TrekMovie Report From Sydney Star Trek World Premiere w/ Red Carpet Interviews & Photos

The official world premiere of the Star Trek movie was held in Tuesday evening in Sydney Australia and TrekMovie was there on the red carpet and inside the event. See below for pictures and comments from some of the film stars as well as our report from the event itself. [NO Spoilers]



by John Penberthy and Troy Parkinson


The Red carpet for the world premiere was frantic, with press outlets big and small all jostling to get questions in for the stars. We had a few moments to chat with some of the actors from the movie who were there, including the surprise guest John Cho. Here are the snippets and photos from each.

Red carpet at Star Trek Sydney Premiere right before sunset As a big fan, do you feel this film honors the original Star Trek?
Karl Urban: Absolutely. I feel that not only is this a fantastic, fresh, hip, young, sexy reboot of the original franchise, but what Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have done is taken the very essence of what Gene Roddenberry created back in the 60s and given it a big shot in the arm, and JJ has put together a amazing ensemble. This film is fun. Does the film involve famous catchphrases?
Karl Urban: There are a lot of nods to long-term fans. We had the luxury to cherry-pick from forty years, those should make fans really really happy. Is there any other character you could have wanted to play in Star Trek?
Karl Urban: I couldn’t be more happy with the character I played, are you kidding? To me Star Trek was cult of personality than a science fiction show. My favorite scenes in the original show were where Bones and Spock to sort of argue and bicker with each other, and that is why I tuned is, is the characters on the show and that is the wonderful thing about this movie, is what JJ and this extraordinary cast has managed to do is capture the very essence of what Roddenberry created.

Karl Urban at Sydney premiere of ‘Star Trek’ What attracted you to the role of Nero?
Eric Bana: I just thought it was a really well written script. I think even if you change the title, if it wasn’t ‘Star Trek,’ I still would have done it. It was really well written and Nero was really interesting. The thing I love most was that I found the whole thing really cheeky and it had a sense of fun, and that extended even into the villain. I just wanted to be a part of it. Do you feel that you portrayal of Nero makes him a sympathetic character?
Eric Bana: Yeah, I think that any time audiences has to deal with a villain who has seemingly justifiable motivation it makes it more interesting and more challenging for the audience.

Eric Bana at Sydney premiere of ‘Star Trek’  What was the most important guidance you got from Leonard Nimoy?
Zachary Quinto: Just knowing Leonard has been the most important part of my relationship with this character and getting to know him personally and knowing the impact this character has had on his life. I feel really grateful and really blessed to know him.. Did you feel a lot of pressure?
Zachary Quinto: I was really lucky. I had Leonard there, I had JJ there. My job was to find my own point of entry into this character and hopefully I did that.

Zachary Quinto at Sydney Premiere of ‘Star Trek’  What does it feel like to finally be here at the premiere? Are you nervous?
John Cho: I feel very confident because I saw it and it was very entertaining. So entertaining that I forgot how crappy I was, which is something actors are always concerned about. How do you feel about going back again for a sequel and dealing with all that security, like having to wear those hooded cloaks?
John Cho:  I man, I would gladly make another one. I really also feel that it is a franchise, it so hopeful and so confident — it says something great about society. It is essentially a group multi-cultural, muti-ethnic people unified with a sense of a mission, which is something we need.

John Cho at Sydney Premiere of ‘Star Trek’

We didn’t get a chance to chat with JJ Abrams, but we did get a shot of him.

JJ Abrams at Sydney Premiere of ‘Star Trek’

Slideshows of more photos from the Trek Red carpet

[photos via Phreadz Star Trek Channel and Kosso]

[ ‘live’ photoblogging photos…taken with cameraphone]


Inside the Sydney Opera House theater, the event started off with introductions from a couple of executives from Paramount, one from USA and one from Paramount Australia. Then director JJ Abrams hit the stage and really worked the crowd. He told the Australians that they got the honor of being the first because he ‘honestly loves the city’ and he thought all movie premieres should be there. Abrams then began to introduce the stars who were there, starting with John Cho (who was a surprise guest). This was followed by Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana, and Karl Urban. Each was greeted with huge applause and they joked around a bit on stage before starting the film itself.

As for the movie itself, well all I can say for now is that it was really fantastic. Without going into detail [TrekMovie will have a more detailed review soon], I would say the film truly fits the word ‘awesome.’ This new Star Trek should really satisfy both current fans and those ‘new fans.’ In fact we sat close to a group that including someone who wasn’t a fan of Trek going in and wasn’t sure what to expect, but afterwards said he loved it and wanted to see the sequel.

The film ended with massive applause for Abrams and the team  which turned into standing ovation. It is going to be hard to wait an entire month to be able to see it again.

UPDATE: More photos

(L-R) Zachary Quinto, JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Eric Bana, John Cho

Chris Pine

Chris Pine gives a salute

Zachary Quinto

Quinto and Abrams

Eric Bana

Karl Urban


More to come
TrekMovie will have more coverage from this weeks premiere and future premiere around the world


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Wish I could have been there.

