Tidbits Extra: Countdown Dates Update + Soundtrack Update + TrekMovie on Mancow

We have an unprecedented second Tidbits in the same day. Firstly we have an update on dates for Countdown, it is actually not early. Plus we have some more info on the Star Trek soundtrack. Lastly, a couple of TrekMovie.com folks are going to be on the Mancow show this week (tomorrow and Friday).


Countdown dates: Issue 4 next week – TPB in 2 weeks
In our earlier Tidbits we reported that the trade paperback for "Star Trek Countdown," the official movie prequel comic, was coming out tomorrow. It turns out that is not going to happen. Tonight IDW’s Chris Ryall has provided an updated update on the dates. Here is the breakdown: Countdown Issue #4 comes out next week on April 1st (available in comic shops and via the Android and iTunes). Then a week later the trade paperback comprising all four issues comes out (in book stores and on Kindle II on April 7th, and in comic shops on April 8th). NOTE: That these are the most current official release dates from IDW, but it is possible that some retailers let the TPB out early.

Countdown #4

Countdown TPB
@ Amazon

(April 1)

(April. 7)

Soundtrack Update
Yesterday we reported that the soundtrack for Star Trek was officially announced, and today the album’s publisher (Varese Sarabande) sent over the official soundtrack description (which is also now up on their website):

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music Composed by Michael Giacchino
From Producer / Director J.J. Abrams

From producer/director J.J. Abrams (Lost, Mission: Impossible: III, and Fringe) comes a new vision of the greatest space adventure of all time, Star Trek, featuring a young, new crew venturing boldly where no one has gone before. Starring Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock, Simon Pegg as Scotty, with Eric Bana, Winona Ryder and Leonard Nimoy.

Composer Michael Giacchino, who has served as J.J. Abrams’ musical lieutenant on all his projects, follows the extraordinarily rich musical legacy of Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith, and James Horner, as he boards the Enterprise for her maiden voyage.

In the tradition of Batman Begins, this is STAR TREK for a new generation, and is the most anticipated blockbuster of the 2009 summer season.

Paramount Pictures will open STAR TREK nationwide on May 8.

Varèse Sarabande Catalog #: 302 066 966 2
Release Date: 5/5/09

Pre-order your Star Trek soundtrack now.

TrekMovie’s Tony and John on Mancow Tomorrow and Friday
Is reading TrekMovie.com not enough for you — do you want to hear us blather on the radio as well? If so, then tomorrow is your lucky day. TrekMovie’s Anthony Pascale (that’s me!) will be a call-in guest on the nationally syndicated Mancow show. I should be on around 8:35 AM Wednesday morning (Central Time). I will be talking about the site and the movie and fans and whatever else is on Mancow’s mind, he is a big time Trek fan so it should be fun. On Friday, TrekMovie’s maven of merchandise John Tenuto will in the Chicago studio with Mancow, again talking about the site but this time focusing on Star Trek stuff, and also talking about John’s day job, teaching "The Sociology of Star Trek" at the College of Lake County. For more info on the show, visit Mancow.com. I will try and get permission to run audio files of the appearances later the week.

UPDATE: Pine Harrison Ford comment resurfaces
The UK’s Independent has a new article on Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new Kirk. The article has a number of quotes from the actor, but it appears they are actually just old quotes from other sources recycled, including this passage about about Harrison Ford.

Naturally, the biggest fear Pine had was stepping into an iconic role that has always been associated with William Shatner. But Pine has a novel way of dealing with updating Star Trek. He’s not going to model his Kirk on Shatner and has instead looked to Harrison Ford’s turns in Indiana Jones and Star Wars for inspiration. “What Harrison is so great at is bringing that quality to his character that if he could be anywhere else in the world at that time, he would be,” chirps Pine. “He is just stuck in the middle and has to deal with it. I’ve always loved that quality about him in Star Wars, that absolutely grumpy manner, the accidental hero. I want to bring that kind of humour to Kirk.”

Interesting comment, but after we first reported it tonight, it was noted that it turns out to be from an IGN interview we reported on last March.

