USA Star Trek Poster Revealed [UPDATED Japanese Poster Too]

Yesterday we showed off a number of European posters that appeared online and just today Paramount officially released the US poster for Star Trek on MySpace. Check out the final US poster below (and note the similarity to an early TMP poster). [UPDATE: Also check out a new Japanese poster]


At the risk of coming off as too American, we here at think the USA poster is the best of the bunch — Simple, clean, beautiful.

This USA poster is being revealed first on MySpace. On Monday it will be released in hi-res.

UPDATE: Similar to early TMP teaser?
The new poster is similar to an early teaser magazine image for Star Trek The Motion Picture, designed by John Berkey. Is it an homage or just a coincidence?


Euro posters
And in case you missed it, here are the European posters revealed yesterday. Note that some of these (except the UK poster at Empire), may not be finals.

UK Star Trek Poster (click to enlarge at Empire)

UK variant Star Trek Poster

German poster (click to enlarge at

Spanish Star Trek Poster

UPDATE: Japan Poster
Japanese TrekMovie reader Tatsumi points us to the Electro-ticket Pia site (a big ticket selling agency) that has a new Star Trek poster. The text above is "From the director of ‘M:iIII’" and below ‘Star Trek’ it says" His name is James T. Kirk." This has not been confirmed yet by Paramount, but looks pretty legit.

Japanese Star Trek Poster


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Ohh, very nice! I love all the posters to date!


Yes! They chose the best of the bunch! Very awesome!

Are you kidding? What is up with this minimalist crap!?

Cool poster of the Enterprise, but it’s too blurry. I like the UK one better.

The spanish poster is more reminiscent of a disaster movie, and not a Star Trek movie :)

#4: Sometimes less is more.

The U.S. poster is bland and boring compared to the international ones.
You get no sense of the new elements being used in relaunching the franchise from this poster.

I hope they put up some of those international ones in U.S. cinemas as well. They look much more exciting, plus you get to see the new young and hip faces of Star Trek.

-Nostalgic G.


Beautiful. :’)

I think the US one is in fact the best of the bunch. And I’m from Europe….

i’d still be happy if all it said was star trek

They should have went with the German one IMO.

great!!!! When I saw this poster in yesterday’s post, I loved it. Now that I know that it is the USA poster, I am even more thrilled.

Where is McCoy!?!?!?!

The more I look at them the more I love those two U.K. posters. They’re action packed!!!

I gotta get my hands on some of those. I agree with sensewood, the minimalist crap won’t cut it for what should be a big summer blockbuster.

-Nostalgic G.

I think the US one was the best choice. It’s simple yet not generic like the other ones.


Wait… I just looked more closely at the Spanish poster. Ha. Isn’t it really ironic to put ‘El Futuro Comienza’ underneath a picture of SF getting the crap smacked out of it? LOL.

I like it! It and the one where the ship is under attack by the Narada are my favorites. It’s nice, simple, and doesn’t look complicated.

I personally prefer the slanted title font. I don’t know why they made a big deal about releasing the un-slanted font a few weeks ago when they were going to use the slanted one in the official poster.

I don;t know about the abstract design. Looks like the ship is going backwards to me.

I don’t like the USA poster. It appears like the ship is facing us, but the way the b&w streaks look, the ship should be zooming away from the right, not the other way around. I also get a huge “teaser poster” vibe from this poster as well which we should be in the full-out-show-the-cast poster mode by now like the other posters are showing.

At least the film will kick arse.

14. LOL… :D

I just have to say, I love it. This poster is like an inkblot test… very subtle and evocative.

I like the US poster. It’s very Apple-ish. But I don’t think most people know what the heck it is. ‘Oh look a Rorschach’. A proper summer Trek poster needs more explosions and hot chicks to draw in the crowds. Why not throw in a few superfluous super models from IMDB and a couple of phaser shots to pique the interest of the regular Joe Schmoe?

