Trek Spring Collection Preview: First Look At DecoPac Cake Deorations + Chocolate Defiant!

Today we continue our Spring Star Trek Collectibles Preview with some collectibles you can eat. First up DecoPac is bringing Star Trek decorations to a bakery near you. Plus the popular Deep Space Nine USS Defiant NX-74205 is being rendered in chocolate. has all the yummy exclusive details below.


Star Trek: The Cakes — This IS NOT a disaster!

I know Klingons like to be alone on their birthdays. You probably want to meditate, or hit yourself with a painstick, or something.

– Deanna Troi to Worf on his birthday (TNG, "Parallels")

We Trekkies know that Star Trek is the icing on the cake, but now it can literally the icing on the cake? DecoPac, makers of cakes since 1919 and the premier supplier of cake and cupcake decorations,  has licenses for such franchises as Indiana Jones, Marvel Comics, Disney, and Harry Potter, and now Star Trek. Whether you prefer Pineapple cakes (like Malcolm Reed) or possibly even cellular peptide cakes (like Data), DecoPac, has a treat for all you. Coming to a bakery this April, Deco Pac has three ways to help fans celebrate at Star Trek themed birthday, graduation, 2009 movie premiere, and other parties.

Enterprise ‘DecoSet’ decoration
The USS Enterprise ‘DecoSet’ includes a replica of the classic USS Enterprise with a delta shield stand, along with a plastic base that fits on the cake. The Enterprise even lights up and is meant to be kept as a remembrance after the last piece of cake has been enjoyed.

Cake decorated with DecoPac USS Enterprise ‘DecoSet’

Close-up on DecoPac USS Enterprise ‘DecoSet’ cake topper

Cupcake rings
DecoPac are also making an assortment of cupcake rings that will appear on multi-pack cupcakes. There are two designs in the assortment: the Enterprise and Star Trek logo.

The two DecoPac cupcake ring designs for assortments

Edible Enterprise image
The final item from DecoPac is a photo realistic edible image of the USS Enterprise for your cake. The image will appear on the cake as decoration, yet is also digestible (unlike Neelix’s Jimbalian Fudge Cake). Now for those fans consumed with the design of the Enterprise, you can actually consume the Enterprise. A picture of this edible image is not yet available, but TrekMovie will provide an update in the future for you to chew on.

To find a bakery near you that features Deco Pac items, check this April. Local bakeries (including bakeries in most large grocery stores) will be able to make you a Star Trek with DecoPac decorations. You choose what size and flavor of cake you want, then ask the bakery to add the DecoSet or edible image as decoration. Most bakeries will have images of the cake provided by Deco Pac, or you could design your own color scheme in consultation with the bakery. An idea is print out the pictures featured here and ask the bakery to produce a similar cake.

Party supplies next
What is great is that DecoPac’s Star Trek cakes and cupcakes is a fun product that helps bring friends and family together in celebration of holidays and events. And there is nothing more Star Trekkian than that. CBS tells TrekMovie they are working on deal to deck out that Star Trek party with decorations, which will probably be the assortment seen for other franchises like plates, napkins, cups and possibly banners. Look for more on that in a future update.

Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur brings the chocolate pain

"Tough little ship." – Riker
"Little?" – Worf

Defiant Chocolate
Last year, TrekMovie revealed that candy company Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur, a famous Canadian chocolatier in business since 1985, had a new license for Star Trek themed Easter chocolates. Their first available candy from the company is an amazingly detailed USS Defiant NX-74205 in an ultra cool box. The Defiant is carefully rendered, and especially cool is the inclusion of its registry number. As an added bonus, the chocolate is from a peanut free factory.

Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur Chocolate Defiant

The suggest retail price is $7 for the hollow milk chocolate candy. However, like William Shatner himself, the Defiant is exclusively from Canada and is available only there (in Ontario at Wal-Mart and Zellers stores, and in Quebec at Wal-Mart, Zellers, Jean Coutu, London Drugs, and most chain pharmacies).

While this isn’t the first time Star Trek has been chocolatized, the Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur Defiant is the first "three dimensional" hollow chocolate. Leaf Candy was the last company to release Star Trek chocolate, but those were bars to promote the film Star Trek: First Contact, and it was really the wrappers that were cool. Also unusual is that most companies start their lines with TOS or TNG items, yet Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur has decided to respect DS9 instead with the Defiant which is a better design for the chocolate format. Fans who like to keep their collectibles in the box, however, may find that resistance is indeed futile and might be tempted to enjoy this Star Trek item! Its okay, get two Defiants. Captain Sisko did.

