Kellogg’s Begins New Star Trek Movie Promotion

In another sign of what a big event the new Star Trek movie is, we can now add the name Kellogg’s to the growing list of big promotional partners Paramount has lined up. The first Kellogg’s products with Star Trek promotional imagery (and giveaways) have just started appearing in stores, with more expected in the future.


Leggo my Star Trek Eggo
It has been hinted for months that the Star Trek feature film was going to have a major presence in grocery stores to help with its promotional campaign, and the first items are just showing up in your grocer’s freezer. Starting this month, all varieties of Eggos (over a dozen in total) feature Star Trek imagery and offer Star Trek tokens which fans can send in (with shipping and handling charges) to get a 8" 3D Warp Speed plate featuring the new Enterprise. More details on the Kellogg’s Eggo promotion are available at the Kellogg’s site. The Eggo Star Trek products are just starting to show up, so don’t be surprised if they aren’t at your local market, yet.

Eggo Waffles – first new Star Trek Kellogg’s products
(click to enlarge)

Assuming the Star Trek promotion follows the same pattern Kellogg’s and Paramount did last year for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, we will likely see Star Trek imagery featured on a variety of Kellogg’s products, from cereals, Pop Tarts, fruit snacks, cookies and maybe more. There will likely be additional Star Trek themed items to collect (either in the box or through mail-in offers). 

Why this news is GRRREAAAATTT!
One of the challenges with marketing a big feature film to the mainstream is that various audiences are broken into niches. However, every kind of demographic visits the local grocery store. People who might not watch Heroes or go to the Watchman movie, or who do not visit entertainment sites on the Internet (which would not be you who are reading this article, obviously) will learn about the new Star Trek film with their weekly trip to the store. This will be especially important in making the film ‘mom friendly’ and it is a big vote of confidence in Star Trek that Kellogg’s chose this film for a big summer movie promotion (they usually only do one or two films for each summer).

Star Trek and Kellogg’s: A Long Time Friendship
Although the scale of the new promotion will likely be a first, this is not the first time that Kellogg’s has had Star Trek relationship. In 1996, for the release of Star Trek First Contact and Star Trek’s 30th Anniversary, Kellogg’s featured an array of Star Trek characters and ships on cereal boxes. And back in the 60s Kellogg’s had the first Star Trek cereal box (a Spock edition of the then-named Sugar Smacks).

Mr. Spock says renaming the cereal ‘Honey Smacks’ is logical

Promo partner line-up + more to come
And for those keeping score, here is the full list of known promotional partners lined up for the new Star Trek movie:

There are likely more to come. As more information and images from Kellogg’s or other promo partners become available, TrekMovie will provide updates.


Thanks to Jamie for the images

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Here we go with the product tie-in’s, which is good it tells me that Paramount really wants to get the word out on this movie…….Come on May 8th!!

Oh yeah

We have a set of Thunderbirds plates here in my house

Leggo My Starship Eggo!!!!

Don’t think they sell those things in Ireland. Oh well

lol, “Space Energy comes from Sugar Smacks”!

Damn. They are really advertising this movie.

I want my Star Trek Eggo!

I remember when the Next Generation first came out, there was a tie-in with General Mills and Cheerios. I got a cool poster of the Enterprise for sending in box tops I think. Or maybe it just came in the box. I can’t remember now. But I liked the poster.

Star Trek Eggo’s? What’s next, Spock Presents Playtex Tampons?

This 60s Sugar Smacks box is cool. Had I already been born in the 60s I’m sure I’d have pestered my parents about bringing a pack home each time they went to the supermarket.

sorry … i gotta say it … i get it that this is all about Paramount trying to retrieve its colossal investment on Trek ’09 … but, something about seeing this movie plastered across our daily lives, countless billboards, barbies, colognes, frakkin’ eggos, … it’s just … i dunno, a little gross. Look, I’m not a hater, so don’t take this wrong, it’s just … anybody remember Jar Jar underwear for kids? They still sell that sh*t at the 99 cents store here in L.A. They’ve got a landfill specially made for Taco Bell tie-in Phantom Menace cups that will be with us the rest of grand-children’s children’s lives. J.J., can’t wait for your movie man, but all this merchandising … i’m out.

