New Star Trek “Beginning” TV Spot Video + Screenshots & Analysis

As reported earlier, a new TV commercial started airing this week on cable (so far seen on Spike and MTV). Paramount have not yet made it available, but video is now online for this new spot. Check it out below with’s usual screen caps and analysis.


Prepare for a new beginning – and get ready to fight
With the tagline “prepare for a new beginning” new TV spot is another seemingly targeted at a male action-movie crowd who aren’t necessarily fans of Star Trek, complete with a driving guitar rhythm. It is very focused on Kirk, with lots of ‘fight’ scenes, which make sense since this trailer was first shown during “UFC Fight Night” on Spike.

Screencaps & analysis

This new TV spot has a few new shots, mostly extensions of scenes we have seen before. Below is a breakdown of all the new stuff in this commercial. [NOTE: caps are based on best video available – will be updated if/when Paramount provide better source].

Click images to enlarge

Establishing shot of Iowa Bar (this will be the scene the audience first meets Kirk as a young adult – played by Chris Pine)

In Iowa bar: Starfleet Academy cadet confronts Kirk after Kirk hits on Uhura (also an Academy Cadet) [Dialog – Cadet: "There are four of us and one of you"]

Kirk gets right back in his face
[Dialog – Kirk: "So get some more guys and then it will be an even fight"]

Kirk fights four academy cadets (note: Uhura at bar behind Kirk)
…This commercial makes Kirk look like he won the fight…he didn’t

Day after bar fight Kirk rides motorcycle to Riverside Shipyards (where Enterprise is being built) to take shuttle to Starfleet Academy – gives keys to worker who admired bike [Dialog – Worker: "Nice ride, huh?" , Kirk: "It’s yours"]

Previously seen shot of shuttles leaving Starfleet Academy in San Francisco – but reversed

James T. Kirk – big man on campus – as cadet at Starfleet Academy
(looks like he is greeting his friend McCoy)

Close-up on Sulu’s ‘folding katana’ sword – used in fight with Romulans on Narada drilling rig above Vulcan

Kirk punches Romulan on drilling rig
[Voice over (unknown person): "You are captain now, Mr. Kirk" and Kirk replying "got it"]

Pike’s shuttle heads towards Narada while over Vulcan

New angle on previously seen fight between Kirk and Spock (Zachary Quinto)


More trailer analysis and details
And in case you missed it, check out our previous shot-by-shot analyses:

Much of the above analysis is based on scenes in the trailer that were also shown during the 20-minute press preview held last Fall. For more on that see TrekMovie full analysis.

(Video cap thanks to  CinemaClockHD)

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Well, they’ve certainly got their specific audiences targeted. Very action-packed.

First! Looks cool…

I try to play it but a “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”.

Me likey!

yeah, it got ganked. The fight screenshot between kirk and spock looks more like theyre gonna high five

Kirk fighting a Romulan before Balance of Terror?

and now it works, and honestly i think this is the worst of the trailers, really makes the movie look brainless. But I guess they have to appeal to everyone

Great Stuff! Can’t wait to see the movie…

Good stuff. It was not made for me, which is blatantly obvious, but it does what it needs to and provides us with a few more seconds of new shots.

I still just don’t know about all of this fairly un-Kirk like stuff. We’ll see next month I guess.

This whole thing is such a mess.

#6. Nelson – April 4, 2009

Kirk fighting a Romulan before Balance of Terror?

Yes, because it is an alternate timeline…

I’m just wondering if there is enough clips from the trailers to put together a “short” film of it all. But agreeing with everyone else “great stuff” indeed!! Can’t wait for it to come out!

6: “Kirk fighting a Romulan before Balance of Terror?”

Romulans who come back in time. History is altered.

11. The Real Stanky McFibberich

Well, if you’re referring to what we’ve seen of the whole movie, then I disagree. If, however, you are referring to the new tv spot, then yeah, that about sums it up.

New tv spot #3 at

Im starting to fear that the fact that the Romulans go back in time gives JJ a golden key to re-write cannon because the time line’s been altered. Still, strangely enough even with that they have to stick to Enterprise cannon since that was all before. Still doubt they care.

