BSG Preview: “Islanded in a Stream of Stars”

Tonight is the last episode before the three hour series finale (spread over two weeks) for our adopted show, Battlestar Galactica. "Islanded in a Stream of Stars" has some more loose ends to tie up, including with the ship herself. See below for all the preview goodness, plus the latest frakkin links.


“Islanded in a Stream of Stars” [Season 4 Ep. 18]
US: Airing March 6th on SciFi at 10 PM (9 Central)
Canada: Airing March 6th on Space at 10 PM (7 Pacific)
UK: Airing March 9th on Sky1 at 9 PM

Synopsis: The rebel Cylons and the Colonial humans react to Hera’s kidnapping while the physical condition of the Galactica continues to deteriorate

Bill tries to hold the old girl together

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Preview (SciFi – USA)

Preview (Space – Canada) [sorry for crappy quality]



Last Week’s Episode ("Deadlock") Roundup

The episode is not yet available for streaming, but here is the recap:

Also check out Ron Moore’s podcast for the episode, it is enlightening.

Ratings analysis
Episode 17, "Someone to Watch Over Me", drew 1.66M viewers. That’s a slight improvement of 8% over the 1.53M viewers for episode 16, "Deadlock" (which is a season 4.5 low). Through seven episodes, season 4.5 is averaging 1.73M viewers.

Frakkin BSG links

Even more BSG
If that isn’t enough for you, keep track of all your Frakin needs at our favorite BSG site, Battlestar Sitrep.

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Bsg should be good tonight. Last week was much better then the week before. Hopefully a lot of questions will be answered.

It will be interesting to see how the Galactica holds up. or if she gets so bad they havt to go to the Cylon Ship. But I hope it can stay together. But next week should be all the fun for the series finaly.


…Duh, third?


…Of course, the last few eps have been getting raked over the coals on other forums. Mischaracterization on the part of Jane E,, too much soap opera and not enough space opera, and the whole Slick = Starbuck’s Father thing just wasn’t made clear enough for even the die-hard fans to grasp. One can only hope the finale actually ties up enough loose ends to make a satisfying ending, or Moore & Eick are going to get strung up higher than Berman and Braga would have been if the fans could have gotten ahold of them over the Enterprise ending debacle.

Only 3 more left after this one

Islanded, not Island.

I can’t see them leaving Galactica just yet… not before the finale. Even if they abandon her, they’ll be back for the big shee-bang in the next two Fridays.

God, this show scares and delights me. Great acting. Dark as hell. I don’t know whether I hope for a happy ending or will only accept a dismal one in keeping with the whole tone of the series.

I don’t think Galactica will get abandoned or destroyed until the end.

I kinda hope it does. They all get marooned on the Earth.

I can sympathize with the Galactica. Getting old and creaky is a bitch. LOL

When are they going to tell the Chief that Tori killed Kalie?

You mean Callie?

Rosario T. Calabria. What a great name. It sounds like a TV star, or someone they dedicate a freeway section to. “Rosario T. Calabria Memorial Highway”.

Meh. Let’s see how much of this episode I’ll be fast forwarding through to see something interesting.

From that last 2 episodes, I think I watched a total of about 15 minutes of actual show. I’m just waiting to see how this series ends.

Who cares about BSG? I just want Star Trek!!!

#3 OM

The word “retard” is offense and shouldn’t be used here or anywhere else.

Gee Brad, troll much?

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illegal downloads, much?

@ #1:
“Hopefully a lot of questions will be answered.”

I rofl’d at that. Isn’t that what we’ve been asking for every episode for the last 4 seasons? BSG could have been a ton better if they hadn’t taken so many huge breaks and spread out some of these “answers” over the series instead of cramming them into the last handful of episodes.

“The word “retard” is offense and shouldn’t be used here or anywhere else.”

…If it’s in the English language, it’s fair game. Deal with it.

Wow, another bad episode so close to the finale? I’m getting worried.


