3rd Star Trek Clip Now Online – Spock Meets Scotty [now in HD]

A third new clip from Star Trek is now online. Bits of it were spotted in some overseas reporting shown here yesterday, but now we can see the whole thing. The scene shows Kirk and Spock getting a little testy, while Scotty just needs a little help. Check it out below [SPOILERS]


CLIP “Answer Me” — Kirk returns to Enterprise with Scotty (via Apple)
See Mr. Spock meet Scotty for the first time. [see below for more details on this scene]

[also available in Apple]

and in case you missed them, here are the two other clips released yesterday

CLIP: "Shot of Love"(from MTV)

 CLIP: "Disease and Danger" – (Yahoo)

[Also available at Yahoo]



What’s going on in Clip 3?



This is the scene that immediately follows when Scotty was caught in the water pipes (from the ‘kids trailer) on the Enterprise. This is why Scotty is wet and why he needs a towel. The answer to Mr. Spock’s question as to how they got on board is more complicated. Earlier in the film Spock dumps Kirk off on Delta Vega, there he meets the Elder Spock and Mr. Scott. Elder Spock shows Mr. Scott (using his own equations from the future) how to transport to a ship while at warp.

Here again is the trailer that showed Scotty in the water pipes. 



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oh man that’s great… the bridge even has similar noises to the original :D


Why in the love of game is “Shot of Love”(from MTV) not viewable in Canada?? I mean seriously. :(

This movie is looking better by the second! And it already looked great!!! One month to go!!

He, I was first. Doesn’t matter. What the heck is going on with the lens flares in this clip? Horrible!

Woah, the turbolift doors have a werid sound to em.

I love the Spock/Kirk interaction, but those constant lens flares are giving me vertigo.

IDK about the flares, but i don’t like them. Also what the hell was the door sound, I half expected a Autobot to fall out onto the deck. hmmm

bridge is cool, but why is spock so demanding and angry?

Is that Elder Spock standing with Mr. Spock when the camera pans over quickly?


It’s Sarek.

well i guess he is not really angry i;m just not used to quinto

Hmmm not sure bout the flares also, from that clip Quinto (like Urban from the McCoy clip) totally nails it!

yeah, Urban nails it but i’m not sure about quinto – as a whole though i love all three new clips, i’m not trying to bash anything

Bridge FX are great! The sounds are similar, not identical, but reminiscent. Right on track!

9. (carpenst)

The site where this clip was posted has this to say:

“While I know why things are happening in this clip due to footage I’ve already seen, I won’t spoil it for you. Let’s just say there is a reason people are acting a certain way here….”

“Wait…that doesn’t frustrate you now does it my lack of…cooperation”

Yup….that’s Jim Kirk. The cadence and physicality is just right

The extreme lens flares are distracting and annoying :(


So they fly to the edge of the galaxy (where Delta Vega should be)?

Oh at LAST we get to see a bit of Pine’s Kirk… and I think he does GREAT… oh and by the way: does Spock try to use the Force in that last bit (“You WILL answer me…”) ?

Simon makes a great Scotty, if I do say so myself. Now, give the man a towel.



I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more LENSFLARE!!

@Chris Doohan
coming from you, thats a real vote of confidence for simon pegg.
I really really like all of those clips. I think everyone delivers their characters very well. can´t wait for may!

Wow, Quinto does a great job with Spock! Pine’s okay and I’ve haven’t seen enough of Pegg to tell. His lines so far are limited to “I like this ship, it’s exciting”, “I’m with him”, and “Can I get a towel please”. Definitely some humor in his character! Those “light glares” are getting annoying though. There in almost every shot!

Wow. Quinto OWNS Nimoy’s facial mannerisms. He doesn’t have the gravitas of Nimoy’s fantastically grave baritone voice, but he has the character. Kirk is just right. This is precisely how he was whenever he defeated an alien supercomputer through emotion and illogic. I am very relieved and very impressed.

Also — bridge noises. Awesome.

Amazing…perish the thought of the new movie being SO DIFFERENT, but after a couple of clips…I can see the similarities to the original…in so many areas…


Oh, good! Hand held camera and shooting into practical lights! Finally a “Star Trek” film shot in the ultra-modern, innovative style of 1964’s “A Hard Day’s Night.”

