ST09 Tidbits (T-28): Trek To Troops + More Cast Interviews & Pics + Trek Yourself (and your stuff)

We are now inside the last month of waiting for the new Star Trek movie (except for a lucky few who have or will attend one of those cool premiere events). As for the rest of Trekdom, you can still feast on Star Trek tidbits and today’s menu has more from the red carpet in Sydney, Chris Pine talking about bringing Trek to the troops, Zoe Saldana looking yummy, and more.


More Sydney Red carpet
Moviebeat UK has a video of actor comments from the red carpet at the Sydney premiere, spliced with the recently revealed clips from the film.

Pine talks Star Trek to the Troops and sequels
Chris Pine talked to E at ShoWest last week about the Star Trek world tour, revealing there will be a stop in Kuwait "to show the the troops the film." He also talked about being ready for a sequel.

Zoe’s skirt kept getting shorter
Esquire Magazine has a new feature on Zoe Saldana, with pictures and an interview with the new Uhura. Here is an excerpt where the actress talks about what kind of guys she likes.

ESQ: What about actors?
ZS: Nooooo. Too much "Me, me, me." I keep things separate. Work is work. There’s nothing better than meeting a handsome geek.
ESQ: That’s in the official Star Trek PR handbook.
ZS: I’ve developed a real respect for Trekkies.
ESQ: Talk to me after your first Comic-Con.
ZS: I’ve already had a [fan] come up to the door of my house. And I had a driver for another movie who brought all of his Star Trek memorabilia with him. He opened the trunk and there was this shrine. He had stacks of pictures he wanted me to sign. He ended up being the nicest guy, but it definitely freaked me out at first.
ESQ: That miniskirted uniform has a weird effect on men.
ZS: During the shoot it kept getting shorter and shorter.

Go to for more Q&A and photos, here is one to get you started…

I’ll be in my bunk…again

Kirk and Spock relax
Not all the eye candy is for the boys. There is a new photo shoot of Chris Pine and Zachary Quntio from the Australia premiere, with the actors striking those ‘who us? handsome?’ kind of poses. See the full set at

Yo, go Trek Yourself!
As we have reported previously, Kellogg’s is a promotional partner for the new Star Trek movie, which includes their Cheez-It brands of snacks. And for part of that, they have launched a new Cheez-it promotional site:, where you can upload images and turn yourself into an animated Star Trek character, which you can use for sending messages and on your social networking site, including a widget.

Nicky (son of John) Tenuto, after being ‘Trekked’

Trek your tech too
Coming soon you will also be able to Trek your tech, with free Star Trek movie themed icons and desktop pictures from the IconFactory. They have launched a new site, which for now is only announcing these things are coming, but there are currently some Desktop and iphone wallpaper patterns you can download.

Trek your tech


Thanks to Jean-Philippe and Ulrich and anyone I forgot who sent in tips

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Great Stuff!!!

woot love woot woot woot

The whole Kuwait thing is a nice gesture but it would be a LOT more meaningful to those actually serving in harm’s way. Kuwait is all kinds of cushy duty…they need to arrange a screening at Victory. If the WWE can bring a ring and a whole lot of wrestlers to come see us (every year) I dont see how the logistics of getting a print of the movie should be so difficult.

Does anybody else see the parallels going on? Shatner and Nimoy are very close friends, and now it seems like Pine and Quinto are becoming close friends. I guess that’s one of the up sides of playing Kirk and Spock: You make a lasting friend.

God bless!

Zoe Saldana will you marry me?

I’m glad there’s a bromance between the two leads. Bodes well for the future.

…what would we use captions would it not be for Jayne Cobb?

Zoe, Zoe!!! I’m a geek! Come and get me!!! : ) Oh wait, I’m going to have to work on the “handsome” part. : (

I love all the promotion. Also, Did anybody else notice that all the security guards in this movie actually look like security guards? That always annoyed me how the Security guys would show up and look like they could be stomped by a 12yrold.


Love it…

That pic of Zoe is… Oh my. :)

Yeah . . . oh, my. :-)

This wait is getting insane. Thank God for TrekMovie and these daily fixes!

