ST09 Tidbits (T-31): Surprise TX Guests + Sydney Prepares + Make-up Details + Pine On Kirk Flirt + more

The week just started and we have a ton of Tidbits for you, starting off news on surprise guests at tonight’s Austin, TX preview. Plus we have pics of preparation for the Sydney premiere, comments from Pine on Kirk’s flirting, some new details on movie make-up, first images of billboards, and more.


Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof to surprise fans at Austin TX Preview tonight
As reported previously, there will be a 10 minute preview of the Star Trek movie tonight at a special Fantastic Fest screening of Star Trek The Wrath of Khan in Austin TX. But fans who attend will be in for a surprise as three members of Star Trek’s ‘Supreme Court’ will be on hand in the Lone Star State. According to a trusted source the Star Trek Screenwriting team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, along with Producer Damon Lindelof, have all made the journey to Austin and they will be going on stage to introduce the preview.  The show kicks off tonight at 9:50 PM TX time at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater on South Lamar in Austin TX.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Look for a report on this event late Monday or early Tuesday AM

Get ready for Sydney Premiere
Just a few hours after the TX event, the official world premiere gala for Star Trek starts at 7:00 PM Tuesday Australia Time (10 AM GMT, 5 AM EST, 2 AM PST). The red carpet festivities will start up at 5:30 PM Sydney time.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: TrekMovie will be posting images (and hopefully video) from the red carpet as close to live as possible. Stay tuned.

Preparations have been going on for the last couple of days. TrekMovie reader Joel sends in some photos he took yesterday at the Sydney Opera House.

Preparations for Sydney global premiere in just a few hours

And the location isn’t the only thing getting prepped. JustJared spotted Kirk and Spock (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto) taking a psych-up run in Sydney earlier today.

They are and always shall be running buddies

Star Trek Make-up details
Makeup Magazine has a brief article on the make-up from the new Star Trek movie, with some interesting facts:

  • Abrams didn’t Iowa bar to to duplicate Star Wars Cantina scene with tons of aliens, so opted for just one alien in that scene

  • Abrams wanted aliens ‘peppered’ through the movie

  • Romulan make-up was three pieces (Bana had extra piece)

They also have this cool shot of Leonard Nimoy getting his ears put on.

ShoWest: Pine: "Kirk is a flirt" + Q&A + Trek Lifts
There is still some reporting out of the big ShoWest event last week where Chris Pine won his ‘Male Star of Tomorrow’ Award. First Access Hollywood has a video interview with Pine where he talks about how he was ‘scared’ to take on the role of Kirk. He also stated that in the new movie "Kirk is the consummate flirt."


Also from ShoWest, last week we put up one bit of the press Q&A after Pine won his award, now has the full Q&A.

And one last bit from ShoWest. TrekMovie reader Larry sends in these photos from the Planet Hollywood Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. Apparently all the elevator doors were Trekified during the ShoWest trade conference.

Las Vegas Turbolifts (thanks Larry)

Outdoor campaign begins
The outdoor advertising campaign for Star Trek has begun. In the US, billboards based on the US Poster have been spotted in Los Angeles and New York.

Star Trek billboards in NYC (thanks Jack)

Don’t worry about Spoilers at TrekMovie
Some fans have asked how will be treating spoilers once the gala premieres have started. TrekMovie will be running reviews of the film during April, but we will be adhering to Paramount embargoes on those, as will other large media sites. Regardless, TrekMovie will not be running SPOILER information on the front page during April. There will of course be more and more news about the movie, including reviews and details, but anything that is a spoiler will always be within articles (below the ‘more’ tag) and will always come with a SPOILER warning.

So feel free to visit TrekMovie all April and May and don’t worry about being spoiled (unless you want to be).


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Im STILL spoiler free for ST:TFB.

I think its the best way to watch something like this, and be totaly surprised.

Boy its been hard thou,, lol


Spoil me rotten, Trekmovie!!!!!!

In all seriousness, I think I will just read the reviews rather than plot details. Then again, I probably won’t be able to resist. I will probably take a peak….. or two…..or three. :)

it will be hard to resist the spoilers… but i must try.

I’m excited though, just found out the brand new theatre in my hometown is going to be screening Star Trek 2,4 and 6 in the weeks leading up to the premiere. definitely going to at least one of those.

Agh, heck with the spoilers. I’m so excited, I will probably read every one. WHY CAN’T I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA??!!!

Is this a great time to be a Trek fan or what!

Thanks Anthony for all your hard work.

Nice turbolifts!

#2 Has to get a life.

Looking forward to ST!

that new york poster at the centre of time-square must be AMAZING to see ! A lot of people will be like… ”wow, what the hell is that ?”

Gentlemen, may the wind be at our backs…

Seeing Quinto & Pine in my hometown makes me giddy. I can’t wait to spot them tonight.

Anthony, just in case it hasn’t been said lately, THANK YOU and your staff for this amazing site! You give us great information, protect us from unwanted spoilers, and keep the discussions from getting too out of hand.

Thank you!!!!

This is getting a good way

I love how Pine and Quinto are sporting their Star Trek color schemes while jogging. Haha! Awesome.

@ 11.

Well said, lol. I just watched Search for spock like 3 hours ago. Love that movie….


I’m going to have to spoil one thing for you – the movie is called Star Trek, not ST: TFB ;)

Awesome. Now, we’re only a month away! The suspense is killing me. Come on, May 8th!

God bless!


i think you’ve got the right idea. unfortunately, i’ve been spoiled rotten. i need one of those flashy things from MIB

Interesting picture of “old” Spock!

I wonder if his hair looks like that in the movie?

Or will he more likely be wearing a piece?

I won’t make it to the show tonight, But it sounds Killer though.

