Conventional Wisdom: Star Trek Spring Events

There are many events, big and small, from now until May to help fans celebrate in preparation of the premiere of the Star Trek feature film. Organizations as diverse as the United States Library of Congress to local libraries are holding a variety of Star Trek themed events as "the day of reckoning" approaches. Conventional Wisdom provides this guide to Star Trek events from March until May.



Barnes and Noble Star Trek Discussion Group
(March 10, April 14, and May 12 at 7PM  — Lynnwood, Washington)
This is a local Star Trek group that discusses everything from episodes to books.
Price: Free

Star Trek Collectibles book author’s signing
(March 21, 3 PM to 4 PM — Hanslam’s Book Store in St. Petersburg, Florida)
Author Steve Kelley of The Star Trek Collectibles guidebook will be answering questions and signing copies at this local bookstore event.
Price: Free

US Library of Congress showing of "The Savage Curtain"
(March 26 7 PM -9 PM — Washington, DC)
The Library of Congress is showing the Abraham Lincoln themed episode "The Savage Curtain" during its Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration. The event is at the historic Pickford Theater. This episode features the line "There is nothing good in war excepting its ending" which is often erroneously attributed to the real President Lincoln. It was a line from Star Trek!
Price: Free

2nd Annual Naruto Star Trek Convention
(March 27-29 — Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Star Trek guests include Walter Koenig, James Cawley, Barbara Luna, Morgan Sheppard, and Chistina Moses at this interesting and fun convention that combines anime and Star Trek fan subcultures.
Price: Weekend pass $35 (discounts online)

Star Trek Bingo Charity Event
(April 8 7:30 PM — Atlanta, Georgia)
The fan group USS Republic is partnering with PALS, a charity organization that provides veterinarian care and free food to the animals of critically ill and disabled persons. The evening features Star Trek themed bingo and fun.
Price: Free

Leeds Museum Star Trek: These Are The Voyages Exhibit
(April 4-19 — Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, UK)
This exhibit will feature props and costumes from all the incarnations of Star Trek.
Price: Free?

Star Trek Talk at Gender Conference 2009: Come to this Sacred Place
(April 16-17, 2009 — College of Lake County, Grayslake Illinois)
Trekmovie’s collectibles editor John Tenuto (a college professor and Chair of Sociology/Anthropology) will be the Friday keynote address at the 2009 Gender Conference. The talk is about Star Trek and mythology entitled "Captain Kathryn Janeway and the Narratemes of Star Trek Voyager"
Price: $30 (for conference)

(April 17-19 — Denver, Colorado)
Star Trek guests include Brent Spiner, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, and authors Kevin Dillmore, Christie Golden, and Dayton Ward. This annual event is a fun mid-sized convention that celebrates all kinds of science fiction, especially Star Trek.
Price: 3-day pass $49 (in advance)

18th Annual Fed Con
(May 1-3 — Bonn, Germany)
It doesn’t get better than Fed Con for European Star Trek fans. This venerable and incredible convention maintains it friendliness and fun. Star Trek guests include Connor Trinnear, Nichelle Nichols, John Billingsley, Robert Picardo, Nana Visitor, and has many other guests, including Battlestar Galactica’s Edward James Olmos. Host Marc B. Lee is one of the best Master of Ceremonies for Star Trek events.
Price: 99 Euro (3-day pass)

17th Annual Creation Sci Fi Summit
(May 1-3 — Los Angeles, California)
Star Trek guests include Jeri Ryan, Michelle Forbes, Michael Welch, and genre favorite Linda Hamilton among others. Event celebrates Star Trek and various science fiction franchises.
Price: $73 (3-day pass)

Star Trek Extravaganza: The History of Star Trek Collectibles
(May 5th at 7PM — Warren Newport Public Library of Gurnee, Illinois)
A free event hosted by Professor John Tenuto, this local library event will provide interesting facts about the history of Star Trek collectibles.
Website (register)


Star Trek: The Exhibition
(Phoenix, Arizona* or Detroit, MI)
The traveling Star Trek exhibition of props and costumes continues this Spring.
Price: varies
* Phoenix Engagement closes in April and will move to The Franklin in Philadelphia, PA, opening May 16th (website)

"Fascinating" – Exhibit
(Starts May 7th –Eberswalde, Germany )
Starting this May, fans will get to experience props from the show and movies and licensed merchandise (including a display of every Hallmark Christmas Ornament) at the Eberswalde Museum.  There is an exhibition preview March 22 and a celebration of First Contact on April 7th.
Price: ?




