Gaming Update: First DAC Screenshots + New STO Ship

After a long dry spell, fans of Star Trek games have a lot to look forward to in the next year. In May Paramount is releasing the Star Trek movie themed game Star Trek DAC, and hopefully less than a year later Cryptic comes out with their Star Trek Online MMORPG. Today we have updates on both of these titles.


First look at DAC
Little by little we learn more and more about Star Trek D.A.C, the affordably-priced (<$20)  Star Trek movie-themed download game for XBox and Playstation which will be released around the time of the movie (but we still don’t know what that title means). For today, we have the first screenshots just sent to us by Paramount.


First two screenshots from Star Trek DAC 
(click to enlarge)

In case you missed our article last week, here is a bullet point summary of DAC

  • Top-down arcade-style space shooter ship-combat game
  • Download game: X-Box Live Arcade (around release of film in May) & Playstation Network (at a later date)
  • Single player & Multiplayer (but focus on multiplayer)
  • Team based combat up to 12 players (teams of 6)
  • 3 different game modes (each with unique objective)
  • Two factions (Federation & Romulans)
  • 3 ship types for each faction – (Flagship/capital ship, Fighter & Bomber)
  • Federation Flagship is USS Enterprise from the movie, Romulan flagship is ‘inspired by’ the Narada from the movie. Other ships are unique to game, but inspired by movie designs
  • Game features music and sounds taken directly from new Star Trek movie
  • Pricing in line with other download games (which are usually under $20)

For more info, read ‘First Details on DAC

New STO Ship – Oslo Class
In other Star Trek gaming news, Cyptic have updated new details on another ship class for the upcoming Star Trek Online MMORPG. Here is what thy have to say about this late 24th Century Federation ship:

Class Specifications


  • Overall Length: 371 meters
  • Overall Draft: 54 meters
  • Overall Beam: 228 meters
  • Displacement: 625,000 metric tons

Defensive Systems:

  • Advanced Deflector Shield Generators
  • Rodinium-Alloy Hull Plating

  • Cruising: Warp Factor 7
  • Maximum: Warp Factor 9.75

Offensive Systems:

  • Six Type XII Phaser Arrays
  • Fore and Aft Torpedo Launchers

Heavy Escort; Commissioned 2393

Beginning in the early 2390s, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers championed a plan that called for modular ship designs, with components that could easily be switched out or replaced. Modular construction had been a part of Starfleet design philosophy for decades, but was greatly expanded after the Dominion War.

Heavy losses in remote sectors of space made it clear to Starfleet that the traditional procedures of returning to a starbase or massive shipyard for repairs or upgrades was not feasible during times of conflict or for ships on deep space missions. The modular design allows ship’s crews to be able to make more repairs in the field and enables salvaged components to be reused on a variety of ships. An added benefit of modular construction is that starships can be modified for specific missions or to accommodate crew needs.

One of the ships to be designed in this manner was the new Oslo class. The design is based on the Norway class from the 2370s, but the Oslo is constructed to allow it to exchange many components with its sister ships, the Akira and the Zephyr. Because the Oslo is a heavy escort that will often be on the frontlines of battle, this ease of repair and retrofitting makes it possible for engineering teams to use the components they have on hand to get the ship back in fighting condition quickly after a conflict, limiting the delays caused by returning to a friendly spacedock.

Improvements in the Oslo include an improved power transfer grid that is shielded from surges normally caused by overloads or damage to the ship’s plasma conduits. Bio-neural circuitry enhances computer performance, but the Oslo’s designers have improved upon the bio-neural gel packs in use since the 2370s by adding filters which shield the technology from infectious agents.

While Starfleet attempts to use diplomacy before taking aggressive action, ships such as the Oslo are designed to have strong defenses. The Oslo features rodinium-alloy hull plating and improved shield generators that can withstand phaser fire, torpedoes, disruptors and even plasma weapons. It retains the Norway class’s distinctive phaser array on the dorsal bow, and adds five Type XII phaser arrays and two torpedo launchers that can fire photon or quantum torpedoes. The Oslo can be retrofitted to carry plasma weapons, although they are not standard Starfleet issue on this class of starship.