Officially a reboot which is ok to me. Don’t know why they have been so afraid of just calling it a reboot. The Kirk and Spock I grew up with are of in another fictional Universe doing their thing and always will. When you are calling something a ne beginning it’s oficially a reboot. Maybe a reboot with cannonical elements from our beloved Original TOS Trek Universe but a reboot none the less. Khan is going to show up in one of the sequels you can bet your ass on that, but a newer different Khan (prob a female Khan)

Except for No Shatner, the bumbling comic relief Scotty and the entire secondary hull of the new E I am stoked and thrilled this is coming

The whole thing is in fact a reboot

The goatee on the cadet who starts the bar fight with Kirks suggests a time travel subplot involving 1992, which is consistent with the sweater we’ve seen Spock wearing on Vulcan.

stupid unimpresive theyre going aftyer the least common denominator. wheres the fan stuff the one that remind me of TOS. ’cause im not seein it.
i dont like the reverse pic bit. wish they would stop it.
what nice ride? the bike?
more guys even fight. please. that ones getting old. cliche.

The federation had never seen what a romulan looked like. Referance TOS.

It seems that JJ abrams used a very lame excuse to break every rule in the book> Parallel universes…

For those who dont know much about Sci – fi writing this is as low as you can get!

Kirk driving a car (cant on TOS), the Enterprise built in the wrong place and looks worse than the original design (tos), Romulans as vilains ..

I seriously hope this movie is a total flop.

no offense but youre just now comig to this.
that previous canon u speak of (assumeing the kelvin inncident is the Neros first arival) the Kelvin itself should look like a movie ver of a TOS design. It dont. the Kelvins shuttles etc.
the Kelvins crew are wearing 1701 insignia.
are to believ that the Kelvin incident moved the acedmey to the south side of the bridge.
That the Kelvin incident moved the city building closer to the bridge.

#10—I don’t think it’s fair to paint any of this as “un-Kirk like”.

Even later on in TOS, as a more polished Starship Captain, Jim Kirk was never hesitant to use his fists—and we know virtually nothing of his story between the time in which he is suggested to have lived on Tarsus and his entry into the Academy. Even without the element of a timeline-altering catalyst, we don’t know what kind of young man he was.

Where his story does pick up again, canonically, details are scarce. We know that he (in the original timeline) gets into the Academy with the help of a man whose son would later serve and die under Kirk’s command (“The Apple”).
We know that he has some trouble with an upperclassman (“Shore Leave”).
We also know that he has no qualms about cheating on a command test at SFA in order to come out a winner in a situational drill designed to prevent success; that he has an affair with a young lady named Carol Marcus, the fruit of which is an ‘illegitimate’ child; and we have Carol’s dismissive retort to her son’s suggestion that Jim Kirk was an “overgrown boyscout” (TWOK).

Apparently later on, he develops a discipline which is more “by the book”.

By the time he serves (as an ensign) aboard the USS Republic, he is unwilling to overlook an incident of negligence—even for the benefit of a friend (“Court-Martial”).

By the time he is promoted to Lieutenant, he—at some point—returns to the Academy to serve as an instructor. One of his students, Gary Mitchell, describes him as a “stack of books with legs”, and someone for whom other students cautioned him to “watch out” (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”).

Obviously, there is a maturing process over that time, but even much later in his career—Jim Kirk is still quite capable of “bending (or breaking) the rules”, disobeying orders when he believes himself correct or, at times, even merely for friendship, and certainly doesn’t lose his “appreciation” of beautiful women.

He has never been an overly simplistic or even “straight-laced” character.

I think it is difficult to say what is “Kirk-like” and what isn’t, especially during a period of time not yet canonically depicted within the Star Trek Universe.

The audio is the only thing im not liking about this commercial. Im I the only one thought that they said “Mr. Cook” instead of Mr. Kirk?

ROCK N ROLL BABY. I can’t wait for this new trek movie. I don’t understand why some fans are saying … ”this isn’t what star trek is…” or wtv… Well , Can you tell me what Star Trek really is ? If this movie can hold on to the philosophy of what Star Trek really is (which it does most likely) then it’ll be great. The only thing thats changing is hte presentation of the story and the scale. Like Orci and Kurtzman said…. ”we wanted to add a little bit of rock and roll to star trek”. This movie will have what we love a lot and really make it even better. But a lot of Modern day Star Trek fans aren’t too much of TOS series fans. TNG was VERY stale and sterile. TOS was pushing all buttons when it was on tv. Even JJ Abrams said that in a interview. Star Trek is supposed to be sexy and fun. Were talking about the future people…. The future isn’t stale and sterile like TNG presents all the time. The future will be really diverse and what not. Clearly this movie is exciting and diverse when i see it and fun to watch. It will also have that philosophical stuff that we trek fans love and enjoy. It will be a great movie ! Go JJ !


