New Previews Of Star Trek Blu-ray Movie Collection

In May Paramount is releasing a number of new Blu-Ray and DVD sets, including the highly-anticipated collection of Original Series films on Blu-ray, which comes with many new special features. Paramount has released three new promo videos for the set, including a peeks at the ‘Star Trek Summit.’ See below for details.


Preview of TOS Movies Blu-ray set and Star Trek Summit

The Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection contains each of the TOS era feature films in HD with many new special features, including new audio commentaries and new featurettes. There is also a seventh bonus disk called Star Trek Summit,’ which is a new 70-minute roundtable featuring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, and Jonathan Frakes, moderated by Whoopi Goldberg.

A couple of preview of the ‘Summit’ are now available.

Summit clip on fans at Amazon UK

Summit clip on fans at

There is also a short preview video for the set at AmazonUK

Click to see preview of Star Trek Summit

You can pre-order the set now at Amazon.

Amazon pre-order $97.99 [discounted from $139.99]


Star Trek: The Original Series – Season One [Blu Ray – April 28]
All 29 episodes of the first season of Star Trek The Original Series, remastered in HD. Contains almost all the special features from the previous DVD and HD-DVD Season One sets. Offers new ‘seamless branching’ functionality to allow episodes to be viewed with the original special effects or the new digital special effects. [7 Blu-ray disks]   

Amazon pre-order: $77.99 [discounted $129.99]

Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy [Blu Ray & DVD – May 12]
Theatrical versions of the three ‘Genesis’ Star Trek movies (Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, The Voyage Home) in HD. Includes new commentaries and featurettes from ‘Original Motion Picture Collection’ (in HD) but without the original special features from the previous DVD sets or the new Blu-ray data features. [3 Blu-ray disks]

Blu-ray: Amazon US: $42.99 [retail: $65.99]
Amazon pre-order: $29.99 [retail: $39.98]

Best Of Star Trek – TOS & TNG [DVD – May 12]
Two four episode ‘starter kits’ for the new fan (1 Disk each):

  • TOS Disk: "The City on the Edge of Forever," "The Trouble with Tribbles," "Balance of Terror," and "Amok Time."

  • TNG Disk: "The Best of Both Worlds" (Parts 1 & 2), "Yesterday’s Enterprise," and "The Measure of a Man."

TOS DVD: Amazon pre-order: $9.99 [retail: $14.98]
Amazon pre-order: $9.99 [retail: $14.98]

Pre-order NOTE: Price Guarantee + no charge until ship date
All prices above are based on Amazon’s current pre-order price. Amazon offers a pre-order price guarantee, which means that if they lower the price between now and shipment, you will get that lower price. Also you are not charged until your order is shipped.

More details
See previous TrekMovie articles for more details on:

Thanks to John from the UK for sending in links

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I like the best-of-covers. Not that I’d buy them. But they look cool.

I’m not buying any of these, but would like to see that “Summit.” Hopefully it’ll be available to download somewhere on the web.

…have all the movies on good ol’ dvd, and that’s good enough for me. Sorry, Paramount. This particular fan is done helping you milk this particular cow….

One word mates… AWESOME!

Now we know, Patrick will not sign body parts!

When the directors cuts and special editions come out on blu-ray, then I’ll buy them. I have no need to own the theatrical cut of the motion picture and I really like the directors cut of the Wrath of Khan.

I’ve already pre-ordered TOS-Season One. I’ll get the following two seasons as well.

I just cannot bring myself to spend good money on STV: The Great Trek Turd Of ’89, and I much prefer the director’s cut of TMP over its original theatrical release.

I’ll probably buy the ‘Genesis trilogy” though.


Same here, especially in the case of ST:TMP and STII:TWOK. If they release the Director’s Editions with properly cleaned up prints, maybe clean up some of the effects in the first two or three movies, and give you the option of buying them separately, then I’m in. Until then the standard def DVDs will have to suffice.

I may spring for Season 1 of TOS on BluRay since it does seem to be a fairly good value for the price; but Paramount’s treatment of the TOS theatrical movies for this release has been very disappointing, especially new extras which all seem trivial to me.

I wonder how much these gentlemen were paid for that little roundtable chat?

I actually want the original TMP, especially on BD. The Director’s Cut is good too, but I generally don’t like when they tinker with the original special effects (are you listening Lucas?) I know I’m in the minority but who’s with me?

I would love to know just when the Star Trek Summit was filmed.

I wonder if they touch the subject of ST : TFB ?