“Not all the eye candy is for the boys”

Pft, as a girl, give me Zoe *any day*. Nice find there. ;)

13. (Jenni Generation)

Just as I’m sure there are more than a few boys out there drooling over Chris and Zach. :-D

Love the idea of showing the film to the trooops. Good job!

Eminem is getting in on the Trek pop culture. Check out his new video:

There’s also a scene where a Transformer is swatting at the Enterprise, unknowingly citing the writers of both movies.

@14. SaphronGirl – April 9, 2009

Pine: Yes
Zoe: Yes
Zach: no

Probably because wrestlers are interchangeable, whereas new actors in a big tent pole film are not. I doubt Paramount would want their investment in harm’s way. Beggars can’t be choosers after all.

Here’s my Trekyourself, as I wrote it to fit my facebook profile. You have to be creative with “Text to speech.” to make them pronounce things correctly. Try spelling words broken into bits, like fayce book, or “lif long and prosper” et cetera. Fun site! The groundswell of promotion really is happening now!!!

@14: Darn right!

Is that Jean Phillipe from Hell’s Kitchen? Who knew he was a trekkie! ;-)

I think I look kinda cool as a Vulcan :)

Speaking of Uhura – does she get her first name as officially Nyota in this movie?(imdb credits her as Nyota Uhura – which is interesting since imdb uses Nyota as a specific example of unofficial names not to be used in the imdb.) Thanks to any responder.

Wow, Listening to Mr. Urban speak in his real NZ accent makes me realize just how good a job he did in that clip! :)

Of course, that’s just me talking as an ignorant non-American. To all Southern Trekkies: how was his accent?

Quinto looks great as Spock, but judging from that haircut, he’s angling to be the next Data, too. ;)

Zoe = yum.

“Not all the eye candy is for the boys”

Just for the record… not all of us trekkies are straight. I’m a dude. Zoe is not eye candy for me… Chris Pine is. Bigtime.

– TO # 13 and 14 : i really like lesbi girls…!!


I’m the Jean-Philippe in question… Sadly (or not!) not from hell’s kitchen… but a french speaking graphics tech from Québec ;)

Altough I would like to have the talent that my namesake has for cuisine ;)

Jipi aka TyanaZai

Love Zoe’s tattoo. I wonder if Hugh Hefner’s trying to get her to show more! ;)


As a southern Trekkie from MS, his accent wasn’t quite spot on…..but his manneurisms and the lines were just perfect. I can’t wait to see more of Urban! Bones is my favorite!

24. CarlG — I’ve got some family in Louisiana and Oklahoma, so McCoy’s accent is a little different, but I wouldn’t have any trouble accepting him as an authentic Southerner. He did a fantastic job.

You should hear my Aussie high school students try to mimic my American accent… endearing, but none too accurate: “Dar-LING Har-BORE.” Then again, they take umbrage with my Australian.

To each their own, I suppose…




Zoe Oh my… anyways I like the cheezit idea of being morphed into a startrek character. Going to do that for sure

Zoe! Wow! Can’t beleive it’s only less than a month!

25 – I’m a dude “into dudes” too… and believe me, Zoe still has it over these guys… jesus. She’s flawless! True, Pine looks good, but whatever… guys like him are a dime-a-dozen.

Zoe… I’d go straight for you!

Actually, I never thought I would be finding the Bones character sexy. Look forward to seeing more of Carl Urban.

I’m currently in Iraq serving in th US Army. It would be great to have a preview of the movie “Up North” rather than in Kuwait. Not to bash my brothers and sisters down south but it is know as a “REMF” area. Hit the big camps like Al-Assad, VBC, Ballad, Tallil and Basrah. Those men and women appreciate it when entertainers show there faces and press the flesh.
The sad thing is that the Bootleg copy of the movie will be at every bazaar in country a day before the movie hit the theatres in the USA. I’m going to supress my curiousity and wait till I get home in June to see it with the wife, the way it was intended on the silver screen.

Thanks to the cast and crew of Star Trek for their support.

25 : Have you seen Chris Pine in “Smokin Aces”? :) Oh, and he can act, too.

– My brother was recently in Irak as a romanian soldier .. that was a hard time for my family..good luck # 36..and stay healthy..!!!

