ST09 Tidbits (T-48 days): Vulcan Gets A ‘Yes’ + New Esurance Contest + New Kellogg’s Promos + more

Today’s Star Trek movie tidbits has great news for the Canadian town of Vulcan, with Paramount announcing they will be giving them their own little premiere. We have details (and a comment from Leonard Nimoy). Plus Esurance has launched a new Star Trek contest today, and Kellogg’s has announced some new promotions coming to a cereal box near you soon. We got all that and more so let’s get started…


Vulcan UPDATE: Canadian town gets a premiere
The two-year long saga of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada has heated up in the last couple of days after it was announced the small town with the Trek name (but with no movie theater) would not be the spot for the global world premiere (that honor went to Sydney Australia). Yesterday we reported that Leonard Nimoy had taken up the cause of his fellow Vulcans, and later we provided an update that Paramount was still working on something for them. This afternoon Paramount just sent over an official statement about how they are going to give Vulcans their own preview:

Paramount and Vulcan Tourism are thrilled to bring an exclusive pre-release screening of STAR TREK to Vulcan residents. Knowing how special the series has been to the town of Vulcan, Paramount and Vulcan Tourism have been collaborating for months to plan just the right event. The private screening will be held for 300 lottery-winning Vulcan residents at a state-of-the-art movie theater in Calgary. The special event includes transportation, refreshments and STAR TREK memorabilia. Everyone who worked on STAR TREK is excited about bringing the highly anticipated film to fans everywhere and especially to the residents of Vulcan.

Mr. Nimoy of course finds this turn of events quite logical. The statement also quotes the original Vulcan:

I have been informed of the logical plan that Paramount Pictures and the town of Vulcan have been working on to host an advanced screening of Star Trek. The people of Vulcan have been heard and, although it is atypical for Vulcans, they are, in fact, excited. To all, live long and prosper

Nimoy weeps for joy for his fellow Vulcans

Esurance launch new contest – win a trip to space camp
Today Esurance, one of Paramount’s partners, launched their second Star Trek related contest. The "Explore New Worlds" sweepstakes offers a grand prize of an Adult trip for two to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, where they will experience training simulators and simulated Space Shuttle missions, and tons more space fun. Winner even gets $1k in ‘spending money.’ The sweepstakes closes on May 7, 2009 at Noon PST. Go to for more and to enter the contest.

Esurance has also chosen the winner for their ‘Biggest Trekkie’ contest. They picked a video called ‘Trekitis’ which was a last minute submission (after we picked our last ‘video of the week’). The very creative video by Dori T. from San Rafael, CA, bring in the whole family. Esurance also tells TrekMovie that one of our weekly picks ("Growing Up Trekkie" submitted by Andrew), was the runner up. So close!…but at least we got you a T-Shirt! You can see the winner and other vidoes at (click ‘watch Trekkie Videos on the right). Esurance has also uploaded some of their favorite videos to their Biggest Trekkie YouTube Channel.

Esurance could send you to space (camp)

Free Tickets and Command Badges from Kelloggs
Last week TrekMovie first reported that Kellogg’s had joined the Star Trek movie juggernaut, starting off with their Eggo waffle line (and a plate give-away).  Now are emerging from Kellogg’s about two new promotions for Star Trek. First up all flavors of Pop Tarts (8 count, 12 count, and 16 count varieties) will be offering free Official Movie Pass vouchers (details at  And secondly Star Trek will also adorn boxes of Kellogg’s popular cereals (such as Frosted Mini-Wheats, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, and Rice Krispies). Inside each box there will be one of five different Star Trek badges which special insignia and power beam. Fans could collect a badge representing Starfleet science, command, and engineering, the Romulan Empire, and the Klingon Empire (details at There will be more announcements of Kelloggs products soon, and TrekMovie will continue to bring you the details about this GREEEAAAAT news.

Kellogg’s Star Trek promotions headed to your local market

ST09 Bullets
So much Star Trek 2009 news is coming, we have to condense some of it into bit sized bullet form:

Rogen (playing Trekkie in ‘Fanboys’) really is one

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Vulcan is saved!

whoooo hooooo T-48 days….