I couldn’t disagree more, I thought the episode was as great as ever. I feel edgier than ever knowing that they are making preparations to abandon Galactica. I keep wondering about Thrace’s Raptor and how it came back, brand new and in pristine condition. I wonder if that is to be the destiny of Galactica?

I keep thinking over the course of the last 4 years how RM and company have given us so many plot twists, fascinating story lines and situations that I never thought that Galactica and crew would never escape from. Yet the ship and crew seem to emerge every time. My guess is that this finale will be the grand daddy of all escapes and triumphs.

Thankyou, Mr Moore and company for some absolutely fantastic story telling, this has been a terrific story. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer with Caprica!

It was her Viper. And I was hoping they’d talk about that two episodes ago.

Yup Yup Yup

great episode

Grace Park is an actress of the highest caliber.

I’m glad Galactica is going out in a blaze of glory.

I want to know what’s in that nebula

Poor Hera!

“Brought a tear to me eye” ~~ Scotty

The beings of light are in that cloud!

“Islanded”? Is that a word?

Defrakking . . .

It’s going to frakking SUCK when this show is over and done with. }:-(>


islanded is a pun, a play on words

Its something us old timers used to do before they invented pong…

Damn I’m going to miss Tygh…

You know, as I get older and watch and analyze more TV, I realize that when a show is coming to an end, you should never have the highest expectations for the last 5 episodes until the very last. You will always looks for big reveals and will always be let down because the writers almost ALWAYS save those reveals for the final 2-3 hours. Heck, “Lost” does it each and every season. BSG has done it as well.

That being said, the last 2 episodes were terrific. The writers on BSG are great at the emotional set-ups, and with the end of every season they’ve somehow built their stories into great emotional crescendos that explode in a grand finale.

What’s been terrific about this 4th season (yet somewhat depressing), is that the season almost modeled itself after the stages of grief. They hit depression after finding Earth a burnt cinder, and tonight reached acceptance.

Now, like a lonely widow, humans have to consider what’s next. They don’t know what to expect, but they seem like their now mature enough to accept it. Starbuck especially embodies this idea of moving on.

I’m really ready for the end. Tonight’s episode really wrapped up a lot of things emotionally for our travelers and for us viewers. Now we just need closure, and I trust these writers to give us something remarkable.

#26 Yes.

In a sentence:

The mutineers had to be islanded so that we could safely make it back to port.

Apparently, the title seems to refer to Kara being miraculously dropped off back into existence. As best I can make it.

Interesting to see Boomer suddenly start to develop a conscience.

#20 OM

Lets hope no one in ur family or friends ever have a handicap. What an ass…

I took it to mean “I landed in a stream of stars” but then I’m old and have a much more active imagination than others…

Divine Fiat by R&D returned Starbuck to us.

I just want to see her kill people/shoot toasters…

Islanded is a verb, meaning to be made like an island… as in isolated. The Galactica is on her last few jumps and will soon be islanded. I love this show. I don’t ask for answers to every question. I just hope it all makes sense story-wise and character-wise. I strongly disagree with the bashers who say this is too soapy. Of course it is. Didn’t you see the pilot? What were you expecting? If you don’t like this show, donate a buck to Richard Hatch’s Galactica 2010 project. *snicker* Maybe he’ll name a dagget after you.

It’s odd we get another stall in the storyline before the last three episodes. Come on. We should be in a roller coaster. Adama has stared at the bulkheads for three episodes.

WOW, tonight was so interesting. First off some HIGHLIGHTS I need to point out: Starbuck sitting on the toilet taking a leak… First time ever I actually saw someone sitting on the toilet and using it. It’s a classic already! And how about those original Cylon Vipers in the cave??? Did you guys see them? They were from the original breed alright. I just knew I would see the original Cylons, but sadly didn’t. And when they hooked up Sanders to the Galactica, I just knew he would jump the ship away. I kept looking for something to end the episode in a twist. But nope. Next week Galactica goes out in a Blaze Of Glory!!!!!


