Hipster Crowd Targeted with Star Trek Photobooths and Star Trek Dance Parties

This week Paramount added a couple new facets to their marketing mix, Star Trek Photobooths and Star Trek Dance Parties. You can get your photo taken and it shows up in special new mosaics on the official site for the new Star Trek movie. These booths are starting to show up at special Star Trek events and dance clubs, complete with Orion girls, and more Trek fun.


Get your photo into the official site mosaic
This week Paramount launched a new feature for startrekmovie.com. There are a number of photo mosaics on the site now. These mosaics are made up of photos taken in official Star Trek photobooths which are just starting to show up.

One of four photo mosaics at the official site

After you take your photo in a booth, you can find it at the startrekmovie.com/mosaics. There are a total of four (Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Nero). When you click on a photo you can see the whole strip of four photos and zoom. You can share it on your favorite social networking site. There is a booth set up now on the Paramount lot and more booths will be showing up at other events.

Find your photos at the mosaic section of startrekmovie.com

Star Trek Dance Parties
The first Star Trek photo booth one was set up at the Hollywood dance club LAX last weekend, for the first ‘Star Trek Dance Party.’ (TrekMovie alerted Twitter followers about it the day of the event…another reason to follow us on Twitter)

LA hipsters inside and outside the Star Trek photobooth

Also on hand were some green Orion girls to give out posters and T-Shirts…and from the pictures below (from thecobrasnake.com), it looks like a good time was had by all.

Posters and t-shirts at LA Star Trek Dance party

Paramount is also showing off more of those new Enterprise models (as interpreted by various artists). Here is one that was showing at the LA event.

Artist Enterprises showing up at Star Trek Dance Parties

New York Dance Party tonight!
If you live in New York, there will be a booth at the WebsterHall dance club which is hosting at ‘Star Trek Dance Party’.

More dance parties and photo booth appearances will be announced soon. TrekMovie will provide an update when info is available. We are also working on getting our hands on those new posters and T-shirts.


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Mmm. I wish I could have green dancing ladies.

Star Trek is trying to become mainstream again, i see.

FIRST! and I wish i was in the states! I hope the UK premiere will have green girls!

Star Trek along with Social Mainstream Dance Parties and the Hipster Crowd?

Socially accepted Star Trek? Really? Does that mean I’m cool now? :D

Just what we need…. hipsters.

what the?! How come no one heard about the LAX party? I would’ve went for the green girls!

Using sex to sell anything disgusts me.

I wish i was there

I’m so sick of Orion women…

Uh-whaaaa? If Trek becomes a fad, I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t know how to be popular!

lmao what the frak!!!

#7 And that’s why the Borg lost.

I’ll try to get down to Webster Hall tonight (after the Jonathan Coulton concert, naturally). Give y’all a full report if I’m able to get in the door!

Boy, am I glad I live in Wisconsin. No need to worry about a hipster party here.

#6 “How come no one heard about the LAX party?”

No one on sites like TrekMovie.com would ever be told in ADVANCE about such a party. They wanted “hipsters”. We’re the nerds. We weren’t invited.

This isn’t my dad’s Star Trek. :) Not sure what to think.


Wow.. this is weird, but if it works…

Ha ha, awesome! I want to go to a ST Dance Party!!

I’m liking that rendition of the new E on those posters there. TAS did have some cool art at times, no matter what the animation was like. The shot of the E that was used in every episode is one of my favorites, and the new version looks very cool in that style. Man, I wonder if there’s any way to get one without attending a club o the other side of the friggin’ country.

this shit is hilarious.

I find this whole thing insulting, they’re trying to “cool” up Star Trek, which through mainstream eyes is really “uncool” and it seems really fake

I’m rarely negative. But this is lame.

#21 I agree. My only reservation is, let’s not get TOO carried away. I don’t want to end up with Trek movies and shows of the common two-dimensional quality that lack Trek’s optimism and relative intelligence. Star Trek: be fun but don’t lose your brain or substance!

Will there be Borg drones doing the Data?