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Replaced by: NCC-75633


In the midst of Lent, that chocolate Defiant looks awfully tempting. Perhaps after Easter I’ll find a willing party to sneak it across the border and into my belly.

That classic Big E is going on my cake this year, for sure. If I have to face gigantic milestones, then I might as well do it with the Starfleet flagship on my cake, surrounded by too many candles.


Now if I could get a spaceship made of spinach, my 6-year old would be in heaven eating his greens.

“However, like William Shatner himself, the Defiant is exclusively from Canada and is available only there (in Ontario at Wal-Mart and Zellers stores, and in Quebec at Wal-Mart, Zellers, Jean Coutu, London Drugs, and most chain pharmacies). ”

Now Harry Ballz gets to do something productive for the rest of us (I’ll meet you in Buffalo, Harry. I’ll take 1000 to start, unless Katie G has cornered the market).

I want that chocolate Defiant. I shall buy 20, eat half, sell the other 9, and preserve the last one. I will have eaten a small fleet of federation ships. YUM

jeebus, talk about licensing over kill.

I have one of the Defiants. We got it at the Shoppers Drug Mart here in Port Alberni. I look forward to eating it.

My girlfriend got me a Defiant for Easter – Unfortunately, it didn’t last til then.

Re #2


Cause: EATEN BY 37-YEAR OLD Trek Fan
Status of crew: Captain went down with the ship,no survivors
Replaced by: NCC-75633-A

“All I ask, is for a tall ship,,, and that she be made of chocolate”

Two of my favorite things, Star Trek and Chocolate. Oh man. That simply rocks!


Carting chocolate to Buffalo? Yeah, that sounds tempting………let me check my calendar…..hmmmm……hey, how about never? Does never work for you?

The chocolate Defiant looks awesome.



C’mon, it’s a cheap “weekendy” thing to do.

We can eat wings, have a few beers, and move massive units to everyone on the site for an obscene profit.

Hell, we could probably even sell a few tonnes to thorsten for the German market. as well. We just need some interested Canucks is all, to go to Walmart before Katie buys it all.

We host a lot of kids parties were I work and I see stuff just like this all the time for Spider-Man, Star Wars and such. The thought of Star Trek becoming a hit with kids gets me all excited! I hope to see a lot of this at work!


AJ – I’ll get your chocolate Defiant.

I put the CAN in Canada.


Just get a van, and cross over Niagara Falls ;-)

It’s a bit strange, no? They probably need a dense subject with no protrusions, i.e. breakable and thin constructs (like nacelles or primary hulls).

mmmmm…. Trek bakery goods…

OK, OK… how about.-
Trek bakery goods…
Make It Dough!

Starships made of chocolate??? Resistance is futile!!! Chocolate Federation starships will be one with my borg mouth!!! Dark Chocolate dreadnaughts!!! White chocolate ambassador class!!! Caramel chocolate Galaxy class!!! Pecan Constitution class!!! They will all be assimilated into my mouth!!! lololololol.

Regarding the Star Trek: First Contact chocolate bars, it was not only the wrappers that were interesting. The chocolate bars themselves had various mold designs on them like the Borg Sphere and the 1701-E.

I should mention the one tragedy I had. I had a full box of these chocolate bars that I had opened so that I could see what the chocolate looked like. But I had carefully rewrapped all the bars. I had this box sitting on a shelf in an upstairs bedroom (my Star Trek room). I don’t have air-conditioning, so in the summer months, I made sure I had a window open to avoid having the chocolate melt. Anyway, one day I noticed that around the box was detritus that I couldn’t identify. Looking closer, the bits looked like worm skins. Well, with the chocolate there, it wasn’t hard to guess what might have happened. So I delicately slid the wrapper off of one of the chocolate bars, noticing more detritus, and when I exposed the chocolate, the chocolate was covered with small insects and sections were eaten away!

Any reasonable human being would have discarded the chocolate, but I tried to preserve as much of it that I could by brushing out all the insects. So I’ve rewrapped the chocolate and now keep it inside a metal tin. For all I know, I might have left a few survivors or even eggs, and they might be surviving inside the tin right now by gorging on my Star Trek chocolate!

