ST09 Tidbits (T-51 days): Hi-res Nero, No To Vulcan (Canada), Kurtzman/Orci Backstory + more

Today’s Star Trek movie tidbits has a closer look at that Nero screen image, plus the town of Vulcan finally gets an answer from Paramount. We also have an interesting video with Bob and Alex talking their craft, new info on what is next for the Trek team, some guy painting Spock, and more.


(high res) Nero screen image
In a ‘tidbits’ a couple of weeks ago we pointed to TotalFilm exclusive shot of Nero (Eric Bana) on the USS Enterprise view screen being viewed by Kirk and Spock (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto). Yesterday Paramount released this image in high resolution allowing a closer look at the viewscreen/window…is that a bit of the Narada on the left?.

Nero on screen (click to enlarge)

Paramount says no to Vulcan premiere
Back in September 2007 we first reported that the little town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada were angling to be home of the première for the new Star Trek movie. City officials have continued their quest for the last year and a half, but this week they were finally told ‘no.’ According to Vulcan tourism coordinator Danya Dinkins, the problem was logistics, including the fact that Vulcan has no movie theater…hmm that does seem to be a bit of an issue. 

What is Vulcan for ‘no’? – the folks in Vulcan, Canada have found out

As for when the real premiere will take place, that has yet to be officially announced. According to sources, Star Trek will go the same route as other big budget films, with a number of gala premieres around the world.

Bob and Alex talk their craft and their backstory
Last summer Star Trek co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman appeared on the Fox Movie Channel show Life After Film School. We previously reported on a clip where they talked about Trek, but now the entire episode is online via Hulu (US only). Check it out below to learn more about Trek’s new scribes including their history, their collaboration with JJ Abrams, and see what advice they have for film students.

Paramount sets Tranformers 3 date (or maybe not) – what about Trek 2?
Yesterday Variety reported that Paramount has July 1st, 2011 for the third Transformers movie. That’s right, they picked a day for another sequel, before the second film (Transformers Revenge of the Fallen) even hits theaters June 24th. However today Transformers director Michael Bay said he is cool for 4th of July weekend, but for 2012. No word yet on if the writers of the first two Transformers movies (and the Star Trek movie), Alex and Bob will be on board. Recently TrekMovie spoke to Orci and Kurtzman about their thoughts on a sequel to Trek. Apparently the studio is already thinking about the follow-up to Trek with the same ‘supreme court,’ but the team don’t want to jinx it. They want to see how the movie fares before getting serious about a follow-up. Paramount recently announced they will be reducing their total annual output and with Iron Man 2 as their big movie for Summer 2010 and (assuming Bay gets his way) Transformers 3 the big movie for 2012, maybe ‘Star Trek 2‘ could be their big Summer 2011 movie. 

What’s next for Trek Team?
Besides promotional work, the team that made the new Star Trek movie are pretty much done. So what are they working on next. Most actually have multiple projects in the work in the the last few days some more popped up. Here is a quick summary of new projects from the team.

  • Director JJ Abrams will produce (and possibly direct) a heist film based on the true-life robbery of the Antwerp Diamond Center in 2003. [Variety]
  • Chris Pine (Kirk) will star in the LA Production of the off-Broadway "Farragut North," about the world of spin in a Presidential campaign [LATimes]
  • Karl Urban has signed for the remake of the 70s thriller "And Soon the Darkness" [THR]

El Trek
We continue our tour of the official foreign langauge versions of the new Star Trek trailer, today en Español. Muy bueno.

Speed painting Spock
Swedish ‘speed artist’ Mishel Samari shows off how you can paint your own Zachary Quinto as Spock Photoshop painting in under 10 minutes.

Thorsten’s Art Gallery – The Enterprise
Thorsten Wulff has been running through the new crew with his ‘Trek Cast As Art’, series, but did you think he would forget the biggest cast member of all? Today he gives the new USS Enterprsie the Roy Lichtensein treatment. 

Enterprise as POP art
(click to enlarge)

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I kinda had a feeling Vulcan would get a ‘no’.

Love the Pop Enterprise

Good article. Just a couple of points. Should be “Vulcan, Alberta, Canada” and you have Michael Bay saying no to 2012 but he wants 2012 and doesn’t want 2011.

Other than those, nice work.

Oh, and first?

They should have the trailer version in Klingon

Nero’s backy-story? I’m still catchin’ me breathe wit’ tha’ remastered Starry Trek… at least Thorsten gives me hope in mankind… and maybe that fast-artist Qunto as Limoy’s love-child…

Backstory fur’ St. Paddy’s Day– please forgive and/or banish me as I try ta’ help TOS fans rejoice at all tha’ merriment Starry Trek gave us… and will continue ta’ give us under JJ… Hey- isn’t JJ Spidery-man’s boss? Give tha’ lad a raise, JJ!