@ 20

That would make a great movie Tag Line! :D

-Give The Man a Towel-

Love it!! I feel they all nail their roles perfectly, and I love the noises. Everything seems to fit together seamlessly. :)

I’m really excited for this movie the more and more I see of it. I really can’t wait! With the above clip, the acting is solid and right on as to what I expected, in a positive way, however the flares on the camera are a little annoying but livable. What the heck is up with the door sound though? I miss the original door opening. Everything else is perfect!

i love the bridge noises except for the darn turbolift soundeffects. its way to complicated of a sound for a door opening, i mean theyve had the same door sounds for 40 years! we had to change it now?? everything else looks great, the bridge especially. im having some trouble getting past sylar when i see spock

I’m looking forward to a clip without a lens flare. They are everywhere.

I thought I had come around, but my fears are mounting again.


Is it me, or is Spock a bit “edgy?”

An elf with a hyperactive thyroid!!!

Right next to the dog faced boy!!!

haha, oh my god, this film is gonna rock! watched all three clips now and i just wanna know more about it all. fantastic, i really hope it does well.

Tehe, Scotty doesn’t know where his towel is. ^^

It’s not as deep, but Quinto does have Nimoy’s intonation – I suppose that could be the requisite absence of overt emotion (until the end of the clip, anyhow….), but I’d rather give the actor credit. I wish it showed more of Scotty than just him asking for a towel, though. Anyway, this must be how Kirk gets Spock angry enough to assault him, opening the way for Kirk to assume the captain’s position in Spock’s absence for, as Bones points out, “We have no captain and no first officer to replace him.” Who knows young Spock better than Spock Prime, huh? Insult his intelligence, make him lose control of his emotions – boom. One thing I’m looking for, though, is that vertical viewfinder that Spock always had at his station in both the series and the movies (at least the first two).

9. If that’s Sarek on the bridge with Spock, I’ll bet he’s trying to prove himself…

17. CAPAirSAR – April 8, 2009
““Wait…that doesn’t frustrate you now does it my lack of…cooperation”
Yup….that’s Jim Kirk. The cadence and physicality is just right”

My thoughts exactly. Pine had the toughest role of all (the actors; none of them have it, easy of course) of recreating a character that is so much Bill Shatner… His mannered style of acting; Shatner’s personality, humor, charisma, all informed his “Kirk.”

Gotta love fans. They can complain about anything.

“Lens flares”… yeah, those are *always* the surest sign that a movie is going to be terrible… :eyeroll:

Great clips, but those lens flares… man I’ve seen like ten in clips so far.

What I hate most about lens flares is that someone on the other end of those clips said in all seriousness “Hey, lens flare add realism (they don’t) totally put a lens flare there then five seconds later put another one… OMG! A minute without a lens flare!!!1 PUT LENS FLARES IN RIGHT NOW… add Jar Jar too”.


Otherwise, can’t wait for this movie.

you know I didn’t even take notice of the lens flare until someone mentioned it. I think it’s intentional to give the film a sense of a real environment, candid without posing and perfect stage lighting, it’s as if the lighting is actually from the bridge itself. Doesn’t bother me.

To all those in Canada: the “Shot of Love” clip is on Youtube.

28. Engon – April 8, 2009
“Oh, good! Hand held camera and shooting into practical lights! Finally a “Star Trek” film shot in the ultra-modern, innovative style of 1964’s “A Hard Day’s Night.””


Didn’t notice the flares till someone mentioned them.

It’s not just the lens flare… I think the bridge has altogether too many lights shining in random directions. It’s a bit annoying, but nothing I can’t handle.

Great characters… Bridge is so G***amn Bright though, I can imagine it becoming hard on the eyes transitioning from out in space back into the bridge set. Flares all the time?? Yikes. But Kirk and Spock seem to be starting their relationship on the right foot lol. So far, McCoy is my favorite from all these clips.

Kirk is such a BADASS!!!

Ditto—not sure about the flares. But that scene is AWESOME. Scotty is dope! A slightly nervous Spock… and Kirk! Damn! I wanna see that film.

Love the sound effects on the bridge.