ST09 Tidbits (T-55 days): Kirk’s First Doctor Talks, Trek on ToyFare, Trailer in Français, SF Skyline Flap + more

We are just 9 Fridays away from the premiere of the new Star Trek movie — which we count as 55 days (and change) to the midnight Thursday shows. Today’s tidbits has comments from the woman that brings Kirk into the universe, a new Trek mag cover, the new trailer in French, an upset San Franciscan, and much more. [UPDATE: Ron Moore ‘salutes’ new movie]


Kirk’s First Doctor Speaks
[minor spoilers] Back in 2007 TrekMovie first revealed that Fifth Element actress Sonita Henry had a small role in the new movie, we also had a brief interview with the actress. In our recent trailer analysis we revealed that she plays the doctor that brings baby James T. Kirk into the world. Now in a new extensive interview with Starpulse’s Mike Ryan, Henry talks about playing the unnamed (and alien?) Doctor, here are a couple of excerpts

Mike: Do you want to give her a name right now?
Sonita: What name would she be? I don’t even know what she looks like.
Mike: Really? Did they add effects later?
Sonita: Yes. There will be effects. I’m not sure where my character is from, they never told me that. I wont know what I look like until I actually watch the movie.
Mike: Some of your scenes are on the USS Kelvin?
Sonita: Yes, that’s the ship we are on. Kirk’s father is the captain of the Kelvin. In the shots from the trailer, The Kelvin is being destroyed. In that time everything is being blown up and Winona Kirk is trying to deliver [James Kirk].

Much more from Sonita at Starpluse. Henry also recently blogged about her time with Trek, noting: 

The last time I was in Long Beach was to shoot the USS Kelvin shots for “Star Trek” (at the Long Beach power station) – all the shots where we’re running thru corridors with a very pregnant Winona Kirk who’s about to pop out James. T Kirk, future captain of the Enterprise and bedder of many women/aliens.

Baby James T. Kirk meets his first space babe

UPDATE: Ron Moore ‘salutes’ new movie
In a new interview in The Hollywood Reporter with BSG co-creator (and Trek vet) Ron Moore, the subject of the new movie came up, here is what he said:

THR: As a person who used to write for “Star Trek” shows, what do you think of the new movie, from what you’ve seen?
I’m very encouraged. I salute them for going back to the beginning and revitalizing it. I think that’s exactly what the franchise needed.

Kirk and Spock (in plastic) on cover of FoyFare
This week ToyFare Magazine Issue #141 went on sale, with two covers. One featuring toys from the upcoming Wolverine movie, and one for Star Trek. The feature on Trek covers the new Playmates toys, but there isn’t really anything new in it that hasn’t been covered (see our extensive feature on the Star Trek Playmates toys). However the cover featuring Kirk and Spock figures in a classic TOS publicity pose is pretty cool, check it out. 

Star Trek on ToyFare

Le Trek
The French version of the Star Trek trailer is now available on YouTube (thanks to ‘LeSPOCK’). The new trailer is très impressionnant en français.

San Franciscan upset over Star Trek’s new SF skyline
San Francisco Bay area businessman and blogger Zennie Abraham has a bone to pick with JJ Abrams. He has a big nit to pick about something in the new Star Trek movie that he thinks is way too big, but strangely it has nothing to do with nacelles. Abraham is upset about the size of the buildings in the future San Francisco, and the SFist site is backing him up. Check it out.

Well Mr. Abraham, I lived in San Francisco for many years and I have no problem with the depiction in the trailer. This will be set in a future that has presumably figured out how to control Earthquakes (which limits building heights) and a post World War III world that may have different priorities. By the way Zennie, the bridge you pointed out as the Bay Bridge is actually the Golden Gate Bridge, looking towards the Presidio. Regardless, it is kind of refreshing to find a whole new area of nitpicky debate. 

Leaked images?
TrekMovie has learned that if you put a question mark after something, it is a great way to start a big traffic-generating internet rumor. So here goes

Is this a leaked image from that secret scene written for Shatner?

Hi boys – now get off my ship

Could this be a first look at the Burger King Star Trek commercial?

The King demands you supersize your order

Well actually the first image was found on Flickr (made by user ‘Fortyseven’) and the second one was posted here by TrekMovie community member Devon. But could they be real? While we are on the subject of stuff found on Flckr, here is an alternative Star Trek movie poster made by user ‘m0r1arty’, ala Dark Knight.

Does James want a new middle name?

Trailer Remix
YouTuber Section 33 has taken both theatrical trailers and made an interesting remix ‘Trailer 4’ with some additional sound effects and music and a very nice little Easter Egg. Check it out.


Thorsten’s Art Gallery – Kirk
Thorsten Wulff has shown us almost the entire series of his ‘Trek Cast As Art’, but today we finally get to Kirk. This time Thorsten looked to currency for inspiration on how to cast the great one.

It pays to be Kirk
(click to enlarge)

ST09 Bullets
If that isn’t enough for you, there is even more


Thanks to John, Rob, and Bo (and anyone else I forgot) for sending in tips and links

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Burger King siks

oops sucks

Every tidbit just makes opening day that much more exciting.

Love the site, Anthony! Thanks for all the work!

Everything is bigger in the future.

there is still something about the proportion of action figure kirks head to his body.

the toy mag cover is great, very well done.

Live Long & Whopper!

