ST09 Tidbits (T-34): Hi-res images w/ TNG ref? + Pine, Abrams & Quinto comments + Sports promo + more

Another day and another Tidbits. Today we have Quinto and Abrams talking about Spocks, Pine winning an award and talking sequel, Abrams (again) talking IMAX. Plus we have yesterday’s new images in high res, including some intriguing details. And Esurance have a cool sports promotion coming up. All that and more below. 


Yesterday’s images – in high res w/ TNG easter egg?
Yesterday we pointed to some images that showed up at MSN, and today Paramount released the same images, but in high resolution. And one has some interesting detail.

3 new images (click to see high res)

This last image is a close-up from the scene where Kirk climbs out of an Enterprise escape module one Delta Vega. With the high resolution we can see more detail on Kirk’s bag, which shows that it is some kind of ‘EVAC KIT-ARCTIC’ and more interestingly it has the registry ‘NCC-1701-D.’ Of course the D could refer to the escape module or have some other meaning, but Trekkies think of 1701-D as the registry of the Galaxy class Enterprise from Star Trek The Next Generation. The Enterprise D is not in the movie, but this could be a nice little easter egg.

Just what ship did this bag come from?

Also now that the movie officially has been given the MPAA rating of PG-13 (see earlier story), Paramount has re-issued the US poster, now with the rating (also in high resolution), here it is:

Final poster finalized (click to enlarge)

ShoWest: Pine gets his award – talks 3-D + JJ Talks IMAX
ShoWest, he movie industry trade conference in Vegas, has wrapped up, and last night they handed out their Male Star of Tomorrow award to Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new Kirk. Here are a couple of images from the event (and video below):

Chris Pine wins star of tomorrow award

The MarketSaw site was at the event and asked Pine (on video) if he thought the sequel to Star Trek could be in 3-D. Pine didn’t know, but thought it might be up JJ Abrams alley.

MarketSaw also has video from an IMAX presentaiton at ShoWest, which included some comments from Star Trek director JJ Abrams (at 40 second mark).


Trek out to the ballpark w/ Esurance SF Giants Trek day
Paramount promotional partner Esurance is holding a special Star Trek day on April 27th with the San Francisco Giants baseball team. For $20 you get View Reserve seat for the Giants vs. Dodgers game, an invitation to the exclusive pre-game party in Scoreboard Plaza, a free Star Trek foam finger, and a complimentary beverage voucher. There will also be a Star Trek costume contest held on the field before the game starts. More info at

Giants v Dodgers v Trekkies

TrekMovie reader James spotted this promotion while attending a Giant’s game, where they are advertising the event and the movie, see below.

Star Trek inside the park – Sisko would approve

Quinto and Abrams talk Spocks
The Sydney Morning Herald has a new profile on Zachary Quinto, where the new Mr. Spock says he isn’t worried about becoming so associated with the character that he may end up writing versions of "I am not Spock" and "I am Spock," as Leonard Nimoy did: 

No matter how well this film is received and how favourably people take to my work in it, I’m not going to be credited with originating this role. I also think the stigmas are diminished in this day and age. Science fiction doesn’t have the same associations that it did 40 years ago and I don’t think people have the same attention spans as they did 40 years ago. Those factors weighed in on Leonard’s almost inextricable association with this character as an actor.

Star Trek director JJ Abrams is also quoted in the article, saying of Quinto:

I was struck by his likeness to Leonard. It was his physicality and his eagerness to play this role, not from the standpoint of massive fandom but from appreciating the struggles of the character.

RE: New Commercial
We are still working on getting good video for the new commercial that started running on cable this week, hopefully by the end of the weekend..

ST09 Bullets

AMC Star Trek gift cards

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Love the TNG reference. lol

Great info, keep it up…my first First!

The tidbits are getting more frequent! Nice!

Even when you cant work in a cameo you can always throw in Easter eggs, gotta love em.

Oh, and 2, first fail.

Interesting. Probably a cameo, I imagine. Or, the movie is a lot more complicated than anybody’s figured so far.

More good tidbits. Only 33 more to go.

6- Could be. We’re all thinking we know what this movies about while Abrams is laughing it up “They have no idea!” A cameo of “D” would be cool though.

The NxtGen reference is interesting.

I have heard that the marketing of the 3D movie Monsters and Aliens, was aided by the recent Stimulous bill.

Just atrocious.

We’ve (99.9% of us) only seen 2 minutes of a 126 minute film.

10. The Original Spock’s Brain

Probably more like 3 minutes considering all the different trailers that are out now. But you’re right, we’ve barely scratched the surface of this thing.

Keep it comming! Sisko would be proud and hey the D may not exsit in this Universe yet but hey the camo is worth it!

Although I doubt the big D will be in this movie, I would LOVE to see it on the big screen again. Personally, it’s my favourite Enterprise design, and it got the proverbial “shaft” in Generations (as did the Shat!)

Look also at the second image, at what looks like a trip of wall or paneling behind and to the right of Nero (from the point of view of the observer). The black band with golden shapes on it has the distinctive look of LCARS displays, as used on TNG. I know it’s a stretch, but you can’t deny there’s at least a resemblance. ;-)

Shane – April 3, 2009
Interesting. Probably a cameo, I imagine. Or, the movie is a lot more complicated than anybody’s figured so far.
I don’t think so.
NCC-1701-D on the bag is more likely just an inside joke.