I think this is the first good image showing the bussards completely lit. I miss the red, the blue will take some getting used to.

I vividly remember the First Contact cereal promo! I picked up a box of “Bran Frakes”… there was a beard hair in every bowl. Yuck!

Hey, as long as people know, Its all good cause i have some friends that didnt even know the new movie was out! Btw, I asked a question in another post but it never got answered. I was wondering why every image I saw of the Enterprise view screen, it looked like the image on the screen was blurred and almost as if you were supposed to ware 3D glasses to see the image right. Did I miss something along the way?

#12, I suppose you’d rather the movie go unnoticed and be a failure?

I’m sure film quality and storyline is important and all, but if they can’t get anyone in the seats to see the movie, it’s a failure.

I’m all for seeing Star Trek succeed, bring it on, who would have thought we’d be seeing Trek-hype like this in 2009?

Damn… ^^ Hope that we get those to old Europe

BTW, did anyone notice that’s a much better shot of the Enterprise on the box then the studio put out a month ago

# 16. “I suppose you’d rather the movie go unnoticed and be a failure?”

Yeah. That’s what i meant. And I guess what you mean is that audiences aren’t smart enough to go see Star Trek based on good reviews and word of mouth … they need extra coaxing through their morning (artificially flavored) waffles. Ever see Wall-E?

Merchandising is half the fun. I can’t wait to start bugging my wife while I look for Star Trek Eggos in all the supermarkets in town.

Fun! Bzzt.

YES!!! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting to here! I can’t wait to buy boxes & boxes of cereal to “collect them all” (and we don’t even know what ‘all’ is!).

Heck, Paramount ought to “Get Right, With Raisin Bran!” (LOL)

12: But this doesn’t apply to these Kellogg’s products here. You eat the cereal and keep the Star Trek item. That’s all.

Man. Why did they have to make the buzzards blue Just to match the deflector I bet. What a dumb reason if I’m right.

You know, I’ve dreamed about the day that I could walk through the grocery store and see Spock, Kirk, the Enterprise on boxes and stuff.

As I have heard before…. Star Trek is cool again.

Of course I don’t ever think it lost it’s coolness.

I want the Enterprise on a Diet Pepsi can. :)

I like the blue bussards, but I’d have like to have seen a gold TMP-ish deflector dish, to provide some variation.
Red bussards would have looked cheap.

Love the computer behind Spock.
When I think computer, I still think something like THAT.
(Old fart that I am.)


Will esuranse insure the Enterprise from damage caused by ailen attacks?

Ye gods – that computer behind Spock looks like the old NCR Century 200 mainframe we used in college! (OK, I’m dating myself.)

As a hard core Trek fan since 1975 i think this is fantastic. This is what Trek Needs to get back into the mainstream. If this Movie is a smash hit then we will see more Trek. if it is a bomb then Trek is done and no more Movies for us to talk about that are new. I for one am very excited and I have no doubt that Gene Roddenberry would greatly approve of the marketing and merchendising of Trek. As long as the Movie has a great story and follows the Human condition and I think this one will more then be that. So to all of the nay sayers. To the Agoniser booth for at least 24 hours.

30: I had assumed this here was about cornflakes, not about the notorious questions…

Can’t help but notice the little disclaimer – “Actual design may vary”

What, you mean it might look like the TOS refit Enterprise?


I want them to market those new uniforms and some new collector glasses would be great. Like the glass Batman and Flintstones ones they used to have at McDonalds years ago? They never come out with anything good like that anymore.

#31: I had assumed this here was about cornflakes, not about the notorious questions… ( Well. It could have been. But I was Expanding a bit.)

#16 – If you truly believe a box of Eggo’s is an enticement to see the new movie, seek professional counseling.

First image, where the ship looks enjoyable.

To the Purists:

It’s Paramount’s $150 Million Dollars, not YOUR $150 Million Dollars. If they want to put out “Tiberius” Trojan Super Sensitive Maximus Mirror Universe Condoms, it’s their right to do so.

I have to say, you guys are a hoot.

“Not enough Star Trek.” “The public doesn’t know anything about StarTrek.” “Trek never get’s any publicity.”