Star Trek events continue during the summer convention season, and "Conventional Wisdom" will be back with a detailed preview soon. Here is a sneak peak at some of the events to start planning for this summer.

  • Trek Fest with guests Walter Koenig, George Takei, and Nichelle Nichols, June 26-27 (
  • Shore Leave with guests Robert Picardo, Michael Welch, Ethan Phillips, and many Star Trek authors (
  • The Las Vegas Creation Convention with guests William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Jonathan Frakes, Dominic Keating, and many others (
  • Dragon Con with guests including Leonard Nimoy September 4-7 (

Also, will keep fans informed of various events before the new Star Trek films If you know about local events let me know by emailing [to john AT trekmovie DOT com].

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Whoo! Cool setup. :D

The misattribution of that quote to the real Lincoln shows the power of popular culture to shape consciousness beyond where it might have been anticipated.

Great list, by the way.

I do wish more people could just show up in a t-shirt and jeans. One of the problems with extending Trek’s fanbase is the image of a Trekkie in a Starfleet Uniform. If people didn’t feel like they had to go to conventions all dressed up (which many people think is downright silly), then maybe more casual fans will feel like going.

im going to the one in Denver for sure!!!

Thanks for the way cool list!

This is all great information. As far as movie advertising goes, does anybody know when/if we’ll start seeing Star Trek themed Burger King commercials, etc?

All this Trek stuff… something going on in May?

Aghh I can’t wait for this movie!

I wish there was something close by me!

#3 –

Mmmmmm, maybe. I know it’s popular (even among some Trekkies!) to knock on fans who show up at conventions in costume, but they seem to be a small minority. Granted, I haven’t attended a convention since 1994, but between 1988-94, I attended at least one a year. I honestly don’t recall THAT many fans dressed up as Starfleet officers or aliens. Most were indeed in t-shirts and jeans.

I think the fanciest I ever got was wearing a comm badge/insignia on my denim jacket. Dressing up isn’t my game, either, so I just don’t do it. Why get all embarrassed if someone else does it? Life’s too short… if they have fun and it makes them happy, more power to ’em.

It’s ironic to see that “Savage Curtain” will be shown at the Library of Congress. It ranks in the bottom 15 of Trek, 3rd season and all, but the performance of Lincoln certainly is a high point.

Just as ironic are the introductions here of Kahless, Surak, and Colonel Green, no slouches in the canon department, for sure.

John, are any of the “Trek XI” stars going to go to the major cons, i.e. Bonn or post-release?

no events in Texas?


Good on you, John! You’re going to be busy. Wish I could attend some of these things and hear you speak.

It’s a shame that Slanted Fedora is out of business…they put on some great Trek conventions…many in the Midwest!!!

3. Pragmaticus

Yeah, I agree with you. That’s part of the reason I don’t attend Star Trek conventions. I feel utterly stupid around people who are dressed up in a starfleet uniform. I don’t think badly about them, but because I don’t consider myself to be a “geek”, the idea is unappealing. The silliness of some fans is a reason that the fan base is limited and Star Trek has become an entertainment joke. Honestly, look at stuff like Galaxy Quest. That family guy episode making fun of TNG. The Star Trok episode of !0 items or Less. It’s there so people can laugh at it, and they do, only fueling a general public dislike of the franchise.

Hmm…Naruto and Star Trek. Not the first anime series I would have thought of to mix with star trek (I also have an anime blog myself if anyone cares to look lol. just click my name)

3. and 15. … Not to get into a debate (and I’m not one to ever dress up at a convention), but I love the fans that do. I salute anyone that is passionate about anything at all (whether it’s Trek, a sports team, knitting, chess, etc.).