PS: The pic of kirk on AMC Star Trek gift cards looks like hannibal rising.

Fascinating. I wonder if those who are attending the April 27th Giants baseball game against the Dodgers could render the Vulcan salute during our national anthem (“The Star-Spangled Banner”) instead of the heart-touching (hand-over-heart) civillian salute (the same heart-touching civillian salute we Americans render when hearing our national anthem as well as pledging our alliegance to our national flag). What do you think?

Im looking forward to seeing the new commercial for ST : TFB


Anyone have any ideas on how to get to the Los Angeles Premier of “Star Trek”? I’ve tried call everyone I could at Bad Robot,Spy Glass,and Paramount. But no luck. Does anyone know at least where and when it would be?
Any constructive comments would be appreciated.

Hey, that’s 1701-B, not D, on the bag! Harriman to the rescue?

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make the premier. I vowed not to see the film until I finished my comps. Time is running out. *freaks out*

It might also a 0 or 11,
it’s to blurry to identify.

the NEW TV SPOT is finally online:

is it an easter-egg, or is it that ANY letter from A-E + J would be some Enterprise somewhere sometime?

I rather think that the D after the Registration is for the Escape Pod… I mean, this is the Escape Pod D of the Starship 1701 ;)

Dammit Jim……Where’s My Giftcard ??

McCoy gets the shaft again !!

I don’t think it’s a TNG reference. Further…I don’t think it’s a “D” since that character at the end looks just like to the “0” in 1701.

I think it’s NCC-1701-0.

Does one find the TNG egg, by enlarging one of the 3 images? I tried that and mousing all over to find the egg. Am I doing this wrong?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…the bag w/ 1701-D reference? That’s NOT a typical “hidden” easter egg! That’s hardly an egg per-say.

Re Kirk’s sea bag:
It is comforting that despite Apple’s grand dominance of future naval contracting and ship building, simple white paint stencils survive.

C.S. Lewis

Hmm.. nobody is commenting on the Star Trek costume contest at the baseball game. The thought of all those fans, with all those costumes, converging on to a baseball field. Fascinating! ;)

Seriously it does get tiring to see and hear jokes about the Trekkie stereotypes. It’s nice to see Star Trek being promoted in the mainstream. Which reminds me, if President Obama is truly a Trekkie, what plans does he have for the movie.. hmm? Anyone hear anything?


Thanks for posting that. GO KIRK-FU!!

Gotta love that TNG reference. I’ll bet that when this comes out on DVD, we’ll be finding Easter eggs all over the place that we didn’t pick up in the theater. LOL

“Look also at the second image, at what looks like a trip of wall or paneling behind and to the right of Nero (from the point of view of the observer). The black band with golden shapes on it has the distinctive look of LCARS displays, as used on TNG. I know it’s a stretch, but you can’t deny there’s at least a resemblance. ;-)”

No news here… :) It has been pointed before that the Narada canibalizes destroyed ships for useful parts… :)

Star Trek XI is to TOS, what Vista was to XP

a pile of doo doo

“Go get some more guys and then it’ll be an even fight.” :-)))))

What’s all that yelling in the background while Chris Pine is talking about the next movie?

Leonel wrote, “It’s nice to see Star Trek being promoted in the mainstream.”

My thoughts exactly!

So in the new TV spot, who is it who says “you’re captain now, Mr. Kirk?” It doesn’t sound like Sulu or McCoy or anyone else from the main cast. Any ideas?

22 – Thanks for the link. I’m still not thrilled with the rock and roll treatment in some of these ads. There’s probably going to be some MTV-style montages in this film. Bleh.

28 – That’s “per se.”


I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the voice of an instructor at the academy, immediately prior to the Kobayashi Maru scenario.


I’m fairly certain that the Capt of the Kelvin handing over command to Jim Kirk’s dad, George.


That commercial was premiered during UFC, and given its target audience it seems just about right. Different strokes for different folks. It wouldn’t inspire me, either.

“You’re Captain now, Mister Kirk?” – “You got it.” :D

38 Finnegan?

IF you look carefully at the “Delta Vega Escape Pod” itself, and consider that the NCC-1701 marking is ‘flush left’… or is it hiding a booboo?

I think it’s clear that it was originally made up and painted NCC-1701-D, and someone noticed and removed the D onsite.

Notice how there’s plenty of room for a D, and it would explain why the NCC-1701 tag is off center.

Of course, if the pods had been labelled A, B, C, D, etc, that would make sense too, considering the shuttlecraft were numbered. Good ol’ Galileo NCC-1701-7. Wonder if it makes an appearance?

I have a tidbit…I was sitting in a coffee and wine bar in Addison (Dallas, TX) last night and they had AOL radio playing. A commercial for a Star Trek promotion came on…I was like cool…and then when I looked up at the TV over the bar, they were playing the new TV spot…totally unrelated to each other as far as medium but gave me chills…..the media blitz is here I think….

Now if only they’d release the new spot in official HD.

Yes…The blitz is here. Sorta’ reminds me of an earlier movie way back in the winter of ’78-’79 Hmmm?

#14 – hmm, that’s interesting. The Narada (Nero’s ship) does include Borg technology, so who’s to say it doesn’t have some Federation components as well?

#41 – that’s probably the case, and I’d bet it’s not Captain Rabau, because by the time Kirk takes command of the Kelvin, Rabau is already dead.

46. Ahoy, fellow Texan Star Trek fan!