I think it is great they are releasing the original series untouched, as well as the remastered version. I guess Paramount learned from the Star Wars disaster of ditching the original cuts.

i think including “featuring Kirk and Spock” on the actual packaging for the motion picture collection is kinda….well…stupid.

maybe include that info on the shrink wrap package….but as part of the box art itself….yeah…stupid.

I wouldn’t say that the movies are the “most anticipated.” I’m way more interested in the series on BD, which I’ve already preordered.

Now, I’ll wait until they come out with the DE and SE of Treks 1 and 2 before I pay any money for those.

i want screenshots. i saw some screenshots of the HDDVD compred to the DVD, and the picture was freakishly bright and washed out on HD.

Damn, I was all psyched for this until I realized that it was the theatrical versions of I and II. I much prefer the Director’s/Special edition versions, and getting that Summit thing is not worth the money for all of it.

And I really, REALLY wish they would do commentary with Bill and Leonard on all of the movies! I’ve read their books, but I want to HEAR them talking together about the films before… you know… we can’t. :(

#9—I think that, in the case of TMP, the “tinkering” was a vast improvement. I find it especially pleasing watching the scenes on Vulcan. But that certainly isn’t always the case with such endeavors. I choose to evaluate these things for myself on an individual basis. I really prefer the editing on the Director’s Edition more than anything else.

#11—It *is* nice to have a choice. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing TOS-R on blu-ray disc. I already own the original format episodes on standard dvd, but I avoided purchasing the remastered episodes in anticipation of their release on blu-ray. I don’t think I would be re-investing in TOS just to get the original format again–blu-ray or not.

This is actually the first thing I have on standard dvd that I am re-purchasing on blu-ray. The only blu-ray discs I have purchased thusfar have been things I did not already have.

I spent thousands of dollars on VHS tapes, only to spend thousands more replacing them with dvd’s. I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend that kind of money just doing the same thing with blu-ray discs right now.

The fact that the remastered versions are on there is the only thing setting this apart for me.

will the movies on the DVD trilogy look better than the special editions from a few years back?

Meaning will there be a noticeable difference from the upconversion to HD ala the difference between Star Trek TOS on DVD and Star Trek TOS-R on DVD.

Don’t have a Blu-Ray….but was wondering if it’d be worth changing out my dvd copies.

i think there should be a lot more restoration done on these movies. i can’t help noticing how the first movie looks so old and grainy and tinny, whereas lucas’ THX-1138 looks brand new, and it was filmed 8 years earlier on a much lower budget.

but i’m always in favour of putting original cuts with top-notch restorations.

Ill get the series on Bluray but not the Movies till they do the Direstors edition. But it looks great.

Why all the different single disks and mini-sets. I like to buy my TV DVDs in complete sets.

Hence, after this summer, I fully expect to see a complete BSG box set with all 4 seasons and the two movies.

I’m definitely buying the The Best of The Original Series because of the remastered versions. The Star Trek Summit is interesting with the Captains and First Officers from both TOS and TNG, along with Guinan.

Best to wait for the BD reviews. Then Netflix ’em and compare to the regular DVDs.

The Best of DVDs look cool, but… they couldn’t come up with a better episode than “The Measure of a Man”? It’s not a bad episode, but there are far better ones to choose from. Just off the top of my head… The Inner Light, I Borg or The Outcast would all be better. Other than that, no complaints.

I’m doing the same as #5.

I need ST:TMP-TDE on BR… badly!
Daren- time to re-re-master.

Every new peek into this brings me closer (to thinking about ) Bluray.

#26—I held out for a little while, Andy, but I have to admit that even my standard dvd’s look better on the blu-ray player, and the actual blu-ray discs—fantastic!

Some day I’ll own a Blu Ray player and then I’m gonna get those. But not today.

I love it! Can’t wait til those preorders ship!


Hmmm….You can play regular DVDs? Must… not… listen to Clesettrekker. Must …..not ….go …against wife’s wishes. Must….not…

These are worth getting for the simple fact that they’ve gotten proper restoration. All the TOS films have needed work for a loooooong time(TMP in particular). The DVD’s never looked particularly good.

Wow, that is awesome. Well worth the money. And what a cast! I can’t remember seeing those 4 together before.

#30—Are you kidding?

I wouldn’t have made the plunge without being able to salvage the enormous investment I have in standard dvd’s. I’m keeping my regulars and only making “new” purchases in blu-ray.

