TrekWear: Junk Food Tees w/ First Look At Star Trek Movie Shirts

There are many companies with a license for a variety of styles of Star Trek clothing, from movie costumes to backpacks. TrekMovie is beginning a set of articles profiling all the wearable items for fans who wish to dress the part. We are starting with Junk Food who has a line of classic and 2009 feature film t-shirts. TrekMovie brings you the exclusive first look at their 2009 movie line shirts.


Junk Food is a popular clothing company, especially among the younger crowd. They are best known for the distressed look of their shirts that creates the illusion of a retro or vintage item even though it is newly purchased (only in a postmodern world do we have "instant antiques!").

Mock-up of upcoming Junk Food Star Trek movie T-shirt (click to enlarge)

Junk Food already make Star Trek shirts (more on that below) and in May they will introduce their Star Trek movie line. These shirts are made of very fine quality material and are 100% cotton.

Mock ups of upcoming Junk Food Star Trek movie T-shirt (click to enlarge)

The Star Trek movie shirts will feature characters, logos, and the movie Enterprise. They are in a variety of colors and designs and will be available starting May in men’s sizes from small to XL. 

Mock up of upcoming Junk Food Star Trek movie T-shirt (click to enlarge)

The shirts will retail for $28 (a typical price for a Junk Food shirt because of the quality of the shirt itself). Starting in May various shirts will be available at retails such as the Gap and Target, but the whole line will be carried at

More of the Junk Star Trek movie T-shirts (click to enlarge)

Junk Food Classic Trek shirts
Junk Food already has a line of classic Star Trek T-shirts based on classic designs from The Original Series as well as the Animated Series and even The Motion Picture. Like the movie shirts, these are made of very fine quality material and are 100% cotton.

Junk Food TOS shirt
[available now at 80s Tees]

What is nice about Junk Food’s shirts is that they have a "hipness" and "ironic quality" that helps Star Trek garner younger fans. The adult in a t-shirt of what is essentially thought of as a kid’s show (TAS) is ironic and fun and helps sell these kinds of shirts. Both the distressed look and the irony factor is something all the major franchises have, including Star Wars and Marvel Comics, and Star Trek is joining good entertainment company.

Junk Food TAS shirt
[available now at]

Different classic Star Trek shirts from Junk Food are available at various retailers including Gap, Target and Hot Topic. The best selection is available online in sizes from small to 3XL at (who are currently having a sale).

Junk Food TMP shirt
[available now at]

More Junk Food classic shirt designs
[available now at]

Professor Tenuto’s Sociology Lesson of the Day
Interactionist sociologists believe that studying symbols and interpretations of symbols is the best way to understand a society. All we have are symbols (language, clothing, hairstyles, props) to show other people who we are. It is no surprise then that all kinds of fans, no matter what they are fans of, dress to show their affinities. How else would others know you are a Cubs fan or a Star Trek fans if not symbols to show them? Star Trek fans, then, are not strange or bizarre for wearing costumes or other apparel to show their love of all things Trek (country music fans do it, goth and emo music fans do it, sports fans do it, even educated fleas do it). Star Trek t-shirts are a cool way to show others you are a Trekkie and are a fun affectation.

MORE TO COME: Get Dressed for Trek

Junk Food is actually just one of many licensees for Star Trek apparel. Later this week and beyond TrekMovie will continue to look at Star Trek clothing items available including articles detailing the QUOGS t-shirts, movie and TNG era costumes, school wear, and other items. So, get ready to get dressed for what might be the biggest summer ever for Star Trek.


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Vulcan Girls do it with logic??? lol, sweet

Some of them look pretty washed out even before being worn!

Awesome shirts.

Hmmm. Trek shirts? Seems logical…

There is some very cool ST Tees on e-bay now. One with a nice picture of the Enterprise and faces of Kirk and Spock from the new movie. Price of 16.98 with free shipping!!!

Look closely at the paragraph about the white Spock shirt, and then tell me that someone is NOT doing their proofreading. :)

“The Star Trek movie shits”
Actually I think they are pretty good!
Star Trek: Lone Outpost

Only in men’s sizes? Bah. Give me a nice fitted tee that a girl can wear without feeling like she’s wearing a potato sack.

Any idea where you can get these in stores?

#2 Harry Ballz
The shirts are retro, read the article

Wandered into Hot Topic the other day and saw one of the TOS shirts

#8: They do come in women’s sizes. I own the TMP shirt, and it’s a fitted girly tee. Wear it all the time. Tis pretty awesome.

Hope everyone on those shirts got their kuh-ching!

No, Just ZOE?? Come On!!

Awesome shirts. I love the black one with just the logo, although I would like it more if it just had the the delta shield minus the “star trek” under it:

These two are also favourites:
+ The Spock with the link that doesn’t work. lol

Nice to see that there are still a few with the original, iconic actors.

Anyone else think the Animated Series promo that they use for a shirt makes Kirk look like the Hunchback of Tau Ceti IV?

LOL, I love the T’Pring one, though I hated her character. I was just wondering when the t- shirts would be coming on just before I read this, so sweet!

Count me as a vote for a shirt with JUST the delta shield and no other writing, face, or anything else.

I bought some pretty neat tees from Steve and Barry’s before they went TU. One of Sulu with the slogan “Sulu Nation”. Get a lot of interesting looks from the homo-phobes for that one. Another one that has the classic phaser and says “Set for Stun”. And another with Spock’s mug (Nimoy, of course) that says “Fascinating”.

Junk Food… odd name for a clothes company.

Oh, my. These are fun.

Sweet! I’ve got an 8 year old son that would look great in a TAS shirt!