Wow, what’s with the elitist posts regarding which troops are stationed where? I guess some must *really* look down on your brothers and sisters stationed in Germany. What about those deployed in Afghanistan? Perhaps they should they post about how much they wish they had the “cushy duty” in Iraq?

Our servicemen and women are *all* our most valuable assets, and there should be no room for snobbery from outside or within, in this civilian’s opinion. In an ideal world, your mission would be finished and you’d be seeing it in IMAX here at home. But it’s not an ideal world. So please stop trying to take the p*ss out of the troops in Kuwait or those who are working to make it happen for them. It does not become you.

Several of my friends, including myself, observed that we didn’t think of Uhura as hot until Star Trek 3 and 4. For whatever reasons.

No offense to Nichelle Nicols, but I think Zoe has a bit of a head start in the hotness department.

If trends continue, by the third or fourth movie with Zoeas Uhura, the whole entire space time continuum might explode from her hotness, causing the next big bang and the creation of a new universe.

Or maybe her photos will just give some lonely Trek fan an intense one-night stand.

One or the other.

As a kid in the 70s I didn’t recognize Uhura’s hotness because she was an adult who seemed reassuring and motherly.

With the Remastered TOS I got a fresh look at young Nichelle Nichols and, holy damn. She was devastating.

I’m skipping straight to holy damn with Zoe.

I hope Pine gets a chance to work with Shatner. I think that is unfinished business. That being one of the things they could not work into this movie. Maybe Kirk Prime can tell Pine to do work things out with Carol Marcus. That would include another piece missing from the first movie. How about a little Gary Mitchell sprinkled in. Maybe Gary makes a play for the little blond lab technician and old kirk prevents that. Remember anything can happen now. Are you reading this Bob Orci. Well it is fun to think about but let me stop..

Zoe: Referencing my earlier post (#8), I just want to make clear that I AM beautiful on the inside! Does that count? : D Of course, you’re probably already tied up with Bob anyway! ; -)

CarlG wrote: “To all Southern Trekkies: how was his (Urban’s) accent?”

In what I’ve seen so far, I didn’t detect a Southern accent from Urban; he was using more of what is sometimes called a “standard American” or “American broadcast” accent (hard “r,” no “ah” for an long “i” sound, no dropped “g” as in “boilin'”etc.).

Many American broadcast journalists with regional accents work extremely hard to bury their accents and usually end up sounding quite a bit like Urban in his portrrayal of McCoy. (I prefer the regional accents and wish that they would work to KEEP them rather than lose them, as long as syntax and verbal grammar are correct; it is reflective of personality and individualism.)

But Deforest Kelly’s Southern accent was not real prominent either, other than his dropped gs, and an occasional soft “r” sound. But Urban still does very well. I was impressed.

I’m usually not into the dark meat, but Zoe’s way hot. I’d do her.

As I recall, Deforest Kelly’s McCoy would really go into the Southern accent when he was drugged, drunk, or as the character got older. In “The Deadly Years,” his Southern accent became more prominent than before. Also, when he appeared in TNG, interacting with Data, as a really old McCoy, his Southern accent was quite pronounced, and quite nice.

Commander Tucker, “Trip,” on Enterprise, had a nice Southern accent.

44 : “…not real prominent…” Um, grammar and syntax fail… (couldn’t resist, sorry)

No problem. :-)

#3: “The whole Kuwait thing is a nice gesture but it would be a LOT more meaningful to those actually serving in harm’s way. Kuwait is all kinds of cushy duty…they need to arrange a screening at Victory. If the WWE can bring a ring and a whole lot of wrestlers to come see us (every year) I dont see how the logistics of getting a print of the movie should be so difficult.”

Gee Angry K, having served in both Kuwait (and I have friends serving in Kuwait now) and in Aghanistan, I kinda resent your comment as “cushy.”

The job I performed in Kuwait, while not a combat role, was no less, nor more important, than some of the roles being filled in other parts of the Middle East.

The producers didn’t have to go to Kuwait, and I see it disingenuous of anyone to complain about their gift to the troops. Personally, I applaud them!

To quote another franchise, “why so serious?”

#39: Amen!