More Details and Video Preview From Family Guy Star Trek: TNG Episode – Airing Sunday

This Sunday FOX airs the Family Guy episode “Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" featuring all the stars of The Next Generation playing themselves. Today FOX released a preview video for the episode, including comments from show creator (and huge Trekkie) Seth MacFarlane. There are also more details on the episode from FG producer David Goodman. Check it all out below.


Preview w/ comments from Seth MacFarlane

Also available at

More details on the episode
The episodes  “Not All Dogs Go to Heaven” has two storylines. One story involves Meg and Brian. Meg finds God. And she finds religion and is giving Brian a hard time for his atheism. The second storyline involves Stewie and the family going to the Star Trek convention. When Stewie doesn’t get his question answered he buys plans for a transporter and beams the cast into his room.

The TNG castmembers involved are: Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn and Wil Wheaton.According to Family Guy executive producer David Goodman who tells E!:

They were all very game. We had fun playing with who they are. It’s easy to mock things that take themselves too seriously. Star Trek is both wonderful and pompous at the same time. I really am a die-hard Trekkie, but there are moments in Star Trek where it takes itself very seriously.

Goodman also details an inside Trekkie canon joke on the show:

In the episode ‘Relics’ in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the character Scotty is pulled out of suspended animation, and he says, ‘Oh, did Captain Kirk come to pick me up?’ And then we find out after The Next Generation ended that Captain Kirk died and Scotty was there. So why in that episode did he think that Captain Kirk was going to pick him up if he saw him die later? And, of course, the answer is they hadn’t made the movie yet and made that decision. But there is a possible explanation, which I offer in the guise of a cartoon character, so I was very pleased [laughs] to do that.

Goodman also explained to i09 why they would even do a big thing with TNG now

You could have asked, last week, why we did Back To The Future reference in the show. Seth and I are huge fans of Star Trek, and we realized that while there have been plenty of episodic television that brought back the cast of the original series, in fact, I wrote one of them for Futurama. Seth and I realized that nobody had really reunited The Next Generation, and many of them had appeared on our show. Next Generation was a hugely popular show. We’re not going to reference the most popular and current shows. Our stock in trade are our own memories of those shows we watched when we were younger.

More from Goodman at i09 and E!.

Family Guy’s “Not All Dogs Go to Heaven” airs Sunday March 29th at 9PM (8c) on FOX.

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I’m so glad that Trek is becoming more mainstream. Maybe we’ll see some sort of DS9 or Voyager reunion at a point? It hasn’t been long enough, yet. Perhaps one day.

Also, I’ve been seeing the TV trailers a ton recently. Trek is running strong.

Ha CANON JOKE! See this is singlehandedly debunking Gav’s arguement about canon being sooooooooo important in Trek! HA!

Can’t wait for this episode!

I’ve never seen Family Guy before, but may have to now.

Woot! the episode looks like a lot of fun!

In response to “Star Trek is both wonderful and pompous at the same time.” …

I’ve always felt that Next Gen, in particular, was both wonderful and pompous _by turns,_ rather than at the same time. Sort of an oscillating thing. :)

Yeh this looks good,, I hope they do one for ST: TFB


Mi Gusta, the most gusta, for this episode

Be an anti-“Family Guy” snob if you must, but those clips were damn funny! I’ll definitely be catching this one.

“F*#k you Michael! 15 years later and you’ve still got that attitude!”


The clips, the clips. They’re so Hoover Dam funny.



I’m definitely going to watch it.

Brent: I want Chicken Nuggets.


Just watched the preview.

I almost shat myself during the bowling teams quip.

I dunno, I’m still kind of ticked off at Family Guy after being subjected to five straight minutes of Conway Twitty two weeks ago, but by God they can be funny when they put their minds to it!

#3 “I’ve never seen Family Guy before,,,”

What the DEUCE?!

(Sorry – you’ll understand later)

I’m not much of a family guy fan, but this does look rather funny! I think it’s cool that they got the whole cast together to be in this.

TNG is such a great series. I miss it! :(

I wrote a great parody tribute to TNG on my Star Trek Parody page, it’s to AC/DC’s TNT, I call it TNG. heeheh. My throat hurt after I recorded it. Click on my name and look for TNG you can listen to it. Pretty funny.

seth is just the best

Hahaaaaaaaaaaaa. That was EPICLY HILARIOUS. xDDD

I’m totally watching it Sunday. Whoot-whoo!

Best Family Guy-Trek reference is when Stewie is worried about doing a funeral for Rupert and they play the funeral scene from Wrath of Khan, shot by shot, in honor of Rupert. Yes, they even include Amazing Grace swelling as Rupert’s torpedo is launched from the Enterprise.


#17 :: I remember that. I wasn’t sure whether to start cracking up laughing or start sobbing from the memories… ^__^;

This looks good! If it’s half as funny as the TOS Futurama episode was, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!

Damn, this looks great! Just wish it was a two-parter…

#3 “I’ve never seen Family Guy before,,,”

– You’ve got to see Family Guy…it’s Frigging Sweet…heheheheheheheheh…

# 13. Captain Dunsel –

– Giggity Giggity…Allll-riigghhhttt…

I’m really looking forward to this. I grew up on TNG, and for me, it’s the quintissential Trek. And I’m a big Family Guy fan. I’ve got my calendar booked!