Spock saves Vulcan! Now let’s see if he does it in the movie!

I’m nowhere near Vulcan, however I know how much the people of that town were hoping for this. I think it’s wonderful, and kudos to Mr. Nimoy for helping to bring all this about.

I love happy endings (*sniff!*)

Yay!! Looks like I Will be buying poptarts now, and will worf down my existing Apple Jacks Package!

Great news for Vulcan!

That’s great that Vulcan is getting it’s event. Too bad its not something bigger and open to the general public.

I live in Victoria, BC, Canada and some friends and I were planning on taking a road trip to Vulcan if they had had the big they hoped for.

Hopefully all the press the town has gotten out of this struggle will bring more people to their town.

L’eggo my Eggoprise!

I wanta Enterprise bowl !!!

And I wanta see the Offical poster for ST :TFB

it should be comming in 2 weeks I guess,, maybe sooner if someone leaks it.

Great news for Vulcan, that was really nice of Paramount. Would I be able to enter in the contest for one of the 300 tickets if I move to Vulcan next week?

Also, if I was Mr. Abrams, I’d stay far away from the horses just as a precaution.
I’m not saying Mr. Shatner would do anything but he did seem alittle upset about not being in the film….

Oh My GOSH! Tomorrow there will be…. 47!!! days till STXI………..



Yeah, he probably trained his horses to kick JJ point blank on command.

Shatner: “Hey, JJ, come take a look at my prized steed here. Closer….closer…”


Awesome. Glad Vulcan is getting a screening. Should also be good for publicity. Can’t wait!!

Awww, bless. :)

I may have to bite the bullet and choke down a buch of Corn Pops now.

Hate to say it but, it looks like what Leonard Nimoy wants, Leonard Nimoy gets.

Eggos, definitely. Pop Tarts, maybe–but I’ll never touch Corn Pops again in a million years! I like some of the prizes they’re offering; the beam-up badge reminds me of a toy I got for Christmas when “Generations” came out.

Definitely buying the Pop Tarts, oh those delicious Pop Tarts!

If this film flops it won’t be because of a lack of PR ploys. Having advance screenings means a high probability of favorable early reviews. Am glad the creators are so confident in the film. Still hoping it is great entertainment as well as a big money maker to keep Trek alive.

#18 – Exactly, what supposedly killed Enterprise will definately not be to blame if this movie doesn’t perform to expectation.

its like 1979 all over again!

lets hope the new film dosnt let everyone down like that one…im sure it wont i mean..its already been done…the mistake of turning Trek into 2001 meets Solaris have been learned (i can sort of see why they went for that approach…sort of like ok the tv show was a cartoon – this is a big movie…its gonna be serious!! out with the camp and in with the big questions and realistic future)

with this we’ll get the ‘feel’ of movies II, III, IV (& VI)…basically the star trek the makers of this grew up with – when i say ‘feel’ i mean the balence between action, humour, scares, icky creatures, gore, deaths, space battles, fist fights, military, bushy haired kirk etc etc along with a powerful villian/mysterious force..

it will probably be somewhat similar to the lost Trek VI (Bennetts Star Fleet Academy) except with the added bonus of old spock and nero from the future and planets imploading etc

so really its been 20 years in the making (as the idea for the prequel was around 89 to hit screens in 91)

btw to Anthony – maybe there could be a story on sometime about the lost Trek VI…im sure people would like to know more – cast details, how far it really went before it was nixed, what bennett has to say now etc etc…theres never been much about it other than a couple of brief articles in cinefantastique and the making of the trek films/making of Trek VI (Ed Gross)

on the Trek VI dvd extras Ralph Winter and i think shatner talk a little about it and there is some prod artwork of young kirk, spock etc and the enterprise which looked alot like the NX-01 (obvioulsy they mustve gone back to those drawing when doing the tv show)…not sure why it was to look like that though..i mean wouldnt it look like it did in TOS/movies?

These Leonard Nimoy quotes seem… odd. They don’t seem very Leonard -like to me… Are we sure he actually said them? Or did someone invent it?

re: 20
“so really its been 20 years in the making (as the idea for the prequel was around 89 to hit screens in 91)”

I thought it was a bad idea then…and a worse one now.

