ST09 Tidbits (T-36 days): 10 min TX Preview + Trek April Fools + Pine Award + more [UPDATED]

Another day, another bunch of tidbits about the new Star Trek movie. Lucky fans in Austin TX have a chance to see 10 minutes next week (even before the world premiere in Australia). Plus Star Trek was the subject to a few April Fools pranks today [UPDATE: including a fake ‘leak’]. And Chris Pine isn’t letting his pre-superstardom go to his head.


ATTN: Texan Trekkies – 10 Min Preview in Austin on April 6th
Next Monday AICN and Fantastic Fest will hold a special free screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan at the Alamo South Lamar in Austin Texas. And to make it an extra special event, they will be screening 10 minutes of the new Star Trek movie along with it. If you are a Fanastic Fest badge holder you can RSVP at the Facebook Page, otherwise it is first come first serve. More info at AICN.

Hey Joaquim, look at the size of those nacelles

Star Trek Fools Day
With so much real news going on, this year TrekMovie decided not to do any spoof articles for April Fool’s Day (and even some still thought the Rock Band story was a joke). However there were still a few creative Star Trek related spoof articles out there, some of which fooled fans and got sent in as ‘tips’ to TrekMovie). Here is what we have spotted so far:

Ex Astris Scientia: Shatner to Play Captain April in Upcoming Movie
An ‘exclusive interview’ between Bernd Schneider and Star Trek producer ‘Olaf Sporil’ (anagram for April Fools). Here is an excerpt:

EAS: Is he wearing prosthetics or something?
OS: Not exactly. It’s a bit tricky to explain. Uhm… No offense to Mr Shatner. I mean, he is in great shape for his age. But… he just didn’t look good in his Starfleet uniform.
EAS: You mean, he was too fat?
OS: Those are your words. I won’t take the blame. ;-) But you’re right in essence. When the ‘younger April’ scenes had already been shot, Lisa Rontoriou, one of our editors, came to JJ [Abrams] with the suggestion to have him ‘thinned’ digitally.

AfterElton: Kirk is Bisexual, Kisses Spock in Upcoming ‘Star Trek’
The folks at AE have let their K/S fantasies get the best of them, their ‘exclusive report’ starts off…

In the new Star Trek “prequel” movie due out in May, James T. Kirk, future commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise, is bisexual and in love with Spock, and hints that Spock may have loved him back. In one scene, Kirk shares a bed with Spock and kisses him on the lips, although the Vulcan does not seem to reciprocate.

MovieGoods: "Star Trek Fereginar Rising" advance poster released
MovieGoods sells movie merchandise including posters, and they have quite the ‘scoop’

John Eaves Blog: The USS Sea breeze NCC-1701
Veteran Trek designer John Eaves, who also worked on the new Star Trek movie, revealed an early design of the Enterprise from the new Star Trek movie, which was originally not even going to be called Enterprise!

By the way, John’s blog is pretty awesome so check it out. He also has a follow-up April Fools message, explaining his prank.

Pine: Man of Tomorrow – not that he believes it
Movie exhibitors have named Chris Pine, the new Kirk, as the ‘ShoWest male Star of Tomorrow,’ which is being awarded to him this week at the big industry trade show. But in comments to Variety, the actor isn’t letting it get to his head, showing some humility saying:

It’s flattering but incredibly daunting and a little bit perplexing when you’ve heard people say what a great job you’ve apparently done…It remains to be seen.

Mr. humble at last weekend Kids Choice Awards


Wolverine leaks – could Trek be next [NO]
At first it was thought to be an April Fool’s prank, but this one does not have Fox laughing. In the last day a working print of X-Men Origins Wolverine leaked on the Internet. This film opens a week before Star Trek and is the film’s main competition opening weekend and the leak can’t help. Before feeling any schadenfreude, in the last hour IESB is reporting there is a ST09 leak on the torrents as well. Could be a joke and this hasn’t been confirmed yet but we are looking into it. [UPDATE: turns out to be a very late April Fool’s joke].

FOX wishes they could send this guy to the interweb

Thanks to Pat, Jorg and others who sent in tips (even the fake ones)

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Cool beans. Pine seems to be a really promising actor judging from his previous films as well as clips from the new Trek.

Marina, soft as the sea breeze yet strong as the sea! That’s all I would have been able to think of. For those of you young ones, I’m referring to an old was a toilet paper commercial.

hopefully not an April fools joke

2. Slade Brunner

Oohhh, I hope not. Takes away from film revenue. Hopefully its a joke, because if its not, I will be very tempted to take a sneak peak at some new Star Trek footage.

Excuse me, I meant comment #1

This is probably the only time in my life, I actually wish I was in Texas.

I honestly doubt that Trek has been leaked . Seriously, JJ’s been uber tight about this.


lets hope so.