Whatever floats your boat, power to you.

Anyway, I embrace it all at these conventions. (And crimony, who really cares what people think about Trekkies? Or the perception in the media, etc., etc. I sure don’t.)

Tenuto, thanks for the thorough list. Another reason I grok

Man, this site does an excellent job of covering ALL the ins and outs of “Star Trek.”


I agree with you all the way. My brother and I think that some of the stigma surrounding Trek is attributed to the costume wearing crowd, even though they have a right to do that.

Worst. Episode. EVER!

T-59 DAYS! Not to say that are not all counting.

AHHHHHHH 59 DAYS!!!!!!!!

17-I”m with you. This is starting to sound like dress-up bigotry.

What’s the big deal if people should dress up everywhere. I don’t see how it matters, isn’t that a big Trek theme?

Ill be at the Vegas con look for me with the Saurian Brandy bottle and the Trekcast shirt I’ll share a shot with you if you single me out.

Oh why am I continuing this silly debate? Please forgive me Einstein (Anthony, and Prof. Tenuto).

Since STAR TREK demonstrates tolerance, and this world seems to have learned a bit from it, I fail to see how dressing up in costume takes away from a STAR TREK convention. In fact, it gives it flavor and style and grace and representation!

The FIRST TREK convention had costumed attendees and THE WORLD SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION as well. It’s what is expected.

FEDCON held a bet at one of its events for 200 fans in costume to gather in one of our main halls. Needless to say, many more than that showed up and our attendees are from 30 different countries. This is called passion and dedication. Something that could be learned by the detractors here. Those who choose to come down on those who attend events dressed as ANYTHING shows that their tolerance for ANYTHING never existed. Costumed attendees, regardless of what the irresponsible and finger-pointing media shows, should be encouraged and congratulated for their skills and….imagine that….TOLERANCE. A sci-fi event without the sci-fi recognition is NOT a sci-fi event.

We return you to our regularly scheduled program.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the comments and questions.

AJ, I know that the convention promoters wants ST09 actors there and they have all said they want to do conventions. I think the best bet to see them will be at FedCON or Las Vegas. We will definetly run an article the second Chris Pine or one of the other ST09 actors besides Zachary Quinto or Leonard Nimoy attend (they have both been at conventions).

The discussion about costuming is interesting. In 2006, I conducted a study of 8,036 fans from 54 nations comparing Star Trek and Star Wars to each other and to media stereotypes. Only 8.4% of Star Trek fans ever costume, while 22% of Star Wars fans costume. My wife and I (she is also a sociologist) discussed why fans costumed, and there were many interesting reasons, such as a creative expression or some fans getting noticed when they don’t in “regular” situations. Or, there were some fans who are constantly noticed in “regular” situations (i.e.: they are in a wheelchair) and costuming helps them get noticed for something other than usual. Also, for some, it is fun or fan identification (as do fans of sports costume). It is ironic that something Star Wars and sports fans engage often is something Star Trek fans get stereotyped with! Thanks again for the comments and ideas.

Not enough happening in the UK for Star Trek. :-(

And then they wonder why the movies don’t do as well as they should…

Costumes. They add fun and flavor (though I don’t do them myself). There was a guy who used to show up at Mpls.-St. Paul conventions who wore a TOS uniform and looked very much like Shatner in the TOS years! Would have made an outstanding stunt double for him, as a matter of fact. Wish I would have had a camera with me!

What, no mention of Shore Leave in July?????

Hello Darryl,

Check the article, there is a mention of the convention with the Summer Preview.

#14 Slanted Fedora went under after screwing over many of its guests.
We’re better off without them.
And since Vulkon pulled out of the midwest, WE’RE screwed.

