ST09 Tidbits (T-41 days): Kids Trailer + Premiere Tickets + New Abrams Deal + Faux Fan Flap

If you are headed to see Monsters vs. Aliens this weekend, keep your eye out for new kid-friendly Star Trek trailer (and some Trek refs). In other Tidbits we have Abrams  comments on Trek (and a new deal), world premiere tickets going on sale, a fake controversy, and more. Check it all out below.


Monsters vs. Aliens gets kid-friendly Trek trailer + has Trek refs
Today the animated comedy Monsters vs. Aliens opens and attached to it is a newly edited Star Trek theatrical trailer. According to Paramount this new edit is geared specifically for a younger crowd and primarily takes elements from previous trailers and makes them kid-friendly (so no Zoe taking off her top). The only new bit is a shot of a scene of Kirk running through a room with big blue-filled tubes. As this trailer is highly targeted, it appears it will not be made available online on the official site.

Speaking of Monsters vs. Aliens, there are a couple of Star Trek references in the movie. [SPOILERS] When it is discovered there are aliens headed towards Earth the alert that is issued is ‘Code Nimoy.’ And when the aliens are first greeted by the President (played by Steven Colbert), he greets them with a Vulcan salute.

And one last MvA thing: two of the film’s voice stars (Reese Witherspoon and Seth Rogen) were recently interviewed for that film byt and both talked about how much they are looking forward to JJ Abrams Star Trek:


ROGEN: That’s a good question. What have we got? We’ve got Wolverine Origins. That’s coming. I’m in. Transformers, I’m in. Star Trek, I’m in.

WITHERSPOON: Oh, I want to see Star Trek.

ROGEN: Every one. I’ll see every one. (to Reese) Which ones do you want? All those? Are you going to see them all?

WITHERSPOON: I like J.J. Abrams. I think Star Trek will be very cool. I think that will be interesting.

ROGEN: That will be good. I’m excited. Good pick. Good pick.

Apparently Witherspoon is serious, here she is showing off her Vulcan sign at the gala premiere for Monsters vs. Aliens.

Reese shows her Trek cred

Abrams Talks Trek As Thrill Ride + gets Paramount deal extended
Variety is reporting that JJ and his Bad Robot production company have extended their overall deal through to 2013. This shows that Paramount have a lot of confidence in the team that is about to unleash Star Trek on the world. Bad Robot’s deal in 2006 was one of Paramount President Brad Grey’s first deals at Paramount and he tells Variety he feels Abrams has become "part of the fabric" of the company, and for his part Abrams said that the collaboration has been "fun" and he feels they are "just getting started."

In other Abrams news, in a new interview with Film Journal the Star Trek director covers a lot of familiar territory, but also addressed how even though they are amping up the action in this Trek, he still tried to keep the characters at the heart of the film:

The goal for me was to make the movie equivalent of that ride at the amusement park you’ve just gotta go on. I didn’t want people to feel like this was anything other than an exciting, fast-paced ride. At the same time, I didn’t want it to be shallow and empty. We’ve all seen movies that are filled with action and spectacle and are ultimately devoid of any heart or meaning. The beautiful thing about this script is that it has wonderful emotional through-lines. At its core, it’s about this group of people that barely know each other and go through this massive adventure together and, at the end of it, emerge as a kind of family.

Abrams: Star Trek is more than just a fast-paced ride

Tickets available for Sydney premiere + fans outraged?
Paramount Pictures Australia has announced that a limited allocation of special tickets will be available to purchase for the gala world premiere of Star Trek on April 7th at the at they Sydney Opera House. The limited allocation of tickets will go on sale from 9.00 a.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) on Monday, March 30 and will only be available online via or by phoning Sydney Opera House box office on +61 2 9250 7777. Tickets will be $100 each plus booking fee and each ticket purchase comes with a poster.

For $100 (Australian) you can join JJ Abrams and his cast at the world premiere

Did you know that Trek fans are fuming over the Sydney premiere? Neither did I. Leave to the UK press to create a controversy where there isn’t one. The UK’s Daily Mail is running the headline "Trekkies fume over film’s Sydney premiere," which was repeated by Australia’s Daily Telegraph and prompted the another Australian press headline: "Star Trek fans go berserk over choice to premiere film in Sydney." These articles contend that Trek fans are upset that Sydney was chosen over the small town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada for the world premiere (even though Vulcan is still getting an advance preview). Far be it from me to say I speak for all Trek fans, but WTF? From what I can see, Trek fans are excited that Star Trek is getting a global premiere and tour and they understand that a tiny town in the Canadian prairie (without a movie theater) being first was far-fetched. But this goes to show that the media love a good controversy and are just looking for salacious Trekkies v Paramount stories, even if they have to fabricate one.

Trekkies are NOT marching on Paramount over Sydney premiere

ST09 Bullets
So much Star Trek 2009 news is coming, we have to condense some of it into bit sized bullet form:

  • Simon Pegg has been cast as a weasel in Ice Age 3 + says after watching Star Trek he walked out ‘a wreck’ [EW]
  • Tickets for the first general public showing in Munich Germany are available online.


Thanks to Jason, and Ulrich

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So they made a “kid-friendly” version of the trailer… So does this mean there’s gonna be a “kid-friendly” version of the movie as well? :D

Reese Witherspoon rocks! Go Reese! :)

Glad to see that the kids are being treated to “Trek” as well.

And, dare I say…..FIRST!!!

Maybe, maybe not.

God bless!

Im glad the kids will get there intro for Trek as well. I am taking my nephew and Neice tommorow and Ilm lookingm forward to seeing it as well.

