European Star Trek Movie Posters Appear Online

One of the last pieces of the marketing mix for the new Star Trek movie is the official posters (all previous posters have been ‘teasers’). In the last day four European posters have shown up online. At first it wasn’t clear if they are real, but apparently they are. Check them all out below.


Star Trek’s Euro Posters
Today Empire in the UK released their exclusive first look at the UK Star Trek poster.

UK Star Trek Poster (click to enlarge at Empire)

Also today SciFiNews.DE got the first look at the German poster.

German poster (click to enlarge at

Yesterday an Italian Spanish version (along with the UK poster and a variant of the UK poster) showed at the Italian Trek site, but those were later removed. Slashfilm grabbed the images and put them up as well, but they first weren’t sure sure if they were real. TrekMovie has not been able to confirm these, but since at least the UK poster is real, the others appear to be official (but maybe not final).

Spanish Star Trek Poster

UK variant Star Trek Poster

TrekMovie has made inquiries with Paramount US for when the USA poster will be released and are awaiting a response. Also they were not able to comment on any of the above posters, and so it is possible that some of them are not finals. 

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nice posters

Very cool.

Cool stuff!!!!

Wow! Just WOW….

First one kind of sucks though :( The rest are great :)

I love the Black and White Thing Poster !

Very nice, indeed. I especially like the warping (warped?) Enterprise.

They are selling preview tickets in Munich for May 6th. I already have 12 for my friends and me :D

they certainly have the feeling of the old school posters from the first series of movies.

I’m so glad my son hs a part time job in a theater. Hmm, wonder what I’ll be getting for Father’s Day…

Nice stuff. It’s interesting to see Star Trek posters without the standard “Big 3” (Kirk, Spock & McCoy).

Love the Black & White one that might be the international one. Simplicity.

Wow. That San Francisco one is a cross between Star Trek IV and The Changing Face of Evil.

yes, i’m glad i work at a theatre, can’t wait for those posters! i’m gonna make sure my managers have them all over the theatre! i imagine that’s what the north american ones will look like. oh, i know this is awkward to ask here, but i’m working on a promotional for my theatre for trek, and i’m at a lacking if ideas. currently, i (and others) will be building a four foot enterprise (hopefully we can pull it off in the next month!) but if you have ideas (stuff on little or no budget, like making combadges for the staff and things) please e-mail me (

Why does the Big E appear to be running away from the Narada?

The UK one looks like Star Trek meets Top Gun!

The last one (maybe thats the US one) and is a little similar in design to the Trek VI and First Contact posters…wonder why the german has no bana and sulu and checov instead? maybe Cho is big over there and Yelchin is also Reese in T4?

Im guessing the Italian San Fran disaster one (which is sorta similar to Trek IV poster) has been designed for certain forgien markets only where Trek films traditionally don’t do much BO (to get people thinking it looks like a cool disaster film as opposed to geeky Star Trek)

Wow. All of these posters look great. Real or not real. the one from Starfleet gettiong blasted looks incredable. We are getting oh so close to May 5th and the Excitement is just getting more and more thick. Anthony. You have your work cut out for you and i for one thank you for all of you and your peoples hard work.

Best one is the Enterprise one by far… 2nd would be the San Fran shot. The others seem to be using a cookie cutter/heavy use of photoshop approach. Its like the people working on these are told.. you have these assets make a poster! Does baby Chekov really need to be on a poster? How about Bones?!

The “Italian” poster is definitely NOT in Italian. The text sounds like Spanish.

Wouldn’t you run? I would.

Hell yea im getting my free ticket

I’m not a fan from the Enterprise running away….from anything.

I think it’s rule of nearly every Star Trek film that the Enterprise has to get its a** kicked badly. Anyway I like the posters, way cooler than the U.S. versions!

Okay, the Empire Exclusive poster is AWFUL

The German and UK variant poster are pretty good.

The Italian one… I don’t know what it’s trying to say.. if anything.

