More Star Trek Character Posters + Final Italian Poster

The movie industry’s big trade show ‘ShoWest’ kicked off this week in Las Vegas and Paramount is showing off some new Star Trek ‘character’ posters. Plus TrekMovie has got a hold of the final Italian Star Trek poster.


More character teasers
Last fall Paramount released teaser posters showing Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Nero. At ShoWest they are showing off posters in this style for the rest of the cast. have pics of the new posters. From some of the images below you can see the edges of other posters indicating that the Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Nero posters have been updated with the new logo.

The rest of the gang get their posters (click to see larger at ComingSoon)

Italian Poster
We have one more Star Trek Euro poster to add to the flurry released last week. Our friend Alberto Lisiero of the official Italian fan club sends us this Italian poster, which is essentially the same as the UK poster, but in Italian (with some text about Bad Robot at the top).

Italian Star Trek Poster (click to enlarge)

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The more I see Karl Urban as McCoy, the more I feel the same as with Zach Quinto’s Spock — the man’s a near dead-ringer.

These posters look sweet! But could y’all find some that don’t have the reflections on them?

Oh, yeah and… um.. first?



<3 <3 <3

good posters. I guess they gave in and gave us some bones!

@5 — They threw “us a frickin’ Bones here?” :D

Ugh. 38 days.

LOL @ 6

Very interesting choice of posters. With no identifying marks – no color, no character names… they’re trusting the people passing buy to identify the character on each poster simply by the actor’s face. Despite the actors being very different than the original cast.

Yeah! I love McCoy.

I’m very tired of the Pine image where he looks like Kevin Pollak getting ready to do a Jack Nicholson impersonation but glad to see the other characters finally get posters, especially McCoy who has gotten the short end of the stick IMHO.

Damnit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a movie star!

They look like they took their pictures at an ATM machine. :)

I’m starting to think that Karl Urban looks like McCoy more than the other characters look like their counterparts.

Pegg looks nothing like Doohan, and Yelchin looks nothing like Koenig. But in the latter case, I think that’s a good thing. That Monkees ‘do did absolutely nothing for me. :|

I think all of them look great. I like Pines and urbans the best. I can’t wait to hear Urban as MCcoy say. Dammit Jim Im a Doctor Not a _____. Should be Funney when we hear it. Also can’t wait to hear Pegg as Scotty say. Im given it all shes got or My Barrens.My Poor Barrens.

The Bones poster looks great!

I can’t wait to see more of Karl Urban’s performance. Aside from Quinto, he’s the one I’m most excited about (sorry Chris Pine!)

So…lemme get this straight:

Generic, black-and-white posters picturing nothing but a grainy mugshot of an unknown, unidentified individual (I’m speaking from the perspective of the non-Trekkie, average-Joe moviegoer that Abrams is so desperately trying to appeal to) is supposed to get people to buy tickets to see the film?

That’s a bad marketing strategy for any film. Generally a poster has SOMETHING on it which gives a small sample of what the moviegoer will see and experience when they buy their ticket.

Abercrombie Kirk still looks scary in that poster, though – like a creepy stalker or something. HIDE THE CHILDREN!

ANyone else here think that Checkov looks like Dr Bashir??

Urban is a ringer for a v young De Forest Kelley.


#18 How are you qualified to say that it is a bad marketing strategy? It sounds more like you are trying to find something to complain about rather than making an honest judgement.


//Abercrombie Kirk still looks scary in that poster, though – like a creepy stalker or something. HIDE THE CHILDREN!//

Well, Shat!Kirk was kind of pedobear in “Miri”. ;-)

I am VERY interested in seeing Karl Urban’s portrayal of “Bones”…I somehow have a feeling it is going to be a stand out performance. Can’t wait!

RE: #2…

I agree…I wish the weren’t shot through glass…so much for bothering to save these for use on my desktop.

I’ll watch this crap simply for Urban’s portrayal of McCoy.

#22 – I’m guessing you never actually watched “Miri.”

And that still doesn’t change the fact that Pine looks like a pedo in that poster.

Only fans would know who these people in these pathetically-plain posters are – but I thought the movie was trying to appeal to the non-fan?

Something tells me this will soon become Star Trek the future begins ot ST TFB very soon whenever we want to talk about it in relation with the rest.

