Amazing New Star Trek Trailer Online [UPDATE: Now in HD + Official Site Updated w/music]

UPDATED: The third trailer for the new Star Trek movie premieres tonight along with the midnight showings for the new Watchmen movie. Like the movie, this epic trailer should be seen on the big screen for your first time. However, if you can’t wait, or have seen it already and want repeat viewings, then it is now available to view online, see it below in HD.


Prepare For The Beginning
Star Trek Trailer #3

Trailer now online at the official site and at the Apple Trailers Star Trek page (in HD).


Official site updated with music and more
In addition to the new trailer, there has also been an update of the official site. The most noticeable thing is that there is now some background music for the site, could it be from Michael Giacchino’s score? Also the recently released new logo is now available as a desktop in various sizes (under ‘downloads’), plus there is a new ‘coming soon’ section called ‘Dossiers’…that sounds interesting, we will have to keep an eye out for when that gets updated. 

UK version trailer
A slightly different version went live in the UK earlier Thursday and that can be viewed in the following embed.


Best Trailer Yet — This is exciting!
It is fair to say that this is the best trailer for the film so far, and probably the best Star Trek trailer of all time. It gives you a sense of the epic scale of the film while both highlighting the sci-fi action and at the same time showing the film has character moments as well. This is also the first trailer to really get a sense of Nero and the threat he poses, showing that he is one seriously angry bad guy — who knows a thing or two about James T. Kirk. While it would be nice to see more moments from the ensemble, the message of this trailer is clear that this film will show Kirk’s journey from that bar room brawl all the way to command of the Enterprise. And every Trek fan should get emotional at the moment that Kirk takes that chair, for the first time.

What do you think?
Has this trailer changed your mind? Are you now more excited, or did it make you skeptical? In addition to the comment section below, also vote in our latest poll about the trailer (right sidebar).

Selected Screencaps
Much of what we see in this trailer is new, including extended parts of previously used scenes. Below are a few screen caps for some things we have not seen before, and another nice shot of the Enterprise.

TrekMovie will do our usual scene by scene breakdown soon, so keep your eye out for that.





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Great trailer! Especially the music!!

Great, love the UFP emblem =D


Ohhhhh. boy! (First?)

Love the music! Sweet Trailer! Nero looks intriguing! Cool snow monster!

In – Freakin’ – deed!!!

Now that’s something the naysayers can munch on!

The music is great in the trailer. Does anyone know where it is from?

love the tos movie stylings in the uniforms in the academy scenes

That’s pretty cool!! :)

This trailer is stunning.

2nd from last.. Kelvin bridge and George Kirk being flung from the captains chair?

Looking great!


That is much more the type of trailer I as an old-time fan have been looking for. I really hope this proves far more indicative of the type of film awaiting us in May. Dig the music, dig the editing, hope that’s not Vulcan (unless of course they fix it…).

I think at the end of this new movie, once the bad guy is defeated and the timeline is restored, we’ll see the old Enterprise as it was in TOS emerge. Who knows, that’s just my hope and prediction, but it would be totally awesome if that happened!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!

If you guys just saw the coolest Star Trek trailer, give me a HELL YEAH!!!!

I’m excited for this movie and the future… Go Trek!

Awesome – going for HD now.

Meh! .. music wasn’t that great for me .. but what the hell I guess we all like different things. Good trailer. Look forward to the movie.

Absolutely amazing. :)

James Kirk was a great man, but that was another life!

hmmmm in a previous thread it was theorized Romulus was destroyed…now it appears Vulcan is successfully destroyed too…unless that’s another planet…and the clip of the planet being destroyed looks like something extremely obscene… i quote a line from Beavis & Butthead… ‘A black hole is like a giant bunghole in outer space…’

“I like this trailer…….IT’S EXCITING!!”


Oh- and it looks like Tobias Richter was pretty spot on with his renders… Good for him.

I actually cried a little. I have been waiting for this movie for over three years, and I could not be more happy with what I am seeing. It is wonderful to be a Star Trek fan again. J.J. has brought our beloved franchise back from the brink and I wish I could shake his hand and thank him (and Paramount) personally.

This thing may be (almost) better than sex! I bet in the theater this trailer is totally mesmerizing!!!!

Hell Yizaaaaaaaaah!

I don’t think I’ve been so excited for a movie in many, many years.

If this does not breathe new life into Star Trek, then I fear it will be lost forever.

also: that guy who yelled OPEN YOUR CHUTES… GOGOGOGOGOGOGO… sounded a lot like Ben Browder from Farscape and Stargate SG-1

I got chills after watching the new trailer, especially when Kirk sits in the chair for the first time. Now the wait is gonna be un-bear-a-ble!

God bless!

Like I said earlier, this is absolutely unreal. Totally awesome!

I haven’t been this excited since I couldn’t wait for another Star Wars movie back in 1999, we all know how that ended. :(

Two hours and 20 minutes?

Hell, I hope so!

Sick trailer. Goosebumps.

Nero Seems…..less Badass in this trailer….a bit on the Ruafo side.

#30…if this film doesnt breathe new life into Star Trek i’m’a boycott everything Paramount

I want to discuss the idea of whether this is really Trek or not, a recurring meme here.

I submit that the essence of Trek is Roddenberry’s concept — Wagon Train To the Stars — and not the specific manifestations thereof.

If we hew exactly to canon, to established tradition, to the exact look and feel, the result is Cawley’s TOS pastiche, an admirable and enjoyable show but foremost an experiment in style rather than a vehicle for telling good stories. Cawley is to TOS as the Rutles are to the Beatles — great for the cult, and stultifying if the intention is to create new art.

correction *how that turned out.*


Kirk is my childhood hero, and watching him take the captains chair for the first time made me cry like I was 5 years old again :,)

That was simply breathtaking. Here’s hoping these last two years of waiting have paid off :D

I’m sorry. Not impressed. Still going to see the film, but I’m no more excited by this trailer than by any other sci-fi film tester. I was more excited by the last one. And frankly, the overtly dramatic music and tone fail to give me chills. I’m 23 guys, and this trailer doesn’t make me jones for the film.

Old Neelix discribed this feeling I have very in well on the bridge in “The Q and the Grey”.

Very exciting time to be alive, JJ you da man!

Uuh, chika-chika. Ooh, chaka-chaka. Mmm-papa-wa-wa. I’m doin’ the Star Trek dance! Oh, yeah! In my room. Unh! Lights are out. Oh yeah! All alone chika-chika! Wife’s asleep. Uh, huh. Nobody watchin’! But I don’t care! Lemme tell ya’ now. I’m doin’ the Star Trek dance! Oh yeah! George Lucas…you can kiss my a**. Now THIS is a movie! I wanna see! Uh huh! Lets do the Star Trek DANCE!!!!!! And I’m spent.

An emotional trailer. That was the trailer for the fans. Unbelievable.

#41-I totally agree about Kirk, but poor Chris Pike. Perhaps his death in this version will have more meaning (or, maybe he’ll be MIA?). Either way, I am absolutely covinced that this thing is gonna cause me to spend a lot of money, going back for more, more, and more!!!!!


love the trailer. just confirmed for the 100th time that i am going to do a backflip in the theater out of Treklove.

love Spock hugging Uhura & not really knowing what to do.

also love Pine looking very Kirk/Shatner-ish at the 1:28 mark.

Actually, I hope that’s not the final music — not that there’s anything wrong with it per se. I expect more nuanced, more modern, less operatic music from Giacchino.

I’m Sold!