Trek Spring Collection Preview: First Look At Genki Star Trek Fragrances

Genki Wear, known for its licensed science fiction jewelry and perfumes, has produced what might be the most unusual Star Trek product ever: Star Trek colognes and perfume based on the original 1960s television show. In our latest look at Trek’s big Spring Collection, TrekMovie has all the exclusive first details and images on this unique addition to the pantheon of Star Trek merchandise.



An alcohol based synthetic, artificially reproducing a floral scent

– Data, describing the perfumes used by males of Angel I (TNG, “Angel One”)

Genki Wear Star Trek Perfume  – A trio of scents from the final frontier
There are three fragrances planned for 2009 with the monikers “Tiberius” “Red Shirt” and “Ponn Farr.”

The Tiberius cologne, named in honor of the Mirror Universe James T. Kirk’s challenges users to “Boldly Go” with a perfume described as being spiked with “notes of freshness and sensuality.” According to Genki Wear, the perfume has sweet citron zest, black pepper, and cedar as its top notes (top notes refers to those scents that are noticeable first) and warm vanilla, white musk, and sandalwood as its base notes (scents perceived last, usually about a half hour after application). Genki Wear promises that “Tiberius Cologne for men is difficult to define and impossible to refuse” which is also a pretty good description of the Mirror Kirk himself.

Command your essence with Tiberius, the cologne

Red Shirt
Genki’s “Red Shirt” cologne (whose tag line “Because Tomorrow May Never Come” is priceless) celebrates the sacrifices of those often nameless crew of the USS Enterprise. Described appropriately as a cologne for those with a “devotion to living each day as it could be your last” the cologne has top notes of green mandarin, bergamot, and lavender, with base notes of leather and grey musk.

Live every day as if it could be your last, with ‘Red Shirt’ cologne

Both the Tiberius and Red Shirts are 100ml (3.4 oz) quality colognes built from long lasting fragrances for men, and will retail for $30-40 depending on the department or retail store.

Pon Farr
The most risqué titled of the new Star Trek fragrances is “Ponn Farr” which is a perfume designed to “drive him wild.” It should only be used once every seven years (okay, that isn’t true). Named for the Vulcan mating ritual first introduced in the episode “Amok Time,” this perfume is one of the newly designed products meant to appeal to female fans. More details and an image on Ponn Farr will be available soon.

A Star Trek First
While there was a cologne included in the 1996 Star Trek First Contact travel set (that also included a wallet and soap), this is the first time that Star Trek is getting a first class fragrance treatment in the perfume area. The First Contact cologne had a generic label and was in an inexpensive plastic bottle. The Genki Wear line, however, includes uniquely designed containers and specially crafted boxes, as well as carefully prepared fragrances that the company believes is comparable to Chanel or Cartier. What is especially exciting about this line is that it has something that most Star Trek products don’t…a practical purpose. Not only are fans getting a collectible, it is a collectible that could and should be used. It is also nice because it allows the partners of Star Trek fans (whether fans or not) to buy this perfume for that special “Captain Kirk” in their lives.

All the Star Trek fragrances will be available this April at department and retail stores, and at online retailers. Genki Wear has invited readers to send their questions or suggestions to them at regarding this and possible future fragrances.



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I will buy them both!

Something smells funny…

Shouldn’t this article have come out on April 1st?????

Is it April 1st already?

It just seems like something would do on that day.

Like introducing a new show called “All My Tribbles”.

Personally I am holding out for either Odo, Targ or Denebian slime devil.

(mouths profanity)


Mirrir universe??? where does that keep coming from. If the story starts after Nemesis haven’t the writers gone to some effort to make the story consistent with what we already know.

Sure some events will change due to time travel but to imagine this crew is not really the original crew seems dumb.

Not to mention if the timeline changes too much then the future doesn’t happen and Nero will vanish because he will never go back and change the timeline in the first place and all will be back to normal.

Its called Sex panther. By Odeon.

Its illegal in nine countries. Made with bits of real panther. So you know its good…

What utter garbage.