Sounds good so far….

I usually read spoilers for other stuff like LOST but I really think I’ll hold out on this….otherwise it won’t be worth going to the midnight showing

Evidently as of this posting some of these pictures are mislabeled. I’m sure it’ll get fixed by the time I check this again.

No questions about the shat?


Fantastic. I so can’t wait for one more month. This waiting thing sucks!

I think its kind of funny that we have standing ovations in TX and in Australia, I mean do you honestly think the people would boo? Or curse?

Its just a sign of respect, hopefully the national audience will do the same in the next month.

Wow, very cool to hear! I can’t wait to see this movie. Is it May yet?

They task me. They task me. And I shall have them!

My heart is full of joy. Star Trek is back.

It’s like 1979 all over again.

Wish I could have been there

Wish I could have been there!

I like this news! It’s exciting!

#6 “I think its kind of funny that we have standing ovations in TX and in Australia, I mean do you honestly think the people would boo? Or curse? ”

Just for the sake of curiosity, Opera in Italy is a sacred form of music. Fans are very, very demanding (just like Trek fans) and may become totally cruel if they don’t like what they hear, premiere or not. Boos and curses are the norm ;)

You say there was a standing ovation, but what does that *really* mean?

The audience could have just stood up because everyone else was doing it. You didn’t mention whether they *jumped to their feet* to stand and applaud. That’s a very, very important distinction.

Plus, what about the “non-fan” who liked the movie? Did they like it because they understood the principles of Trek and memorized them? I notice you didn’t give them a quiz. Or is their interest in a sequel simply because they want to see more explosions and/or Chris Pine shirtless? They also could have been paid by J.J. Abrams to tell you what you wanted to hear.



The official site has updated the model gallery

Now has unmodified ship – looks cool

Hahaha, @16, very nicely done.

@17 LOL they screwed up the unmodded ship the nacelles hanging down like a wet Baguette xD

I think this is going to be better than 1979. I remember counting down the days until ST:TMP arrived. I was a teenager and a life-long fan. I remember how the audience in that first showing cheered every time a character appeared on screen for the first time. But I left the theater with a nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

When I went to see it again the following weekend, I was more aware of the reactions (or lack of them) from a more general audience at this showing. The thing that really stuck with me was the sound of people shifting in their seats during the Enterprise “tour.” As much as I loved seeing the big E in all her cinematic glory, the majority of the audience was bored…or at least restless. Not long after, the nickname started to spread…Star Trek: The Motionless Picture. After 10 years of waiting for new Trek, the film was generally considered a disappointment.

My fingers are crossed of course, but from everything we’re hearing so far, THIS is the movie that delivers Star Trek into the mainstream. The one that puts it on par with the other big mega-franchises…Batman, Bond, Indiana Jones, Spider-Man and yes, Star Wars. The one that ushers the franchise to new heights the long-time fans always knew it deserved.

Bring It On!!!!

eric bana isnt mccoy

Karl Urban is really McCoying here…though that’s not a word, I think it fits. He’s really got the McCoy look going for him and he’s a fan. I think out of all the characters, I’m most anxious to see his performance/interpretation, as well as Pine’s…and, well the whole cast, but my anticipation could not get much higher. Great coverage!

#21 Hey there’s always the next one..

#6— “I mean do you honestly think the people would boo? Or curse?

Its just a sign of respect…”

There is a big difference between polite applause and a “standing ovation”. Some movie premieres do not invoke such a reaction. There are even cases where the majority of the audience just leaves, among perhaps a few ‘polite’ applauders. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. In both instances, the descriptive term used is “standing ovation”.

And it should be noted that the audience for the “surprise premiere” in Austin, Tx was made up primarily of established fans, while the audience in Sydney was more of a ‘who’s who in trendsetting’.

It seems that both audiences reacted in much the same way.


And I was right.

Somehow I think Austin was more fun.

Are stubbly jowls the 70’s long hair and mustaches of the early 00’s?

#16 – Dude, just what precisely are you going on about?

People liked the film, and they clapped at the end.

How is that a bad sign?

Or are you one of those old-school ( I’m 2cd-gen 70’s rerun pedigree myself, so don’t hand me any crap) Trek haters, who is afraid his geek knowledge gun-slinger status will be wiped away by this reboot?

The film has been seen. People love it. The predicting nay-sayers were wrong, and to continue forward like some nitpicking naybob is absolutely pathetic.

Looks like Urban’s face has got permanently stuck in its “frowning McCoy mode” which is eerily DeForest-like…. :)

I wish JJ would wear contacts


You may be right. I want to see what the miniskirt equivalent is.

ShatPine, as a specs wearer myself, methinks JJ rocks his tortoiseshell frames very nicely. Though, personally, I’m keen on wearing black frames for formal occasions. I attended my sister’s wedding recently and purchased some black framed Versace specs, just for the occasion. And I’m a poor college student. So, whilst JJ’s definitely a model spec wearer, methinks he would’ve been better off wearing black frames.