I just noticed that the tops of the nacelles on the photo of the new Enterprise above seem to have the top and bottom “hubs” as detachable. In other words, it would be a quick retrofit to have the tops and bottoms of the nacelles pared down to resemble to TOS nacelles. Maybe this is shown at the end of the film a la Star Wars episode 3 when the death star is shown being assembled.

Don’t be dismayed by marketing!

It is not a party without Orion Slavegirls. That’s my new philosophy. I don’t get the shirt though. Am I a bad Trekkie? Who is Spock’s head facing?

What the? I e-mail today Paramount Germany to ask where our Dance Parties are… dammit!

Everything nerd is cool again. Or maybe for the first time. Again.

Trek needs to be made cool. I’m all for it. Great angle.
If I was there, I’d BE there.

this is the most bizarre promotion for Star Trek I’ve ever heard of.

try not to be so negative and elitist, get them throught the by any means and then convert them!!! … Or should that be assimilate them :)

Wow. Actual girls at a Star Trek thing. If this doesn’t t separate the men from the “fan-boyz”, nothing will. (Hint: they won’t be turned on by encyclopaedic knowledge of Klingon sub-species nor boring explanations about “Gene’s Vision” and how money and negative emotions no longer exist in the Federation.)

C.S. Lewis

I swear, if I find Trek t-shirts in Hot Topic…

A Star Trek Dance Party! lol, thats nice^^

I made a recut of the Star Trek Trailers, you might want to check it out =)

Designer Drugs? Is that a group?

Best promotion EVER!!

31: My thoughts exactly!

33: I regret to tell you that they actually exist. They’re based on classic Trek, though, and I haven’t been able to find them in-store at any of the local malls around here. I honestly considered buying one online, but decided it’s not worth it. (If their quality wasn’t so piss-poor compared to the prices they charge, maybe. One of them had a cool design.)



I thought the “hipsters” were all on Social Security already!

Everyone going, make sure you yell “I am Not Herbert!” every few minutes.

I want to go to an ST Dance party!

Chill fellow nerds. These parties are only to serve a “trickle out” effect in order to heighten Star Trek’s profile.

I can guarantee that 99 percent of the people going couldn’t care less about Star Trek. They’re just there to dance and get laid.

“I love Star Wars! Nanu nanu! Beam me up Han Solo!” *does more coke in the bathroom*

BUT! People who read about a “hip and trendy” Star Trek themed dance parties in the big city, are going to reassess the coolness factor of Trek.

Star Trek has had a bad stigma. Trekkies are the constant butt of jokes, Star Trek for many is synonymous with “nerdy loser”, and a lot of people wouldn’t consider watching a Star Trek movie or TV show because they think that it’s for geeks only.

Of course now, geek is more chic than it’s ever been, and it looks like Star Trek’s marketing is exploiting Trek’s kitschy, nostalgic image.

As a trekkie hipster who lives in LA – wish I knew about the party!

Facebook takes up too much of my time, forget Twitter!

Wow – Those Orion girls make me wanna bang a vagina for some reason.

21. Jay El Jay –
“I find this whole thing insulting, they’re trying to “cool” up Star Trek, which through mainstream eyes is really “uncool” and it seems really fake”

7. 8of12 –
“Using sex to sell anything disgusts me.”

5. Will –
“Just what we need…. hipsters.”

Oh lighten up. The future’s not supposed to be some exclusive members-only country club. Be grateful people are finally embracing what we have always known is cool.

42. Devon-
Wait until you’re of legal age, junior.

@43 – hear hear! =)

@43 That is the real way!
Welcome them in our great family!

…This really stinks of ‘girls can join the ‘boys club’ of sci fi as long as they’re stereotypically sexy and titillate men’. I mean, are there any men dressed scantily there to hand stuff out?

Which makes me headdesk. What the hell? I thought we’d moved past the idea objectifying women randomly to sell something. NOT a way to make a good impression while promoting something.

47. Si –

Tell me this is a joke… I just can’t take this seriously.

Wow…way to capture the crystal meth crowd, Paramount!