USA Star Trek Poster Revealed [UPDATED Japanese Poster Too]

Yesterday we showed off a number of European posters that appeared online and just today Paramount officially released the US poster for Star Trek on MySpace. Check out the final US poster below (and note the similarity to an early TMP poster). [UPDATE: Also check out a new Japanese poster]


At the risk of coming off as too American, we here at think the USA poster is the best of the bunch — Simple, clean, beautiful.

This USA poster is being revealed first on MySpace. On Monday it will be released in hi-res.

UPDATE: Similar to early TMP teaser?
The new poster is similar to an early teaser magazine image for Star Trek The Motion Picture, designed by John Berkey. Is it an homage or just a coincidence?


Euro posters
And in case you missed it, here are the European posters revealed yesterday. Note that some of these (except the UK poster at Empire), may not be finals.

UK Star Trek Poster (click to enlarge at Empire)

UK variant Star Trek Poster

German poster (click to enlarge at

Spanish Star Trek Poster

UPDATE: Japan Poster
Japanese TrekMovie reader Tatsumi points us to the Electro-ticket Pia site (a big ticket selling agency) that has a new Star Trek poster. The text above is "From the director of ‘M:iIII’" and below ‘Star Trek’ it says" His name is James T. Kirk." This has not been confirmed yet by Paramount, but looks pretty legit.

Japanese Star Trek Poster


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