New Star Trek Clips + Abrams & Cast Comments

There are some more clips from the Star Trek movie now online. Firstly MTV have an extended clip of the Iowa bar scene between Kirk and Uhura, and Yahoo has a shot of Kirk and McCoy on a shuttle. In addition the Australian show Today Tonight have interview clips with JJ Abrams and cast members, interspersed with clips from the movie, including some not seen before. [SPOILERS]


CLIP: "Shot of Love" — Bar scene with Kirk and Uhura  (from MTV)
This scene shows you how that bar fight got started.


CLIP: "Disease and Danger" —
Shuttle with Kirk and McCoy (Yahoo)
If you weren’t sure yet that Karl Urban was the man for the job to play McCoy, this should convince you.



Abrams & cast comments w/ new clips  (from Today Tonight – Australia)
The following Australian Entertainment show contains segments seen in previous trailers as well as some clips from the above two segments and additional scene with Spock asking Kirk how he and Scotty beamed onto the Enterprise. There are also interview segments with Abrams, Pine, and Quinto from Australia.
[NOTE: segment includes discussion of spoilers not revealed before here at]


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Is the goatee guy the same in the bar and on the bridge?
And who’s that Vulcan next to Quinto?

The publicity machnine is REALLY gearing up now !!!

Anthony, you will be VERY busy :-)

Awesome! Can’t wait.



Dare I say first?

Was Kirk incredibly drunk or was that just really bad acting on Pine’s part?

GOOD Acting!!

#7 Fair Play to you girl, you nearly annoyed me with the wrong link, but that is one hell of an introduction scene!


Oh wow, they keep comin and comin – the McCoy clip is great!!!



he’s drunk!

Oh yeah, the MTV spot wont play in Ireland-Whats the story with that??

Well it wont play anywhere outside the US-Anyone be able to recommend helping Remington Steele out please??

Where’s that Thorsten fella when you need him-he’s good with these kind of things…

Come Back Thorsten-all is forgiven!!

This is the longest month EVER!

Peace on Earth but we still can’t figure out to prevent a bar fight. ;)

I don’t know how I feel about Spock being in a relationship with Uhura…

I love mccoy

Woooow Urban is McCoy! He is great, that is such a good scene as well, very character driven which is what alot of us were scared it wouldn’t be! Wowsers, as Inspector Gadget would say!

Hmmmm Spock and Uhura…I don’t think I have a problem with it, certainly the next step up from the ho-ha over Kirk Vs Uhura inter-racial kiss huh!!! I wonder how much it is a “relationship” and how much it is Oz press hyping things up!

A little “iffy” on the Spock/Uhura romance… but then again, I was “iffy” on the contrived Scotty-Uhura romance in (The Movie That Dare Not Speak Its Name), so I’m jaded anyway on that score. Also, I’ve always thought of Uhura as being something more than just a “romantic subplot device” for the other characters anyway.

Not liking so much Pine’s delivery in the bar scene — too much douchebag there. He sounds much better in other clips, though. The McCoy clip, however, NAILS the character. Urban for the win! When he started talking aviaphobia to the cadet, it was like hearing DeForest Kelley complain about “having my atoms scattered halfway across the galaxy…”

I’m still stoked for May 7!

Zachary Pinto??? LOL

I’ve been dying to see some Urban action, and that clip was just great! That is definitely Bones. He’s almost channeling Kelley there, especially when his space rant picks up steam. So cool!

8. Jimmy

He’s incredibly drunk. No, seriously.



Did that clip say that Spock gets Uhura? Hmmm…. No objection, but interesting

Urban for the win….perfect!!…I was giddy in the bones.

Pine plays a pretty convincing drunk Kirk.

Still hard to tell what his Kirk portrayal will be like, since i assume that Kirk isn’t usually drunk, but so far so good.

MCCOY…. that’s awesome! Great clip! Urban nailed it!

@20 – i think at that point in the story, Kirk is *supposed* to be a complete douchebag.

the story is sort of his journey from total douchebag to brash, spacefaring adventure hero.

OH MY GOD. That McCoy scene was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!

That clip got me just as excited as ANY of the trailers did.

Holy Crap.

While I was giggling like a school girl I almost didn’t feel my goose bumps.

Hey…I’m the “Jay” from #28.

Who the hell are you #26??

I think that Star Trek XI will be a success..
At first I had my doubts , big ones about Trek XI, ( I don’t like the new bridge ! ) but eventually I realized that Mr. J.J. Abrams and his team did an amazing job giving new life to Star Trek.
I mean that from the standpoint of design, ( I’m an industrial designer ), is incredibly difficult to do something different with a concept that has 40 years in our minds.
Make something new and yet be recognized as part of the Trek universe…that’s the real challenge….Controversial ?,oh yes …. Not pleasing to everyone ?… That’s for sure! But I think it’s a fantastic new conception of things…perhaps that is what we needed.

I’m a hardcore TOS fan , but I realized that I will be a Star trek fan no matter what! … and I’m ready for another five years mission!!

If you think carefully … Mr . J.J. Abrams, with his vision of Star Trek, has gone where no other director has gone before…
Thank’s Mr. J.J.

McCoy… LOL!

…and one of the greatest friendships begins with the words “I may throw up on ya”

Urban takes the cake.

McCoy is perfect. Yay.

But argh, argh, argh! The bar fight doesn’t work in Canada. :(

32. (CAPAirSAR)

Isn’t that PERFECT??? I love this…

the McCoy clip is just great writing. not only does it establish the character very well, it also introduces a perspective on how utopia is just a few cracks away from descending into disaster, which i’d guess is one of the themes of the film.

#28 Jay

Haha i had the same reaction. I laughed like a 12 year old, and not because it was necessarily funny, but because I was totally feeling Bones there, great stuff!!

I always thought with some of those little duets Spock and Uhura did together that maybe she had a bit of a thing for him. Not as bad as Nurse Chapel, of course, but still.

37. (Ruthless Nate)

Then there’s that scene where she blatantly flirts with him, but he shoots her down (“Vulcan has no moon.”)

A third one should be coming soon…

Can someone steal the MTV clip and shove it on youtube or something for us non US fans please … pretty please. I *could* set up a proxy but that would be slooowww :P

I’m in Germany and I can see them all.

Those clips look pretty good. That sure seems like McCoy.

I have the clip on Youtube:
search tomcatjosh

BONES BONES BONES!!! McCoy is my favorite all-time character, and it looks like Urban is going to do Kelley proud. Can’t wait to see more of him!

1. NCC-73515 – April 7, 2009

Is the goatee guy the same in the bar and on the bridge?
Yes, it is.

17. SaphronGirl – April 7, 2009

I don’t know how I feel about Spock being in a relationship with Uhura…

Spock and Uhura, That true the TOS canon.
Uhura seem to have the hots for Spock in the first season.
Spock may get Uhura, but more likely not want her.
It is one way love.
Watch the first season of TOS and you will see it.

@Kaiser The Great, #16 post.

Perhaps you should ask Captain Picard about his own bar fight? :-)

#8. “Was Kirk incredibly drunk or was that just really bad acting on Pine’s part?”

McCoy gives him something that makes him look sick – to get him on board the Enterprise under Medical regulations.

The McCoy clip is spectacular.

And I’ll wager my latinum that an alternative take of that scene has been used in the trailers. The line of “darkness and silence” in the trailer is delivered perfectly, for the trailer. But here, it lends itself better to the scene. Welcome to multiple takes.

#43 Tomcat, sound for putting it up but no dice finding it on youtube….

This is clearly a conpiracy….

#42.That sure seems like McCoy.

Yes it did :)