Lately I have been seeing more and more ‘new’ articles related to Star Trek that contain old quotes and content. There is an increased interest in Trek and some there is a lot of recylcing going on in the media. Usually we avoid repeating ourselves, so thanks for pointing this one out.


That’s it for this ‘tidbits extra’…but tidbits will be back soon.

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If TPB is “actually not early”, then how did I read TPB earlier this evening. I must have a magic mailbox. Well, magic UPS driver.

1 was it enjoyable?

I really have to watch the mailbox for Countdown #4.

Cool beans !!!

It’s wonderful! The character sketches in the back are a real plus, and the illustrations of the TNG crew in part 4 are just dead on. A few surprises, too, but I’m not saying because there’s no way of masking spoilers. Suffice to say that if you enjoyed 1-3 and are hyped for the movie, you’ll love 4, and TPB is very slick.

Of course, someone will probably delete my message now for disclosing trade secrets or something.

I heard this early on and I HATE hearing that Pine was inspired by Ford and not Shatner. I don’t think he needed to do a Shatner imitation, but Hans Solo was far from Jim Kirk in many ways. I hope this is just Pine’s opinion and not something that comes across in the movie.

seriously…how could RSJ get his book early?

i was ready to head out tomorrow morning and grab up the TBP!

this new news is disappointing!

“i want a golden goose now!”

4 Good! *wishes she didn’t have to wait*

#4 RSJ

Answer this if you feel comfortable…if not…thats ok..i understand!

does the final chapter wrap anything up as far as the comics go? or is it simply a TOTAL cliff hanger for the movie??

1. Robert Saint John

Most interesting and illogical. But since you have read it, tell me, what was it about?

Yeah, not the right things to say there, Chris. Kirk is not Indiana Jones or Han Solo. He is a character who can take charge in any situation, with determined spirit and spontaneity. I also hope that Pine’s comments do not reflect upon his Kirk in the final movie.

Well shoot… I hurried over to Amazon to buy the TPB thinking it was coming now. It’s cool. I planned on getting it any way.

Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors, so to hear that he was an inspiration for Pine is encouraging. I can already see some Shat in his performance, so I’m not worried about getting a “Kirkless” Kirk.

Chris Pine picked a good actor to emulate in order to create the persona of this alternate-universe Kirk. Shatner’s Kirk didn’t have the same stressors that Pine’s Kirk will have had….

Of course, I’d argue Shatner’s Kirk had quite a bit in common with Ford’s Indiana Jones.

#9 – What was it about ?!?!?

Oh, I see, you think I’m lying? Oh, okay. Well, hope this helps:


Feel better? Still need me to tell you “what it’s about”?

Nice to know that the VS blurb excludes Oscar-winning Leonard Rosenmann. I do no think Cliff Eidelmann or Dennis McCarthy deserve short-shrift either.

Varese Sarabande also has two of the best TOS music CD’s available, and I would put Fred Steiner leagues above Giacchino in terms of the ability to do visceral orchestral soundtracks. “Corbomite Maneuver” is unreachably divine.

#8 – Taken as a whole, this would work completely as a standalone story. It’s not a cliffhanger at all. And, really, that’s it now. That’s all I’m saying.

Hey, Anthony! Tell Mancow that Dayton and I name-dropped him in “Summon the Thunder.” He’s on page 247 and gets punched in the mouth by the CMO of the Endeavour. Mancow’s a Kansas City boy, too. Good luck on the show and have fun!

Explain to me why bringing into play character traits that have never been associated with James Kirk is a good idea? James T. Kirk does NOT equal Han Solo. Not sure if I like his idea from the sound of it.

I know a Mancow but that is completely off topic.

The early date probably confused the reseller network. Hence the early sendouts.

the fact that Countdown #4 is coming out as early as next week is very interesting.

I just Gotta see how it ends/begins …

10- Your description of Kirk is exactly the way the rest of the non-trek world would describe Han and Indy. Take charge in any situation, with determined spirit and sponteneity. Yup. I’m wondering how would you describe them since you have apparantly never seen a Star Wars or Indiana Jones movie. May the force be with you Character Doctor.