I would definitely have to buy two Defiants! Even then I would still find it hard to actually break it up and eat it! Although it was once destroyed before a replacement was comissioned so in that way it would be like recreating its destruction and its rebirth!

Are those Star Trek cake decorations available in Australia? I have a birthday coming up in April and I want that cake!! :)

So is the Cake topper out in stores now? Which ones will carry it? Will it be released here in the USA?

Decorative Enterprises, decorative/edible Defiants. Hmm! ;)


Wings and beers? That’s more like it!

I’ll eat them all muharrrrrrr

The entire Starfleet !!!!


Replaced by: NCC-75633



As long as they don’t make a chocolate version of the probe in Star Trek 4 people might get the wrong idea.

There are already chocolate replicas of the whale probe.

They’re called TOOTSIE ROLLS.


The number one-selling chewy chocolate candy in America!

Just remember women(if there are any females posting in this site) . Moments on the lips, lifetime on the hips

This is, quite probably, the only time in my life I’ve been jealous of Canada.

Yeah… this is a real merchandise overkill year… ^^

Mmmm! These plasma coils are made of nougat!

Curse you, Canada! Universal healthcare AND chocolate Starships? So I could eat until I’m sick, you cure me, and then back to the eating? Make it so!

And for eating habits here in the US, a chocolate V’ger…


Chocolate Defiant?

“And now, you have officially carried it too far, Buddy.” – Mr. Incredible.

Awesome cakes!!!

“cellular peptide cakes (like Date)” – oops :-)

LOL– Sorry, the cake is too pretty to let anyone eat. (Heh, people save wedding cakes…)

Geez, if I had known this sooner (and I weren’t in China) I could have ordered up a Trek cake as today–what remains of it is my and my wife’s birthday. In true Trek multicultural fashion she is Chinese and I am American, so if we get busy maybe we can create our own international starship crew. ; )

So is the chocolate Defiant the result of a petulant Q child?

I hope the decorations are cheap- few of those with a new paint job and I am slapping them on the gaming table…

Who among us will be able to resist pretending that we are a starship-devouring Space Giant when biting into the Defiant? None, I’ll wager.

And I wouldn’t mind getting one of those classy Trek cakes on my birthday, even if I am (mumble-cough) years old.

Best inexpensive NCC-1701 models since Star Trek: TMP: The Game!! Can’t wait to get some and melt them, or paint the nacelles blue. ;)

A special melty edition of Nacelles Monthly is in order! Red bussard glow, blue bussard glow, or chocolate: which is most tasty?

#19 Reed. I feel for you man. Let it go… let it go…. ;)

Now I am glad to live in Québec! :D We might not get much conventions and events… BUT we have “The tour” coming someday… AND Trek Chocolates to eat while we wait! ^^

Tough it reminds me of when I was young, I had this R2-D2 chocloate, that I never ate because it was too good looking and I did not want to hurt it! lol I guess this time I will have to see this from the dominion point of view!

I just don’t know what to think about this. My first thought is that merchandising has just finally gone too far.

But then, if someone gave me this birthday cake on my next…I’d have a big ole grin on my icing covered face.

I would like a chocolate Spock – with dark choc and milky choc the question of his brows and hair would be mangeable.

As I have always my habits in eating chocolate, I would go first for the ears, then …

…. mmmh ….

perhaps with a marzipan, nougat filling …

Please – a chocolate Spock :)

“As an added bonus, the chocolate is from a peanut free factory.”

Save the peanuts!


Three Americans and One Canadian citizen are being held in a Buffalo, NY jail on charges they attempted to smuggle drugs in hollow chocolate candies in the shape of space ships. The subjects were spotted leaving a Wal Mart in Canada with 1,701 of the confections and heading toward the border in a beat up Chevrolet van at a high rate of speed. Police were unable to locate the drugs but were certain that their location could be found. Upon their arrest, The Canadian suspect was heard to be yelling “It was A.J.’s idea!”

Anyone remember the Spock suckers put out in the 70’s? They were Spock’s head cast in chocolate.

Some of you would like that a little too much, I’m afraid.

Now THIS is a Diet Killer(tm).

Cake, topped with a Star Trek flourish.

Yikes !!!!

I’d have to wear a Kirk Girdle !!!!