ST09 Tidbits (Spocks Edition): Nimoy Supports Vulcans [UPDATED] + Quinto Reads Audiobook & Appears in GQ

For today’s tidbits at T-49 days we will do something a little different and focus on a few new stories coming from the new two Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. First off Mr. Nimoy has taken up the cause of Vulcan (Alberta, Canada). As for Mr. Quinto, it was just announced he will be reading the Star Trek audiobook, plus he appears in the new GQ.


Nimoy takes up cause of Vulcan (Alberta)
In the last ST09 Tidbits we reported that the two year long quest of the town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada to land the premiere of the new Star Trek movie had come to an end with Paramount rejecting their request. But that is not the end of the saga, or not if Leonard Nimoy has anything to say about it. The original Vulcan was surprised to learn about the rejection and contacted town officials to implore them to not give up. Nimoy tells TrekMovie:

The people on Vulcan are disappointed that there will not be a screening in their namesake town. I would say “sad” but that would suggest emotion. One would think that Paramount could find a way to resolve this issue satisfactorily.

Nimoy has also given statements to Calgary Herald and Airlock Alpha voicing his support for the Vulcans. TrekMovie is trying to see if there is any flexibility back at Paramount on the decision, but no word back yet.

UPDATE: Paramount has contacted TrekMovie to tell us that they are working with the town of Vulcan to find some way to do something with them, but they are still working out details. When those details are worked out, we will do another report.

Nimoy to Paramount: let my people go (to a premiere in Vulcan)

Quinto reading Star Trek Audiobook + book page length confirmed
Here is some great news for fans of audiobooks. Not only will the audiobook version of the adaptation of the Star Trek movie (written by the legendary Alan Dean Foster) be the first Trek audiobook in years, but it also has a big star reading it…none other than Mr. Spock himself Zachary Quinto. The news was just announced this this week by Simon and Schuster. And book fans will be happy to know the audiobook will be unabridged. It will be available on CD and as a download. The CD version can be pre-ordered from Amazon for  $19.79.

In other book news, TrekMovie ahs confirmed that the final page count for the Star Trek novel is 288 pages. You can pre-order the book at Amazon for $10.20. There will be an ebook version as well.

Quinto reading audio book = logical

Quinto style – talks Ryder – wants in on SNL
Speaking of the new Spock, Zachary Quinto appears in the new issue of GQ Magazine, The actor is showing off raincoats, just in time for Spring showers. He also talked briefly to the magazine about the movie noting the curiosity that Winona Ryder plays his mother saying "she’s, like, five years older than me." Quinto also revealed that he really wants to get on SNL. Come on NBC, make it so…how about a Quinto/Pine hosting gig around say…um…May 8th?

Does it rain on Vulcan?
(click image to see more images at GQ slideshow)

That is it for this Vulcan specific Tidbits, but look for another general ST09 Tidbits in the coming days.

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All good things did you see the rumor Chris Pine as Green Lantern

Ugh, that picture of nimoy is a gigantic tease.

shatner for green lantern!

just hope quintos impressions of the crew are better than shatners! he’s hillarious!

Cant wait to see Nimoy in ST : TFB

( I hear Shatner might be in this,,*smiles*)

Coming from Nimoy, that sounds like a declaration of war.

For what it’s worth, I’m all for the premiere in Vulcan, Canada. Petition!

Quinto looks great as Spock, but he would do a perfect Joker aswell!
Look for yourself!

PS Second!

Well… almost.

Remember when The Shat had some adventures in Vulcan? Vulcan Alberta! I think it’s great Nimoy supports the towns cause. It’s a very, very, small town. Town really doesn’t fit, actually. Less than 2000 people live there. They don’t even HAVE a movie theatre!

“I would say “sad” but that would suggest emotion. ”

Thanks Leonard, that really cracked me up!!

Speaking of tidbits…has anyone checked that old website lately? It’s a shame that they never did anything more with that…

what a waste.
they should have built a screen for Vulcan and had a premier there.
i think they realy screwed up the whole advertising portion of this movie. the writers strike and the change in release date realy put hem off mesage and had to scramble to get things moving. remember this was uppost to be the most secret project in hollywood. nothing gets out pre-durioong or post. its all hush hush. then filming ended, the strike ended the relase was pushed back and they wnated a bigger buzz. and JJ was several days behind schedlue not locking the film till after its origonal X-mas release date. as a reslut the studio falls alover themselvs looking like a keystone cops opperation.
nowonder Vulcan couldnt get a show.


