Video and Photos From Surprise Star Trek Showing In Austin, TX

Late last night we reported that fans in Austin Texas got the surprise first showing of the new Star Trek movie. Now videos and pictures of the event with Leonard Nimoy, Alex Kurtzman, Bob Orci and Damon Lindelof are online. Check it all out below.
[NO Spoilers]


(from Alamo Drafthouse)

Intro TWOK: Intro video, where Wrath of Khan is being discussed and introduced by Bob, Damon And Alex (before the surprise). After this TWOK was started.

And it’s over: After a few minutes of Wrath of Khan, it looked like the film broke and so the guys came back out on stage to stall for time, and then there was a huge surprise (Nimoy comes out with the movie).

And it’s over: The guests came back after the entire Star Trek movie played.

Here is a photo slideshow from the Alamo Draft House at flickr.

More info on the event at from Alamo Drafthouse. Photos by David Hill from


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I wonder if anyone filmed anything while the movie was rolling?

Great Videos !!!

I feel like part of the crowd

I wish I could have used one of my three wishes…

Wow. Just…Wow.

Wow — next best thing to actually being there. A distant second place, but second place nonetheless!

I live in Austin and ALMOST went to this. I should have followed my instincts and went. I sure am kicking myself now!

note the vulcan and romulan language consultant!!!

Talk about feeling jealous….

I just have two questions:

1. The introduction of the Enterprise in space: hair raising or boring?
2. What was the “shout out” to Battlestar Galactica that they talked about?

Congrats to all at the show!

#1 – Let’s hope not. I think that would be incredibly crass (not to mention illegal). Besides, another report I read stated they checked everybody at the door with wands for cameras (official photography was allowed, apparently), so I don’t think you’ll be seeing any bootleg copies of the new movie on the interwebs anytime soon.

Frakkin’ lucky barstards.

Leonard Nimoy almost brought tears to my eyes.

Beastie Boys?

Long live Anthony and his crew!
Thank you for this!!!!
Wish I was there!
But I will be there soon!!!!
The wait is (almost) over…

I see in the credits that they used the original theme in the movie somewhere.

Did anyone else notice as the credits were rolling behind Leonard Nimoy that one of the songs credited was Beastie Boys song “Sabotage” ? I’m guessing this will truly be a different kind of movie. I can’t wait until May 8!

I got Goose bumps!

Oh my freaking god what a fantastic surprise for the audience!!! Chills, I tell you, chills!

I was there at the door but could not get in. Im so depressed. I had a chance and could not get into the door. Im so Depressed.

Ohhhh Heeeee!!!!!!!. I can’t go on. Im tired of comfort and pleasure. Im ready! Kill me! Kill me!!!!

I noticed in the credits that the Beastie Boys have a song “sabotage” in the movie. Maybe this’ll be a boost to them as well as Trek. ;-)

I’m going to have to save these clips to watch again before and after seeing it on May 8. To truly live the experience!

The Beastie Boys are still “rockin” in the 23rd century? Fight for your right to transport! : D

Now that’s Texas hospitality

Good Bye Blessed universe!!!!!


Awasorue Jam – Cyrano Jones?!?!

#20- The songs from about ten years ago. I can just see Scotty sabotaging something along the lines of the Excelsior in STIII to that song!

# 2 is showing me “video no longer available” anyone else getting that?


Yepp, the same here!

It could be a TOS character singing!!! (SPOILER)

“Awasoruk Jam”
written and performed by Cyrano Jones
courtesy of Bad Robot Music and Video LLC

That was totally awesome! I was a bit upset that JJ did not debut this movie in America but this makes up for it!

I bet BB’s “sabotage” is playing during the car chase…

//The Beastie Boys are still “rockin” in the 23rd century? Fight for your right to transport! : D//

Everyone knows that their heads still perform concerts in the future! (Futurama)

Wish I was there! Fantastic, well done Paramount, JJ, Leonard, RO, AK, DL – all of them.

Shit I aint even seen it yet either.

I’ll be damned. I bet that after Leonard Nimoy walked out, there wasn’t a heartbeat under a hundred for the rest of the night. Mine’s up just from watching that second clip. LOL

Amazing … How did Nimoy stay incognito for so long in the presence of geeks of the first kind! Truly a story to tell your grandkids about 30 years from now.

That’s just insane. History in the making!
HUGE won’t even begin to describe.

All y’all in Austin were SABOTAGED!

Can’t stand it… I know they planned it.

I would have really been thrilled to be there! How exciting and special for all those that piled in to see Kahn! And Leonard really did seem to choke up a bit when he was speaking.

What a fantastic way to spring the premier on people! Another great idea from these guys :-)

@24 don’t do it captain Mike! There’s only one short(is) month left until you see it and in the mean time you can join me in a game of “dodge the spoiler”, now that’s going to be fun!!! ah, who am I kidding, a whole month to wait, what torture…

That’s greatness.

Not that he’s decrepit but at Nimoy’s age – everything he’s done – the life he’s had….he didn’t have to do that. It’s cool that he let them fly him down to do that. That’s a real pro. Really cool Certainly adds emotional weight to it all.

The most interesting credit I noticed was “Mind meld soundscape by Mark Mangini and…” somebody I missed. That makes Mangini one of the few film staffers with prior Trek experience, since he did ADR work on TMP (his first Hollywood job) and sound FX on ST IV & V.

Dammit, where’s clip 2??

Beastie Boys?! hehe , great but i’m theorising that we’ll hear them being played in the bar, on that funky looking jukebox, most likely found under the classical section of course! :-))

that was friggin outSTANDING!!!

so awsome.. yeah that pretty much sealed the deal with the midnight showing.. if you’re gonna watch it.. might as well watch it with fans.. and leonard nimoy :)

‘Dammit, where’s clip 2??’

Between clips 1 and 3. :-) Look again – The one with Nimoy, solo.

With the black cap and the jacket, Nimoy looked like he could be Sylar from the future. Now that would be a twist they could have on Heroes! I would love to see that since so many of our heroes have also appeared on the show. I guess if the Shat was in the movie we would have heard about that now too!

Thanks for making this all available. Looks like a terrific time was had!

The second video is no longer available! Darn.

Some accusations on the Phase 2 site of negative reviews being deleted. Were they removed due to spoilers?