Quinto’s lookin’ a little green in the gills there… ;) Maybe he needs to get some brains in his stomach to recuperate! ;)

Intriguing picture of the two of them. There were never enough real-world pictures of Nimoy and Shatner back in the days.

#17 Well, the “The Motion Picture” part of ST: TMP was a similar afterline. It was only when we needed to distinguish in fandom that it became TMP against TWOK, TSFS and TVH. When it came out, we were all just calling it “Star Trek”. You’re absolutely right, of course, but in 20 years, I think TFB may (un)fortunately have stuck to it. If they call the sequel Star Trek: The Future Continues for example…

I’m still spoiler-free, with the exception of a few things.

Not reading the comic ’til after May 8th, and not reading ANY MORE SPOILER ALERTS until my butt is in the theatre and I’m going absolutely nuts!

Pretty exciting night! I can’t wait to read the reactions and hopefully some spoiler action tomorrow when I’m supposed to be working. :)

Spock is and always shall be faster than Kirk…

“Romulan make-up was three pieces (Bana had extra piece)”

Which of course tempts me to make a Boogie Nights reference. But I won’t. Although I did. According to the Quantum Mechanics of dirty references, would I have made it differently if TrekMovie had phrased it differently? The answer is, yes.

Great posting. Trekmovie has consistently done a great job of posting worthwhile updates, therefore being a terrific site to check out on a daily basis (actually, a couple of times a day for me). Much appreciated, and you’ve really awoken the little Trekkie in me, who’s now hyper-excited to see this movie.

“When it came out, we were all just calling it “Star Trek”.”

If memory serves, the title card actually said “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”


#22 is absolutely incorrect:

…the “The Motion Picture” part of ST: TMP was a similar afterline. It was only when we needed to distinguish in fandom that it became TMP against TWOK, TSFS and TVH. When it came out, we were all just calling it “Star Trek”. You’re absolutely right, of course, but in 20 years, I think TFB may (un)fortunately have stuck to it. If they call the sequel Star Trek: The Future Continues for example…

STAR TREK – THE MOTION PICTURE is the title of the first trek feature.

THE FUTURE BEGINS is a TAGLINE. Just like “Boldly Go” was used for GENERATIONS. Most movies have them. Some are longer than others. Two of my favorites of all time are “At the End of the Universe Lies the Beginning of Vengeance” and “How on Earth can they save the future?”


GREAT billboards!!
But those same headshots…alas.
Thanks Anthony- DO NOT spoil us. Not now!

Tomorrow, we will wake to a world with Trek in it again.

6 hours from now, at 7pm Sydney time, (that’s 1900 hours, Gene Coon time) the lights will go down.

By 7am, NY time, it will have ended, and we’ll know what we have. The new Giachinno music, the new ship, the new story, the real Spock back again, new Spock, and the rest of the crew.

Hard to imagine how I will last until 8 May without sneaking multiple peaks.

I am 15 again.

Hey JustJared guys! Stop stalking! Geesh…

Only one month away!!

FINALLY, H&H Bagels, a venerable NYC institution, gets its due!

its fun to see Pine and Quinto actually sorta hanging out together. Not just on set or at press time.

You are correct. It should also be pointed out that title The Motion Picture was added on the heels of the hit film Superman The Movie.


Why is it really a bad thing to call the new movie TFB? It is admittedly just a tagline, but so what? The movie really has no other title to differentiate it from the rest of the franchise. We can call it STXI, but that’s not the real title either, or ST09 which is I think a little confusing since it could also refer to the ninth film, Insurrection.

Actually, this reminds me of the first X-Files movie. That film also had no subtitle and was officially just called The X-Files. But a lot of the promotional material had the film’s tagline “Fight the Future” written right underneath it and it eventually became kind of an unofficial fan sub-title. Is “The Future Begins” really so bad that we can’t use it in a similar way? Do you have something better?

Just over a month, and I cannot wait. Just got the Countdown trade today at Barnes and Noble. It was a wonderful set up for the new movie. Hope they do something to continue the Next Gen storyline.

#1 Maltz
Shut up, no one cares if ur first. If this is all u got go home.

#30 Gene: Tell it, brotha!!

Great Pine interview from the Collider. It’s so cool to hear it straight from the Good Captain’s mouth, that this is a fantastic movie. I cannot wait!!!!

Anthony, are we gonna get some good non-spoiler reviews up here once they start rolling in?

It’s exciting… it feels so energetic and full of expectations this time, and I truly hope this film delivers. :)

In Oz, the wait is over.

Congratulations to cast and crew, as well as to Anthony and the site contributors.


t-5 hours and counting

Baaaaaaaaaah, I cannot wait to hear reviews and the general buzz after this showing.


I think it’s awesome that Quinto and Pine have the time to hit the track. I wonder if Shatner and Nimoy ever ran/jogged together.

It is 1:00 am EST in Jacksonville. I am very tired, yet I find myself wishing to stay awake all night. Perhaps not the best plan. I’ll check up again in the morning. As for now, I’ll stay up for a few minutes just to make sure I don’t miss any big news.

Not sure if you guys saw this, but

“damn… someone just direct messaged me to tell me they are showing Star Trek, the whole movie, in Austin right now? Wish I was there.”

Holy shit!

Um, apparently they’re showing the entire movie in Austin right now. World premiere here in the US, Surprise premiere no less. Spoilers soon.

Reported via twitter by slashfilm

I’m just getting ready to go to the Opera House, the buzz is killing me!

I’ll let everyone know what my thoughts are when I get back from it.

Are you f****n me? There showing the WHOLE movie in Texas. What? Jesus. If I had known this, I would have been there in a heartbeat. WTF? Sh*t! Honestly, is this a joke? Just my luck.