Well, there are at least three files out on the torrent sites within the last 24 hours labeled as Star Trek 2009, and they’re quite large with few seeds. Might well be a practical joke – they could in fact be anything, couldn’t they?

I’ve been checking torrent sites and many say that the downloads are fake and/or have viruses.

What about the new TV Spot with the Bar Fight that played during the UFC Fight Night Live 18 tonight???

augggghh Texas! I’m Canadian and I don’t even have a fricken passport!!

No joke, a new TV spot with new footage was shown during UFC Fight Night Live.

Exactly……..bad ass………………geared towards an action crowd…………..which is alright.

The little brother called from college…………..his frat is pumped!

There is a leak out there you can torrent, and it looks like the cut for the music writing guys (no soundtrack).

Unfortunately, people here think I’m making the new TV spot up.

As soon as someone has a link to the new TV spot, please post it!!


was it on pay per view?

#16 not good


It was on Spike.

17. SChaos1701

Well, I believe you. Just being April Fools day, its hard not to be skeptical. At this point there is enough evidence to say you are telling the truth. I hope more will be posted on that soon.

16. Oh CRAP. What the heck is going on??


By the way, what did you think of it?

Anyone notice the “Rick Berman” shout out from Braga and Coto in this week’s episode of “24” (which they wrote)? The President’s daughter mentioned “Rick Berman” as her choice for the next Chief of Staff. Pretty funny.

(I hesitated posting this, because I know it will open up the Ferenginar Floodgates on Berman and Braga bashing, but I think they are both great and did Trek proud in their two decades of work.)

U.S.S. Sea breeze… I would have killed Abrams

dont care if its a joke… i like the sea breeze

@ 1. I checked torrent websites. Star Trek is NOTTTTTT !!! leaked.

On the other hand… Wolverine IS leaked.

Those are the facts.


yeah ive been checking the comments on the torrents and one of them said it was a trojan. don’t know what that is. maybe a virus?

#28 yup… wolverine workprint is out there… didnt see st09 either.

There are torrents out there with the name Star Trek 09. Whether or not they are fake remains to be seen.

#31 sure this isnt just insurrection?

@ 29, lolololol.

@30, its appreantly is close to dvd quality , but many green screens, strings attached to the actors, etc are still visible. But REGARDLESS….Its a huge hit to wolverine and hte movie industry when movies are secretly leaked. Although it may help Star Trek in the box office when Trek opens up against Wolverine. But non the less…. I hate to see another movie go down like this. If its a so-so movie, people will give it ”bad-word of mouth” or wtv before it comes out. So people will avoid it at all-costs. I just hope nothing like this happens to Star Trek. I just hope Paramount see’s this as a threat to Star Trek and really tightens up security quite a bit before the movie premiers ! I’d hate for my Star Trek movie being spoiled !!!!! I’ve been waiting 2-3 years for this movie for god sakes !

#32 – I don’t think so. Many torrents will have comments saying fake or real. Many torrents with that name have none and were just put up on torrent search sites.

@ 31 and 32…. Its Insurrection. 09, meaning Star trek 9. Insurrezione meaning Insurrection, lol. I highly doubt its been leaked. People take huge risks doing it. I doubt both movies were leaked at the same time. Plus, if it was leaked already… then we would see HUGE amount of seeders and leachers for the trek movie, which doesn’t seem to be the case ! So don’t worry people !!! TRUST ME !!!

#33 reminds me of the hulk. i myself have been severely damaged by early leaks before. they arrested the original seeders, but the copy was out there and the damage done. hate it.

uhm… that last one was for 34… jas.

I searched for it on torrents. No luck. I don’t think it’s leaked.

I just want to see that new TV spot!!!!!


Even if Star Trek leaked right now, I wouldn’t download it. I want to see this movie in all its finished glory. Music, visual effects, everything.

#40 is a FAKE!!!

@ 42, LOL, I know, it’s hilarious. Jim Carrey humming the old trek fight scene music and fighting with the amok time stick blades, is just classic.

THANK GOD! I swear I was about to get pissed off if St09 was already leaked. That would not have been a cool thing to do, and I am glad its an April Fools joke, otherwise,I would of hunted those Bastards who DID do it.


Hey, at least it’s not that Rick Astley crap that people keep leading unsuspecting web surfers into. XD

ha! ferenginar rising! that’s great. i would totally see that.

People …. these are my hopes…

1.STAR TREK doesn’t get leaked….

2.Due to the early leak of Wolverine… it gets early BAD reviews…..and ruins WOLVERINES premiere.

3. Star Trek Profits from Wolverines leak.

I hate when it happens to any film (aka. Hulk(2003)). But it might just end up being something that may help Star Trek get 20-30 Million dollars more then what they should get had Wolverine not been leaked.

iesb has confirmed that the leak was a joke

THANK GOD!!!!!!!!

well i checked my sources. For what it’s worth. Yeah Wolverine did leak but it DOES NOT appear Trek has. I hope it does not to be honest