BREAKING: Paramount Moving Forward On Star Trek Sequel – Supreme Court On Board

First hinted at here at TrekMovie last June, Paramount have finally sealed the deal for the Trek’s ‘Supreme Court’ (Abrams, Burk, Kurtzman, Lindelof, & Orci) to move forward on a sequel to their new Star Trek, five weeks before it even opens up. Variety broke the news Monday night, see below for the first details on on what would be the twelfth film in the Star Trek franchise.


Get Ready for another Star Trek in 2011

Here are the facts from the Variety report:

  • All five "Supreme Court" members back as producers: JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof
  • Script to be written by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof (story in ’embryonic’ stage)
  • JJ could possibly direct, no decision yet
  • Script to be delivered by Christmas 2009 for a possible Summer 2011 release

This is essentially the same set up as the first deal back in 2006. Abrams did not sign on as director for the current film until early 2007. The only difference now is that Lindelof (an Emmy winning writer) is also listed as screenwriter. However, in previous interviews with both Lindelof and the writers, it has been indicated that Damon worked closely with the writers as they were working on the script for this year’s Star Trek.

Lindelof is quoted in the Variety article:

There’s obviously a lot of hubris involved in signing on to write a sequel of a movie that hasn’t even come out yet. But we’re so excited about the first one that we wanted to proceed.

Kurztman is also quoted on possible storylines:

Obviously we discussed ideas, but we are waiting to see how audiences respond next month. With a franchise rebirth, the first movie has to be about origin. But with a second, you have the opportunity to explore incredibly exciting things. We’ll be ambitious about what we’ll do.

Huge vote of confidence
There can be no greater indicator that Paramount believe they have a winner on their hand and they want to make sure they have the same team in place. Paramount has been pushing to get two-year gaps between the Iron Man (2008 & 2010) Transformers (2007, 2009 and possibly 2011), and so it makes sense foe them to want to do the same with Trek. It has been previously reported that all all the main cast have options for two sequels, so with the Supreme Court tied down, Paramount is ready to go.

One caveat, signing a deal to get a script is not the same thing as giving a film a green light. Obviously the performance of the new Star Trek film will be a major factor in how to proceed with a sequel. However, studio sources have been indicating to TrekMovie for quite a while that a sequel was always assumed and some feel that (like with the recent Batman relaunch), the follow-up film can be even bigger.…home of the Star Trek sequel
TrekMovie will of course be following up on this big exciting news, and we expect to be the leader in news and information on the next Star Trek movie, just like we have been on the one coming in just a few weeks. In fact, we already have a category for the sequel.






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A good vote of confidence! Great news!

If true than WHO HOO!!

Holy @$@%$$@#%$#%@%$@$#%!!!!!!!


One word: Yeah!!!

Wow. This is very surprising news. They aren’t even waiting for the numbers????

Whoo hoo!!

Isn’t April Fools another day away?


YES!!!!!!! TREK IS BACK!!!!!

Has Paramount ever previously commissioned a sequel before the first film was released?


now all we need is a TV series

And get a damn TV show on the air while they’re at it!

OH YEAH!!! Can’t Wait for the Sequel!!!!

Hey, Woo Hoo has been copyrighted.

Trek has returned!

Oh Boy !!! I hope I get to be an EXTRA in this one too. I really had a lot of fun being a Starfleet Academy Instructor and Shipyard worker…


I hope this thing doesn’t tank…..then they’d look REALLY BAD. But their research must be telling them that this movie is going to be BIG.


Lindelof will be joining Orci and Kurtzman in writing the sequel. All I can say is, I would hold off on making the Klingons the villain until the third one.

Can’t say I’m shocked, but having official news on it is encouraging.

Not April Fools???

12. WhatinBlueBlazes?!

Yeah, they’ve already announced Transformers 3 too.

#12: “Has Paramount ever previously commissioned a sequel before the first film was released?”

I believe they did prior to the release of “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.” As a result, the brouhaha between Shatner and Roddenberry with their conflicting statements about Shatner directing the next one got a bit of entertainment press coverage right along with the movie’s release (as did TNG, which had been announced a few weeks before TVH’s opening).

I hope they only wait 2 years between films, as with Transformers!

I hope this is not a joke. If it is, then its a cruel joke.

Summer 2011, too! No more 3 year turnaround, they’ve got it down to 2. Woo hoo! Buckle up!!

Congratulations to our regular board visitor, the great b’Orciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. :)

O&K are back! The keepers of the flight! All hail O&K! All hail O&K! O&K can you see by the Trek’s early flight…

This is great news!!! For Paramount to be willing to make a Trek sequel before dollar one has been made at the box office is totally awesome. It reminds me of when the second pilot was ordered after “The Cage” was deemed “too cerebral”. =/\= Live Long And Prosper, Star Trek =/\=


The Trek is back.
Long live the New Trek!



I will be so mad if this is a joke!!! I just about crapped my pants when I refreshed the news page and saw this article!

Very excellent news!!!


This is excellent news. This shows that Paramount is extremely confident in this new Star Trek. Hopefully their confidence will prove correct in May and now we can all look forward to more adventures in the future.

13, that would be CBS’s decision. I bet they won’t make any commitments until they see numbers for the new film.


If I am not mistaken, CBS is now in control of Star Trek series. Or are they just in charge of previously made series? Anyway, CBS does not like Star Trek. So I think it will be a while before a new series is made.

congrats from sarajevo to bob and the rest of the team.

it pretty late/early here but we just had a major earthquake and i don’t think i will be able to sleep for few day

anyway, all the best once again and 6 days to go!

Whooohoo! The Big E flies again! XD

anyone have a tissue?

New film = good. New series = bad. Seriously, are there any stories left?


:::: attempting to contain child-like glee … and not succeeding ::::


#21 – Ditto! XD

They should consider taking a page from the Terminator producers and… you know… go with different writers.

Or, maybe, like me, before making the above statement, they should wait and see what numbers the movie does. I’ll laugh so hard if the movie flops after they’ve decided to move forward.

Err, Transformers. My mistake.

36. Will

I hope you’re trying to be funny.

29, a lot of major movie franchises release films every two years with the James Bond franchise being the one that comes to mind immediately. Hopefully Star Trek will enjoy similar success.

I remember when I was an 8 years old back about 1970 asking my father if “…there’s any way STAR TREK could come back to TV?”
He said in his soothing voice “That’s not how it’s done. When a program is canceled, that’s it.”
“Well what about a movie?” I asked.
My dad chuckled and said “They don’t make movies out of TV shows..”

Almost 40 years later and this news breaks!
I think I’m going to call my dad….

38 days to go…

Hopefully Anthony will continue with the website and not jump ship. This name is perfect for me and I salute him and his team for what they’ve turned this site into.

I’m looking forward to the release of the film and…the human adventure is just beginning…again!

A good sign to be sure.