KIRK: That giant green hand is coming towards my ship! We need more power to the engines in full reverse! presses intercom button next to pod jettison button on chair’s armrest Mickie- I need full power in four minutes or we’re all dead.

MICKIE: gazing at an empty bottle of something green It’s dead already.

SPOCK: Look, Mr. Mick, if I have to go into that radiation chamber again, I want Yoeman Rand nearby to receive my katra.

NURSE CHAPEL: Oh really? hits Yoeman Rand with frying pan Let me just borrow your beehive and your uniform, Ho-cans Randy.

MICKIE: Ra….ra…di-ation… I wuz borne and bred in Ireland… Oh, maybe Reilly can sing us a nice little ditty…

REILLY: singing on ship’s intercom I’ll take ye’ home again Kathleen… this here Scotty bottle has me peein’ green…

ORION SLAVE GIRL: bursting onto bridge Who will save me by saving the ship?! Isn’t there a man among you?

SULU: Oh, I’m a man alright. But toots, you have the wrong parts to get me sword-slinging. whispers to Data Hey, hard-man, I hear that robots have a jaundiced member. Kind of like a cool, curved cucumber. winks

DATA: looking inside his pajamas It is green.

KIRK: Look, I… CHEATED… at more than the Kobi-Steak Marooned… Like TOG, I never did my own math homework so I… NEED… engineers to make this ship go.

SPOCK: Please give me a break, gentlemen. Am I the only green-blooded man among you? takes Orion Slave Girl in arms, kisses passionately, then throws her up upon his right shoulder This emerald gem will power our engines up using her unmitigated sexual energy.

SULU: Pure Energy!

COLIN FARRELL: Hey, that’s tha’ green weird ear sod’s line, ye’ poofy Chinamen! Why I outta EDITED yer’ EDITED EDITED rutabega EDITED!

SULU: Oh, start hitting me with that shalaly, Colin! winks Just don’t tell Brad.

BND: Uhhhhhhh… is this how they re-mastered Starry Trek?

J.J. ABRAMS: Star Trek is not being re-done, re-booted, or re-actionated. This is hope, my friends… wait and hope for more Star Trek… wait and hope is what the future is all about… Oh, and wait hope for selling more Raisenets.


Not only did Vulcan get a ‘No’ but I’m also unable to watch the video with the writers, and I’m Canadian. No luck with Trek for us today it seems. lol

so the comic hits shelves tomorrow?

Agunte el trailer en castellano! :)

Thorsten’s pop art Enterprise really points out how silly it is to ‘hate’ the new ship. It’s virtually indistinguishable from either the TOS or TMP versions in the work above.

Hm. Did not realise that Vulcan did not have a movie theater. I’ve been there a couple times, and my mother was actually born there, but I’m wondering who runs my favourite little town. Why would they request such a thing when they have no way to pull it off? (Why did the spell check come up for realise and favourite? They’re spelled right.)

Nice work, Thorsten!

I really appreciate what you’re doing for this movie, it gets me even more excited! :D


What the……?

has anybody looked at the image of nero through 3d glasses? appears to be 3d-ized.

“Tu padre fue capitan de LA nave estelar…”? What a lousy translation! :P

It should be “Tu padre fue capitan de UNA nave estelar…”. Just for clarification, what Pike says in the translated trailer is the spanish of “Your father was captain of THE starship…”

So any word yet where the ST09 will actually take place?

How about Las Vegas at the new Star Trek Experience at Neonopolis?


I meant the ST09 premier.

Cool, the future has web cam conferencing… cant wait

The painting of Spock looks more lifelike than Quinto! ;-)

Every Trek production fails to correctly represent the viewscreen when it’s not facing the front of the TV. People speaking on it are always looking at the starship crew, while they should be always looking at the person watching the show. If you turn your TV, you’ll see that the images warp but keep their orientation towards you.

So Pine makes it to the Farragut, but not in the one film he should have.

#14 “Just for clarification, what Pike says in the translated trailer is the spanish of “Your father was captain of THE starship…”

It’s in the italian version too. This kind of details are often lost in translation. “Fire at will” instead of “fire everything” (italian version) made me mad. But sometimes trailers are translated and dubbed in a hurry, and the whole movie is then treated with more care.