The only reason I pre-ordered TOS Season One in blu-ray (I already have all 3 original format seasons on standard dvd) is its inclusion of the remastered episodes (my rationale being something “new”).

But I certainly haven’t regretted going blu-ray.


I’m kinda disappointed this is still not available on the Amazon Canadian site.

Holding out for the Directors Edition of TMP, but can’t help but be excited for this, and thats making the wait hard…

31: The TOS films have been restored? I thought they were just re-mastered.

31 & 37: Ah, I found a relevant piece of information from a previous Trekmovie article about the Blu-ray release:

Special care has been given to the Blu-ray version of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which has been ‘fully restored’ in a process similar to Paramount’s recent Blu-ray edition of The Godfather. Director Nicholas Meyer tells us that the Wrath of Khan negative “was in terrible shape” which is why it needed extensive restoration.

So, it looks like only ST:TWOK has been ‘restored’ for this release, while the others have simply been remastered.

There should be an additional discount for those that bought the HD-DVD TOS seasons.

If you have a BD player and think the DVDs are good enough you’re really not a fan.

Upconverted discs may look fine on a set below 42 inches, but nothing compared to a true 1080p version on larger sets. Even then, there is much better color fidelity and you lose that sense of depth on smaller sets that the HD versions offer.

The films have been cleaned up and remastered. There will be a lot less dirt, scratches, flicker and other problems. TREK II had to be restored since the negative deteriorated.

All soundtracks are in lossless DolbyTrue HD with 7.1 remixes. All TREK films with the exception of TMP had 70MM discrete mixes, so this is the first time you can hear them as originally intended.

Screenshots often say nothing of how they actually appear. TVs and computer monitors are vastly different for one thing. I’ve taken shots on my PC that look dark and undetailed compared to the actual disc that is running on the monitor at the time!

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people holding on to their VHS versions as “good enough”. And while the Director’s Edition of TMP was a great improvement, personally I felt TWOK’s was a gimmick to sell more copies to those who bought the first DVD. The added footage added nothing critical to the story and bloated a tight narrative. I also like the opportunity to own them as they originally appeared to those of us who saw it theatrically in 1979 and 1982 (and 1991 for TUC).

39: Sell your HD-DVD version on eBay, put that money toward the Blu-ray edition. There’s your ‘discount.’ That’s what I plan to do.

#40—“If you have a BD player and think the DVDs are good enough you’re really not a fan.”


I’ve heard it all now.

While I have already pre-ordered TOS Season One on blu-ray, I don’t plan to buy the movie collection on blu-ray (although I may purchase some of them individually).

But that hardly makes me (or anyone else not willing to fork out the money for them) “not really a fan”.

I’m buying the ST movies 1-6 and TOS season 1 on BD. My first BD discs!


Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely be picking up the TWOK Blueray.

And personally I prefer the theatrical version anyway. Yeah Scotty gets a nice little scene in sickbay in the extended version, but it’s not really all that crucial to the story. I can live without it.

#42 – True TREK film fans will want the films in the best A/V format possible.

Jon S….

I agree “Inner Light” is better than “Measure of a Man”, but not the other two you mention. “I Borg” I put about even with “Measure”, but “Outcast” is too much “in your face” moralizing, no subtlety whatsoever. The problem with “Inner Light” is that there is very little of the rest of the cast in it. It’s a great episode, but it’s all Patrick Stewart, not really a good “introduction” to TNG, which seems to be what this collection is meant to be.

Give it a year and the theatrical and extended editions of all the movies will be available in Blu-Ray, probably around the same time the new movie comes out on Blu-Ray. I’m holding out for theatrical AND extended stuff on the same disc.

You can’t call out fans who simply don’t want to fork up the coin right now; they may have better things to do with their cash or don’t have an HD setup yet. It has nothing to do with what kind of fan you are.

That being said, I’m all over these on Blu Ray. I want them looking and sounding as great as possible. As I said earlier, they needed to be cleaned up long ago, which is what made the original DVD’s so aggravating to watch. In the HD era the studio really had no choice but to give them the proper TLC.

Would love to see that Trek Summit feature though. But I shall wait!

#47 – “I’m holding out for theatrical AND extended stuff on the same disc.”

Paramount doesn’t do seamless branching like other studios do.

That’s another reason for me to get them now, because I want the original versions. Even if they come out with a Director’s Edition (and there’s no guarantee they will) it will strictly be that version on the disc.

#48 – I was talking about current BD owners who think the DVD versions are “good enough”.