UPDATED: Video Of JJ Abrams & Star Trek Stars Answering Fan Questions At Sydney Premiere

UPDATED: The red carpet for the gala Star Trek world premiere in Sydney Australia is now over. We have video clips of JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Zach Quinto, Karl Urban, and Eric Bana answering fan questions shortly before the premiere. Check it all out below.


Star Trek celebrities answer fan questions [UPDATED]
Yesterday we offered fans the ability to get their questions asked at the Sydney Star Trek premiere, and that is exactly what happened. Video answers are being uploaded to the web as we speak. Check back for more updates

JJ Abrams

Eric Bana

Pine and Quinto

Karl Urban


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Yay for the premiere! Video is a little hard to watch, though.

Still, what happened in Austin tonight is epic for the ages. We’ll be talking about that when Star Trek 32 comes out.

Agreed. It is a great night.

Curse the low student income lifestyle!!

and for once i actually wish i was in sydney instead of melbourne…why do they get al the galas =(

So exciting! I cant wait to hear more answers to the questions. :-)

Don’t you just love the internet for this?

Brilliant! Screamnig fans, live footage!

I was just on the red carpet and got quinto to sign my movie poster / post card and it was awesome! Took loads of photos of all the stars. Coolest had to be urban. He was so excited to be there and every time he was interviewed by media, he spoke about how he is a huge fan of the original series. He said that he wouldve even played a red shirt just to be in the movie.

One common theme from all of the actors though, especially quinto is how much of a magician jj is.

Pls excuse my really poor gramar and typing, I’m sitting on a train using my iPhone!

Great Job, thanks downunder for the amazing live action work on the carpet!

Guess who’s back? It is Trek!
Can’t wait to see it… I’m so excited at the moment I can’t even sit still!

There’s a tribble in the movie!

And after all the campaigning for the mugato… is someone setting up a new mugato action group for the sequel?

Yey….Great update

May 7th…….may take quite a while……I am starving for that movie.

speaking shatner-style:

I ….want to see that….. movie so much!!!

And Anthony: BTW: “I like this site, it’s exciting!!!!”

Thank you so much Anthony and the crew downunder for such an amazing live coverage. It’s great to be a fan with you around!
Hope you will still get a bit of sleep !!!

Mr. Abrams, I live in Bendigo, not Ben-dingo!! (though it’s a nice coincidence that I have a pet dingo called Ben….)
You’re coming down to “Ben-dingo” to tell me personally that no tribbles were harmed during the making of the film, well I gotta admit you looked kinda p***ed when you were answering that question so I think I’ll disappear into the Outback for a bit until you cool off!!

I was pretty bummed that the Opera House tickets sold out so fast. I would love to be there right now.

gosh… the way he looked as he answered the ALF question, I’m now glad he didn’t get mine!

#19 – yep, he looked pretty unhappy, I bet it’s because tribbles WERE harmed during the making and he’s just trying to cover it up!

#18 – pay that reviewer no heed, he’s clearly afflicted by a little understood medical condition called “khan envy”.

#21 – Khan envy is understandable. It’s too bad that every movie after it must inevitably be compared to something so extraordinary. The reviewer does make one good point: the best Trek let the actors really show their stuff and they did it about great themes. Maybe it’s not too late to hire N. Meyer for the next one…….

Well, I think the last month of waiting will be more exciting than the movie itself.


Stonn, Chud reviews write themselves, and “chewers” follow suit. I can write you their Iron Man 2 review right now. sight unseen.

I didn’t think the review was completely unfair. I’ll probably disagree with a lot of it but it didn’t come off as unkind.

Several lines like this “The movie should easily become the biggest (and probably most popular with the mainstream) Trek film out there, and Paramount might have successfully turned this back into a cash cow.” balanced out the review i thought.

I’m still thinking most of us will love it.

Wow!! JJ answered my “tingle” question!! What a thrill to get his answer on that!

Last year Nimoy read my quip about old Spock having ears like Yoda to the Vegas crowd and now this…..thank you, Anthony, for providing a venue that affords us this opportunity!

Michael, Canada

now see this is what im talking bout :D


you have lucky Ballz, Harry!

– No. 8 Aussie Adam

May you please post pics at flickr or photobucket and give us a link here?

Thanks in advance!

Wow. I cannot wait.

It’s interesting to read reviews which say that the film tries too hard to pander to the fans while, at the same time, many fans here feel they are being ignored. All will come out in the wash.

Now, the marketeers have to take this “buzz” and elevate it to fever pitch for the next 4 weeks…

Where is Joel? A few days ago he said he had tickets for the Sydney premiere. I am sure that we would love to hear his opinions about the movie!

I’ll try to have my pics posted up on flickr over the next 24 hrs. Having said that, I’ve seen some photos already up on flickr and they are more or less the same shots that I have… :)

Gimme da link! *shudders*


CHUD’s review is not a BAD review.

Its well balanced and in my opinion, the viewer seemed to enjoy the movie.

And the last part: “I still want to see TWOK at the big screen” Hey: Who wouldn’t???

Great stuff Anthony.

is a transcript of the Q&A possible?

@38 LOL I didn’t even notice that there was something written below the pics..

Havn’t watched the vidoes yet however I am watching the late night news here in Melbourne and they r going to have a story on the Premiere of Star Trek! :)

@ 41.

Chris M, check out http://ten.com.au/video-player.htm?channel=NEWS&clipId=1427_news-bana-070409

Full interview with Eric Bana.

I’d hardly call the CHUD review a negative one – Its objective certainly, and biased considering the reviewer wanted to see Wrath of Khan, but he does praise the film and awful lot.

May 8th is feeling very far away indeed. If only I still lived in Sydney… or in Austin, for that matter.

From what’s written in the reviews, I’d say the movie is pretty much, what I expected. A fun ride without real consequence. In times of successful mall cop movies, that’s really all we can ask for. The old Trek, you could be passionate about is dead, long live Popcorn-Trek !

another news story, with very bad reporting, claiming quinto is a ’24’ star and that John Cho is a ‘Heroes’ star


What’s this I hear about a new Star Trek movie? What Star Trek movie? When did they decide to do that?

I thought this was the place I supposed to come to debate whether its possible to adjust the sine wave of a magnetic envelope so that anti-neutrons can pass through it but anti-gravitons cannot.


I hope Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban become as good as friends as Shatner, Nimoy and Kelly are/were.
Here’s to Star Trek’s future….may it burn long and bright.

So let’s see if I get this right… the “negative” comments in those reviews were that Nero is rather a “symbolical” villain? That the film is too dense and tries to be too much for too many people at the same time? That it’s a springboard for a sequel? To be honest, if that’s all they can come up with, it’s a great movie. Hope I’ll make the Berlin premiere.

#48 Let’s hope that Pine, Quinto & Urban become much better friends than Shatner was with Nimoy and Kelley.

#CHUD It’s a nobody-special review. The moment I saw “Quintano” [sic] in his review, I knew immediately this guy hasn’t been paying attention, nor should be taken seriously. He says, “I couldn’t help but shake the fact that I still wanted to watch Wrath of Khan on the big screen” after praising TWOK for it being “one of the tightestly plotted films in any genre.” What is “tightestly”? And TWOK is chock FULL of plotting errors and inconsistencies within Trek. It’s the fun and action that allows us to ignore those things, which the reviewer could give the same credit to O&K who I think have written a better script. No need to regurgitate all the boo-boos in Khan… they’re well known. Any *real* reviews out there yet?