14. Robert Saint John

Hey man, just curious. I believe you. I am glad you have it. I love being spoiled. Its just odd that you would get it so early. No hard feelings.

And the worst thing is the novelization comes out the same day as the film.
That is positively EVIL!

Okay, I am not going to see the movie. Capt. Kirk is not Han Solo. Not canon! not canon!

(ducking once again as Anthony lobs a fake tricorder at me… ow!!!!! that hurt!!!!)

So on the one hand i initially thought borrowing from Harrison Ford’s characters is a brilliant choice. The intelligence and expertise, the confident swagger, the humour.

Perfect for an updated kirk.

..and yet Pine says:

“I’ve always loved that quality about him in Star Wars, that absolutely grumpy manner, the accidental hero.”

Kirk might be Solo or Jones like in many ways, but the grumpiness isn’t part of it, and there’s nothing “accidental” or “caught in the middle” or reluctant about Kirk. Kirk is all about jumping in headlong.

Hopefully Pine is just talking about how to get the Kirk origin story right .. getting Kirk to that point with the grumpiness and accidental nature as part of the transition and growth into a brash adventurer.

26-Any character or person who goes into a situation wanting to be a hero is exatly the wrong person that should be a hero. The accidental hero is what Kirk was all along, just like Solo or Indy. Kirk never went looking for trouble, if he did he would have been psychotic and not exactly the kind of leader who inspired trust in his crew and would have more likely killed himself and his crew ten times over. Could he jump headlong into a situation? Yes, that is called quick thinking. If he was real he would be the first to say he was an accidental hero. He would probably also be a Star Wars fan.

16 RSJ

thanks for the honest response to my query!

Kirk from Canon is someone who has been consumed by the job. He’s a soldier. That’s the guy you see in TOS and the movies. There’s similarities to Robert Culp’s character in I Spy and many others.– it’s an archtype but only Shat does it so well. A recurring theme in TOS and TWOK is who he could have been if his soldier’s duties weren’t there. AND TMP is his failed attempt at going cold turkey. Kirk loves soldiering which is part of the tragedy. He’s addicted to his duty and the thrill of it. If you dial back in time to before he became a soldier, Kirk MUST have been a reluctant hero. He hadn’t crossed that road where he is so locked into one path that it takes on that tragic element. If instead you dial back in Kirk’s arc and he’s just an overachiever driven to succeed, you do more harm to Canon than making him a reluctant hero. He’d have to be 2-dimensional like Superman or a sadist and neither of those are Kirk. Harrison Ford has depicted the reluctant hero more effectively than many other actors– I think he realizes that’s his one calling. Pine is a great character actor, not a mimic. If he could pull something from what Harrison Ford did to make the character the reluctant hero, he did good. And over the next few films we and Pine can enjoy him growing to be the Kirk we all grew to love.

I wonder if anyone who ordered from Amazon.com will get their Countdown TPB soon then, or do we have to wait a little longer. Doesn’t bother me much either way I guess.

The text for the soundtrack got me wondering with the ‘where no one has gone before’ line… will the new movie have the famous ‘Space. The Final Frontier’ line in it?

Ive never seen much Solo or Indi in Kirk. Kirk goes into things head on, but he tends to have a plan, even if nobody else knows he does. So yeah, I think a lot of people are going to be disapointed in Pine’s performance if he really goes for that. You’d think he’d be enough of an actor to figure the role out him self and not base it off some other sifi role. And honestly, if he did have to use someone else, Id still rather it be Shatner’s Kirk instead of Han Solo, because at least its Kirk. I still think that Spock and some of the others will be much better acted than Kirk, but I hope Im wrong.

18. Spock’s Brain – March 24, 2009

Anthony, how come is there another “Spock’s Brain”?

—-The Original

#14 –
OMG he’s from the future!!!!

Wait a minute that that interview with Chris Pine is about a year old!

Folks The Independent is republishing past interviews.


JJ’s conference with Lucas
Now Kirk is inspired by Solo?