The Oslo is favored by captains who prefer fast, maneuverable ships that can end a battle quickly. It does not have the armor plating and redundant shielding of starships designed for withstanding sustained attacks, but its state-of-the-art weaponry allows the Oslo to disable its foes with rapid-fire, hard-hitting assaults.

The Oslo has limited room on board for medical or scientific research facilities, and it will often work in concert with other ships that have improved sensor arrays and laboratories. Being able to coordinate with an engineering vessel will keep the Oslo fighting for longer than it could without such support, making it an ideal vessel for battle groups and fleet actions.

…more info on STO at


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Wow. Cool.

DAC looks great. I think I was a great idea to go arcade style and focus on perfecting a simple concept rather than rushing a mediocre title for the release.

I agree with Drew… This game looks great.


Neat ship… kinda like an akira/norway/nova mix.

As for DAC… come on. I won’t waste a cent on that. Unless it’s a really big, cool game like STO I’m not going to bother with it. Maybe if I was a millionare, but I’m not.

The DAC game looks pretty cool.

I still have reservations about STO, but it is really looking like it is shaping up to be something worth checking out.

Dac looks to be a simple shooter with bright colorful graphics and very little depth.

Pew, Pew, Pew !

I done blow’d up a Klingon!

Can we get a PC version?

DAC looks pretty nice at least graphic-wise. Let’s see how she handles

I like the Oslo class; it’s a vast improvenment over the other, cobbled-together-looking ships.

On the subject of ships, did you guys see John Eaves’ new blog? He was working on ST Online when it was with Perpetual, and he’s posted some really nice starship concept art form it, along with stuff from DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, etc. Definately worth a look.

Ok, I have a new and possibly biggest gripe about the new E, what’s up with the bright blue plasma exhaust? Last time I checked if warp plasma was bright blue like that, it meant something was wrong and a ship was venting charged warp plasma. In nemesis, at least if youre watching on something HD, you can see the Enterprise’s plasma exhaust and its not like that at all. I know it looks cool, but is JJ trying to make the nacelles out to be some sort of rocket engines?

Star Trek DAC looks okay, but since I can play Flash Trek for free, a fast paced, arcade style, top down game like DAC seems a bit pointless. I would be interested in a game like Bridge Commander, with 3D maneuvering and a relatively slow pace (like the shows and movies), but that’s apparently too much to hope for.
Regardless of style and pace, I’m disappointed that the official game for the new movie is being sold as a “cheap” $20 download. They should have aimed for a higher standard, and therefore a higher price

If the warp nacelles on the Enterprise are rocket engines at sub-warp speeds, it will annoy many, many people. Hopefully it’s unique to the game, and not the movie.

DAC = Die Another Century?

I think the rockets are unique to the game. In Encounters they did kind of the same thing were if you went faster a little blue trail went behind the necells. I’m sure JJ woudln’t make that big of a mistake after all this. I’ll probably get the game, but I would like something like Legacy. A kick ass game like that but a better gaming engine, interface, missions, story and all that. By itself Legacy sucked but with the mods out there its a good skirmish game with just some limits. I would like an all out amazing game. BC and SFC3 were amazing.

Boy, are those STO ships dull. First they give us a slightly altered Sovereign and a rip-off of ENT’s Raptor class and now we get an Akira variant.

I’m with you fellers.

I count myself one of the more open-minded Star Trek fans anticipating the new movie…but if there’s rocket exhaust coming out of the warp engines, I may have to fight the urge the leave the theater.

I’m still trying to get okay with the notion of the Bussard collectors being blue instead of crimson.

“Young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant.” Keep…saying…that….