W T F !! Does future Spock rub out McCoy ?? Does he only have a cameo ?

Yeah…where IS McCoy?!?! My favorite character and he always gets short-changed…

The Spanish one doesn’t really say “Star Trek” to me – indeed, without the Star Trek logo on the poster it could as well be an advert for any other sci-fi film.

I mean, there’s some ships flying around, and we know Starfleet is based in San Francisco, but to anyone who isn’t familiar with Star Trek it doesn’t have any particular meaning.

The UK ones, at least to me, definitely are the best-looking. They make the film look exciting and epic, and actually make an association with Star Trek rather than Generic Alien Invasion Flick #456 like in Spain. As for the American one… at least it has the Enterprise on it, and that counts for something I guess. It’ll probably grow on me over time.

perhaps the reason it looks like the ship is moving backwards is because we have to be moving backwards to get a shot of the enterprise going warp speed

I like the two UK posters better then the USA version which just like the Enterprise bursting through milk or something.

At risk of sounding too British, The USA poster is my least favourite. I really have to disagree with trekmovie on this one, and I think in time, you will look back and agree with me. It looks rushed to me.

I prefer the UK variant a lot more, with the Spanish one a close second. The US one looks like someone just learned how to use Photoshop and wanted to play around with features.

There is NOTHING likable in the USA poster. period.

I just prefer the UK Variant and the German one…

The USA one looks like an X-Files poster… I’m pretty sure that’s the X-files font for “I Want to Believe”

I like the US one. A poster that suggests is almost always more interesting than a poster that feels like it has to show you everything it can. The other posters look like variations on every sci-fi/disaster film poster made in the past twenty-five years. Kudos to Paramount for at least trying something a little less run of the mill.

But it still bugs me that they basically ripped the tag line from The Right Stuff, which used “How the future began.” If you’re going to steal, though, it is a good line.

I like the U.S. poster, the over seas poster look to much like the Star Wars posters. Clean and sweet.

Shadow, I thought that same thing when I first saw it. Personally, I think the German one’s the best of the lot. The US one is just boring. That German one (and the UK variation by extension) just say “summer blockbuster.”


I’ll always remember that the first poster I actually saw being displayed for this movie was a Spanish-language version of the Spock teaser poster, outside a grocery store in Costa Rica… so random.

Looks like the ship is going into warp backwards!

I like the US poster just for trying something different. The others are cool, but you could easily swap out all the design elements for, say, the cast and spaceships from Star Wars.

This “minimalist crap” might just stand out from all the other summer blockbuster-style movie posters.

I do like the one with the Enterprise in scaffolding, though, mostly because it’s such a gorgeous shot in the trailer.

The USA poster reminds me of the of an early poster for TMP. The ship was at a similar angle although there was more detail.

Blah. The third Euro poster is the best, though they should have had McCoy and Scotty on there as well instead of Chekov.

Eh, s’okay for a movie poster, but I hope either the UK or German one makes it to the DVD case.

The spanish one is just amazingly hot – maybe more busy than the others, but such a great shot.

The USA poster is certainly the most eye-catching by way of being unlike typical movie posters, which is both what one wants in trying to get a new audience to Trek and in making the cinema-goer who walks idly by to stop and notice.

The other posters look like fan work, barring the San Francisco one. That’s not a good thing for selling a movie, when not only does a poster look pasted together, but it comes almost entirely from previously-released imagery that a fan could put together.

So I’m glad to see the USA poster!


How about a mixup of the UK Variant (Neros Grim Eyes) and the German one with an added McCoy below Sulu and Chekov? I think that would be the best thing!

I’m sorry, but the US poster is pretty weak

Maybe the Enterprise actually does go into warp backwards at some point in this movie? That’d be cool! Different, but cool!

However, I suspect that it is just the new warp field generation effect that we are seeing here.

Very ethnocentric of you, Anthony. C’est la vie. :-)

Even if it is the best poster…

Yeah. Just change that ship and you just might have a hit.