The B&Q international poster… BEAUTIFUL… but not terribly informative.


I mean B&W

It’s next to the Q and I used to work there!

Very nice posters. I especially like that German version. Is it me or are these international posters always more daring and interesting to look at?

My only quibble: it too bad Dr. McCoy gets short shrift once again.

22 – Word! The Enterprise doesn’t run from danger in ANY alternate, quantum-mechanical reality!

What? No Drew Struzan version?

Love the Enterprise poster, but the rest … blargh. Standard photshop hollywood. I’d love to see a nice painted image.

And WHERE is McCoy????

Wow, that last one looks so cool. Sure, it’s no Struzan but more of a photo version of something he would do. It also reminds me a lot of the TUC one sheet that’s on all the DVD covers and such that the late great John Alvin designed.

MeSSA LiKey!

These are REAL movie poster, nothing like the crap TNG poster, especially Nemetoad.

I dig the Spanish poster with Frisco front and center. Reminds me of The Voyage Home.

I also dig that black and white Enterprise whisp poster.

But what the heck is the Narada supposed to look like? I can’t make out any real shapes, just protrusions.

I really hope the North American campaign doesn’t use any of the above (except for that abstract image of the Enterprise at warp speed) — I think they look terrible. Amateur, straight to video packaging.

As an avid collector of original one-sheets, I was hoping for something really vivid and hopefully a genuine illustration and not some easy to do photo manipulation. Drew Struzan’s in semi retirement, I understand, but he wold have been ideal.

I love Bob Peaks’ work (TMP through The Final Frontier) and while I figured they go in a different direction for a new era, if they’re just going to bring together the elements from the early promotional campaign (a standard operating procedure these days), I’ll be greatly disappointed.

Geez according to those shots it’s seems like the Future Ends, not good.

just noticed that all have John Cho with top billing!! Then Cross, Greenwood etc…Ok I know its alphabetical but shouldn’t it been like the original films? Therefore – Pine, Quinto, Urban, Pegg etc etc then Greenwood, Cross etc then ‘with’ Bana…‘and’ Nimoy

I like #2 and #5 best. Reminds me of the First Contact poster. Looks great!

#1… gah. I really hope it’s not the real deal, looks unfinished too.

#3 just looks strange.

#4 If you took away the Star Trek logo it could be anything. Didn’t take me long to think Independence Day.

These posters look very bad. Like a 5 year old with MS paint made them.
The director, writers and cast are all second rate hacks


My thoughts exactly – Independence Day goes to San Franciso (let’s not even get into where they’ve moved the bridge to).

The first one was painted by a blindfolded chimp in a straitjacket.

I think they look great! This is so cool!

Perhaps could do a feature showing all the previous posters, like you did with the on-screen film logos?

I don’t know. I had expected something more colorful. But they are ok.

These remind me of the movie posters from the first 6 films.

What’s with the San Francisco poster, though? I’m surprised nobody else has brought this up (that I’ve noticed) yet, but isn’t the thought of earth being attacked big news? Or did I miss something and this is nothing new?

The San Fransisco one is very ID4-esque. The Nerada looks like a Vorlon heavy cruiser.

I’m happy about all the buzz this movie’s creating, but I have to say that the visuals make me nervous. It just doesn’t look like what I expect Trek to be.

That may not be a bad thing though.

Not so fond of the ones with the floating heads (blue filter? reusing photos in poorly positioned photoshops? total lack of structure? eurgh), but I love that one of the Enterprise. Sort of… striking.

The b&w is the greatest Trek poster ever.

The rest, with those same headshots, not so much- at all.

The third one is great.

43. Shane

Its nothing new. Its been shown in three trailers already.

German/UKvariant & Int’l are my favs.

@38 Oh that’s relevant, insult the filmmakers for a poster you dislike. I love the German/UK variant poster myself, particularly how the faces fit within the delta shield and how that fits in the ships.