ST09 Tidbits (T-57 days): Burger King Boards, D.A.C. Details, Trailer Breaks Records, Cho Talks Sulu + more

Today’s tidbits for the new Star Trek movie take us to the flame-broiled frontier, with news on the upcoming Burger King TV campaign. Plus we have more details on that ‘D.A.C.’ game, comments on Sulu’s ‘innocence’ from John Cho, ticket sales for Europeans, an amazing Star Wars/Star Trek mashup, and much more..


Burger King shot commercials on Enterprise
It has already been reported that Burger King is one of the promo partners, but yesterday the Fishbowl LA blog had a scoop about the commercials. According to the site, the Burger King commercials were shot on set of the Enterprise and they even used the same director of photography (Daniel Mindel) and the same production designer (Scott Chambliss) as the movie. No word on what these commercial might entail, but if I had to guess I would expect to see a burger beam in.

Would you like fries with that captain?

More D.A.C. details
In our last Tidbits we showed off the advanced release promo sheet for a new game, seemingly tied to the new movie. Paramount are still in ‘no comment’ mode regarding this game, but Variety’s Cut Scene gaming blog is reporting some more details. Based on their sources Star Trek D.A.C. will be a download game for Playstation Network and XBox Live and will arrive the week of the movie. No detailed description of the game except that it is "probably not a fully 3-D adventure" and it is speculated, based on the artwork, that the game is some kind of combat sim with players controlling the Enterprise. When Paramount is ready to talk, we will bring the full details, including (hopefully) what D.A.C. stands for.

Star Trek D.A.C. promo sheet (click to enlarge)

Trailer #3 Sets Download Record
In a new press release, Paramount announced that the new trailer has broken all existing records at The trailer was downloaded over 1.8 million times during the first 24 hours on and has had over five million total downloads since premiering on the site on March 6th. This makes it the most popular HD download in the history of the site.

Star Trek Wars
Speaking of the new trailer, TrekMovie reader Davey Kulessa has put together a very well made mashup, re-imagined from a galaxy far far away. Watch it below (after the trailer runs through once it is repeated showing both versions for comparison). 

Star Trek movie gets shout out on Kyle XY
This weeks episode of the ABC Family sci-fi teen drama Kyle XY titled "Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner" starts off with a whole discussion about the new Star Trek movie. You can watch the whole episode online at ABC Family, or see the Trek part below (advance to around 3:30)

European tickets
Last week we reported that the Arclight in Hollywood became the first theater to sell tickets for the new Star Trek movie, and now a couple of European cinemas are jumping in. Firstly the Empire Theater in Leicester Square in London has started selling tickets for show times on Thursday May 7th. And the Pathé IMAX theater in Amsterdam will be holding the worldwide IMAX premiere on Wednesday May 6th. More on getting tickets to that event the Dutch Star Trek fan club site

Cho’s Sulu is more innocent
SciFi Wire has some comments from John Cho about his approach to the role of Sulu and how it differs from George Takei’s original portrayal:

George’s Sulu was a veteran, and he was always in control of the ship. And … since this is his first mission, he’s thrust into the position of helmsman by accident, and all of these things are happening. … He’s not supposed to be on the ship; he’s not supposed to be doing all this stuff. So … I wanted this Sulu to be a little bit more innocent, a little bit younger and a little bit more caught off guard by all of this stuff. And I felt like it would be a nice way to begin that arc, since we’re going back in time.

More from Cho at SciFiWire.

Cho’s Sulu – the accidental helmsman?

Thorsten’s Art Gallery – Sulu
In honor of the new Sulu, today’s entry in Thorsten Wulff’s ‘Trek Cast As Art’ series focuses on the Hikaru’s kickassery, through the lens of Quentin Tarantino.

Come get some Sulu
(click to enlarge)

ST09 Bullets
If that isn’t enough for you, there is even more

Is that you Simon?

Thanks to Rob, Patrick, and Keith (and anyone else I forgot) for sending in tips and links

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I really don’t see Scotty in this guy!

Wow, the most popular HD download in the history of! That’s pretty crazy! Kind of a big deal!

Yay for a bit more of the story from the Sulu bit. And I think that Simon Pegg was cast as Scotty because JJ seems to like to work with people he’s worked with before, too much so I think. Still, I think Pegg’s talented, but I still do have trouble seeing him as Scotty.

That mash-up was great! Nicely done. That actually made the prequels seem less disappointing.

You mean Trek beat Hanna Montana and the Jonas Bros.? Fascinating!
Damn straight……it was most impressively cut trailer I’ve seen in a long time. I just hope all the good parts haven’t already been shown for the entire movie, cause that would blow chunks!

I guess if it doesn’t work you can always think “this is just the origin story in the Abramsverse.” (kinda like how everyone pretends Battlestar Galactica 1980 never happened. Or one or two of the Highlander movies…)

I rather liked the account in McIntyre’s ‘Enterprise: The First Adventure.’

I think I must make up a good majority of those downloads!! haha

Have to echo that, THX! It actually makes the overall Star Wars saga quite epic! (Not that I didn’t enjoy it to begin with…)

#2—Yeah…I have to say that one was a bit unexpected, but let’s keep it in perspective…

I’ll bet more than ‘a few’ downloaders did it several dozen times!

I watched it 5 times myself.

I wonder if that is normally the case with trailer downloads. I’d never done it myself until this one.