I wonder if they got Stewart from a studio in London… Probably. Maybe even in his own house.

By the time Scotty was pulled out of suspended animation, wouldn’t Captain Kirk be dead anyways? Lol

I wish they would stream ST:TNG on the internet.

#2 how is it debunking it?

*wack* YOU’LL GET NOTHING AND LIKE IT! lol i laughed my ass of at that. Where did Crosby come from all of the sudden? She wasnt in the first image and then she wasnt bowling either. Well what ever, she almost doesnt count.

I am so looking forward to this weekend and the TNG Family Guy spoof. I enjoy this series alot and find its various characters spot-on. I bought Blue Harvest, Family Guy’s spoof of Star Wars, and find it fun to watch. I hear they are making further movies of Star Wars…I’m looking forward to the Empire and Jedi Family Guy spoofs when they get released.

Look at me! I got girl boobs!


Lol I love Family Guy. I got my DVR set and ready for that one.

I wonder if anyone would know the music playing in the background of the FOX preview? They used it in some Enterprise TV spots as well. I really want to know what that music is.

I love Family Guy, even more for its Trek references, many of them hidden so only trekkies would get it. My fave was at the end of Stewie Kills Lois Part 1, the ending music is identical to the same part from Best of Both Worlds Part 1, and if youre not a Trekkie, it wouldnt be funny. And Im glad to see them doing more TNG, TOS has been used way too much in pop culture, Next Gen deserves its chance, after all it brought Star Trek back to life on TV.

“Look at me. I’ve got girl boobs!”

WHats the deal with the ST:TFB stuff????

One little comma mistake on NBC and BAMMO TFB pops up everywhere…


I think this will end up being the only episode of Family Guy I will ever watch…. Sounds like a lot of fun. Oh my!

Hopefully Comedy Central Germany and/or Viva will show this Episode soon xD

Really looking forward to this. I love TNG and Family Guy. How can this not be awesome? :)

My girlfriend and I have already discussed how I know in advance that this will be my favorite Family Guy episode of all time and how this is going to affect our relationship. She’s prepared for viewings in the thousands.. I hope she is..

@33: Most of us are calling it TFB because we don’t like the alternatively proposed abbreviations (like ST09, I know TrekMovie likes that, but… no trekkie I know does and this isn’t exactly ST11, it’s a departure from the last 10) TFB fits perfectly the “three-letter mold” of many of Star Trek’s abbreviations (ex. TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, TMP, WOK, SFS, TVH, TFF, TUC, GEN, INS and NEM (on and on!) It’s the way it is. Frankly if it wasn’t for having to pull in the new viewers it probably would’ve been named ST:TFB from the start. Not sure what the complaint is though.

#33: you have no idea what you are talking about. “The future begins” is the official tagline. It has nothing to do with NBC. NBC’s comma mistake suggested “The Future” subtitle, not TFB.

Please god PLEASE let this not be the last time the crew of Next Generation come together. (Crosses fingers for one more movie!!!)

the star wars ep was great, but fam guy tends to fill time by beating a dead joke… like the whole couch thing… jeez, funny for a moment, but a minutes long gag?

ah well… oh, and that loooooong conway twitty segment a week or two ago, freakin’ a!

i love a good twitty non sequitir as much as the next guy but come on, waaaayyy to loong!

its like they want to take an amusing notion and wring all the funny out of it.

then what left?

no more funny, thats what.

cant wait for this ep. love pat stewart on american dad.

Does the video not work for people outside the US???

@42- Jay El Jay

I’ve watched the episode preview…
And I’m from The Netherlands…

TNG crew goes bowling hahaha…
TNG Rulez, kickes ass, forever!!!

Very much looking forward to Sunday night! Maybe this will be the big TNG sendoff we missed in ’02

@41 JW Wright –

I understand where you’re coming from, but the “beating a dead joke” isn’t really filling time. It’s a comedic joke, in and of itself. For example, witness the “Austin Powers peeing” scene in the first Austin Powers movie – in the commentary on the DVD, Mike Meyers (who probably hasn’t been as funny since the first Austin Powers movie, but i digress) states – the comedy of the joke comes not in the joke itself, but that the joke goes on so long. The intent is that it’s funny at first, and then it stops being funny, and then goes on so long that it starts being funny again – and we find ourselves not laughing at the original premise of the joke, but rather, as an insider laughing at the fact that they are carrying the joke on for so long.

Granted it is a delicate balance, and some times a joke on Family Guy goes on SO LONG that it’s funny, stops being funny, becomes funny again, and then stops being funny again. I would classify the whole Meg on the couch gag from the “Lois works at FOX” episode as one of the ones that went on too long.

#1- Agreed. I love Voyager, and a reunion would be welcome. Especially if it were a direct-to-dvd movie or something.

I am a HUGE fan of Family Guy and I am very much looking forward to this episode. Stewie can be so Khan-like. lol And it will be very cool to have the whole TNG cast reunited and having a little fun with their roles.


now you leave gav alone. for all we know he had a very bad childhood. or is still having one.

i guess we can hope.

I get the feeling poor Denise Crosby is going to die an early and pointless death in this episode….

Also, I loved that Stewie held them at Klingon disruptor point.

Come on this is just stupid silly humor that is very predictable. What happened to the spin off of Star Trek ll The Wrath of Khan? It would have been casted perfectly. In the words of Khan “Don’t insult my intelligence.”