ShatWatch: Birthday Edition

"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Message, Spock?"
"None that I am conscious of. Except of course, happy birthday."

See below for our birthday tribute for William Shatner.


Happy Birthday to an icon of decades

William Shatner is 78 years old today, March 22nd. In those years, he has brought to audiences iconic characters (Captain James T. Kirk, TJ Hooker, Denny Crane), unforgettable music (from the maligned Transformed Man to the acclaimed Has Been), some of the first cyberpunk television (Tek War), and advertising gems (Priceline is a good example). Yet, perhaps his greatest contribution is that as he ages, Shatner has done so as a role model of how to live a life of enthusiasm and adventure.

For all these gifts, we at TrekMovie send our appreciation to William Shatner. We wish him a happy birthday with this celebration of some of the more unique moments of his life, eight total, one for each of his decades.

1) Bill’s Weirdest Advertisement
Loblaws commercial

2) Nicest Moment with Leonard Nimoy
from ‘Mind Meld’

3) Best Game Show Moment
Plays against himself (and loses) on Pyramid

4) Best Shatner / Sinatra Moment
From the Mike Douglas show

5) Best Shatner doing a dance mix
From Conan O’Brien show

6) Best Shatner parody of himself
From ‘Airplane II’

7) Best patriotic moment
Shatner declares he is a Canadian

8) Best Shatner Rap
from ‘Free Enterprise’

From all of us at TrekMovie…a big happy birthday to William Shatner.


Celebrate International Talk Like William Shatner Day
Renowned voice actor Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain, Harvey Birdman, Futurama, etc) is a big Shatner fan and has done his voice for a number of shows. And Maurice thinks the best way to celebrate today is to make it ‘International Talk Like William Shatner Day’, and in the video below he teaches you how to do it.

UPDATE: Pollak tribute
Maurice mentioned that the ultimate Shatner impersonator is Kevin Pollak. It just show happens that Pollak chose today to launch his new live Internet chat show. He announced on Twitter that the show will include a tribute to Shatner. You can watch the show at 5PM Pacific. The show will also include LeVar Burton as a guest, taking questions in the chatroom.

Watch the show and participate at



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The rap is classic!

the part from mind meld is really great. makes me a little emotional, I have to admit. happy birthday mr.shatner!

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Happy Birthday!


– makes me a little emotional, I have to admit. –

You’re not alone…:)

Happy, Happy Birthday, Bill, and many more to come!

Have a wonderful day with your family and friends – may the year ahead be full of health, energy, joy, fun, and hopefully new projects!

Thank you so much for giving us the greatest hero of the universe, and thanks for your witty, entertaining ways.

Way to go Bill!

PS: Love.theidea..of……WILLIAMSHATNERDAY! :)

Happy b-day to the Shat.

He should be in the new movie.


I really love the man, the icon, the idol, the myth, whatever…!! Shatner is “with me”, for, now, about 30 years…!

I feel like he is a distant member of my own family. One that I love and miss…!

I wish I could meet him somtime, one day… But he’s never been here, to Brazil… Maybe one day…!! ;o)

All in all, my best wishes and may Shatner live long and go on prospering and having this wonderful and entertaining life he has…!

All my best!

Marcelo Carvalho
Porto Alegre, RS

From one Lousy Canadian to another; Happy Birthday, Bill! You’re my hero!

Happy Birthday William Shatner. The Mind Meld bit almost brought a tear to my eye, and the I AM Canadian bit was hilarious. Thanks for all the great moments.

Love this article! And love all the videos.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner, and thank you for all that you’ve given us, the little people. ;)

Happy birthday, Mr. Shatner! To the rest of us, happy “Talk like William Shatner” day!

Good Job John, Mind Meld is a great moment.

All the best, Bill!
It was a very good year

Eeb pebnista, Bill baby. Live long and prosper.

C.S. Lewis

Happy Birthday Shat Man!

That last scene in the mind meld clip will always be one of my favorites.

Oh my…

Happy Shatday Bill!

Happy Birthday Bill !

A toast to The Man The Legend The Shat

Happy Birthday my friend, 78 and still going strong.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Happy Birthday, we hope you rejoin the Trek universe real soon!

Looking forward to seeing you in the new film Bill!
Happy Birthday!

And best Shatner shlock, as sleaze in “Impulse”!

Happy Birthday to an icon! Live long and…. you know.

Happy Birthday from Ireland Mr. Shatner!

Happy… Birthday… BILL!!!

Live Long and Prosper!!!

Happy Birthday Bill !!! You keep on finding roles so we can bring the goodness into our homes week after week!

Happy birthday, Mr. Shatner.

Here’s hoping we get to celebrate many more.


Happy B day Big Guy!!

I love Shatner. He’s my man. Always have. Always will be.

Happy Birthday, Bill. Have a great one this year, and for many years to come. You are an inspiration.

I don’t care what anyone says or whatever excuse they have to offer. The bottom line is the new “Star Trek” film would be better with Shatner in it.

Hey Maurice LaMarche,

I’ve done a list of Shatner pronunciations in the past. Here’s some like:

He says tele-KIN-esis. As opposed to the usually heard, tele-ki-NE-sis. Just another in a long line of Shatner pronunciation. or re-pronunciation. I’ve made a list of all the Shatner re-pronunciations.

A few more.

there was the opening credits, where for years (until I was 9 0r 10) thought that Boldlego was all one word. Don’t ask me what I thought that meant. I always heard Bold-LEE-go. One day I figured out he was saying To Boldly Go.

That aside…”Patterns of Force” has two great examples of Shatner-isms.

‘Natzis’ and ‘Gestapo’ using the flat ‘A’ sound in both words as opposed to the ‘ahh” sound that I always heard in Hogans Heroes or other movies.

a BONUS Shatner-ism *

….is one not found in the show but found on book on tape of Star Trek Memories, read by the author himself in which he describes a period of renaissance in his life. Shatner pronounces it re-NAY-ssance as opposed to the usually heard REN-aissance.

Then there are the sped up sentences that become one word. ‘Gotothedevil’. Go to the Devil. “Day of the Dove”.

I like how he just throws words off like someone flicking a frisbee with two fingers and smooth wrist action.

But again this week’s is a doozy. Telekinises. It’s while she’s demonstrating her powers to them. He just knocks me out when he finds a new way to say a word.

And so there you go Maurice.

hahaha I used to work at Loblaw’s!

Best of Birthday Wishes, Mr. Shatner!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner. May God continue to bless you throughout this year, and every year.

and oh yeah happy birthday Bill!

Happy Birthday Mr. William Shatner, my personal favorite captain and actor. Hope you have a good one ;)


Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner! May it be a great one! Of course, I don’t see how it could be otherwise.

William have a nice lunch at Cafe Firenze, and tell Fabio to surprise you! :)

No loblaw loblaw lo–

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Whatever you’ve got planned for the second half of your life, I only hope there’s a camera around.

Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner…

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Shat man!!

That Loblaw’s commercial is downright insane. It should come with a Surgeon General’s warnng- MAY CAUSE BRAIN EXPLOSION WHEN VIEWED. Wowzers…

Happy birthday, Bill!!
Butm you forgot the most insane Shatner moment, his guest appearance on The Fresh Prince in the episode “Eye Tooth.”
Here’s the YouTube clip:

Best clip ever is when he sings “Your way” to George Lucas.

Happyyy…………….BIRTHday………. Mister! ;)