Star Trek Gala Tour Hits New Zealand – Video & Images From Event

On Tuesday evening (Tuesday morning for the rest of us), the Star Trek world tour hit New Zealand, home of the new Dr. McCoy, Karl Urban. He, along with Chris Pine, Zach Quinto and John Cho were all on hand for the gala premiere in Auckland. We have some of the first pics and vid interviews from this event below. 


3News in New Zealand has a report, plus full interviews with the four actors who came to New Zeeland.




TVNZ has a report from the red carpet, plus some video (only available in NZ…damn!)


The Getty wire service has photos from the Aukland event, here are a few shots.

(L-R) Urban, Quinto, Pine, Cho

Zach gives a fan a pic to remember

A couple of Kiwi fans show their Trek love

More photos at JustJared and WCBS880.

More to come
More NZ coverage from coming up later.

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Pine and Quinto are so adorable together. :D


I like those… uhm Uniform Variants the girls are wearing on the last pic ^^

– I really like the red girl…she’s’s so hot..!!!

The Naked Now?

The news is coming thick and fast now.

Anthony, good luck keeping up with the last month of news articles !!!

Starfleet trying those new paint-on uniforms.


next week, Worf.
After a stopover in Kuwait…

1. (Thasc)

WORD. Forget Brangelina, they’re the new Hollywood power couple: PINTO.

Wow painted on uniforms!!! I sure do like the future!!

9: PINTO. ROFL. You owe me a keyboard and a fresh cup of coffee! (I really hope that “PINTO” doesn’t become common usage, though.)

11. (colin)

I’ve got more where that came from!

PINTO: So hot, they explode on contact.


Please trekmovie or trekmovie comunity, I have red that they will come to my litle Austria. Can you give me more information?

12: (Saphron) : ROFL again. But I’m gonna shut up ‘cos I’m a guy and I know that PINTO were expecting Trek fans, but *gay* trek fans?…Hmmm. (It is a scary combination, you have to admit).

12 — You win. That was perfect!

9. I heard an interviewer call Quinto ‘Pinto’ once. It may well catch on! XD

Chris and Zach have great chemistry together!


“Urbine” sounds kinda cool but PINTO??! ROFLMAO!! I actually really like, in a very cheesy sorta way. I have a feeling it’s going to stick and soon it will be all over the Slash fanfiction communities. Long live the PINTO bromance! :D

14. (colin)

As I’m sure George Takei would attest, Star Trek has more than just gay fans. :-P

UMMM IN THAT PIC OF ALL 4 OF THEM…what is with Cho’s suit and shoes? everybody else looks classy… Cho looks…floral… LOL…even Takei, who’s gay, never dresses so flamboyant as Cho is in that pic, and Cho is straight! LOL

And on the friendship between Quinto and Pine.. say hello to the Star Trek equivalent to J.D. and Turk on ‘Scrubs’ LOL

19, 20 (SaphronGirl, Nero=Bitch): That pic of the the four of them…it looks more like ZURBAN and CHOPINE, given the body language…where is Zach’s right hand? Now, you see, I think any self-respecting publicist would have used a tactical lens flare on that. :)

(Okay, I was just looking for an excuse to use CHOPINE in a sentence, and to bring up lens flares again.)


Here is there schedule… no stop in Austria, but they’ll be in Germany…

April 15 – Brussels, Belgium
Tour & Taxis Theater – 6pm (part of Belgium Film Fest)
Celebs: John Cho and Karl Urban (maybe more)
More: BIFF site

April 16 – Berlin, Germany
Sony Center – 7:30 PM
Celebs: JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana, Karl Urban and John Cho

April 20 – London, UK
Empire Theater – Leicester Square
Celebs: unknown
More: Paramount UK (tickets available for £70), Virgin Contest, Mirror Contest

Here we go again, what’s with the criticism of gay TREK fans?

Last time I checked everbody puts their pants on one leg at a time. It sure saddens me to see some fans acting like it is the 1950s again.

Whatever happened to IDIC? Ffor the less indoctrinated, that’s the celebration of ‘infinite diversity infinite combinations.’