I have one of the Junk Food TOS t-shirts and I wouldn’t say that they’re of “high quality.” The shirts are a very thin cotton and, honestly, I’m not impressed by any stretch.

The “Expendable” shirt I got at ThinkGeek is of far better quality.

The Junk Food shirts are NOT worth $28 at ALL. Caveat emptor…

This is great stuff.

I hope that outlets like Hot Topics stock them and that they prove popular.

I would even maintain equanimity in the face of T-shirts with slogans like, “Assimilate THIS!” or (small font) “I believe the phrase you’re looking for is,” (LARGE FONT) “Go to Hell!” The first would be a knock-off of Worf’s comment in ST: First Contact; the second would be Data’s in the same. Star Trek-themed graphics would be used in appropriate ways.

There’s the ever-popular, “Beam me up, Scotty. There’s no intelligent life down here,” which would serve as a precedent for these snarky T-shirts.

There could be any number of ironic T-shirts, so to speak, based on Trekspeak.

For example: “Let’s Do It — Warp Style!”

“Set Your Phaser to … Hot!”

All with appropriate graphics. Etc.

Yes, I’m full of helpful suggestions today.

I’m being serious.

Other helpful suggestions: “Klingons Do It (With) Honor (And Off Her)” (with Klingon symbol)

“(This Party Sucks) Let’s Get the HELL Out of Here” (with Kirk image)

The ever-popular, “Are You Out of Your VULCAN Mind?!”

“Live LONG and Prosper — At My Place”


Hey, I should print these things up myself and sell’em.

27… HELL YES!!!

Other cheap one-liners for your consideration:

“Is that a PHASER in your pocket? (Or are you just glad to see me?)”

“Resistance IS Futile, Baby”

“Do You Have the CUBES to DO IT?” (Images of Borg cube)

“Give Me a Tall Ship and a STAR to Steer Her By” (not meant to be ironic; use graphic of a Trek star)

“How SMALL You’ve Become” (image of the Borg Queen)

“Dammit I’m a DOCTOR Not a BRA INSPECTOR! (But Okay, Whatever.)”

I’ve got a MILLION of ’em!

I’m probably too old to wear these t-shirts, but if they could put these same images on some MOUSEPADS, well, then I’d buy ’em, especially the retro ones.

Paramount: “Now that we have the apparel contract signed, we look forward to working with you.”

Junk Food: “Great, we need the style guide for the new movie.”

Paramount: “Style guide…ummm….yea. We don’t really have anything like that.”

Junk Food: “So what artwork can you provide us with…?”

Paramount: “We have a couple of publicity stills that we have released and the font used for the titles…”

Junk Food: That’s it?

Paramount: “That ‘s it for now, but I am positive that we will have more approved artwork later. Can’t you just run it through Illustrator or Photoshop or something because Target needs them quickly

Junk Food: ok…yea. We will just use the T-shirt button on illustrator and crank something out.

Paramount: Great. Glad that it settled. By the way, when do you expect you will be sending the first royalty check??

The style is called “distressed” it’ seems popular with teenagers. I’d much prefer a 29.00 shirt to look new, instead of one that looks like it’s been washed several times.

Ooh! I gotta have that black one with Darth Maul on it.
Wait a minute…

Why is McCoy’s shirt red in the TAS one??

BTW, nice Cole Porter reference.

I love those classic shirts, especially the TMP and the NCC-1701 blue and gold shirt. I will be picking those up :)

The US Movie Poster shirt is going to become an instant classic.

Trust Me.

The center shirt in the first grouping is cool, but that’s about it. I’d have to see the movie and love it before I could get excited about shirts with the new actors on them.

Besides, I’ll wear a t-shirt till it falls apart, but I’d never buy a “distressed” tee.

i own multiple junk food tees from the previous selection. Unfortunately the new tees lack the “hipness” and “ironci quality” of the older ones. i wont be buying any of these.

Re: the shirts for the new movie, yeah, um, yuck. The simplist designs work the best, the ones WITHOUT the new faces. Sorry, they are not ICONIC enough yet to stand on there own. The older TOS inspired shirts are cute in a quirky way… I agree about the distressing… Am I payin for a brand new shirt that looks like it was a printing reject? ;-D


I think they goofed, that’s Scotty

I sure would like to buy one of those new uniform shirts with little Trek emblems on them.

The shirts with delta are very well done. And the one with the ship…yes, they had to write there the name Enterprise so as the people know, what it is :-D lol.
The two shirts with delta and name only (movie and TOS) are classic.

You know that the worn look is often achieved by sandblasting in second and third world countries without any safety precautions? In Turkey the population of whole villages is terminal ill from working at sandblasting factories. Breathing in small particles of silicon makes the lungs less flexible until it will no longer function at all. A condition that is not treatable and results in a slow painful death.

So without knowing where these shirts come from and how the worn look is achieved, I would not buy them.

I love Junk Food shirts but they’re so expensive. xD

I’ll wait till the movie comes closer and look in the guys’ clothes sections at the stores. Undoubtedly they’ll have some ST09 gear!

They are expensive, but the designs are kick ass!

They are expensive, but they’re kick ass!

I’ll consider the Enterprise gym-style tee (wish it wasn’t pre-destroyed). Until then, I’ll stick with my Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock tee (fashionable, and a useful reference).

They’re nice, but I’d like to see a girly version, maybe a glamourous version of Uhura with a comment, or something.

These shirts are awesome, I am going to buy one myself for sure. I found this old-school style Star Trek tee online at check it:

Junk Food Clothing does not sell tees to Target.