‘Star Trek’ Still Called ‘Star Trek’

Earlier today we reported that the new Star Trek trailer would be shown during Heroes tonight on NBC as a ‘sneak peek’…a non-event for Trekkies right? Well it actually turned out to be one, but not because they suddenly decided to show some new footage. Many fans wondered why the NBC announcer (introducing the trailer) referred to the film as "Star Trek: The Future". Were they announcing a new name?  Um, no .


What a difference inflection makes
The problem arose because the NBC announcer introduced the Star Trek trailer saying what appeared as:

And now a special sneak peek of "Star Trek The Future" — begins in theaters May 8th.

Hear it for yourself

When what he should have said was:

And now a special sneak peek of "Star Trek." The future begins in theaters May 8th

"The Future Begins" is the new tagline for the movie. The announcer tacked ‘the future’ part of the tagline after ‘Star Trek’ and the next thing you know over a dozen people email (and tweet to) TrekMovie asking if the title changed. TrekMovie contributor and Memory Alpha editor Chuck Trotter says that someone even tried to change the name of the movie on the Star Trek (film) page at Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki. In case you have any doubt, TrekMovie double checked and Paramount is not changing the name.

New theater standee shows film title ‘Star Trek’ and tagline ‘The Future Begins’

Why ST09?
While we are on the subject of names, some fans have asked why TrekMovie has used the abbreviation ‘ST09’ for the movie, and not ‘ST11’ or ‘STXI.’ This site stopped using "Star Trek XI" long ago because the Trek films stopped using roman numerals with Generations. However every film has had some kind of ‘subtitle’ and each one has been given an abbreviation, such as TMP for The Motion Picture or FC for First Contact. The problem with the new film is that "Star Trek" can refer to the entire franchise or to The Original Series, which was also simply titled "Star Trek"…so ST09 is short for "Star Trek (2009)".



Thanks to Dan for audio file

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I dont like ST09

Wonder if Paramount still has to pay for the advertising time? Haha.

it’s amazing how something as small as a comma can send people into a frenzy!

Hmm…. I keep getting confused, cause ST09, as in ST IX is Insurrection.

I’m sure that we’ll come up with something.

Looked the same clips to me

Anthony, why don’t you set up a poll to see what people like most?

It seems… logical.

Thanks for that pointless information Anthony!

I am 100% in favor of “ST09.” It is not in the franchise’s interest to suggest to the general public that this is the eleventh installment of something they haven’t really seen much of before.

i’m glad i didn’t watch heroes. I must admit I would be one of the ones quickly tweeting and posting about the title.. Good crowd control anthony.

Stupid announcer. Sounded like the guy was in a rush to do something else and didn’t take the time to really read what he was supposed to say.

#8 …What percentage of that “general public” frequent Trekmovie.com?

Apart from that, it’s pretty common knowledge that Trek has been around for, like…deacdes, man. :)

A poll seems like where this post is going. I for one dont care either way surprisingly. but what happens if there is a sequel? we cant go around saying st-2013 or some weird thing like that.

#8: I agree – I mean, they don’t number Bond movies.

#12: I imagine that if there are sequels, they’ll just be like “Star Trek: [subtitle]”. Of course, the more radical approach would be to do like “The Dark Night” and not even use “Star Trek” in the title at all.

#13 like Enterprise?

someone failed reading comprehension. stay in school kids.

It is all a matter of semantics and inflections, I caught the promo watching Hero’s on my 42″ HDTV, and run one of my Dish DVR’s on the same channel, HDTV is off air live broadcast and the DVR is because live hi-res TV has no rewind. I love the picture quality of HD but still can not afford HD Dish. I can pay the extra $10 a month cost but the $350 for the new Terabte VIP-922 is some thing I’ll have to save for.

Now to get back to the original topic, During the commercial break I kept jumping back to replay the video to make sure I comprehended what was said, I like most Trek fans (be it …ies or …ers) would desire to have what was implied via the syntax used to become true.

I know that we did not have WWIII as the story lines state had just happened in the Trek timeline. My biggest wonder is if our new President Big Butt O’buma (oops to use correct English not my label for him, it’s Barack O’bama) is trying to create a similar holocaust with as bad of events as what Atomic and Genetic wars created and Star Trek emerged from.

Either way if our president were to create the perfect world that Trek-lore holds he might get the label as Great. It is just the suffrage that we must suffer through day by day in the present tense that hurts. To get past the word fights that can become physical the biggest things I think we need to start doing to create the Trek Universe is to understand our own indivigal persona so we can define ourselves to others as a person not fluff or harming words others use to characterize whom you are. That will make each individual person a whole solid person not a ill informed mass.

When we learn to make ourselves a whole persona them we can start working on learning the technology we develop to become a Species with a Destiny and not just another lost life form in this chain of life.

Do we want to become a grease spot in live or start becoming GOD like? Can we all create a better life for everyone else with out the pitfalls of greed and power that harms humanity today.