Right you are. I stand corrected.

I hope the finale will be better than tha last two episodes.

#14 well mr atoz, I’m retarded (I have ceratin problems) and I don’t have an issue with people using the word ‘retard’, so neither should you

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t this be on I mean, it’s a good show, but this should be about Trek.

Last nights Ep was ok. it had a few good Moments. But I do see that they are leading us to a big time ending. i just hope it is great. I do think that we will see the ship of lights and in turn will find our Earth. Maybe even before we have our war with the machines. But would it not be something if they meet up with a man on our Earth named John Conner.

How about a Cylon vs a Termanator!!

Good filler. Some great scenes with Adama.

But did we really have to have the sound effects of Starbuck peeing??? I know “real” and “gritty” have been used to describe the show, but I don’t want to hear anyone taking a leak on any TV show thank you!

Yeah, filler.
They’re wasting valuable episode time.

So, did the five go to the colony after the war on Caprica? That era? Or the Earth war? WTF?

My brother is and I do have a problem with it and so does he.

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Galactica kicks ass.

I’m sad it will be over, but wow, what an amazing ride it’s been.

Ok, I’ve heard it before and I’m sure I will here this again. Luckily along the way I got a good explanation toward this. Those who wonder why were discussing BSG on a Star Trek sight must take into account 2 things: although this discussion us under the banner of Trek, it is science fiction. Science Fiction shows will be discussed. Secondly and most importantly BSG is a Ron Moore show and we all know that Ron Moore is a Star Trek alumni.

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Special treatment is for sissies

Remember this quote from Dean Martin, “They cant hurt your feelings if you never have any.”

Whatever happened to being a man?

End of discussion. Dont make me turn the internet around.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing already in progress…

Cody, BSG is the closest thing to Trek since Farscape went off the air.. deal with it. You dont have to look at the articles, you can just read the centerfolds.

I dont care that Starbuck pee’d. People pee. Except Star Trek people. I think Frakes mentioned his was the only cabin on Enterprise-D that had a toilet. No wonder Picard and Worf were so uptight.

Kids if you think Starbuck peeing was out of line just wait until you take gym class and have to shower with the other girls.

Final thought: The title also makes me think of Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers’ Islands in the Stream, known to day as Ghetto Superstar.

Cant get that Frakin song out of my head now… maybe it means I’m a Cylon?

Plus: Whatever happened to Terminator v. Robocop? Why did that movie never get made?

Stall, stall, stall…. And I’m not referring to Starbuck on the toilet.

I know some folks here are fine with the focus on characters rather than accelerating the story to its conclusion, but I’m not among them. I agree with Enterprise (#34). We should be starting to see the unfolding of the mystery instead of just seeing the mystery continue. And conisdering how plot-heavy this series has been, this episode was close to inert. The only new thing that happened was Adama deciding to mothball Galactica. Everything else was talk, or else finishing out actions that were essentially a done deal already (e.g., Boomer delivering Hera to Cavil).

Jax Maxton (#29), I take your point, but I honestly expected better. This show has generally been really good about mixing plot with character, but apart from the bolus of story a few eps ago, the backstory hasn’t gone very far this whole season.

One thing that bugs me is that nobody on Battlestar seems to care about the implications of Earth and what they’ve learned about Cylon-human history, except some of the Cylons. Or at least, if they’ve been havng those conversations–which would seem pretty interesting–we’ve never seen them.

All i can say is that the payoff better be worth it. I’m just worried that the climax will be avout fighting and explosions and mass death, and the bigger-picture implicatons will be thrown away in a few asides and will prove to have been plot gimmicks all along.

But I hope I’m wrong….

Love the show but good Lord – Depressionstar Galactica. The Nihilism and wallowing in depression, self loathing, ect is way too over the top. This is like the ending of the movie Stalingrad which I am quite certain Moore has seen. If you have not seen the film I suggest you watch it. It is how Battlestar will end

#44: I have a problem with excessive political correctness. Does that mean you can’t talk?