Why not have the Premiere at Riverside, Iowa???

Funny about the five-year age diff separating Quinto and Ryder. That’s about the difference between Cary Grant and Jesse Royce Landis, who played his mother in “North by Northwest.”

“i think they realy screwed up the whole advertising portion of this movie.”


#12 – “and JJ was several days behind schedlue not locking the film till after its origonal X-mas release date. as a reslut the studio falls alover themselvs looking like a keystone cops opperation.”

What in the world are you going on about? Tell us all in what any of this has to do with the advertising that you are mentioning and in what way they “screwed up?”

Sheesh – Give the Vulcans a premiere, thier whole planet got black-holed… poor folks…


#14 That would be great. I second.

Nimoy: “I would say “sad” but that would suggest emotion.”

Love his sense of humour. :]

Having a premiere in a town with no movie theater wouldn’t be logical.

There was an interview with Leonard Nimoy in the new SciFiNow, issue 26. Just came out today. Well, in Ireland and Brittain anyway.

I’m sure TrekMovie can pull a few strings!

I’m with #14, especially if Vulcan doesn’t have a movie theater.

How the hell do they want to have a premiere in a town with NO Movie theater? How the hell do they want to build a Movie Theater in 49 Days… unless they ship some hundreds of chinese workers to this town… ;)

#4 your keyboard must be broken it just keeps typing the same stupid thing over and over?

#6. Curveball

Enough already, that video isn’t all that good, why would Spock be The Joker, why Not Nero?? he Is the Villain after all. Quit hawkin’ that thing.

Hey Maquis be nice I thought it was alright. Plus I hope that Vulcan Gets It’s premiere.

It’s fun to run with this one, especially after Nimoy’s naturally Vulcan statement.

Hell, do it in Calgary.

To me ‘Mr Spock himself’ is Leonard Nimoy

Considering Quinto does Sylar (“Heroes”) on NBC… and NBC is home to SNL, it’s a no-brainer.

“No-brainer”… heh… y’know, Sylar? Brains?

Scotty, beam me up…

Just started watching Heroes from the beginning on Netflix last week. Makes me even more excited for Star Trek as I enjoy Quinto immensely.

Hope he makes it to SNL!

I am somewhat surprised that Nimoy is getting on board. I was under the impression that he had always refused Vulcan’s requests for him to make an appearance. Is he only now getting on board because he knows he won’t have to go through with it? I hope not, I have far too much admiration and respect for that man.


12. Enc

Sorry dude, you are way off.

288 pages – souonds kind of “skimpy”? Oh and 1st?

25. Selor – March 19, 2009
“How the hell do they want to have a premiere in a town with NO Movie theater?”

They could do it outdoors.

“How the hell do they want to build a Movie Theater in 49 Days… unless they ship some hundreds of chinese workers to this town… ;)”

Not funny.

Is this “Albert” thing a running inside joke or something, Anthony? :P

The premier should be at the ISS.

The Premiere should be at my house! I promise I’ll vacuum…

37–do you mean Albert or Herbert? Because Herbert is indeed a running joke…

40: I meant Albert, because this is the second Vulcan, Alberta-related article I’ve noticed where he (apparently accidentally) omitted the final “a”, but it seems he’s fixed it here, too. Guess it’s just a recurring typo!


This page took a very long time to load. Server?

But thanks for the update

I think it’s scandalous that Vulcan has been declined the opportunity to host the premiere. Okay so there’s no cinema in town but this is hardly the end of the world. I have it on good authority that the mayor recently purchased one of the fancy new fangled wide screen TV’s and his wife makes a half decent meatloaf (allegedly).

I thik we should all start lobbying NBC for a Quinto/Pine SNL episode. That would be too funny and I would love to see them show off their humorous side. Would be great if Nimoy and Shatner “dropped in” and if they all did a skit together.

I’m surprised Shatner hasn’t been asked to do a second host gig on SNL.

Quinto on SNL. That would be really cool. I haven’t watched SNL in a long time, but I would definitely watch that night.

It would suck for the town of Vulcan if the planet Vulcan exploded in the movie they happened to be premiering it.

just a thought.

that would b cool

That is an awesome update!

I totally understand that not having a movie theatre in Vulcan makes it difficult to have a premiere there, but kudos to Paramount for looking for a compromise.

They could still have some kind of cool Trek event in Vulcan.