23. I’m *not* criticising. I’m gay. I’m a trek fan. I was attempting humour. Obviously, I’m not a comedian… :)

Those interviews were great. I like how the cast is so close. They’re laughing and having a good time. That’s how it’s supposed to be. haha


Dude… this is so weird. I’ve processed your images for DVIDS, where I work!

More pictures of the painted girls please. Thank you…. ;)

Uh, re: the shot of the four actors, forget about Cho’s floral shirt. What I want to know is this:

Why is Pine’s crotch GLOWING???!

I love the camaraderie in the interviews. That must’ve been a fun set to work on.

28– re: glowing crotch

Captain, I’ve got to take the mains off the line… it’s rad-i-ation…

#28 – Let me be the first : it’s a lens flare.

(OK, I’ll shut up now – I’m high on coffee – and, in passing, apologies to #23, who was not referring to my comments.)

PINTO and Pine’s glowing crotch: I like this thread – it’s exciting!

#26: Hi Jay!!! Yep, I’ve had quite a few stories and images posted on DVIDS… nice hearing from you!

And not to despoil the VERY attractive red-painted girl, but where in the ST universe did that “uniform” come from?

Crotch set to stun!

#34: “And not to despoil the VERY attractive red-painted girl, but where in the ST universe did that “uniform” come from?”

Most of it appears to be body paint.

It’s difficult to say just how much of it…I shall study this further.

The first picture shows a great irony, IMO.

The new movie throw everything from TOS to NEM over board and only ENT (maybe the worst show of all – for some fans) is the last thing from the old-canon-universe that you still could connect with the new movie.

It even make it on the news!!!

Love Zac’s glasses! :D

DAMN!!! The red painted Kiwi Vulcan chick is SMOKIN’ HOT!!!


Yes, please more pictures of the painted girl in red!

I’ve just watched the two longish interviews. They all seem like really nice guys. And they all seem to get along well. This bodes well: the chemistry between this cast might even be better than that which existed between the original actors, since the original actors were kind of split into two distinct groups: the guys that like Shatner and the guys that hate him!

Pine said he copied many of Shatner’s mannerisms. I saw a similarity in acting styles in the trailer, in terms of the heavily emotional style, the confidence, and in some of the looks. I’ll be looking out for more of this in the film itself.

I can’t wait for this film!

OK, so now I’ve actually watched the interviews…

You know, the chemistry between these guys is just awesome. I mean you expect it between people working together all the time in major parts like Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine, but even Karl Urban and John Cho have it. (Also, those two rocked my socks off, love them!) It’s really neat to watch them get on so well! And I love the way Pine talked about how he approached Kirk and felt Kirk used to be approached by Shatner in TOS.

// PINTO and Pine’s glowing crotch: I like this thread – it’s exciting! //

LOL… I agree most heartily.


I think he might be a Cylon.

#33 MC1 Doug…

The Fans are everywhere, brother! Took a look at your site… nice stuff. I was a USMC combat correspondent for a while, trying to get my site up … hopefully soon.

SaphronGirl#43- I reach, my sister.

“I like those… uhm Uniform Variants the girls are wearing on the last pic ^^”

“Most of it appears to be body paint.

It’s difficult to say just how much of it…I shall study this further.”

After a thorough scan, it appears the only attire they seem to be wearing are boots.

The coolest uniforms, EVER!!!
But only on women. Certain… women.
Bill Thiess would be quite intrigued, I’m sure.

That’s what happens when you play Kirk…light shoots out of your ass.

Those girls are wearing black shorts and boots. That’s all.

:D for the anchorman in the 1st clip. And he didn’t split his infinitives…

I love the palpable pride that the New Zealand guys have that one of their “hometown boys” is involved. Go, New Zealand! You rock! :D

Karl Urban’s “erotic” eyebrow raise of DOOM is all kinds of awesome.

Cool interviews, and I know I’ve said this before — but I love that shot of the Enterprise under construction, it’s almost painterly.

And speaking of “painterly”, there’s absolutely no way that there’s going to be hot Trek girls like those two around when I go to watch, is there? :(