Playmates Launches Star Trek Movie Toy Website w/ Full Wave 1 Details & TV Commercial

On April 19th the first wave of Playmates Star Trek movie related toys, figures, and playsets will hit stores. This morning Playmates is launching a site dedicated to their Star Trek line (including their TV commercial). TrekMovie was given an early preview. See below for details about the website, including some news and last minute clarifications about the diverse and exciting line from Playmates Toys.


Boldly Go to Playmates Website
When Playmates Toys was the Star Trek toy licensee during the 1990s, the Internet was just beginning to be an everyday presence in people’s lives. Now, in another sign of just how big the new Star Trek film is going to be, Playmates Toys has created a true Star Trek first, an entire website dedicated to the Star Trek 2009 movie toy line by a major company.

The new site can be visited at

Main page of new Playmates Star Trek site

The Playmates Toys Star Trek website features five sections, each detailing a different type of toy. Each section provides the chance to zoom in on the toys, and many feature multiple views and front and back packaging images. Also, there are downloadable versions of instruction sheets for some of the toys available if fans misplace their copies that are included with the items. Here is a preview of each of the sites and some neat things to be sure to engage.

Section #1: Figures
This section includes a comprehensive look at the first waves of the various sized action figures. You can check out large images, plus images of packaging. Each character gets a description plus details on their accessories. The three lines of figures are:

  • The Command Series features six 12" action figures with detailed cloth uniforms, display stands and accessories (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, and Pike all in Enterprise Uniforms, and Original Spock). The Sulu and Pike action figures are Toys R Us Exclusives. Note that originally Nero had been planned to be included in this wave (and he is pictured on the website) but the figure is now set for wave 2 which will be out later in the summer.
  • The Warp Series features ten 6" action figures with flexible PVC shirts, display stands, and accessories (Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Pike, Uhura & Scotty in Enterprise Uniforms + Chekov & McCoy in Cadet Uniform +  Nero and Original Spock). Of special interest is that the two Spock action figures include an interchangeable "Vulcan salute" hand for wishing other figures "Live Long and Prosper!" Another cool feature is that Nero includes his Romulan Teral’n weapon, something seen in the new comic prequel comic, as well.
  • The Galaxy Series features ten 3.75" action figures sized for the playsets and including display stands and accessories (Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Pike, & Sulu in Enterprise Uniforms + Uhura, Chekov & McCoy in Cadet Uniform +  Nero and Original Spock).

Galaxy series Spock — Get all the details on each figure at the new Playmates Star Trek site

Each Galaxy figure includes a part of either the USS Enterprise Bridge Playset and Transporter Playset to build out the entire play environments. By getting the figures, fans will also be getting a piece to add to their starter playsets that will help add more fun and playability. The Enterprise will require 18 pieces to complete, and the Transporter has 4 additional pieces. There are ten characters included in the first wave of this sized figure each with a specific playset piece included. Wave 2 will include more of these extra playset pieces. The cool thing about the website is that by clicking on the images of the front packaging of the 3.75" line, fans see not only nicely detailed images of the cool assortment of action figures, they also get to see which playset piece is included with which figure.

Galaxy series Pike Packaging — site helps you identify which figures come with which playset components

Section #2: Vehicles
The first of Playmates Toys Star Trek vehicles is appropriately the new U.S.S. Enterprise. There are many detailed images of the ship with some good angles for starship aficionados. Of special note is that toy will come with both authentic lighting and sound effects (including Kirk and Spock lines from the film) and a display stand that allows for 360 degree viewing of the Enterprise. The site offers multiple angles of the ship and the box, and you can even download the owner’s manual.

The USS Enterprise – detailed with many views on new site

Section #3: Role Play Toys
Role play items are some of the most popular selling toys now for lines such as Star Wars and superheroes. Now, Star Trek is back in the action with Playmates trifecta of the communicator, tricorder, and phaser (featuring stun and the less harsh, toy-friendly, phrased "vaporize" settings).

Back of Phaser pack shown on site – most products have backs shown
(you can also see choice to view the manual as a PDF)

Section #4: Playsets
It is here that fans get a good look at two playsets of the Enterprise Bridge and Transporter Room. Each set comes with a mat and ‘core’ components, plus a figure (Kirk w/ Bridge, Scotty w/Transporter). The website shows floorplans to help guide fans as they collect the additional pieces for these starter sets, showing where each of the additional pieces are connected.

New Playmates site includes playset diagrams to help put together your sets

Section #5: Cool Stuff  w/ TV Commercial
This section includes news, including an enticing promise of even more toys from Playmates Toys this late summer and autumn! This is a good location to check frequently for store events and news.

Playmates will be airing a TV commercial for their first wave in May, but you can watch it now on the site. The commercial gives you an idea how the transporter playset works, and for the first time you can hear some of the sounds of the Enterprise vehicle toy.

Playmates commercial shows toys in action

Playmates Toys will be available starting April 19th at stores such as Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, KMart, and What is especially nice about the website is that for ‘completist’ collectors, it works as a kind of official checklist of what to look for this April and as the line continues to grow. Also, it gives more casual collectors, shoppers, fans, and parents a really good look at the items. This is the first time a company has dedicated an entire website to Star Trek toys, and it helps to add to the excitement of both the movie itself and the excellent variety of toys available in about four weeks! .

And there is more to come. The website is clearly made to accommodate more toys then just what is coming out on April 19th, and there is a note in the news section that "Additional waves of figures and product will be released in fall. Announcements will be coming." So stay tuned

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