The Collective: DST Announces New TOS Ship Toys & Figures + Review of Electronic Chair & Kirk Figure

Not all the toy news is about new movie related stuff, Diamond Select Toys is still announcing new items from the rest of the 40 years of Star Trek franchise (especially TOS). TrekMovie has the details about the exciting toys and action figures on their way from DST. Plus the Collective reviews the new Kirk Figure w/ Electronic chair.



Action! – TOS wave 5
In August, the fifth wave of action figures based on Star Trek: The Original Series features a nice assortment of Diamond Select regulars and some firsts. A "third season" version of Captain James T. Kirk in green tunic, a "Tholain Web" edition of short-sleeved Dr. Leonard McCoy, a Nurse Christine Chapel (a DST first), Yoeman Janice Rand (another first), and the first-ever alien of the week, the Salt Vampire from "The Man Trap" (also a first for DST) show a nice diversity among the various seasons of Star Trek. What is especially nice about the Chapel and Rand figures is that their inclusions means collectors and fans now could assembly the entire crew of regulars from TOS.

TOS Wave 5 w/o Salt Vampire (click to enlarge)
[Pre-Order at BBTS – $59.99]

More Enterprise(s)! – Mirror and Remastered
Also this August, two variations of the classic 1960s Enterprise NCC 1701 make their debut. The first is the ISS Mirror Enterprise featuring details, sound, lighting, and voice effects from the fan favorite episode. The coolest feature is the Mirror Federation logo adorning the ship. Also available will be the Remastered version of the Enterprise from the CBS HD versions of Star Trek. This toy will have all the detailing seen in the CGI rendered model of the Enterprise and also includes lighting and sound effects.

ISS Enterprise (click to enlarge)
[Pre-Order Star Trek Mirror Mirror ISS Enterprise Ship from Entertainment Earth – $37.99]

‘Remastered’ Enterprise (click to enlarge)
[Pre-Order Star Trek Classic Enterprise NCC-1701 HD Edition Vehicle from Entertainment Earth – $37.99]



Chair Trek: The Motionless Figure
One of the best moments from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is when Spock sympathetically gestures to Kirk who is opining (not "Chris Pine-ing")that he misses his old Captain’s chair. Well, your TOS action figures no longer have to miss that old Chair as DST now has a Deluxe Edition Captain Kirk and Electronic Chair version of the most famous spaceship furniture in television history designed for the 7" line. The Captain’s chair includes one of the best likeness action figures of Captain Kirk (one of the most challenging for sculptures because of William Shatner’s features).

Kirk and his Electronic chair (click to enlarge)
[Order Star Trek Deluxe Electronic Chair Captain Kirk Action Figure from Entertainment Earth – $29.99]

The electronic chair is the next from the set of what we at TrekMovie like to refer to as the "Chair Trek: The Motionless Figures." Other 7" figures and chairs already available include Kirk from Where No Man Has Gone Before, Pike from The Cage, and first season Picard and Riker with TNG command chairs. This new item is the first electronic version available from DST. The chair is nicely detailed and features bright lighting effects.

Closer look at buttons on Electronic chair (click to enlarge)

Most impressive is how many quotes from Captain Kirk and sound effects the chair includes (the included video below is only a sampling of the sounds). By pressing the right panel on the Chair, a Kirk quote is played and then when you press the left panel the appropriate corresponding sound effect is heard. DST also likes "easter eggs" in their electronic toys and if you hold down the right side panel for a few seconds, fans get treated to the opening episode narration and the left panel is the Enterprise din sound effects that run constantly on the Bridge.

The great thing is that the chair is almost a consolation prize to all the fans who have neither the funds or the space for the thousands of dollars life sized version of this chair. With some dieting, perhaps elfish fans could even fit into the chair The electronic Kirk and Captain’s Chair is available now at Entertainment Earth for $29.99

More chairs coming
Next in the line of regular chairs is Sisko with Defiant Captain’s chair available this August. Entertainment Earth has preorders for $22.99.
This October, there will be an exclusive Trouble With Tribbles edition of the Captain Kirk and Electronic Chair (with sound and Kirk voice from the episode) available from There was a preorder previously available, but with a delay in the item planned, Amazon has temporarily disabled the link. Keep checking back at Amazon during the next few weeks.

Sisko and his chair (click to more)
[Order Star Trek DS9 Sisko Command Chair Figure from Entertainment Earth – $22.99]



Available Now!
The Ultimate Scale Spock (18" with cloth uniform) and the retro MEGO Enterprise Playset are now shipping. Be sure to check back with The Collective for reviews of both in the next week.

Retro Mego Playset (click to more)
[Order Star Trek Retro Series Bridge Playset from Entertainment Earth – $59.99]

Unfortunately, for Deep Space Nine fans the Commander Benjamin Sisko and Dukat two-pack has been cancelled for now by Diamond Select Toys.

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Awesome! Can’t wait to get my toy on :D

i wonder if we’ll see Karl in the short sleeve doc shirt…

Cool ISS :D

Kirk in green tunic is a great facial sculpt. The likeness is about as dead on as action figures get.

McCoy’s hairy arms though…whats up with that? They could have sacrificed accuracy on that one and opted to not give him hairy chimp arms!

The hair on McCoy’s arms is a bit much.


Bones’s arms are awfully hairy!

LoL! to the Bones hair….

you mixed up the links below the two enterprises

Rofl, arm hair.

Maybe they should focus on the Ent D before they come up with new ships

Come on guys. These figures are quite detailed and nice. McCoy’s arms are of little concerned when looking at overall quality.