And when a big ad push comes along, it’s “It’s getting over-exposed.” “This stuff looks like crap.” “Nobody is going to want to see Star Trek because of an Eggo promotion.”

Man, some of you sound like twits.

OK lets stop with the berating with eachother ok, and no more name calling (THX looking at you).

Obviously having star trek get the modern big budget tentpole treatment is a new thing, and for some, it is hard to deal with. I understand that.

However, retail marketing is a reality today. As noted in our recent ‘6th grader’ article, there is work to be done with the youngins and likely their moms. These people do not visit sites like this or AICN or even read Entertainment Tonight. for millions of people things like Star Trek showing up on their cereal boxes or the Super Bowl commercial will be the few times they are exposed to it and it all gets the message across there is a new big Star Trek movie coming. I can’t see how that is a bad thing for anyone who wants this movie to succeed as that will kick off more Trek to come in the future.And from the current poll and vast majority of comments, I think most Trekkies get that. Plus, of course for collectors, this is yet another bonanza of stuff to enjoy.

I also think that it is interesting that Kellogg’s chose Star Trek and not Wolverine or Terminator is their first movie of the summer. Last summer they did two movies, Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda.

Yes, we should relish all this cool Trek publicity- overdue!

i’m glad that spock was wearing his helpful name tag for that box art…

when i was a kid, i was jazzed about getting a spock halloween costume

until i opened the box…

the ‘uniform’ turned out to be a generic smock with the star trek logo and the name SPOCK in big letters!

my innocence was lost that day… though the mask part looked pretty good.

Let’s just hope there are no bongs on the Enterprise… or cameras.

What, not Delta-shapped waffles? You can try harder, Kellogg’s.

Hi, maybe you guys can help on this one.

About 20 years ago, General Mills had a TNG promotion in which first prize would be to appear as an extra on an episode of The Next Generation. I sent in about 20 entries and got a plastic model Enterprise as a prize. But I didn’t think to inquire of them, who won the top prize? And by the time I called them and asked, they didn’t have the information any more.

Somebody thought the episode might have been “We’ll Always Have Paris”. But that’s all I know. Would anybody else know? Maybe I should ask Wil Wheaton? Who else could I ask?


Hey the ST:TFB plate looks neat


Hey, those who worry that JJ isn’t honoring canon … notice that the original Spock on the front of the old Sugar Smacks box is wearing his Starfleet emblem on his *right* side — same as Quinto-Spock in trailer #2!

; )

Its a big movie, I would be surprised if they didnt market the crap out of it. I dont care either way, though, as long as the movie’s good, they can market it however they want. My only fear is that this would be a Star Wars situation where they bring back something just to sell stuff for it. I dont think that’s the case here, people would never go out and buy star trek merch the same way they do star wars, which I actually think is one of the things that makes trek more legit.

#35 Actually, it’s Paramount who believes a box of Eggo’s is an enticement to see the new movie. And between the two of you, they’re right.

Maybe they should bring back the IDIC while they’re at it. Oh, wait a minute … didn’t Nimoy refuse to wear it?

#35 – The Eggos are not an enticement to see the movie, they’re merely a good, nay, GREAT way to inform people about it – if you had been reading, you may have picked up that subtle point. The product tie-ins serve one primary function: advertising. Someone may not see the trailer on TV, but they do have to purchase food at some point during the next two months. And this is where they’ll pick up their usual box of waffles and think to themselves : “Huh. That looks interesting.”

The reverse, though, is true – the movie is an enticement to buy the Eggos. That’s what Kellogg’s is counting on — the shmucks like us who love Star Trek so much that we simply must buy every tie-in we can get our hands on. :P I’m not disparaging anyone, as this is what I’ll be doing once something interesting pops up in the aisles of my nearest Toronto food grocer.

#12 – Don’t worry. The merchandizing is not at TPM, or even, god forbid what the invocation would imply, “Hulk” levels. Hell, I was disappointed we weren’t getting full-on “Eggos Shaped Like Sulu.” I won’t be happy — errr, I mean, cautious, until I’m eating candy pieces out of Eric Bana’s head.

#38 — THX: YOU, sir, are the hoot — but only because you’re bang on. :)