Personally as a Sydneysider I’m thrilled that we’re getting the premiere down here.
And hellz yes I’m gonna be trying to get tickets for it. $100 to see a movie… It’s only $74 more than a normal movie ticket costs!

Reese looks hotter than heck!!! LL&P Indeed!!

Reese looks amazing. :]

#6 Reese looks hotter than heck!!! LL&P Indeed!! ( I agree with you o that.) I think it is so Koo, that trek is getting it’s world premeire and if anything I think it’s great that this so called controversy is going on. Even though it is lame. Good for the Blokes Down Under for getting to the final frontier first.

The day the Mail Online first ran their “Trekkies fume” article, I submitted a comment saying that, as far as I knew, fans were not fuming. They were just excited about the premier and looking forward to the film. They have yet to post my comment.

Reese obviously wants “in” to ST12. I agree,

God, dreaming of the day Reese does a Trek movie!

Reese Witherspoon for the part of Carol Marcus!

I hold 12 tickets for the Munich preview in my hands :D

Oh snap! Reese as Carol Marcus. I would have never thought of that. That would be sweet! Anyone have a video of that interview?

I saw the original full theatrical trailer today with MvA IMAX, not the new kid-friendly version.

In fact, right after the Kelvin exploded and the credits popped up, some lady behind me said in full conversational voice, “NOT FOR KIDS!” :/


Reese looks sooo hot in that pic. IMHO, of course.

And one minor clarification to the above article…

SPOILER FOR Monsters vs. Aliens….

“Nimoy” isn’t a codename for a ship. “Code Nimoy” is used for the situation of an interstellar presence approaching Earth, like a red alert.

arggghh! I wish they had done it in vulcan!! I have friends in high places! That’s where my boyfriend freakin’ lives! And I live sooo close to there, it’s insane! But noooo, they have to premeire it across the world from where I am!!! :(

Cool :) I wouldn’t mind seeing this Kid Friendly Trailer ^^

Can I just say as someone from the UK… The Daily Mail is the worst broadsheet newspaper here, so don’t be surprised. I don’t know what the US version of it is, but essentially it’s a celebrity gossip mag in the form of a newspaper.

So, does anyone know where I can find a copy of the new kid’s trailer?

I liked reading Simon Pegg’s comments in the link…with him I trust its not just promotion…

And ummm, BTW…

Anyone excited yet? :)

Reese Witherspoon as CAROL MARCUS!

C’mon, Roberto! Let’s see the future creator of Genesis in the next film. :)

Wow! Reese Rocks! I have newfound respect for her!

Regarding the photograph of Miss Witherspoon: I do not believe that the Vulcan salute has ever been delivered — ever, in the history of Trekdom — more sexily.

What’s the point of taking the Uhura bra scene out of the kid-friendly trailer when it’s going to be in the movie?

That’s like saying there isn’t anything that’s not kid-friendly in the movie when there actually is.

And even if the Uhura bra scene and the Kirk-Orion sex scene are suitable for kids, as most people are saying they are, then why is there even a need to make the trailer “kid-friendly,” as if those scenes weren’t “kid-friendly”?

Reese would be ace as Carol Marcus, but I reckon she could make an excellent Vulcan too. I could see her as an “earlier” or similiar character to Saavik.

I really like Reese Witherspoon, she’d make a GREAT Christine Chapel.

Mongo like Pretty Reese Witherspoon lady. She make great Mrs. Mongo.

Weird…I almost pictured her as Yeoman Rand…

mmmmmmmm Reese. MMMM melt Reese on Reese and lick Reese of Reese.

Kudos to Reese for the Vulcan salute, and YES Reese as Carol Marcus would work on so many levels.

….yes Yeoman Rand and Christine Chapel as well, but Reese was made for the roll of young Carol Marcus.

mmmmhmmmm role not roll….yes quick typing fingers ;) haha yeaaaaaaaaa


I dont have a kiddie friendly version problem off hand.
But think of this. under age actors star in films that are made from the start to be rated ‘R’ a rated ‘R’ movie they cant watch when it comes out.
with this kid friendly ver it brings up the topic of advertising inapropriet material to klds. (insert Joe cool joke hear).

but i dont think this is the case with this. Trek’s PG or PG-13 (what ever the case). This M v A will have an audiance over AND under treks rating age limitations. the Kid frienfly ver was the right way to go.

Ditto #6 and #8. Look at the legs on her!

I cant wait to see ST: TFB

Just show it in New Zealand first!!!!

I love me some Star Trek, and I’m going to be in the theater at 12:01 May 9. That said… I’ve got a bad feeling about this one… like maybe I’m too old to enjoy a modern Star Trek movie.

Who could picture her as Yeoman Rand or Chapel?? They were both transvestites, let’s be fair.

27: I agree.

40: For someone taking the name of Spock in vain, you certainly don’t have his brains. :)

I just noticed Witherspoon’s dress looks like something that William Theiss would have made for the original series. Intentional or no?

#42, exactly what I was thinking!

She looks like a throwback to any number of the Hotties of TOS.

been saying for months this is a kid’s action movie aimed for the Transformers MTV crowd.

Indeed so they put a kid friendly trailer out and somehow that vindicates you?

Whatever gets you through the night llittle man.


Reese Witherspoon, a Trek nerd? I gotta marry her.. right after I marry the three green gals from the other thread.

Trust the Mail to make stuff up just to get people angry. As Stephen Fry’s a fan of saying, ‘if it makes the Mail angry, it MIST be a good thing’.

#5 – If you add concession treats to the mix, $100 would be about right.

Cool! Reese is one of us.

Resistance is futile…

uh, long live and prosper.

Good god, Reese looks like she stepped right out of 1966 !

I like it.

– W –
* Hey maybe this is a sign that that style of fashion is en vogue again *