You guys are just splitting hairs at this point. Arm hairs.

Also, a “remastered” Enterprise toy. Really?

Was McCoy / Mr. Kelly’s arms that hairy? Also, was he taller than Kirk / Mr. Shatner?

Also, the Captain’s chair for the 7″ figures looks great, I wonder if Sisko’s chair lights up as well. I’ll definately be picking up some of these items.

The likenesses of Chapel and Rand are excellent. Nice to see the ladies of Trek getting some recognition from DST. And I LOVE the Big E “toys”.

they should make a sisko and dukat two pack in which they both are sitting in chairs, in a runabout or something. And the runabout can be remastered

Don’t zoom in too close to the Enterprise pics. Either these are pre-production versions (and the molds were very poorly machined), or the models themselves are crappily made. Lots of seams and gaps. Granted, they’re toys, but you’d think for as much as DS is charging for them they’d be a little higher quality. Not along the lines of Master Replicas, obviously, but better than they are.

And the facial sculpts of the Kirk figures really could use a little more eyeliner. :-) Seriously, part of what made Kirk’s/Shatner’s eyes stand out so much in TOS was the eyeliner.

I’d get that chair, but I’ve already got my own lifesized, personally crafted one of my own. I’d love to see a shuttlecraft Galileo by DST/AA.

Maybe they took the make up from jim’s eyes and added it to chapels lips (I don’t recall her wearing that shade in any of the episodes)

What the hell were they thinking with McCoy’s arms…??

“Hey, let’s give him really hairy arms!”

I mean… how does an idea like that even come to pass during toy conception…? Hilarious!

What’s with those hairy arms?


Those arms remind me of my former Latina girlfriend! LOL

Bones looks like he’s scratching his balls…. otherwise pretty cool

I just love the I.S.S Enterprise. Love the detail of the Empire Logo. Now this is one ship i will have. I just wish they would come up with the Personell Agoniser Device. Now that will be so Kool. How About a replica of the Agoniser Booth. Even Better. I hope that they have patches of the Empire Logo. Long Live The Terran Empire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. I would also love to have a Terran Empire Uniform as well.

You sure you got the pronoun there right John ;) Maybe you should have checked a little closer… they can do wonderful things with tape these days…

I also would have preferred a product shot of bones where he is NOT grabbing his junk.

What’s a Voyager fan to do?

The McCoy doll looks RIDICULOUS with that “hair” on the arms.

#27—“I also would have preferred a product shot of bones where he is NOT grabbing his junk.”

Perhaps he fears that whatever has attacked his arms might spread elsewhere!

Bones is standing next to Rand. I don’t blame him for grabbing his junk.

Honestly, folks, McCoy did have pretty hairy arms!

Any word on what “additional details” are on the remastered Enterprise?

I wish the captain’s chair had a big EJECT POD button…

Nice, but still awaiting other ships from TOS-R, like a remastered CONSTELLATION and some of the fanboy ships (like the SS BOTANY BAY and maybe the grain ship that they borrowed from TAS).

Nice, but the use of “best moments” and “Star Trek V” do not go together.

The hair on McCoy’s arms is freaking me the heck out! That’s not right!!!

Is The Enterprise From the Remastered Mirror Mirror episode Really Marked with an “I.S.S.”? I kept trying to see if they changed it, but it looked like it still read “U.S.S.” to me….I have to look again.

these figures look great

Def want a Rand and Chapel figure to have all the orifinals complete.

37 – the moment in Star Trek V where Kirk says he misses his old chair is a fun moment.

So if they do a politically correct “Voyager” captains chair will it come with Janeway & Chakotay?? LOL

My collection book case is going to get awfully crowded…Oh well, that is the pride of ownership.

Oh brother, Remastered version 1701. Give me a break, how about a Reliant? And I’m pretty sure Kirk did not wear a wrap around tunic in the 3rd season. Shatner was fairly overweight for most of that, and the girdle wouldn’t look right with the wrap around! : )

I soooo want that Sisko/chair one.

Oh yessssss……..New Shipsssss…………They shall be mine!

Remastered Enterprise? Frak yes! I’ll get it just for the accurate weatherizing on the saucer. Mirror universe Enterprise? Frak yes! I’ll get it just because I’m a ship freak.

Oh yessssss………mine.

Boo on the canceled DS9 figures.

DS9 gets no love. :(

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD..can we have some OTHER ships than the TOS Enterprise, its great, beautiful..but there are SO many OTHER about the RELIANT? THE OBERTH CLASS? There’s enough of the Enterprise already and as a fan Im not gonna be buying any more of it, I want some NEW ships for my collection. There’s no doubt they could make other ships and sell a TON so WHY DONT THEY?


Aww great 2 MORE TOS 1701’s I HAVE TO BUY . XD

I’m glad to see the Connie getting soo much attention. With the release of the NX, E, (future release of D, AGT D and even the B and 2000) makes me wonder….


Then my (future) ship display will be completed!!!!

While I am a huge fan of DST and their ships, is it really necessary to produce 5 versions of each one before they come up with another? I’m sure there’s a method to the madness (crap, we made to many, let’s repaint them!), but I’m still waiting on my Defiant and Voyager ships. At least the hero ships.

Pre-order the big D, I hope it comes soon. 35 Days!

Love the detail of McCoy holding the detachable part of the medical Feinberger tricirder [salt-cellar I seem to recall by the inimitable Mr Feinberg.]