TrekCore Auctioning DS9 Tribbles As Part of Annual Fundraiser

One of our favorite Trek websites,, is holding its annual fundraising event this month. As part of the fundraiser, the essential online multimedia resource for Star Trek is offering a number of genuine tribbles from Deep Space Nine as well as some photographs. See below for more info.


TrekCore Auction – get your genuine tribbles
There are many great Star Trek websites and one of the best is If TrekMovie is the CNN of the Star Trek world, then TrekCore is the National Geographic Channel. With its amazing collection of screencaps, rare photos, videos and more, the website is resource for many fans as they scrutinize a scene or needed references.

TrekCore does not run advertising and is entirely run by donations to help defray the hosting and domain name costs. This month, TrekCore is having its annual 2009 donation appeal and there are some ways fans could help. There is an auction of six screen-used DS9 tribbles from the collection of Star Trek photographer Michael Grecco who was allowed to keep them after the filming of the episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" 30% of the profits from the auctions will go to help defray the cost of TrekCore. Check out the Tribbles at Ebay.

Genuine tribble – on auction to support TrekCore

Fans could also purchase amazing photos taken by Grecco of the DS9 cast, 30% of the profits of which will be donated to TrekCore. Fans of TrekCore can also donate money or time volunteering at the website if interested. More info at

One of Grecco’s photos from the set of Deep Space Nine – for sale to support TrekCore

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It’s too bad I’m not really a DS9 fan, cos this is the coolest fundraiser. :D

I bought one of the Awesome Major Kira 8X10s. I am pleased, and glad to help. I love their site…


Wow, they have a lot to auction off! Look at that picture!

I have a knock off tribble, now this would be cool.

Love DS9 and that’s a great picture. TrekCore is a fantastic site.

Better get ’em spayed or neutered, or you’ll end up with more tribble than they’re worth!

Good luck to everyone bidding. I’m broke, so.. yeah. xD

Hey! Can I pay a whole bunch of money for a ball of fluff too?

That photo is awesome!


I have an original TOS tribble out in the storage shed I should drag out for Ebay I suppose .

Wow…those little fluff balls are expensive.

“This is Bob Barker reminding you to have all your tribbles spayed or neutered.”

I want that photo though…poor Worf, he’s next to a whole table of the things. =P

This is cool! I loved DS9!

If any of the series deserves a resolution it is DS9. I’d really like to know what happened (or will) with Capt. Sisko.

For all you who like the photo, but can’t afford the tribbles, check out the link at the end of the article ( and linked here from my comment. You can buy the photo, and a few others, from the photographer. Most of the others are variants of the season 6 publicity photos, variants never sold before. Different sizes available, and a portion of the profits goes to help TrekCore. If the photos sell well enough, the photographer also did some photo shoots of Jeri Ryan and (I think) Jolene Blalock, and those might become available at some point, too. ;)

Good luck to anyone bidding!

TrekMovie is the CNN of Trek? So, you’re admitting a major bias and skewed reporting!!! HA!

I kid, I kid.

I hope the bids stay within my price range, I would love to own a Tribble from that episode as it’s definitely one of my favorites! I would LOVE to have that sitting in my edit suite. When anyone entered I could grab it and pet it as if I were an evil genius and say “I’ve been expecting you. I must admit, I never thought you’d make it this far…”

*sniff* already out of my price range… :(