Re New Cast guests at Creation Con. Several of us have called Creation because we were wondering why they weren’t appearing at the cons that immediately proceed the movie’s release — like the one in LA the weekend before. Seemed ideal to promote the film. We were told the actors won’t commit to appear until after the film is released — it’s on the Parisppany webpage (or at least it was). Weird since Quinto has already done a bunch and Pine and Saldana showed up at Wondercon.

As for costumes at cons. What difference does it make? Sports fans paint themselves the colors of their teams and it certainly doesn’t stop OTHER fans from going to games. It’s harmless and gives them pleasure. I’ll never understand those of you who like to rain on their parades. I wore a costume for Halloween as a teenager and it was a hoot. Now I limit myself to t-shits but I enjoy all the amazing costumes at cons, both Trek and other shows.

Hold up there, you missed one event in the Summer preview. True the las Vegas Trek convention is there, but what hapened tp the one creation is doing in New Jersey not a week before the Vegas one? And since the Jersey one is much closer to me (about a 2-3 hour drive), thats the one I’ll be going to, and I would imagine countless other Northeastern US citizens will attend as well. And hey, what better day to throw my uniform on for one day? I only put it on two days a year, Halloween and the trek convention, and I’m not missing the trek convention.

I’m pretty sure the book store in St. Petersburg, FL is “Haslam’s”, not “Hanslam’s”. Just sayin’.



My bad.

…as if Dragon Con was not crowded enough…Now I have to get into the lines…


Whenever I go to a con, to put myself at ease I just imagine that everyone is wearing “street” clothes. This helps immensely.

Keep on Trekin’

I’m excited that Star Trek The Exhibition is coming to Philadelphia this summer.

#22 Quarks bartender

We’ll see you there, be it Saurian Brandy or Romulan Ale or Mind Meld.

Not to mention we will be dressed up.

There is no big deal about what a person wears to a convention. What is the matter if they do wear a costume? It is no different then fans of BSG wearing a uniform or people who go to Renn Fairs. I have been to gun shows and seen people in WW2 Airborne soldiers uniforms.

One way that a fan connects with his/her passion for a Movie or TV show or whatever, is to dress up or wear some costume that they have seen. What better place to do it then at a convention. I admit it might seem a bit weird to walk into a grocery store or bank, but some do. I have seen the Trekkies DVD and while I would not wear a Starfleet uniform my work, I have to admire a person’s conviction to wear something they are proud of or enjoy despite the comments others may make of them.

I have been into costuming since I was in my teens, almost 30 years ago. It’s just fun, I’m not mentally unstable, I don’t brew funny kool-aid or have an altar set up to the Great Bird of the Galaxy, I just like to have fun.

Like someone said earlier, it’s no worse then people who paint their bodies in the colors of their favorite sports teams, or wear giant slices of cheese on their head. It’s all in good fun.

And if you’ve never had the opportunity of walking into a children’s ward in full Starfleet/Klingon regalia on Halloween and seeing the bright eyes of the children therein, well, you are really missing something.

Serenity — Your post me smile. I like your attitude and visting children’s wards. Now that’s in the spirit of Trek! And I gotta say it…wearing cheese on one’s head is so much more scary to me than a Trek uniform! Hah!

My wife will be running the massage chairs in the dealers room and I will be playing poker with the Klingons… StarFest in Denver; always good times.

Starfest and Shore Leave are two of the best cons going. Multi-track programming, always something going on, reasonable priceing for tickets/autographs, nice variety of guests, cool parties, the works.

I sent John a message, but in case anyone is in the Central FLorida area, there IS an event coming up Easter weekend. It’s called the FX convention, and it’s more of a collectable/autograph con. BUT Jonathan Frakes and Leonard Nimoy will be there- all 3 days according to their web site. And on Sunday Nimoy is giving a talk which is limited to around 300 people, which is a tiny crowd if you’ve ever been to a Creation con when he and Shatner have appeared. All of this about three weeks before the movie opens! I would love to tell you I can go to the talk and give you a report, but the funds just aren’t there- as you can imagine that ticket is a little pricey. But hey, if anyone wants to donate to the fund…

Anyway, here’s the link: