Paramount Launch New Star Trek ‘Fankit’ Site + New Phaser iPhone App

Today Paramount has released two cool digital tools for Star Trek fans. Firstly there is a brand new StarTrekFanKit site with all sorts of ways for you to customize your online life with Star Trek movie stuff. Also there is a brand new free "Star Trek Phaser" iPhone application for you to play with. Details below.


Star Trek Phaser iPhone Application
To promote the release of Star Trek, Paramount Pictures International and the Picture Production Company have created a first of its kind ‘social media microsite’. Launched today, will house a wealth of Star Trek-themed tools for fans to use on their profiles across the social web.

Phaser your friends with your iPhone allows fans to show their love with a variety of cool customization tools which can be used to spruce up your fansite, MySpace profile, blog or Twitter page, and more. The site promises more content to come

Creating site skins and profile pics, just two things you can do with new fankitsite

There is also more Star Trek content still to come at, including peelbacks, fan banners, iPhone content and also a live stream from the global premiere in Sydney.

Star Trek Phaser iPhone Application
Also today Paramount released a new free Star Trek app at iTunes. The "Star Trek Phaser" turns your iPhone or iTouch into Phaser and is really a game you can play in single player or via wifi with a friend. Single player high scores can be posted to a Leaderboard.

Phaser your friends with your iPhone

As you can see from the images, the application gives the best idea yet what the new phasers look like, and they are much less shiny than the Playmates toys.

In addition to the game there are also videos and images from the Star Trek movie.

Check out Star Trek vids and images with the "Star Trek Phaser" iPhone app

You can download "Star Trek Phaser" through the iTunes App Store,


TrekMovie says: download the love
These new digital promotions are fun and very fan-friendly. If you are excited about the new Star Trek movie, then TrekMovie thinks you should show the love at your blog, website, profile. We so often hear about how fans feel a sense of ownership over the franchise, so can’t that extend to personalizing your little spots on the web with the new movie? So update that Twitter icon and page, throw a widget on your MySpace page…say to the world "I am a Trekkie, and damn proud of it."

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Ultra Cool!


so. that really is the phaser, huh?

I miss my old chair.

Do we get to hear what the phasers sound like, too?

I know someone beat me to being first…

and I am SO downloading that iphone app!

@ 4. ”only one way to find out… ”’ i’m gonna download and try it out now.

too bad i don’t have an Iphone, I will have to wait till i get home to put it on my Ipod touch (IPOD TOUCH FTW BTW) I have already jailbroken my Ipod and put the Star trek themes on it, so this is a great addition

I am glad the new phaser is not as shinny as the toy. It looks more realistic now.

The Phaser still looks less like a phaser and more like an Ion Nebulizer from “Galaxy Quest.” WTF.

Do we get to hear what it sounds like?

Very cool !

Hopefully they’ll redesign the phaser for the sequel. Just not that into this one.

Is there a way to run the Phaser app without an iPod/iPhone?

the phaser looks just fine to me. no complaints at all

Knowing Anthony and this site I’m guessing it’s already been reported here. Maybe not. But in case not, I’ve noticed Rod Rodenberry’s site is offering a version of the new phaser from the new movie on his site. I was surprised by it and the fact that it was the clearest picture I’ve seen of one of them. Thought it was news worthy.


And yes I’d like to hear it too. The original sound is such a part of my audio memory vocabulary. Hard to beat it.


And Tony I’m with you too.

You would think, they might have googled the name PCAP first, before naming their computer system after it. I work with pcap files every day. Therefore it sounds odd to me.

PCAP = Primary Computer Access Program/Protocol?

The forerunner to LCARS no doubt. Fascinating.

Well, while that looks better than the vacuum metalized toy version, I’m still not impressed with the phaser, I still wish it didn’t have that rotating “setting” feature that seems to be present. A nice little twisty knob on the back would’ve been a nice bit of detailing to sell it to me as legit tech VS “cool for the sake of being cool”(even though, I personally find it kind of lame),

But brushed metal is a massive improvement over that stupid toy.

Just had a go.

The sounds are there, assuming of course they are the same as in the movie. The “game” though is really nothing to get excited about.


Uh WHERE exactly is the Roddenberry ST09 phaser prop at? I looked all over the site and only saw the playmates one. Perhaps a direct link should be in order, hmm?

I can’t get the fankit site to open!!!!

Sheesh, when are we going to see Paramount use new pics for their promotions of Star Trek? They’ve been using the same photos that have been out for months. We’re about a month away from the release; it’s not like they need to be all that secretive about what the characters look like anymore. Releasing official promotional shots won’t give the story away.

I’d just like to see some new promotional shots, is all.

Cool stuff, otherwise.

Just FYI, the term “iTouch” is incorrect. It’s an iPod touch.

Oh well. No i-phone, so the apps mean nothing.

Ah well, there goes my phaser app down the drain…

This is Just cool!

I got the app. It’s pretty fun! I can treat my iPhone like the phasers from The Next Generation. Plus, I can press it many many times and I can make it sound like it’s on rapid fire mode!

Good a time as any to make a plug.
I’ve got a bunch of avatars made from Trek symbols available at my site if anyone wants to steal ’em.

Star Trek: Enterprise:
Star Trek:
Star Trek: The Next Generation:
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
Star Trek: Voyager:

If you want something I’m missing, just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to accommodate.

Yeah, the “fan kit” site seems to load REALLY slowly…

The phaser is spot on, in my opinion.

A VERY glowing review of the film’s script:

(Way to go, Bob!)

Phaser looks good. I would have preferred something a little less silly, but it works for me.

it looks cool

But I would rather have a fan kit of TOS or TNG than the new movie.

Like to have one that reflects the Trek I grew up with.

I would agree with #32. Make fankits for all the series and let us choose what we want to use.

Remember I am not Herbert

I just don’t want the past Star Trek series and films being ignored as if it never happened.

I am a fan of all the shows and I want to make show the fans don’t forget them.

30 “A VERY glowing review of the film’s script:”

Read the article, thanks for the link. I still don’t think the film is for me. To me, “new coat of paint” still means less design changes than we have ended up with. I would characterize the changes as “some body panels were removed and some were added”.

In addition, the constant regurgitation of the excuse that “you can’t make everyone happy therefore we will do what we want” was the wrong path to follow. While it’s true that there are some fans who would worry about what shade of gray was used on panel “x”, there is another tier several levels up where happiness would have flourished.

Here’s to hoping for a reset of the visuals at the end of this film. Otherwise, popcorn at home with TMP, happily.

The Star Trek Quogs promoting May 8th…

Just a little something I made at

I got this app as soon as I saw the story here at TrekMovie. Nice pics and game modes, love the look and the stun sound, but the “Kill” setting sound is awful.

35 – If you try to please all, you will please none.

Why is that statement false?

35 – If there is a reset, many fans would feel cheated (since they like the new designs), it would make the entire movie pointless, and the movie would become a laughing stock with non-fans.

Whatever your opinion, that is the truth. Simple. Unchangeable. Truth.

33 – Nice idea, but this was specifically designed for promotion of the movie.

Tomorrow is going to be difficult. The leaks will be Tsunami-like and there will be nowhere to run.

One whole brutal month?! With all the piss-takers in Australia…

I’m going to have Space… Madness… by May.

My Twitter skin is all set!
Odd, though . . .the date looks like Aug. 5 instead of May 8. Hope that doesn’t confuse people.

Next we’ll get the phaser for my wife’s iPod touch. Too cool.


Time to Trekify my site that’s actually called “Trekified”. xD

I was thinking Palm should of did something with Star Trek with the new Pre thats coming out in May.

Put up the Delta Shield skin on my twitter page!

Uh yeah it is to promote the movie, where have you been?


will they do one for TOS and not the movie?

I hope they do

Everyone seems to be forgetting the past 40 years of Trek due to this movie when it comes to cool stuff like this.

I hope to love the movie and am excited about it but can’t there be stuff from the five shows and previous 10 movies we do things like this with as well.


Well, I don’t know how to photobucket this but it’s on the opening page of the weekly announcement. Then you click on it and it’s not there. It just takes you to a very pricey “Federation” phaser from the Enterprise series. But before that happens it says, and I quote:

Straight from the new motion picture, this electronic Starfleet phaser is constructed of vacuum-metalized plastic and makes authentic Star Trek movie sounds when the trigger is pressed.

Coming Soon!

end quote

The reactions remind me some what of 1990 when TNG was to premier, some loved it and others thought it degraded the 60’s TOS version. I guess honest true views will not be valid for another five years, or at least until the next movie in 2 years.

When will a iPhone emulator come out so I can see it. I guess I’m old fashioned because I stopped liking MAC stuff back in 1980 when I bought an Atari 800 instead of a Apple II, because Atari made a better computer at the time and it went with my Atari 2600 game system and Star Raiders at the time was my 3D space war anti withdraw fix solution. At the time that 4K game was as good as todays Billion/Trillion byte games.

P.S. When is Nimoy going to be asked for his views on the Movie?\

I’d rather have them with the TOS cast on them.