Seems like Quinto (and from all reports Urban) are the only ones who will bother performing Star Trek

Oh wait, what’s Pine doing in the scene with the Orion slave girl?
Right, that’s why I’m not going to see the movie.
why do I bother visiting the site anymore?

“Now Kirk is inspired by Solo?”

Sorta. Of course you can’t say whats wrong with that when there isn’t. The original Kirk was inspired by other things as well.

“Seems like Quinto (and from all reports Urban) are the only ones who will bother performing Star Trek”

Seems like that is something you came up with on your own.

“Oh wait, what’s Pine doing in the scene with the Orion slave girl?”

What Kirk does best.

“Right, that’s why I’m not going to see the movie.”

Oh, well yippie.

“why do I bother visiting the site anymore?”

You want us all to know how you feel?

TPB coming out april 7? That can’t be right. I have 2-day shipping, and Amazon says my copy is coming on May 1st.

Han Solo was a rip off of Kirk anyway. The only difference being that the real Kirk would have ripped Vader apart himself.

RSJ you must be a time-traveling villian from the future. Maybe Braxton, Future Guy, or Professor Berlingoff Rasmussen.

I’m on to you.

…or Nero


#39, you’re very close to the truth. By the way, I’ve already seen the movie (in the future), and it rocks! lol

Hehehe. It is funny how the old interviews keep popping up and haunting the discussions. Poor Chris keeps getting told he is putting his foot in it when it is the same quotes coming back.

Everytime I keep seeing new footage and hear new details, i keep getting a bigger Star Wars vibe from the new movie.
Some have called it Star Trek Returns (no doubt in reference to the pre-release hype of Superman Returns) but I think it is Star Trek Wars: Episode XI – Ten Years After Episode I.

A Sea of stars. A voice in the darkness:

“Iowa Farm Boy Jim Kirkwalker finally gets his dream of escaping his hum-drum, Earthbound existence when a terrible threat strikes the Federation. With the guidance of Obi-Spock Kenobi and the help of sarcastic know-it-all Han McCoy, Kirkwalker teams up with Uhurabacca, Suluthreepio and Checkovdeetoo to help Princess Spock avenge the destruction of the planet Vulcaraan by the evil Darth Nero, using the Romualn Star Empire’s mighty weapon–THE DEATH NARADA, which has the power to destroy entire planets…
Only with the mysical power of THE PRIME DIRECTIVE can Kirkwalker fulfill his destiny and the prophecy imparted to him by Obi-Spock Kenobi, that he will become the greatest Starship Captain of all time!

SADDLE UP! LOCK ‘N’ LOAD! Forget the Past!
This is NOT your DADDY’S Star Trek!
This is your older brother’s flashier, less-satisfying-circa-1999

(I kid! I kid! It’s a JOKE!)

Future RSJ.

Aren’t you concerned about fracturing the time stream?!?!?!!?!

I just checked Amazon and they still show that the TPB is coming out April 29. I hope that gets corrected soon.

First class way to put it!
It annoys me when people start complaining ‘Oh no! This isn’t the Kirk or Star Trek I know! Oh the horror!’.
Simple fact is that this film is aiming to bring us to that point. And as tman pointed out, making Kirk a 2-dimensional character rather than a flawed character but trying to overcome such flaws, does more damage to the franchise, canon and Kirk’s character. Flawed characters are interesting because you think about who and what they are on the surface and underneath, whereas a goody-two-shoes character like Superman to me doesn’t appeal because if he is an all round good person, where do you go with that? (sorry superman fans, no offence intended)

5/5/9 soundtrack release?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I want it NOW!!!!!

Han Solo is the type of guy who could easily swipe another woman right out from under Kirk’s nose.

this may have been answered before, but the newest Trek trailer that was attached to Watchmen,…was that Giacchino’s score? Sounded more like Hans Zimmer. Thought it was amazing.

RSJ- Since you’re definitely from the future, could you tell me how this whole world economic meltdown turns out? Oh, and is the new Trek movie a blockbuster success?

Great picture by the way. LMAO!

I’m not worried about contaminating the timeline, just want to create one or two alternate ones.