house…

it is upside down, it is a sticker, you can put them anyway you want

I love the full bridge layout wall mural!

My only complaint:
Looks kinda dated without any bar-code scanners…

Yeah- I’m going to need the mural. Wouldn’t it be cool to out the DST life size chair in front? My wife’s gonna kill me.

I want!!!

Is it wrong to want a life-sized Uhura wall sticker? :P

I am loving that wall mural! I’d want the other half of the bridge as well to completely surround myself. lol

Hmmmm, that would be $500 in wall treatments then of course I’d need to shell out the 3 grand for the Captain’s chair, another 2 grand for the giant plasma screen….oh well, to dream….

@ #7-

That kind of thinking killed Kahn.

19 – LMAO

I’m so getting one of those murals. My wife will probably disown me.

I’m reaaaally diggin’ that wall mural. I have a hobby room that is in dire need of a make over…and make over it shall have…TOS style!


Well, I’m sure my dad, I mean Scotty would sit this one out so they can feature the big E.

Shut up! Where was this stuff when I was a kid!?! I feel cheated by the 80’s.

Cheers to ya Lad!


No Mugato!!??

What is the scale of the figures compared to the mural?

If they are scaled right, you could put the figures ONTO the wall mural!

#23, there is some neat stuff on your ebay page. I have to look it over in more detail.

Chris! You may not remember me, but you asked your father to sign a picture for me at your family Christmas dinner years ago. Bruce A is our friend in common.

Anyway, there’s a small picture of Scotty in the lower right-hand corner of the second set of stickers. I think they intended to make it seem he was crawling up a Jeffries tube. Take a closer look.

Mark E Clason aka Captain Clay Crash

That wall mural is soooo cool. Maybe one day…

Those are AWESOME. That bridge mural…terrific idea, wonder what took somebody so long to think of that! Looks real. Throw in some sound effects from your PC and you’re in business :)

at the chance of getting this comment pulled…Holy shit these are cool!

The TOS bridge wall mural is fantastic :-)

100% guarantied to make sure you NEVER get a girl.

Id get those if they had some for TNG or later, but Im just not enough of a TOS fan to spend money on them. Still cool though.

I’d love to see a reverse shot of the bridge, so that I could actually see the view screen- and leave the screen blank, or only with a star field, so that I can buy additional sticker sets from you and stage my own battles, add planets, or put in a giant floating Abe Lincoln.

Cool wall mural, although I have no more wall space so it might have to go on the….ceiling. ;)

That mural is AWESOME.

Of course, my wife saw it and instantly said “not gonna happen”.

I think I’ll have to engage in some bribery…

These decorations could also serve as a highly effective form of birth control.

That takes care of the decorating for my private bomb shelter-like hidden nerd lare. Now, for the rest of the house…

TNG Bridge scene would look great.

You can turn out your lights and still read by JJ’s bridge mural.

made my day…awesome!

28. Thanks. 10% paypal refund for all fans.

29. Yes… I didn’t see that at first glance. Very cool

39. Funny stuff.

Take a long hard look at that bridge mural my fellow Trekkers. Now THAT is a bridge!

That TOS bridge would be perfect in my office. Impatient to buy…

The only thing about such LARGE Murals, is the very sticky backing and having to be very careful and precise when lining it up to the wall and not being off in your measurements! You can very easily and quickly have a 249.00 wrinkled and messy looking mural, it you do not do it exactly right.
It’s not like wallpaper you can move/manipulate if you’re off a bit, or squeege outs bubbles and wrinkes.
Don’t try hanging this alone, or you WILL be swearing and or crying in a very short amount of time! And god forbid in a few years you want to remove it!

well said #45…well said.

34 – Well, MY girl might actually have to convince ME to get this. ;)

Did they ever announce who won the ST Scene It contest?