New Images From Star Trek Movie From Rittenhouse Card Set + High Res US Poster

Paramount was nice enough to send over an advanced look set of Star Trek movie collector’s cards coming from Rittenhouse in May. The set includes a bunch of new images, not seen in any trailer or previous image release. Check out the new stuff below, along with official captions. Also Paramount just released a higher resolution version of the USA Poster. [SPOILERS BELOW]


New Star Trek images from Rittenhouse card set
Note that the captions below each card are word-for-word what is on the back of the Rittenhouse card. In some cases TrekMovie has added some additional info [in brackets]. The set sent to TrekMovie also included some previously seen images, but those are not displayed below.

Click images to enlarge

A ship known by some as "The Jellyfish"
[ship in which Spock travels back in time]

Nero, once a heroic Romulan, now seeks vengence

Sulu, one of the best helmsmen in Starfleet

Uhura must choose sides on a divided ship

McCoy, uncomfortable on any ship, even a simulator
[note Kirk in background, during Kobayashi Maru simulation – set is a redress of USS Kelvin bridge]

San Francisco Bay, home of Starfleet Academy
[appears to be back of McCoy in foreground]

A young prodigy named Chekov

Try to guess James T. Kirk’s favorite color

Pike, the original Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise

Young Spock pilots a stolen ship

An alien walks into a bar…
[Scotty’s alien helper ‘Keenser’ on Delta Vega]

Spock advises his younger self against pure logic

Jim Kirk meets his accuser, Mr. Spock
[card previewed before, but caption is new]


USA Poster bigger
Last Friday the US Star Trek poster was previewed on MySpace. Today Paramount made it available to the press in higher resolution, check it out.

USA Poster (Click to enlarge)


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I don’t know about Kirk, but I definitely know about my favorite color right now…

Looks like the Spock meets Spock is at the Academy… interesting…

f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-…..I can’t say it.

Can’t wait. Sounds like fun.


You know what I like about that Orion girl? She’s not a stick.

mmm…. Green

Transamerica Pyramid is still standing (like the coast trees and the Palace of Fine Art). Good to know!
The alien’s name is Keenser, if memory is correct ;)

I thought Robert April, not Pike, was the original Captain of NCC-1701?

I hope the movie explains this fallacy.

Nothing like an Orion slave girl with a little meat on her bones.

@8: I think info like that from TAS is seen as apocryphal as Gene Roddenberry himself did not want Paramount to regard the animated series as canon.

The communications device in Uhura’s ear is the shiznet!!!!!!!!!

Also, Kirk seems to be wearing a lot of eyeliner… does that mean he’s evil?


@12 I think it means he is emo ^.^

#10: The “Yesteryear” episode of TAS was generally accepted as canon if not the whole series.

I wonder if old Spock will pass himself off as as Cousin Selek again? Would be a nice nod to TAS if he did! :)

And does that Orion look a bit like Drew Barrymore to anyone? ;)

12 Great. Now that’s all I can see. ;)

That Orion chick is a BABE!!

11. John Gill

it’s connected to shiznet (short for ;)

Starfleet Academy in that shot looks vaguely like something from TOS.

Spock and Spock meeting: Fascinating !!!

And Spock on a STOLEN SHIP? Could it be the Jellyfish?

8. John from Cincinnati – March 30, 2009
“I thought Robert April, not Pike, was the original Captain of NCC-1701? I hope the movie explains this fallacy.”

They DO NOT need to explain it, exactly because it’s a fallacy; that is you are mistaken and it’s not canon.

i think thats sarke and not spock?

I don’t think that Old Spock…I think maybe it’s Sarek seeing his son off to the Academy…Note what looks to be some form of academy uniform….

Bloody awesome! I’m thinking of ordering these cards now. Ohh, if only I didn’t have limited finances. :-P

19. strangelove – March 30, 2009
“i think thats sarke and not spock?”

So the official card’s caption is wrong? The card company/Paramount screwed up?

Very Cool!

The trading card images look wonderful…

… the poster does not.