Spec talk aside, it’s great to see the cast together at a premiere at last! Just a month and a day for we folks in the USA!!:D

And whaddya know, the London IMAX started selling tickets today. Premier done, tickets bookable… now I’m really excited!

Glad to hear it’s going down well. Not long now…

I just cannot wait. :) But no spoilers for me in the meantime… :)

Watch Paramount double-down on the buzz. One of the reasons Paramount did the Austin switcheroo is that Paramount knows that the Geek Lobby can make or break an SF film. They killed Nemesis, and rightly so.

In the past twelve hours, the Geeks may have made ST: TFB the Movie of the Year. I mean, the Trek fans have been jizzing all over the place about what they saw in Austin, about the five minute standing ovation, people weeping after the film.

After this, Paramount will go all-out on this thing. They’ve made their bed; now they will surely lie down in it. Even the skeptics at AICN have come around, after last night’s Geek-fest in Austin.

People were ready to crucify Abrams if he didn’t deliver. The opposite happened. Abrams and the writing team have apparently delivered something that not only may approach Wrath of Khan, but may approach SW: Ep. IV in impact.

Now you know why it didn’t come out in December.

THANK YOU Anthony for making sure no one does any spoilers, I know that I myself dont want to have the movie ruined for me. That last pic with Karl Urban is frickin Hilarious, its like he has his face stuck in frowning mode. My mom always told me that if you keep making faces your face just might end up stuck that way for the rest of your life, I always thought it was a myth, but apparently it rings true. Lol anyways, HURRY UP MAY 8th I WATNT MY STAR TREK NOWWW!!!

Weird that the entire cast wasnt there, but glad to see that it’ll make the fans happy. I honestly dont care that much if it makes non-Trekkies happy, though since apparently it does that’s always a big plus.

#34 Indeed. Cue the standard “the feel good movie of the summer” movie voiceover ;)

With Wolverine in shreds, Trek should do unbelieveable box office. Paramount will have enough $$ to lock in two sequels, and someone bright will find a way to create a CBS TOS-based series for fall 2010 on a ‘sister ship’ that will allow reuse of the sets and crossovers with the movie crew…

I stayed up to 4 am watching the webcam. It was cool seeing all the cast members that were there.

I am very open minded about possible plot lines for the sequel, there are so many possibilites. However, there is one plot line I DO NOT want to see again and that is, something threatens Earth and the Enterprise is the only ship in the quadrant to save it.


Star Trek 2009 has had a very busy 24 hours but seems very quiet ?! Not much going on the comments either guys……….

Can’t wait to see it.

At least the sequel won’t have the holodeck malfunction plot device. Couldn’t stand those ST:TNG episodes.


It’s quiet. Too quiet…

@40 Everyone is going to party to the premiere! *gg* I wanted to go to but the weather was to bad to go out xD

*between squee and nervous spasms* Thanks for the report, sounds so good!

♥ Karl

It’s interesting how people still want to poo poo it, no matter what. And yes, a standing ovation may be forced, but at the end of the movie, I just wanted to get up and clap the guy who has brought back Star Trek in such a positive light, and entertained me thoroughly for 2 hours.

Can’t wait to see it again

I was at the Premiere last night – fantastic evening. There are not enouigh words to describe how great the new movie is. I also can not wait until May so that I can see it again (and again). Anyone with fears can put them to rest – this IS the BEST Star Trek movie – EVER!!!

“It is going to be hard to wait an entire month to be able to see it again.”

Poor thing. I’m glad the rest of us won’t have to deal with that particular problem ;)

As someone who was in the Opera House and saw the movie I can say that nothing about that standing ovation was forced.
It was an awesome movie. And having much of the cast and some of the crew there in the concert hall/theatre it felt like the thing to do.
Throughout the movie there had been bursts of applause at certain events appearing on screen.
It was a great night.
Now all I need to do is get my limited edition “Opera House” version of the movie poster that I got signed, framed :)

I attended the Opera House launch last night and was blown away. This is very high quality ship based action scifi, it just happens to be set in a Trek universe (not the use of pronouns). You dont need to be a fan or a FAN (one who knows 40+ years of cannon) to enjoy this film, in fact Paramount has successfully used a very well known Roddenberry plot point to relaunch Star Trek. Think about it.

Dont be afraid your non-trek friends wont enjoy this film, once you get them to the cinema to see something called “Star Trek” they will forget that it is Star Trek and be blown away by high quality scifi.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha……

aaaaaaahhhhhhh, what a movie…seriously!
FANTASTIC, even from the front row (didnt realise the screen would be so big at the Opera House!!!)

There is not a dull moment in the film, and JJ is SO funny, what a guy!!!

And for all those people who have pshyco analysed the trailers for flaws, the mopie will anser all your questions my friends!!

the only downside now is that i cant see it for another month