ST09? Windows95? No thanks. ST11 is more logical. ST9 is Insurrection.

whoa there everybody! random guy named David doesn’t like ST09!

not only that, but he feels so justified in not liking it that he doesn’t even need to post any sort of rationale as to why he doesn’t like it. for that matter, he doesn’t even bother to let us know whether it’s the movie that he doesn’t like (if so, how did he get to see it and can we hang out sometime?) or if it’s the abbreviation which most people will never see for the title of a film everyone will remember.

this is compelling stuff! i hope you’re all convinced.

and to Spockish…

um… what?

Sounds like a cold read.

“Star Trek: The Future?”: Not Canon. ;)

16 – WTF?

I went to ‘Watchmen’ in the weekend, but the trailer was not played with it (bugger!). However, there was some advertsing for the ‘Star Trek’ movie … the poster comprised of the black and white close-up of Zachary Quinto as Spock. There was also a brief outline of the movie, which was titled as ‘Star Trek Zero’, which I believe was one of the earlier working titles?

Cheers …


That is just a rude and pointless remark! Anthony works very hard to give us the information we all crave, you you are obviously just ungrateful for it!

Understandable mistake, let’s not have kittens about it!


17. Its just an abbreviation, not a life and death situation! For the love of God you’re argueing about how a film title is being abbreviated for the sake of clearness and frankly common sense!
Either way this is a pretty mute subject (though me commenting on it undoubtdly makes it a bit more than that for me ;) – we all know the new film is called ‘Star Trek’ so it shouldn’t bother anyone about how it’s abbreviated or mis-spoken by a TV announcer- the amount of times TV announcer’s get something wrong in what they say is enough to be shrugged off.

omg i missed the sneak peek tonight does anyone have a link to see it i had to f@#kin work lol



“The Future, Conan?”

I mentally refer to it as ST:JJ

Complete with the colon.

Honestly, every time I see ST09 I have to step back and remind myself that you aren’t talking about insurrection… That said, not really a big deal either way.

#28 “Complete with the colon”

Better not let a proctologist near that particular colon!

ST09 bahhh should be TFB

We didnt call Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan ST82 !

What it really ought to be called is “iTrek”

what not abreviate it as ST:TFB

I suppose you could always call it


Strangely enough whenever Anthony has used ST09 throughout this and last year no one has had a problem figuring out which film he meant.

Also if it weren’t for a mix up in a speech we all would have thought nothing of it and had 34 comments and counting to babble on about nothing.

Heh its brightened my day, “it was…fun”


“My biggest wonder is if our new President Big Butt O’buma (oops to use correct English not my label for him, it’s Barack O’bama) is trying to create a similar holocaust with as bad of events as what Atomic and Genetic wars created and Star Trek emerged from.”

Excuse me?

Maybe the it was supposed to be the following and the announcer had to wait for “begins” to scroll up the teleprompter:

” And now a special sneak peek of “Star Trek The Future Begins” — in theaters May 8th.”

And we could always just throw in an apostrophe:



Rush..I had no idea you liked Star Trek !

Star Trek – The Future Begins, wouldn’t actually be a bad title.

“Star Trek” is the best title for this movie – this to me is a completely new franchise, beginning again and having it called “Star Trek” just confirms that this isn’t Star Trek 11, it’s the first film in (i hope) a trilogy of films.

Amongst my peer group we’ve been referring to it as STAR TREK ZERO, which seems to work.

Just post more pics of Zoe Saldana please.

All else will then be forgiven.

Wouldn’t that be the same as

Star Trek — Naught!


ST09 never made much sense to me, ST2009 could be a valid alternative?

Haha, you would have thought someone would have listened to it before it went to air!!

I’m happy with Star Trek being referred to as ST09. It’s easy and simple!

ST09 = “Star Trek: Insurrection”

Please stop confusing me!

Use 2009 or even ST without the 09…

Star Trek is fine because there has been no movie simply called Star Trek until this one. Given our love of Acronyms for the titles, ST is equally fine.

And for those folks who want to get technical about the fact that the original series was simply Star Trek, I see it called TOS more often than not these days, since there have been five tv series in the franchise.

st9 is tng movie st09 is this one but the oh is not silent ps anyone see SPOCK ears appearance on yesterdays KYLE XY

Star Trek The Future Where We Will Spend The Rest Of Our Lives.

-This film dedicated to Criswell.

To me it is Star Trek XI. It is the eleventh movie in the Star Trek franchise and from what I’ve heard the plot leads off from the previous films in a indirect fashion.

BTW wasn’t it being called Star Trek: The Beginning in Korea? I wouldn’t mind taking to that title, certainly seems to sum up the movie well.

Easy solution. Call it what it is. “Fake Trek”

The more information that comes out, the more this is apparent…
No, I haven’t seen the whole thing, but I’ve seen enough and read enough about it to know that the style and much of the substance is not what I think of when I hear the words, “Star Trek.”