Ehhh…. I’ll wait till a PC game comes OUT….

Neat. Did you guys notice the imploded planet in the first screen shot?

#15 Yeah I’m with you on that. Stock Legacy sucked. Modded Legacy, Awesome! I was hoping someone would port the new Enteprise model from BC (yes there WAS a mod) but now that Filefront has closed… what is there left now?

#20 WHAT THE CRAP WHY!?!?! Fook that I’ll make my own site and have people post stuff there. Forget them. *grumble grumble*


Exactly. Now I can have simple fun with a Star Trek game that I won’t need to critque for not following the story of the movie lol.


Two games I will NOT be buying or playing.

I want an intelligent, well-thought first person game. Not some starship shooter.

Why are the Romulan ships inspired by the Narada? The Narada is a highly advanced late 24th century ship, and the Romulan ships from Kirk’s time should look nothing like it.

It looks like Netrek if anyone used to play it.

This makes the E’s new design look very nice.

Funny how so many other early views made it look bad.
Still waiting for the big show.

Is it just me or does that Star Trek DAC look an awful lot like that horrible Battlestar Galactica top-down shooter that came out a couple years ago?

If it’s anything like that one, oh we’re in for a real stinker. I hope I’m wrong about it

Hm. That Oslo-class starship looks like a cross between an Akira and Galactica.

Worst ship design ever. And I feel silly saying that because I’ve had to say it everytime I’ve seen a new ship since the Akira showed it’s ugly mug…

STO guys, just swallow your pride and include a Constitution, FFS… I don’t want to be driving a spaceship that looks like dogs balls.

Hmm, DAC looks like a 10 bucks arcade shooter from 10 years ago – and it probably is.

WOW… two Startrek games.. something else Trek, for the “fans” to say is crap.. what counts as a fan these days? I thought it was people who LIKED a thing… on here it seems not.

PC version please

Yspano is right…first thing I thought was what is a the Galactica doing in a Star Trek game?

I kind of like how, in the second screenshot, the Constitution looks as though it’s firing on two separate targets. Sounds interesting.

Hey DAC / PARAMOUNT people:

If you have to have lame exhaust coming out of the Enterprise – at least MOVE IT to the impulse engines where it makes a little sense.

DAC: Definitely Antagonizes Canonistas

#8 – two things:

1. It took until post 8 (I was frightened for mankind up to that point).

2. I’m not seeing where the quarter goes?

DAC: Don’t Arm Cows

I’m going to take a guess and say that DAC means “Divide And Conquer” – makes sense considering the description of the game.

he blowed up real good!

Two things jump out at me:

Anyone notice the flames shooting out of the Constitution Class Ship’s warp nacelles?

Also, the Oslo Class ship just looks like a “slightly” redesigned Akira Class.

I think I’ll skip this one.

The Oslo Class looks a little like a Battlestar with a warp drive. At least to me it does…

I’m not a Talifan by any stretch…but I would have a problem with the warp engines using a “rocket” effect. Remember the old Gold Key comics? They used to show something like that and I always assumed the comics couldn’t be very good since they obviously weren’t paying enough attention to details.

DAC= Dumb Ass Clingons. They forgot to show up, and now you have to fight the Romulans instead. ;)

“One of the ships to be designed in this manner was the new Oslo class. The design is based on the Norway class”

Looks more like an Akira class with sides of the saucer sliced off.

She’s cute, not the most attractive ship design out there, but not as bad as some are making her out to be.

Oslo looks like Galactica :)

I for one am thrilled about STO. I think the development team is really trying to stay true to a Trek experience, and the ideas they are working on to incorporate a player’s bridge crew into the game sounds like it will add a whole new dimension to the game. For example, check out the most recent STO interview on Ten Ton Hammer.
As for DAC… meh.

Really like the NCC 79719. I wish the new NCC 1701 ENTERPRISE in the movie had the same detail and vision as this one. What a blown opportunity.