John, it’s too bad you won’t exhibit a personal opinion on the site, but this is the epitome of shit. I’ll maybe find it at TJ Maxx for $1.99 next Christmas.

The difference between Star Wars and Star Trek swag, it seems, is that SW stuff is geared towards having fun and playing, whereas the latest Trek crap is aimed at a mysteriously non-existent army of adult Trek nostalgia freaks. Whoever is doing licensing at CBS is surfing without market research. Good luck.

Relax, AJ.
These products are not taken too seriously,
and Red Shirt is funny!

Enslave Her Heart with “Terok Noir” ……


Please feel free to never read another one of my articles.

Your arrogance is palpable as you seem to know what my personal opinion is with your presumption that I don’t express it in my articles. Your arrogance also shows in that you presume I should have the same opinion as you, obviously, because the article disagrees with AJ’s theories of how the Trek world could or should be.

I happen to think these are fun items, and it is about time that they started making items for the female fans who comprise 20% of Star Trek fans. Not every item has to be a $1200 exact replica of the Enterprise. That’s my opinion, but I guess the all-knowing AJ already knows my opinion.

I agree with Thorsten. It sounds like Genki Wear ismaking a real product that also happens to be a Trek product. I’ve bought Buffy jewelry from them and it was a good product. Other than myself, I know a number of people that I can buy this for. I’m looking forward to them hitting the shelves.


Additionally, Star Wars and James Bond have both had fragrance and beauty product lines.

The point is that Genki not just took a generic product and placed the Star Trek Logo and Delta on it, they developed three different perfumes and obviously did their TOS homework. I like that they put that much effort in this.

I so hope that both will be avaible in Europe or better germany… I definitly want them!

Hey, if my wife likes the smell of the fragrances, i’ll wear them ;).

Pon Farr is not the wedding ritual, but the blood fever! The wedding ritual is the Kon-ut-Kalifee (however that may be spelled, right now I’m too lazy to look it up :-)

But nice idea. I may get the Tiberius. The Redshirt stuff is really funny.

Holger, it says mating not wedding. The only thing worse than being a star trek lore correctionist is being an unwarranted star trek lore correctionist.


Actually, your right that Pon Farr is the blood feever that forces Vulcans to mate, or die. But Kal-if-fee is the right of the Vulcan bride to be to declare when she does not wish to marry the one she has been promised to. The groom then fights a champion chosen by the bride to the death.

The kal-if-fee (which literally translates as “challenge”) is a Vulcan “passion fight” to the death, in which two Vulcan males fight for the right to mate with a certain female. During the Vulcan mating ritual known as koon-ut-kal-if-fee, a female can claim kal-if-fee if she does not want the male arranged for her at childhood. At which point, the male arranged for her must fight the female’s selected mate.

I’m just glad they didn’t go with “Comic-Con—Day Three.”

These are hilarious. I’ll never buy them, but I really love the kitschy packaging, etc.

I’ll stick to my own brand, thank you: “Gents of St Pancras”

I don’t actually see myself buying any of these, but it is a fun concept.

I predict incredibly stinky TREK conventions in the near future.

Moreso than usual!

“…but it is a fun concept.”

I’m hoping they sell them in a 3-pack. So amusing that I have to have them! I’m also glad someone finally noticed the female fans….

That’s amazing! Can’t wait till it comes out!

“Because Tomorrow May Never Come”: Awesome! XD

I like the “old school” pictures. If Tiberius is honoring the Mirror Mirror Captain give me a Barbara Luna fragrance. I think I’m on record saying I love her more than once.

“Marlena Moreau – the fragrance, – “because I can be anything I want to be”

Should have called it Intruder Alert….

I have to add to Andy No.29. …”This will give you the ‘Fever’ in both universes!”

I just noticed – is that a bullet hole (phaser hole?) on the Red Shirt bottle? And does the box has a crosshairs over the, um, Red Shirt?
If so, that’s great stuff!

This is a good time for it too, I’m sick of the stuff I wear now. Hopefully my wife will like one of these.

TOS perfume? This is EPIC!!