18 – i always though Pine looks like James Van Der Beek in Rules of Attraction in the pretty sure theres a similar pose of JVDB somewhere

urban will ‘get’ his character the most? its possible

BTW off topic but ive been watching those season 4 episodes of Enterprise and the Vulcan 3 parter has FX shots of the Vulcan city – and im pretty certain it looks exactly the same as the shots of the vulcan city on the 2nd trailer…

They’d look better without the reflections

I’ve seen the creepy B&W mugshots too many times now to have any new opinions of them. Movie, please :)

26. Chillax, it was a joke. (see the smilie?)

but ugly

Did they not take any other publicity shots of the cast besides these? We’ve been seeing these same images since the first teaser posters. I have to agree with #18. Not a great way to capture the attention of the non-fan. A lot like the US Official poster. They tell the customer nothing. If they were full body color shots in uniform, they would say something. As an advertising artist I am not impressed with the marketing campaign. I can’t wait for the movie, but not because of the posters.

#33 I hear you. As a photographer, I’m perplexed by their choices.
Just seems so… cheap.
And when I see that shot of Pine, I just don’t see “Kirk.”
Maybe that’s the point?? Then why have a Spock that’s so “on?”


I agree. None of these faces scream “Hey! A major motion picture called Star Trek is coming to your local theater soon, so you better get ready for an awesome experience!”


Well spoken. You took the words right out of my mouth as well. I create television commercials for a living and can’t believe that we’ve only got one image of each character, including that horrible pic of Pegg.

At least the folks who produced the trailers knocked it out of the park and yes, I am still excited about the movie.


I hear what you’re saying about Pine, but his facial expression in this shot totally reminds me of Kirk:

#16: “Me poor bairns” – Bairns is a Scottish dialect word meaning “children”.

I’m sure he’ll be good the role, but this Scotty doesn’t look the part to me. Everyone else I can accept, but my initial impression is that they hired this actor to provide the comic relief, which isn’t my first thought when I think of what Mr. Doohan did with it.


I think they made Scotty more of a punchline the older and rounder he got (I keep thinking of the scene in ST: V where he walks into that beam and knocks himself out cold).
It’s a real tragedy…

Karl Urban is the most accomplished actor of the bridge crew, so it’s no surprise to me if he steals the show.

YEAH!!! finally the Italian poster!!!

18 – maybe its reflective of the film focusing on the characters instead of the SFX/explosions for once

#37. I stand corrected. Thank you for the Translation. I do hope we hear him say that.

When I first read the casting, Karl Urban as Bones was the one who concerned me the most, even though I love the guy.

I was apprehensive even when I saw the second trailer.

Now, I keep hearing about how great he is, and I get more excited to see his performance with every passing day.

Bring on May!

#40: Plus, he’s playing Leonard McCoy … As far as I’m concerned, Star Trek is and has always been the tale of Leonard McCoy, his Vulcan friend Spock, and their jock sidekick, the other guy.

19 Yes :-)

Apologies to Jimmy D.’s memory, and to Chris in advance…

But Pegg looks a lot like James Doohan would have looked, if he hadn’t been sporting the comb-over or whatever that was going on with Scotty’s hair. Pegg definitely has the eyes, and the enthusiasm spot on…

I just wish we could get word on what the character names are for Paul McGillion and Chris Doohan’s characters!

I hope Paul’s Finnegan, and that Chris’ character took the Gabler, Clayton, or Carver names from any TAS character that Doohan voiced. Doohan also voiced Kyle, so if Chris be Kyle… cool. Explains the beard. ;)

Ive been jacked about this film for well over a year, at the time it felt like a lifetime away from ever releasing, and now, here we are, dangerously close to T-30 days…

I went on the official movie site and re-looked at every trailer and TV spot they have

You really can’t help but get carried away with the excitement of these beloved characters on the big screen again, getting this type of treatment. Having the long awaited opportunity to see them get together for the first time, and other key historical moments such as the kobayashi maru, canon and nitpickers take a backseat IMO

Its gonna be an interesting month :)

With regards to Paul McGillion. At least we get to see him in the trailer, but what about Chris Doohan?! Maybe Chris Doohan himself could tell us. I have seen him on this site before.
Maybe he could giv us a hint. ;-)

Im liking the posters. Enjoying the fact that paramount is pushing the publicity. It’s all towards the Greater Good!

Can’t wait to see the Estonia poster. Do you think it will be as good as the Zimbabwe poster?