Thanks for including that Anthony!

So when is the release date for the toys?

I think us trek fans could live with Trek being the 4th highest grossing, but let’s push it higher!!!

James T. Kirk was a great man.

that trailer is pretty good i like the original bridge sound effect they added in

Holy smokes! kudos to Section 33 for that bitchin fan re-mix too bad i couldn’t see that on the big screen

Nice ST : TFB Tidbits,

gee this Trek is going to rock !

The toys are going to be neat !


The Palace of Fine Art is still there. The trees before it are still the same as in this year!

That fan trailer is kick-ass !!!

Love the Easter Egg ;-)

Wow I love that remixed trailer!! Some of those edits are better than the original trailers. I dig the offbeat music at the end too

Yes, the fan trailer is awesome! Damn, even archival footage of The Shat would’ve been better than no Shat at all!!

Great Joker pic.

‘Why Tiberius?’ – BRILLIANT!!!!

Are you sure that’s a shot of the birth of James T. Kirk? Maybe that’s a pic of Dr. Alyson Cameron giving birth to the child of Dr. Gregory House?

Sorry, not a huge fan of the “Trailer Remix”, being a film editor myself I noticed to many skips and flaws in the video transitions and audio, only the real thing does it for me. Only 2 months!

I’m actually quite impressed by the remixed trailer. And I love the extra bridge sound effects.

That French trailer! Oh—my—god! It reminded me again why I don’t watch synchronized films. I know Hollywood earns more money overseas with synchronized versions, but to me that’s a total nuisance.

Hahah! I love the Why Tiberius poster. I just got a new puppy and named him Tiberius 2 days ago. :)

#21 (kdh): Ditto.

That Toyfair cover makes me cringe!

As always, Quinto looks fine, but they just didn’t get Kirk right.

Start Trek finishing behind Night at the Museum? I’ll go along with Harry Potter, and never underestimate Pixar, but the Night at the Museam SEQUEL?

And where was Wolverine? I expect that to give us a run.

– Harry

Just what are you guys going to do here once the movie opens?

Haha Awesome! Hope you guys enjoy the trailer… Wow SO cool its up here!

Well, I also have a background in editing (mine being television) and I found the fan-made remix quite good. Didn’t pack the punch that the most recent trailer had, but it did have it’s moments. And the “Easter Egg” was good for a smile. Somehow, adding the sound effects takes away from the drama of the original trailer…just my opinion. But, all in all, great job…especially being fan-made.

I am soooooo anxious for midnight May 8th…I’ll be there with bells on (and my old 25th Anniversary T-shirt…lol)

#30 – Anthony…

By FAR, my favorite site on the web. I estimate I stop by at least 10 times a day. And I’ll continue to do so long after the movie’s premiere. Great work by you and your wonderful staff.

21. & 31.

I also work as an editor so it’s cool seeing the opinions. I have to admit I had hoped to make it a little more action packed, but I figured it’d be a fun project for my day off to do… And that Easter Egg shot was what drove me to do it…
Unfortunatly given the source material creative sacrifices had to be made :(
GIve me the rushes and you blow your minds :)

Also my kudos on the fan trailer and the Easter Egg.

Buildings in trailer are from 23rd, not 24th centruy. ;)

the baby in that trailer does look a bit like ‘The Shat’!!



Hey Anthony i have been posting for over a year and will continue well after the movie and be posting for the next Movie. This is the best site with the best and latest news. Way to go.

Burger King rules.

And where’s Terminator: Salvation on that list? I expect that to perform massively well, with or without Ahhhrrnaaahhhd.

Loved the shot of Kirk and Spock talking to the Burger King. I can only Imaging the Jokes that Jat leno will tell about that. Can’t wait to see the stars promote on Te Talk Shows and I hope one of them promotes on SNL. Would be so kool.

Awesome! I love Trek toys! Can’t wait for any of this stuff

38: and i expect transformers 2 will be up there. wolverine, not so much.

That remix was great!

And people say Trekkies have no life? Zennie Abraham needs to loosen up a little!

Hold on a second. His video shows a shot of San Francisco from the Bay Bridge…

The shot in the trailer is looking at San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge… that bit of suspension span showing is not the Bay Bridge.

It makes sense to use the Golden Gate Bridge too because the GGB has always been used in Star Trek movies, tv, etc. for establishing shots. I don’t think they’ve ever used the Bay Bridge.

Also, you can clearly see Coit Tower and the Palace of Fine Arts. Those views are from the Golden Gate.

Am I wrong here?

…now get off my ship.

Too funny! Sounds perfect. This is already my #1 Trek site anyway. I’ll just go ahead and rename the bookmark. :]

“Hi boys – now get off my ship”

I would have went with:

“I thought I told you never to call me here…”

#28 – “Just what are you guys going to do here once the movie opens?”

Have you ever watched ABC News’ “Nightline”? It’s run for 29 years. But most people don’t know that it started as nightly coverage of just a single event – the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1980.

GOOD coverage of a single event can bloom into an ongoing “Enterprise” (sorry). I expect Anthony’s efforts will contoniue for a long time. (I just hope his hair looks more realistic than Ted Koppel’s)

That Joker poster should really say “Why Siberius?” instead because it sounds closer to “Why so serious?” and because that kid infamously sounds like he’s saying “James Siberius Kirk!” is his name.