The Pon Farr fragrance should have T’Pring on the box, am I right?


There’s a bullet hole on the red shirt bottle; I suppose there’s no good quick visual representation for getting all your red blood cells sucked out or getting pushed into an abyss by a 7 foot tall android or getting run over by a super acidic silicon based life form.

Overall, it’s a pretty funny concept. The odd smelly oils you could name after Trek ideas are endless.

Grup- when you want to feel like someone in a slash fiction…

Oh my god, these are hilarious. I want them all just for the novelty… the red shirt packaging is genius… ahaha :D

#13 What’s your kickback from the manufacturer ?
YOUR Arrogance and unbridled hubris is more than palpable, it’s absolutely gone rampant. If you’re not capable of accepting or at the very least ignoring criticism given on a (mass) public forum…well, you’re in the wrong business and the wrong man for the job.
You think the stuff is fun, that’s fine but many find this crass commercialism and exploitation, the fact that this forum and particularly your articles has frequently advertised all manner of Trek consumables from assorted vendors raises a few questions. This isn’t information, it’s advertising, or the difference between a writer and a hack.
I think I know which category you fall in.

p.s let me know when the Star Trek toilet paper comes out so I can wipe the shit of your articles.

Now I’ve seen everything… :(

At least it’s Shatner’s image, not Pine’s.

“Red Shirt” is pretty funny though. :)

I think this is a good article and these are fun and great products. It is good to see Trek getting so much attention to have products like this arise!

The difference between SW and ST is that SW is for kids…Trek is for adults…and while the new movie features new actors, it is good to see them really hitting TOS. Maybe it will encourage people to go back to TOS and from there go forward with the other serious. It will only help the franchise in the long term I think.

And AJ…you might want to stop being so pompous and acting as though you know everything…oh and take that warp core out of your ***….!


MrAtoz, this is not helping.

If you disagree with the way Mr. Tenuto displays information
you should try to find a more mature way to articulate that.

“it allows the partners of Star Trek fans (whether fans or not) to buy this perfume for that special “Captain Kirk” in their lives. ”

John Tenuto, that line was superb. Kudos.

Mr. Atoz

Wow, where to start?

Firstly, this isn’t my job, pal. This is something I voluntarily do because I would want someone else to do it, which is to help tell fellow fans about products. Your argument that somehow there is something sinister about a merchandise article talking about merchandising is perplexing.

But, since you somehow are implying I am bought off by companies, here is a list of every free product I have ever gotten from a Star Trek licensee in my two plus years here at Trekmovie. Also, please be aware I am not paid anything either.

Scene It? DVD Games
An advanced copy of Raw Nerve with William Shatner
Kirk and Klingon Retro Mego Toys
Star Trek Toy Magazine
Riker in Chair Action Figure
Communicator Toy
Enterprise Toy
Kirk and Spock TWOK Two Pack

That’s it pal, in two years. I do not get a bunch of free products from companies, and even those above, I bought before I got them free (except the Raw Nerve DVD which isn’t available). All of them.

If a fellow fan wants to say they don’t like a product, fine. I have never commented about that. I like almost every Star Trek product. I don’t begrudge someone else from disagreeing. For my family, Trek products are a fun hobby. Not everyone is a nitpicker, though, and enjoy the fun of these items which you are perfectly free not to purchase (you act like Paramount makes you purchase them).

What is of umbrage is a personal attack, and the implications that I write these articles because I am paid off. You are dangerously close to slander.

John Tenuto#13- AJ challenged you , it seems, on a personal level for you to respond so acerbicly to his post. I have never seen a contributing writer on this site reply in such a way to a poster.

I plan to buy all of these just to have them displayed in my office with my PEZ Trek dispensers.

John– As a collector, I love these articles on upcoming goodies. Please know that many of us really appreciate it.

I’m personally waiting for Eu de Tuvok and Horta No. 5.

#45–Don’t forget your wall mural Denise!

Liz- You and I MUST wear the Pon Farr for women to the Vegas con.

Liz- And I am serious about that wall mural…