The card images do a better job of selling me on the movie than a lot of the other images I’ve seen. And hi-res or no, that poster image is only recognizable as the Enterprise if you know that going in. It’s way too vague for a general audience.

Oh sweet, Spock meets himself!! We haven’t seen that since Yesteryear!

I have a new favourite colour.

Robert T. April was the first captain of the NCC-1700 USS Constitution. It was only renamed Enterprise originally due to one George S. Kirk, its original first officer. But now in the revised timeline he dies on the NCC-0514 USS Kelvin, and thus cannot be onboard April’s ship to suggest it be renamed. (Read the novel that Orci mentioned before… Best Destiny, perhaps?)

It’s all simple quantum mechanics. :p

why has Chekov been given a perm??
I can understand a move away from the Beatles cut, but a PERM!??


“I hope the movie explains this fallacy.”

Why should they? Paramount’s official position on TAS is that it isn’t canon (Rodenberry felt the same). April is not mentioned anywhere but in TAS, so he’s not canon. The movie doesn’t need to explain anything.

Young Spock’s Vulcan salute is completely wrong! Look at the angle of his pincky and ring fingers. It’s at least off by 6 1/2 degrees! And it’s obviously a very relaxed salute. Every real Star Trek fan knows the gesture is supposed to be rigid to reflect the nature of their culture. Quinto and Abrams clearly don’t get it. I’m sorry, I was sitting the fence before but now I know for sure…I’m boycotting this movie.


wow! first!

The red cadet uniforms – especially the women’s – keep reminding me of Neon Genesis. God I’m such a geek.

If you set aside the design of the bridge, the hallways, the water room, the communicator, the tricorder, the Enterprise, Quinto’s voice and the time travel aspect of this film, these images make the film look good.

as soon as i saw this image…

…i instantly thought it was those aliens that worf, picard, and data were trying to get away from in the argo in Nemesis. Is that the same alien or no?

31. Check the Circuit – March 30, 2009

Pretend trolling. Heh, heh!

The caption under Uhura’s picture peaks my curiosity. Choosing sides?

@1 — I’ve always liked green… now I know I backed the right color ;)

As for the rest, I’m halfway regretting opening the article to get the spoiler of Spock and Spock meeting at the academy. But, it’s my own dumb luck. Great shots, and yet another reason that this next 37 days are going to be the slowest in my life.

“Star Trek, Star Trek time is near
Time for Spock and Kirk to get here
We’ve been nerds, but we can’t last
Hurry Star Trek, hurry fast!
Want a ship that that turns time in loops
(Me, I want a hula hoop!)
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Star Trek don’t be late!”

The Orion girl is Rachel Nichols.

Spoiler tags for the Spock Meets Spock moment would have been nice!

It’s kind of a big deal!

I’m not sure I wanted to see that yet!

Uhm, the Transamerica building is TOTALY out of place in that picture. I work at the Trader Joe’s near there and geographicly Starfleet Acadamy would be somewhere in downtown near Chinatown or Union Square. It looks somewhat out of place – like they dropped it in there just to reference San Francisco. Plus there are no hills – McCoy would be looking down – not forward. I guess there is a major earthquake in the future that clears downtown on a 1906 scaleand they build starfleet over it. Weird.

35. David


37. Catie

I believe the caption refers to having to chose sides with Spock or Kirk.

Seeing as how thinking green will save the planet,I think this movie is definately environmentaly friendly. Go Green!!!

37. Catie What’s been leaked/revealed so far is that Old Spock conveys to Young Kirk Possibly during a mind Meld how to get under Spock’s Skin. So Young kirk provokes young spock into attacking him so Spock can be relieved of command thus prompting the McCoy Line

McCoy:So Now we have no Captain and No First officer to replace Him
Kirk: Yes we do.

leading to
Uhura:I Hope you know what you’re doing
Kirk:So do I


Same here — green was a favorite of mine long before I understood why Pike, Archer, and now Kirk all share my favorite color. Now, I feel vindicated.

The “Jellyfish” looks like the Queensryche symbol.


I have to say, the face on the Rifftrax advertisement in that image was very funny in the context of pointing out that spoiler tag.