They did go a bit crazy with the airbrush tool in Photoshop on poor Pegg’s head, didn’t they? Wonder if it hurt?

maybe they’ll show all these ships on the cover sheet od D.A.C. in the movie!!

Awesome about Cinefex. I love that magazine.

i didn’t see scotty too much in pegg when he was first cast, but in the trailer he somehow nails it, in my opinion. i’m convinced. come on, time; go faster!

That download record bodes well for the film’s success, at least in some measure. The interest is there, at any rate.

Interesting comments from John Cho…I can’t help thinking if he is “accidentally thrust into the helmsman position” if we get a continuity nod along the lines of him being in the physics dept when he is assigned to the ship (where no man…) Probably not, but an intersting thought nonetheless…

WOOHOO I’ve got my tickets….Empire Leicester Square here I come…Can’t wait…

I’ve been reading alot of Trek novels lately so they all blend together. So…as I recall, in one of the stories, an early TOS tale (Enterprise: The First Adventure?) . Sulu is not a fan of Kirk at the time of K’s first E mission and wants to transfer out, other reasons included, and is forced to stay due to circumstances. He has a change of mind and the adventure continued.

Nice choice by Cho.

ps: #5: I’m getting the feeling there’s alot of stuff we’re not aware of. And we’ve seen only 5 secs of Nimoy

I’ve been getting lots of people talking to me about how good and epic this is looking, and that I might not actually be crazy for liking Trek.

Me too Andy, he he. And I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of the Star Trek part for the Star Wars. Makes you wonder which is better? Of course that is obvious.

Not only that, but is it me but do the trailers keep getting better and better and better? And the first one was awesome!

I downloaded the trailer from the site as soon as I got home from the midnight Watchmen and I watch it several times a day at work. Glad to see the trailer blow ’em all outta the water!

There will be a preview in Munich on the 6th.

Can’t they release the game normally too! Some of us don’t have PlayStaions or X-Box’s anymore!

Interesting thought. In the “atmospheric jump” sequences, isn’t Kirk in yellow (command), “Welshy” Olson in red (engineering), and Sulu in *blue*?? (sciences, astrophysics that is)?

I always liked the idea (me being a physicist) that Sulu had helm skills, but wasn’t originally placed there. Perhaps he’s jumping down with Kirk and Olson because he’s the physicist on board who’s been studying Nero’s beams: in the ensuing fights, perhaps the primary helmsman (Mitchell?) is killed. In the Prime Universe we know the helmsman Mitchell was killed in WNMHGB…

Ties in well with the quantumverse concepts Orci’s expressed.

Good to see the success of the trailer (though I haven’t watched it and don’t plan to). That shows that Paramount is starting to entice a mainstream audience for the film. Despite earlier misgivings, I’m starting to be a believer in Paramounts’s marketing strategy.


wonderful Thorsten.. :-) I like it very much

That Star Wars mash-up for trailer 3 was great. Scene for scene.

Isn’t Kirk in the blue suit for the atmo jump?, Sulu in yellow?

Here’s a thought for the #24. When you see Sulu in the second pilot episode (with Kirk, not Pike), Sulu is in blue, the science/medical color. It doesn’t look like he’s doing any helmsmaning either. So that would lay a precident for the writers to put that Sulu was originally in the sciences.

Thanks for a great article — nice to see all the bits and pieces starting to come a bit faster as we get closer…

Paramount needs to improve their marketing campaign for
the movie here in Australia. So far it has been p__s weak
with next to no advertising. Come on Paramount……

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that somehow the Burger King commercials involve The King on the Enterprise. Might actually be funny.

I wonder if they will have Kid’s Meal toys for Star Trek?

How about a real game on the XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not too sure about this, but wasn’t ‘Star Trek Generations’ the last Trek film to have a franchise deal with a fast food chain? I believe Jack-In-The-Box had a license at the time…I still remember those cheap collectible cups!

It looks like they airbrushed Pegg’s nose to look really thin for some reason.


“Star Trek Nemesis” has a tie-in campaign, but to be honest, it was with Del Taco, a chain only basically seen in the Southwestern U.S.

Can the BK commercials top this TOS KFC ad? ;)


Besten Dank Mark!


Holy crap! The new movie IS Star Wars!!!


Trek tops at Apple? Hell, yeah….


Dear God….how did they do that? Did they use lookalikes or was there some weird facial manipulation at work? If either one of those techniques was used, that’s how they could’ve done the new ‘Star Trek’ movie! :D

Nonetheless, it was an awesome commercial.

HA HA HA HA HA that Star Wars is dead on and yes Pine does look like a young Mark Hamill

I’m waiting to see more of Simon Pegg’s performance in Star Trek before I judge him. I think he might be able to pull it off.

That Mashuo was GENIUS!!!! Excellent job Mr. Kulessa. May the Force Beam you Up!!!!

All the excitement of the last week has left me even more desperate to see the new movie! And I think Simon Pegg will be great as Scotty, I can see him in that character no problem :)

#31 – Oh my god yes. I haven’t actually seen anything in Australia relating to the film, I only know about it because of the internet.

And thanks for the comments on the mashup guys. :)

I cant wait to see if the new Star Trek game ties in with ST : TFB


The mash-up was cute, but didn’t make a lick of sense.

Actually the mash up made a lot of sense