March 2009

Sci-Fi Sunday: Avatar, The Thing, Spidey 4, Transformers 2 (&3) + Lost, Stargate Univ., Fringe, Doctor Who + more

This week we have the first description of Avatar footage and details on the new The Thing and Spider-man 4. Plus there’s timing and casting news for Transformers 3, Thor, Sin City 2, and more. In TV news, there’s lots of Lost details and new info on Doctor Who specials. Plus TV and movie images and previews, including Up, Terminator Salvation, Stargate Universe, Fringe and more.

Leonard Nimoy Talks About His Return To Spock + Reveals Scene Detail

After two decades, and passing on previous offers, Leonard Nimoy returns to the role of Spock in the new Star Trek movie. In an interview in the new SciFi Now Magazine (#26), the actor talks about the state of the franchise, his approach to the role, the new actors, working with Quinto and more. Nimoy also talks a bit about an interesting scene in the film. See excerpts & spoilers below.

ST09 Tidbits (T-48 days): Vulcan Gets A ‘Yes’ + New Esurance Contest + New Kellogg’s Promos + more

Today’s Star Trek movie tidbits has great news for the Canadian town of Vulcan, with Paramount announcing they will be giving them their own little premiere. We have details (and a comment from Leonard Nimoy). Plus Esurance has launched a new Star Trek contest today, and Kellogg’s has announced some new promotions coming to a cereal box near you soon. We got all that and more so let’s get started…

Science Friday: Battlefield Phaser, Martian Blobs, See-through Metal, NASA Madness + more

It’s Friday and you know what that means! Time to put your thinking caps on and dive into another exciting week in science news. This week, take a look at up and coming real-life phasers, debate the state of blobs on Mars, take a never before seen look inside a glacier, make like Scotty with transparent metals, and try your hand at NASA’s Mission Madness. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: Terrafugia Transition flying car!

Star Trek Gala World Premiere To Be In Australia April 7th – Kicks Off World Tour

In the first week of May, JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie is set to be the first truly global opening for a Trek film, and to push that point, the film is going to get a series of star-studded gala premieres across the globe, with the first on April 7th in Sydney Australia. Paramount has just released the first details on their plans, see below for more information.

ST09 Tidbits (Spocks Edition): Nimoy Supports Vulcans [UPDATED] + Quinto Reads Audiobook & Appears in GQ

For today’s tidbits at T-49 days we will do something a little different and focus on a few new stories coming from the new two Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. First off Mr. Nimoy has taken up the cause of Vulcan (Alberta, Canada). As for Mr. Quinto, it was just announced he will be reading the Star Trek audiobook, plus he appears in the new GQ.

Library Computer: Review – “Star Trek Voyager: Full Circle”

It has been over four years since the last  Star Trek Voyager novel set after the events of the series finale. This week, the Library Computer takes a look at Kirsten Beyer’s new “Voyager: Full Circle”. A 576 page brick, this novel is making up for a lot of lost time to truly take us ‘full circle’ to bring Voyager into alignment with the other TNG-era books. See our review below to find out if this brick can fly.

Rumor Control: Harlan Ellison NOT Suing Over New Star Trek Movie

A couple of days ago it was announced that "City on the Edge of Forever" writer Harlan Ellison was suing Paramount over alleged payments due to him for merchandising. This lawsuit was big news, being reported all across the web from entertainment sites, to Variety to the New York Times. And now it is sparked a new rumor, which is actually an old rumor.

The Collective: Customize Your Computer & Your Phone With Star Trek

Computers and technology have always been a big part of Star Trek, and now two new licensees are offering Trekkies the chance to customize their own technology with Star Trek. Firstly Hyperdesk is offering a new Original Series theme for your Windows PC. And Coveroo is offers a series of laser etched backs for your cell phones and mobile devices. TrekMovie takes a closer look with reviews both below.

TrekInk: Review – Star Trek Countdown #3 – Reveals Big Backstory Points For Star Trek Movie [UPDATED]

The countdown to the Star Trek movie continues with the third issue of the prequel comic "Star Trek Countdown." And wow, but is this issue just chock full of major back-story for the film and some surprise guests as well. Find out how it all works out in our review below [SPOILERS]. Plus we have news on how you can get Countdown (and other IDW Trek comics) on iTunes. [UPDATE: Countdown teaser trailer + follow-up announced]

ST09 Tidbits (T-52 days): Comic Preview Reveals Nero Backstory Spoilers + more

Even over a weekend, more tidbits for the new Star Trek movie still come in. Today there is a big one in the form of a preview for the upcoming issue of Countdown Comic book, full of Nero spoilers. But we also have some more stuff, including a real Italian version of the trailer, a fake new poster, a response to that angry San Franciscan, and more. [comic Spoilers below]

Harlan Ellison Sues Paramount – Alleges Unpaid Merchandising Royalties

Harlan Ellison has filed a lawsuit over what he claims are unpaid residuals stemming from his classic Star Trek episode “City on the Edge of Forever”. The episode is often ranked among the top episodes in Star Trek history, and Ellison, according to a press release, “wants every penny of his long ago agreed-upon share of the revenue from Paramount’s relentless Trek exploitations.”

Sci-Fi Saturday: Watchmen, Terminator, Spidey 4, Iron Man 2 + Heroes, Torchwood, Star Wars, + more

Watchmen was on top last weekend, but now the producer is begging fans to go again. In other news we have The Governator talking about Terminator 4, a new set of release dates for Marvel movies, and more. In TV Land NBC has announced some new summer genre shows and is trying to control some Heroes rumors. Plus George Lucas is casting his new Star Wars TV show. We have all that and more, including all the latest TV and movie previews.

Science Friday: Real Quadrotriticale, Space Junk, Magic Polymer, Electric Water + more

Welcome to another Friday the 13th edition of Science Friday! This week, learn how tribbles go green, dodge space junk on the Soyuz, enjoy wolverine-inspired gadgetry, feel safer in that red shirt after all, and make energy from a mysterious fluid. All this and much more, plus our gadget of the week: TH!NK FROST — the arctic vehicle worthy of a starship captain.

ST09 Tidbits (T-55 days): Kirk’s First Doctor Talks, Trek on ToyFare, Trailer in Français, SF Skyline Flap + more

We are just 9 Fridays away from the premiere of the new Star Trek movie — which we count as 55 days (and change) to the midnight Thursday shows. Today’s tidbits has comments from the woman that brings Kirk into the universe, a new Trek mag cover, the new trailer in French, an upset San Franciscan, and much more. [UPDATE: Ron Moore ‘salutes’ new movie]