Looking better all the time.

I love it when someone says “First” and they’re not!!

The guitar riff sounds like its from “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva.

#18—“Don’t know why they have been so afraid of just calling it a reboot. ”

Because it wouldn’t technically be accurate.

A reboot (like “Batman Begins”) discards and ignores previous continuity as if it never happened in the broader story.

The difference here is that the story begins in the very timeline in which all of that previous continuity exists. The story in ST09 not only does not “discard” or ignore previous continuity, but actually is dependant upon it.

The story in ST09 cannot take place without previous continuity leading the broader story to that point in which people from the Post-Nemesis era travel back in time.

While it has the potential to display certain aspects of a “reboot”—the word simply doesn’t accurately describe ST09.

Previous continuity is not discarded, nor is it ignored. It is—in fact—essential to the story.

22 — I seriously hope this movie is a total flop.

Now there’s a trek fan I really want to be associated with. (sarcasm)

Where did Post 27 – 31 go?

Poopey pants why did you change your handle again?? I like poopey Pants the best anyway!!

I said reboot with Cannonical elements. Come on brother poopey you’re slicing the meat awefully thin. I also said a reboot is not a bad thing either. It has much more akin to Batman Begins and Casino Royale which were both called reboots of the franchises than a continuation of the saga (or origin story) or Kirk and Spock

Walks like a rebooot, talks like a reboot, it’s a reboot and the boot has soles and maybe laces from the Trek Universe we grew up with but the leather is definately a new re-boot

And please go back to poopey pants you my friend are no Mindless Boob!!!!

why all this negativity over a collection of fight scenes (with all the plot trimmed neatly away)?

Sheesh, it’s only an “action focused” trailer people!

re: 15. The Governator – April 4, 2009
“11. The Real Stanky McFibberich
Well, if you’re referring to what we’ve seen of the whole movie, then I disagree. If, however, you are referring to the new tv spot, then yeah, that about sums it up.”

I was specifically referring to this spot, but in my opinion it also applies to the project as a whole. If there is much good in it, so far the makers and promoters are hiding it.

The biggest problem lies in the idea to do a recast version of those characters. The second problem is with contriving this alternate timeline backstory. From the get-go this project has stunned me with its lack of adherence to the basic look and feel of the show. If you are going to do the show and the characters, then DO the show and the characters. Spend more money and use better materials, but make it look and feel the way it is supposed to.

I could accept the movie versions with the original cast because it was a progression in time, and although I wasn’t always happy with some of the design and other decisions in those, we still had the real actors in a somewhat logical time progression.

The thing that has been striking me the most about this, especially in the last few months, is the talking-out-of-both-sides-of-their-mouths interviews with the makers…The transparent, bullcrap, tell–you-what-you-want-to-hear comments directed at various factions. “We’re making this for fans and non-fans alike.” Please.

Well, they are turning me into a non-fan.

I keep holding out hope for some reason.

well the thinking among the supporters is that the kelvins destruction put these things in motion.
try this. Kirks life changed at birth. differant stress levels, his body puts put diff melanin levels causing his blues eyes to stay that way instead of turning brown.
the kelvin is destroyed. even though tthe attack on earth dosent come until some 20 yrs later, someone desides its a good idea to move the acedemy. assumeing the rumor about this attack on earth being the call to action that puts kirk on the Enterprise.
Now we know what the city looks like in TMP. the city center is not much differant then today. the downtown (large collection of skyscrapers) is centered near the bay bridge. but JJ mobves it to the golden gate bridge. Why? did the kelvins lose or an early attack on earth cause a rebuild in a new location? or is he going with the escuse that the city is like it is now. then moves toward the golden gate (u know its the future, it could happen). then nero attacks (pre TOS). then the city rebuilds back to the way it was, close to the bay bridge now looking much like TMP.