So few days… and oh so long to wait… how… how can we survive this agony, filled with anxiety and eagerness… everyday seems to last and last… only the thoughts about the End of the Waiting keep us alive! Rise my brothers and Sisters, RISE! Now it’s our turn!

@21: The NX-01 design was actually inspired by the Akira Class ships.

Good for Vulcan!

23. Stanky McFibberich

Just because the movie isn’t what you want it to be doesn’t mean it is a bad idea. Most people are really excited about this… Its too bad you aren’t. Oh well, to each his own.

Good for Vulcan. Glad they got their due. They recently had a display in the foyer of Edmonton’s concert hall when the symphony held a sci-fi concert featuring George Takei. They were all in starfleet uniforms selling Spock ears, and even got the ushers to wear them that night. Of course I bought a pair. It was all good fun.

Go Vulcan!

#23 “I thought it was a bad idea then…and a worse one now.”

I hated the idea then, because the original cast still had more adventures left in them. I would have been pissed to see my beloved TOS crew pushed out of the spotlight in the 1980’s. But now, with 2 dead and the rest in their 70’s, it seems logical to recast. I am glad Paramount ulitmately had the good taste to wait this long.

Cool. Glad to hear Rogen promote Trek.

Oh, it should go without saying, but …… even though I endorse recasting, Shatner still should’ve been IN the movie!!!!!!



That is awesome of Paramount to do that for Vulcan.

Kudos to the movers and shakers of Paramount for proving that some big businesses actually care about the little people.

I wonder what the Klingon logo will look like? Will it be the three-point symbol we are used to or the original from errand of mercy?


I want to hear more about this “Lost Trek VI”. Are you saying (okay, typing) that originally, Star Trek VI was not supposed to be the swan song of the old crew, but rather a re-start with a new cast playing Kirk et al?

Nimoy is an absolute class act. Bless him. I hope those 300 lucky Vulcans have the time of their lives.


Before ‘The Undiscovered Country’ started taking shape, Harve Bennett (who was producer at the time) had an idea for a film in which Kirk and Spock met at the Academy and had their first big space adventure. It was intended to take place from a retrospective point-of-view via Dr. McCoy giving a speech at the Academy. If you go to Memory Alpha you can see several preliminary sketches of what the characters and vehicles would’ve looked like (including the Enterprise). However, Paramount did not want an Academy movie at the time and wanted to move forward with the original cast (I think this was wise considering how they wanted it to be “Top Gun in space”. Yuck). As a result, Harve Bennett tendered his resignation in spite of being offered $1.5 million to continue as producer of the sixth film. It is kind of uncanny that after all these years, a hip new JJ Abrams movie has come along that actually shares more in common with that long-lost project than anything else.

Of course, all of that info is from the top of my head. I don’t know what I’m missing. :P


Ah, wishful thinking…:D

If anyone goes and sees “I Love You, Man,” my theatre showed the newest Trek trailer with it. Considering all the other trailers were random comedies, it might have come with the film (which would be a great thing since it’s definitely reaching a different audience).

Re Vulcan: Really beautiful. Good on you, Mr. Nimoy.

must. get. tickets.

Anyone else hear that Bryan Fuller wants to do a new Trek TV show?

I hope he decided to set it in the future of the original timeline, rather than the new–so the film series and TV show can go their own way and not be influenced by each other. Also, it would be a good marketing idea since some fans want the old Universe and some want the New…

Beam Up Badge?

Looks like I’m gonna be buying Corn Pops!

Will the Poptarts have Redshirt Raspberry flavor?


Am I the only one who noticed that Spock’s jellyfish ship crashes kamikazi style into Nero’s ship?

…it’s in the trailer

It is kamikaze… from kami ‘divinity’ + kaze ‘wind,’ originally referring to the gale that, in Japanese tradition, destroyed the fleet of invading Mongols in 1281.

Someday I’m gonna visit Canada (got a friend in Montréal – no, not Shatner) and then I’ll make sure I’ll go to Vulcan.

Congrats to the winner who did the “Trekitis” video – it was nicely done. I didn’t win, but at least I made it to their Youtube top picks.

I laughed at “Beam Up Badge!”