I hope the studio will consider a second movie. If the makers of this one do it well, I also hope they’ll be involved in it’s making. So far, things look great and I’m sure that if it is, fans will be hopping mad if there’s nothing else to look forward to and the franchise just sits dormant again before anybody does anything with it.

yeah we do

what about a premiere in Iowa?

and regarding star trek ‘2’ – wouldnt 2012 be a better date? – the 30th anniversary of Star Trek II….then again i wouldnt want to wait an extra year if there no need – theres been enough of that already!

hmmm star trek ‘2’ – well im sure as hell it wouldnt be called that…probably something similar to the TNG films – Star Trek: Something…

wonder ifd be a direct sequel to this one or a completly new storyline like TWOK…maybe even Khan could show up in it…

#13 – “has anybody looked at the image of nero through 3d glasses? appears to be 3d-ized.”

I gave it a shot … no such luck with the 3-d glasses.

Im from Spain and saw the trailer with a preview screening of Watchmen. I noticed then that the title at the end of the trailer was different in the spanish version. The letters have not the same 3d effect than in the US trailer, they have a smaller spacing and they are italic, virtually identical to the original series titles. I like it more that way, the US version look too much like the Transformers titles and have a very large spacing, not very good looking.
And yes, the translation its a bit off right now, but Im sure it will be adjusted for the movie, its always the same.

Too much backround reflection on that screen.

> mmm star trek ‘2′ – well im sure as hell it wouldnt be called that…

I don’t see why not, there’s plenty of mess already and fans will add their own $0.02 to that mess as well:

Star Trek 11 is “ST09” so Star Trek 12 will be “ST11” (since it’s due 2011)

sarcasm intended

The premiere is on Tuesday 5/5 somewhere in Los Angeles. (There was an auction for 2 tix for charity.)

I just saw for the first time Mission Impossible III. I was very impressed that the film kept to the spirit of the original series, including some very cool music cues from the original. It was my favorite of the Mission Impossible series. Seeing that film made me hopeful about the team of writers capturing the spirit of TOS. At this point my only concerns are with casting Kirk. I am not sure Pine has the gravitas to be a Kirk. We will see. And my other reservation is with–gasp–the front of the nacelles. Yes, JJ has derided those concerns with his “nacelles monthly” remark. However, if the E looks like the plastic model we saw a few days ago, it will come out like a caricature of the E. It does not look that way on the trailers I have seen. But the importance of the appearance of the E cannot be underestimated. It is a statement to the fan base as to whether JJ looks at the project as a caricature. I am still hopeful, expecially after seeing the writers at work. Not much longer. . .

#15 :: I think Omaha would be a good place. It’s right in the center of the country, so —

-shot down by other people-


If a sequel to ST09 was made, I think they’d probably have to give it a title. Like they did with all the other movies. If they called it Star Trek II, then it would be contradictory with TWOK! xP

Nice job on the speedpainting, especially the eyes. I’m still working on getting that good with my dinky lil Wacom tablet… got a ways to go, to be sure.

Love the pop-art Enterprise. Here’s an idea: how about an Andy Warhol-style version of the “quartered logo” poster? After all, it’s a bit pop-art-esque already…

HA HA #3 you lost your 1st spot by being nitpicky!!


BOOOO no more JJ Trek PLEASE.


Shut Up!

Aha.. So that’s the shot recently used in the image editing that shows the Burger King and Shatner peering into the view screen. – Or I mean the uh, er window?

Why not showing the movie first on the ISS? I mean it’s Star Trek! That would for sure get some media attention and still leaves room for a “real” premiere.

Headline: “New Star Trek to premiere in outer space”

Any marketing guy reading this???

I’m pretty sure you meant “Vulcan, Alberta” not “Vulcan, Albert”

Great.. now I can see the glare and reflections on the viewscreen with greater detail.


So Pine will get his time on the Farragut after all. “Farragut North” I’ll have to check that out.


That interview was a nice treat.
I dont get the Fox Movie Channel.

Boy, that FOX special with Orci and Kurtzman–could they talk up Fringe any more? Is it humanly possible? Can you tell that it is a company fluff piece that is trying to promote FOX product?

Man. I am really cynical these days.
Never used to be.

ST : TFB in Español.


Cant wait to see it in plain old english !

( or should I say hear it )

There already was a “Star Trek II” that was released three years after “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”. Besides this year’s new Trek flick is the 11th one.

So Vulcan(CA) does have a moon!


There was a big mistake near the end of the trailer: “STAR TREK [2008]”

The year was correct at the very end: “8 DE MAYO 2009.”

^ the Spanish trailer…

Ummm……guys, PHASERS are now real. Check out the link below.