European Star Trek Movie Posters Appear Online

One of the last pieces of the marketing mix for the new Star Trek movie is the official posters (all previous posters have been ‘teasers’). In the last day four European posters have shown up online. At first it wasn’t clear if they are real, but apparently they are. Check them all out below.


Star Trek’s Euro Posters
Today Empire in the UK released their exclusive first look at the UK Star Trek poster.

UK Star Trek Poster (click to enlarge at Empire)

Also today SciFiNews.DE got the first look at the German poster.

German poster (click to enlarge at

Yesterday an Italian Spanish version (along with the UK poster and a variant of the UK poster) showed at the Italian Trek site, but those were later removed. Slashfilm grabbed the images and put them up as well, but they first weren’t sure sure if they were real. TrekMovie has not been able to confirm these, but since at least the UK poster is real, the others appear to be official (but maybe not final).

Spanish Star Trek Poster

UK variant Star Trek Poster

TrekMovie has made inquiries with Paramount US for when the USA poster will be released and are awaiting a response. Also they were not able to comment on any of the above posters, and so it is possible that some of them are not finals. 

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