LOL! the trailer is just outrageous, hopefully the movie will be better. And to all of you who are fooling yourselves with the alternate timeline element of the movie, face the facts: you are just excusing JJ of destroying whatever vestige of the ST cannon remained after ENT. Move on and let Star Trek live.

re: Garth

I agree. It’s a reboot. What I disagree on is that a reboot is a good thing.

re: 35. thomoz – April 4, 2009
“why all this negativity over a collection of fight scenes (with all the plot trimmed neatly away)?
Sheesh, it’s only an “action focused” trailer people!”

Because that’s all they ever show. We hear about the intelligence and spirit of Star Trek all the time from the makers. What we see is quick cut action crap.

They are so intent on bringing in the young money-wasting audience, that they really don’t care about anything else to any great degree.

Yeah, I know. It’s a business.

Monkey business…

Give em Hell Stanky !!!!!!

Not in your boat on this one (agree with alot of what you said on the production design thus far though!!!)

But you are one of the few orignal forum brothers still here after more than two years !!! Way back when we were ripping the terrible quality of the original Remastered episodes (and alot of the later ones as well) there were only a few of us and you were one of them !!!!

So give em hell Stanky good for you bro!!!!

#33—-“And please go back to poopey pants you my friend are no Mindless Boob!!!!”

Thanks, Lord Garth.

It’s just for today. Yesterday, someone on another thread suggested that this moniker suited me better.

I’m just having a bit of fun with it.

But, point of order—-it was “Poopeyface”.


I’m just suggesting that perhaps the creative team felt that the ST09 story distinguishes itself from a ‘traditional reboot’ in a fictional series, and that may be why they are seemingly hesitant to brand it this way.

I cannot say I blame them. I can only speak for myself, of course, but I much prefer that this time period be altered canonically—as seems to be the case—as opposed to simply pretending that the events depicted in previous continuity never occurred (in any timeline). It is far easier for me to get on board with it this way—since the potential for the creation of an alternate timeline due to interference with the past is an element of canon nearly as old as the franchise itself.

I just think that this course is so different from any past “reboot” that perhaps ST09 deserves another term with which to describe it—even if it is just something like “functional reboot”.

Maybe I’m just being silly, but then again—I am a mindless boob!



well said. I agree

35. Thank you.

Good grief, people, it’s a thirty-second spot.

Grant you, it’s a moronic testosteronal thirty-second spot, probably the loudest, stupidest thirty-second spot ever produced for a “Star Trek” movie.

But what the heck. It’s obviously not aimed at me. The gurus at Paramount are clearly going for the action crowd in this one — whadda they gonna do, fill the trailer with scenes of little Jimmy’s birth? (Push! Push! He’s crowning!) No doubt they’re keeping that for future trailers aimed at the chick-flick crowd. Can’t wait to see it.

Ok Poops Let’s call it functional reboot!!!!

Off to the health club girls !!!!

Curious to see where this thread goes

Check in later

But I’m interesting how this movie ends. We have a time travel influenced Kirk. Nero needs to be stopped. Now will Nero simply be killed but all his changes to the time line remain uncorrected? That would be bad, because this Kirk is still not the real Kirk.

And if the timeline is restored, how will they show Kirk’s ‘real’ development from kid to Captain that has not been influenced by time travel? And with all this new audience talk, why would they even bother with Deja Vu style time travel and timeline restoration in the first place?

How about this.
trek is more then the some of its parts.
and that collection gives us its optimism et al
however we cant see all of this untill the movie comes out. right now its all out of context.
But I dont like the parts im seeing.
I dont want TOS. I want a movie ver of TOS. where is that?


In all fairness, Stanky, every Star Trek trailer since TMP has focused on the action of the story. Heck, the trailer for TWOK didn’t address the Genesis subplot at all. The trailer for TSFS consisted of all the battle clips strung together. This is really nothing new, other than this particular team is really crossing the divide and reaching out to new audiences in a much more significant way than ever before.


In your local video store. They’re called TMP, TWOK, TSFS, TVH and TUC (we all know that fifth one doesn’t count).


Anyone else wonder if the “You’re a captain now, Mr. Kirk”, is actually taken from a clip of someone talking to GEORGE Kirk on the bridge of the Kelvin?

im not even LOL